The Late Justice Gua sadly passed away on 29 April, 2021.

Justice was born on Siassi island in Morobe Province, and was a proud son of the island - even after moving away he maintained strong links with his community and his extended family, providing support wherever he could. He grew up in Goroka and attended the University of Papua New Guinea. 

Justice was a father to four wonderful children and a husband to Monica Kassman. His children were his pride and joy and he dedicated himself to providing them with opportunities, especially to their education at which they have excelled. His eldest daughter is currently studying at university in Australia. 

Justice was a development professional with a long and rich career. He held a number of strategic leadership roles and worked for several agencies including the United Nations, AUSAID, the private sector and over two decades, for a number of Australian government funded projects that provided aid assistance to Papua New Guinea. He used his skills and expertise to develop communities, districts, and provinces across the country working in numerous sectors including health, education, infrastructure, and governance. Through his work he improved the lives of countless people, communities and sectors - in doing so he made a rich contribution to the development of his country. He was passionate about change and dedicated his life and career to the development of his country. 

Justice was known and respected for the values that he upheld, for his professionalism and his integrity which came to define his career. He was a jovial and kind person who would go out of his way to help others and served as a mentor for numerous young professionals. 

He was a great friend, colleague, leader and mentor and will be missed by many.

If you would like to make a contribution to the education of Justice's children, please do so here:
Posted by Jonathan Kassman on May 31, 2021
Dear Justice,
You left our sister and children and the Kassman clan too soon tambu. Your legacy at Toutu is the best house in our village that your proud mother in law resides in when she is not living at yours. Such is the love that you fostered for your dear wife and indeed your mother in law - aunty Shiela. Such a loving and caring nakimi... we mourn your departure with terrible sadness for your kids and our sister. May your beautiful soul rest in eternal peace. Love Jonathan Kassman and family.
Posted by Havini Vira on May 13, 2021
Gone too soon bro.
I met Justice at UPNG in the 90's, he grew up at Yonki and regarded himself a Kainantu boy. All the EHP boys played rugby for the Nokondi club and he was our fullback.
Never a harsh word did I hear from him. Always kind, thoughtful and generous to others. These qualities never left him as I met him at different occasions and meetings as our paths crossed in our careers.
We called each other "Member" (of parliament) as a running joke.... it was a job we both never wanted. Ironically, we both ended up doing development and having to deal with MPs in our line of work.
I will miss the jokes and your infectious humour. Rest well my brother, my member.....God bless,
Posted by Charles Bannah on May 13, 2021
PNG has lost an incredible life. On behalf of the Enga Provincial Government and the team that he worked with through his various capacities with development partners, it is with much sadness that I wish to convey our sympathies to the children and their mother on the loss of your father and husband. Let it be known that he was a good man to all who knew him. May his soul rest in peace.
Posted by Kate Uvia on May 12, 2021

My tribute to Justice
*I held my daughter born one day before you suddenly left us n cried for the uncle that she lost n won't know...Justice was more than a colleague he never forgot to be humane in his line of work.. if I went to him ranting he would say something that would get the mind thinking about the other side of the coin...n then our Tok Pilai ohhh me n him never failed to crack jokes at each other's expense...even to the point where the other DCP gang chimed in n laughter contagious...I am honoured  to have known him n really know him..when we got serious he would share about his kids-his pride n joy NO DOUBT..oh when his son made it into PAU he said he was soooo relieved- he cried...of course I made fun of him crying manly tears but then I teared up as well...I will really miss you bossman-no bribing you to take us to the Lambflaps joints anymore or helping ourselves to your buai stash!or you helping yourself to my bilum coz you know I have one or all of the 3 ingredients you favour .. Gone too soon JGu!!!REIP Bikpla Kumul....
Posted by Stephannie Kirriwom on May 11, 2021
Justice was a joy to work with and had the innate ability to make anyone feel at ease in his presence. I had the honour of working with Justice while employed at Abt and will cherish our chats and the guidance he offered me whenever I needed.

I am incredibly saddened to hear of his passing. My prayers and thoughts go out to his wife and children. I know the pain of grief of losing a loved one all too well.

May God be your comfort during this time.

Rest In Eternal Peace, Justice.
Posted by Joys Eggins on May 11, 2021
Buai kam na yumi surukim toktok.

Bigman i singautim yu go, tasol pasin, wok na ol gutpla tingting blo yu mipla holim stap na wari.

You were a true son of Papua New Guinea, giving your best. It was a privilege working with you.

Praying comfort for your family and friends.

Rest in Peace Justice
Posted by Simon Willie on May 10, 2021
On behalf of the Ex PNGBC staff of the International Operations Division of the then PNGBC, I pass our sincere condolences to Justice's family on the sudden passing of a good husband and father.
JAG, as we call him back in the PNGBC days, was a cheerful humble and a hard working person. He was a friend to all and enemy to none. He had his own work ethics, which made him so unique, and he delivered results.
We had our days back then. He is also more cheerful socially. When we have social events with regards to office or just a comradeship socializing, JAG is always there, doing his best to make sure everyone is in a good happy mood.
Will miss you for sure Brother JAG.
We have lost a loving father and husband, an instrumental mentor, a cheerful and caring person, and also a TRUE FRENDO to every individual, whom he has come cross our path, in our journey of life.

Rest in Eternal Peace FRENDO JAG.

Posted by Tim Soo on May 7, 2021
We have never spoken, nor have we met. However, we do know your eldest daughter very well. She is a mindful, kind, considerate, and a respectful person committed with a quiet determination and a great sense of humour. A wonderful person to be around.

These qualities have been instilled by her parents, and is without a doubt a reflection of yourself. Kudos to you.

Never having had the opportunity to meet you is our loss.
RIP Justice.

Tim, Jules and family
Posted by Jo Elsom on May 7, 2021
On behalf of our entire ABC and MDI team, I extend our deepest sympathies to Justice's family, friends and colleagues at this terrible time.

We are deeply saddened by Justice's passing. It is such a loss of a wonderful, talented, inspiring and caring person who we regarded as a friend as well as a colleague and mentor.

It was a privilege to have known Justice, to have benefited from his knowledge and passion for PNG and development, and to have enjoyed his humour and friendship.

Justice was deeply respected by us all and we are forever grateful to him for his guidance, support, professionalism and friendship. We mourn his loss. We will miss him very much. Rest in peace Justice.
Posted by Sarah O'Connor on May 6, 2021
I am blessed to have known Justice and am so saddened by the news of his passing. I reconnected with Justice when he joined Abt and he quickly became a trusted confidante. HIs qualities were apparent on our first meeting - a humble leader who showed so much compassion. At Abt, Justice was looked upon for guidance by all staff. He was a role model to the young ones who will follow in his footsteps. We have all been enriched for having known Justice. My heartfelt condolences go out to the Gua family. Sarah
Posted by Helen Disney on May 6, 2021
Devastated and so sad to hear of the loss of the Late Justice for his family, PNG, and all of us who were lucky enough to be friends and colleagues with this very fine and remarkable human being. I value the time I had working with you in the Law and Justice program more then 10 years ago and again in the governance program, and I was always so pleased to see you throughout the years and to hear of your continuing leadership and fine career. Loved that laugh and your humour as well as your deep thinking and integrity about your country, development, and life. Treasured memories. My thoughts are with you and the children Monika at this heartbreaking time and I hope these many tributes reinforce your pride in him and yourselves. Vale Justice
Posted by Lisania Boletu on May 5, 2021
Dear Monica, Chantelle, Dinish, Zamika and Danby

We are extremely saddened by the sudden loss of your beloved husband and father and feel the unimaginable sorrow you are going through. We will never understand why it happened to an exceptionally wonderful man we have come to know. May you get comfort that he had built your foundation as a husband and father and that you will pass through this very difficult time and let his legacy live on in your lives. Your lives will be different without Justice but we know that he had prepared you well to face the future ahead and would be a very proud husband and father for his investment in his children whom he loved dearly.

Justice was a down to earth person, friendly, cheerful and a very kind person. Yet very intelligent and had a very good sense of humor. His happiness rubs off easily on anyone that came to know him and feel that they have known him for years. We have come to know this very amazing man through work that extended to our family units and we will forever be grateful of his memories that touched our lives.

Justice was a champion development professional who rose to the pinnacle of his career, backed by his passion for development of our beautiful PNG. He would have easily landed a job anywhere else in the world but he loved serving his country to the very end. His leadership and mentorship were second to none. As Papua New Guineans, we are proud of his personal and professional achievements.

We will miss his smile and are very grateful to have known him as a colleague and dear friend and will cherish his memories forever.

Thankyou for sharing your husband and father with everyone of us who got to know him.

Lisania & Melisande Boletu
Posted by Colin Adams on May 5, 2021
Cardno would like to pass on our sincerest condolences and deepest sympathy to Monica and the family of Justice following his untimely passing. We are all very saddened by the news. Many of us, myself included, worked directly with Justice in the Law and Justice sector but also stayed in touch and followed his career in development in PNG with great interest. We had great respect for Justice as a colleague and tremendous regard for him as a person. He will be sorely missed. Our thoughts remain with Monica and the family. 

Colin Adams, on behalf of Cardno.
Posted by Zalvatori D'Moru on May 5, 2021
Justice, JG, Bossman, it has been an honor and pleasure getting to know you and working with you. Justice was a man of the people, easy going and full of joy. He was a well respected and humble man that most looked up to and depended on.

I first met him at the Abt Legal & Compliance induction that we both had attended, and because he was so humble I thought he was also new to the facility, little did I know there was a mountain of knowledge and experience behind that humbleness. Throughout the years, I got to witness and experience what most colleagues had already known, Justice was truly an intelligent individual with a humble heart.

Justice, thank you for the mentorship and memories. I am privileged to have had you as a colleague, a leader, a mentor, and as a friend. You will be greatly missed but your memories will remain with us, and your legacy will live on through your wife and children. RIEP JG
Posted by Elizabeth Morgan on May 4, 2021
Justice - you were an amazingly warm, intelligent and wise man, a leader, a proud Papua New Guinean, reliable, funny, and dedicated to making a difference and to nurturing your family. I will always remember the way you mentored and supported your expat colleagues in law and justice, along with the late Stephen Mokis, to understand PNG's decentralised governance system and to appreciate the strengths and joys of PNG - culturally and politically. You were always honest about the challenges but clear that they sat alongside many strengths. You then took your wisdom and passion into other programs and we watched you grow as a leader, a person of immense integrity, and a loving father and friend. To lose you and Iva in a few weeks is a great sadness for PNG and for your families.  I cannot believe that you have left us too - I will always be thankful for knowing you, for your life and for your generous and lovely spirit. In great sadness. Elizabeth M
Posted by Hamish NIXON on May 4, 2021
It was an honour but also a great pleasure to work with Justice. His kindness, professionalism and integrity came through every day, as did his friendly and genuine presence. PNG and all of us have been lucky to have him. My deepest sympathies and best wishes.
Posted by Ricky Kumung on May 4, 2021
Justice was a genuine person. Papua New Guinea has lost one of its most profound development professionals
Of course, Justice was a brother and great friend.
Justice was always a delightful person, humble, diligent, intelligent focusing on relationships than rules and always give everything in all he does.
Life is measured by donation and not by duration – in the field of development his contribution is immeasurable, were beyond projects and activities completed on time – but relationship and respect will be timeless memory and legacy for his contribution.
It is indeed difficult to express in words the loss and pain.
My deepest sympathies to his family and colleagues at work.
My God comfort all through the Holy Spirit at this time of sorrow
Posted by Debbie Reschke on May 4, 2021
While it has been a long time since I worked with Justice (AusAID, 2006) - it was with great sadness that I heard of his passing. I have quietly watched his career over the years, happy to see him do so well and be so respected. When I think of Justice, I have a lasting memory of his cheeky smile, his soft voice full of wisdom, patience for all of us new to PNG and a passion for his work. Such a beautiful and humble man. 
Posted by Baroa Lakani on May 4, 2021
Justice was a gentle giant with an infectious smile. His presence always filled up any room he entered.

He was a great leader and a mentor that I had the privilege to work with. He will be greatly missed.

My sincere condolence to his beautiful wife and their children. I pray for the shalom of Yahweh Elohim upon his family
Posted by Belinda Conn on May 4, 2021
Thank you for being such an amazing friend and colleague over the years JG. I will remember you fondly for so many things - the cheeky smile that always made me think you were up to something, the footy bets paid in cake, our adventures across the country on field trips and the knowledge and wisdom you shared with me every day. You were a man that loved his country and wanted to make it the best it could be. That legacy will live on.
Posted by Nic Bagasel on May 4, 2021
Fatman as you were affectionately known in the family, we will miss you, your smile, your jokes, your infectious humor and your humble ways despite who you became in your professional life. I recall so many stories, each filled with humor and that is how I will remember you.... Rest in peace brata!
Posted by Lucy Dwyer on May 4, 2021
I am very sad to hear this news. I was fortunate to have met and worked with Justice whilst working on IF Coffey program in moresby 2010-2013. Justice was one of the nicest, most polite happiest person I have met, a genuine soul and a clever development professional. I’ll never forget he made me feel so welcome to the office as I was new to PNG also. My heart goes out to Justice’s family children and close friends and colleagues. RIP justice you will be missed by all.
Posted by Nengs Kuapaitam on May 4, 2021
Never a time we will just pass each other my Brother, your smile is always very welcoming to just a hi or a little tale to tell you always listen. Gone too soon and praying for peace and comfort to your family. Goodbye Emau, RIEP.
Posted by STEVEN MAKEN on May 4, 2021
It is with great sense of shock and sadness to learn of the passing of Justice Gua.
The recently engaged team of STAs on the ESPA IPA will miss his leadership and services, as he was an integral part of and played a pivotal role in the exercise we just embarked on which is only into few weeks.

Thank you Justice, for your varied contributions to PNG .

Rest In Peace with your maker.
Posted by Kalyna Taule on May 4, 2021
Justice, you had a heart of gold and one of the kindest people I know. I'm so saddened to hear of your passing. My prayers and thoughts are with your family during this time. Rest in Gods Love.
Posted by Aaron Rosada on May 4, 2021
My condolences to Justice's family. He will be remembered as an amazing man. He was a leader who cared and showed understanding and compassion. Justice was a role model for us all. He will be dearly missed.
Posted by Rawena Russell on May 4, 2021
Justice, rest in peace boss. Incredibly dedicated, talented and genuine. Your laugh will be greatly missed. So grateful to know you during my time at Coffey. Inspired by the change you influenced, and the special mark you made in our hearts. These tributes are testament to that. Thinking of you and your family.
Posted by Thomas Gowa on May 3, 2021
Bikpela man. I remain shocked at learning of this sad and tragic news. Oh Justice - your positive attitude, infectious smile and welcoming character made you stand out as a true people-person when we worked together in AusAID. Your mastery of Aidworks (the aid management system) wowed many of us and you were always ready to help us out whenever we fell short of utilising it correctly. You were a giant in more than one ways. PNG has lost a truly dedicated and solid development professional. You will remain a champion to many. My deepest sympathies to the family. You will be in our prayers.
Posted by Belinda Bayak-Bush on May 4, 2021
Dear Justice, you were a trail blazer, mentor and amazing work colleague during our time in AusAID and the many other times our paths crossed within the international development sector in PNG. Always calm and smiling, a gentle and firm leader, flexible and easy to work with. Thank you for being an inspiration to many of us in the sector who came after you. Go well my friend.       
                                                                      To Monica and children and the extended family, I send you my sincere condolences. Thinking of you all during this difficult time. xx
Posted by Nelson Sukwianomb on May 3, 2021
It is with a heavy heart as we write these words. A loving father, committed husband, spirited professional and above all a great Papua New Guinean true and true. Sir JG you will surely be missed. Your charismatic character filled with energy that lightens up any situation is how we can best sum up this larger than life individual. To Monica, the four children, their small aunty and bubu meri, we extend our heartfelt condolences to you all and seek God's grace during this time of sorrow upon you all that are the most closest to this brilliant person, Justice in everlasting peace my friend, tambu brata and uncle to Neville and Hezron. Until we all meet again. Nelson, Katrina, Neville and Hezron Sukwianomb
Posted by Susan Age on May 3, 2021
Justice was more than a work colleague, he was a good friend and a special brother. From University school mates to PNGBC graduate bankers then to AusAID work colleagues; Justice was quite soft spoken and had an infectious happy smile. He also had a very brilliant mind and was very passionate in his work. Justice was also proud of his young family and often talked about them at work.
We will miss those jokes JG - especially the ones that turned every dull day into laughter full of tummy aches and reminded us that this world was meant to be a happy place.
But God has his plans and you are very much in a more happier and safer home in Heaven.
Rest Peacefully now brother. Sincere condolences Monica and your children and rest of your families.
Psalms 23
Posted by Darian Clark on May 3, 2021
Justice, your sudden departure leaves a gaping hole in the heart of all those who were blessed to know you. Thank you for guiding and mentoring all of us. Gone far too soon, but your legacy will continue through your beautiful family and your humbled colleagues. 

"Now you’ll fly forever
In skies of azure blue
We’ll see your smile in every ray
Of sunshine after rain
And hear the echo of your laughter
Over all the pain"
- Victoria Bruce
Posted by Andrew Topo on May 3, 2021
I'm truly shocked to see this post on LinkedIn. Oh Mr. Justice Gua I can't believe that you are gone too soon. A true gentleman and a great leader that I've crossed paths since 2011 until now. My heartfelt condolences to late Gua family and his relatives in this time of sorrow. May GOD almighty give them the inner peace in this time of sorrow. May his soul R.I.E.P until we meet again on that glorious day.
Posted by Iain Smith on May 3, 2021
Justice - I still can't believe that you're gone. You were a glue that held us all together. You were the person to turn to for the most complicated questions and could always find a solution to any problem. You always brought joy to every interaction. You never complained. Nothing was ever too much for you. You were remarkable in every way. I'm so grateful to have known you and am so, so sorry that you're gone. My sincere condolences to the Gua family. I hope these tributes give you some insight into how much Justice meant to all of us.
Posted by Suzanne Syme on May 3, 2021
It was my privilege to know Justice and I am grateful I had the opportunity to also work with him and learn from him. I was always appreciative of his support, loyalty and kindness. Regardless of other priorities Justice always made time for others and to offer guidance or advice. He was well respected by all who knew him and yet was humble in every way. Justice will be mourned and missed by many and will be remembered for all that he was as a man, a friend and a colleague.
Posted by Ayesha Margaret Lutschini on May 3, 2021
Justice, I had honour of working alongside you for two years and you have taught me so much. Your fierce intelligence coupled with humility always left me in awe of your leadership style and character. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, advice, insights and jokes with me. Sending thoughts, love and prayers to the Gua family.
Posted by Jeremy Syme on May 3, 2021
Justice was wise but he was humble; his advice was considered but spontaneously shared; he was reliable but on occasion surprising; he was passionate yet he was patient; he had a laugh that made you smile when you heard it from afar and join in heartily when you were nearby; a team-player and team-builder, he was always accessible be it work or play; he was energetic but gentle…
Yes, most of all he was gentle, in his approach, in his delivery and even when pointing out you got it wrong!
Justice was a Gentleman whose life whilst far too short had great impact on those with whom he worked, on his community and on his country
It is unfortunate that it often takes the shock of loss to prompt us to reflect on the value of those around us. I am sure JG would gently remind us to do better?
Posted by Rebecca Hanify on May 3, 2021
Dearest Justice. I’m still coming to terms with your loss. I’m heartbroken for your darling family. You were a great, great friend to my mother and you became part of our family. We always looked forward to your visits in Brisbane. I’m glad i have some wonderful memories of you, your interesting stories about PNG, your positive energy and being able to spend time with you and your family. We will miss you very much. Rest in love and peace dear Justice.
Posted by Lyn Harper on May 3, 2021
I am very sad to learn of Justice's passing and would like to express my deepest condolences to his family. Justice showed great understanding
and commitment to the development outcomes in PNG and, for even the briefest of times I meet him, was warm and committed. A sad loss for both his family and those he worked with and for.
Posted by Jenny Rush on May 3, 2021
It's hard to imagine a world without Justice. His loss is devastating for his family and all the many people he has befriended, supported, encouraged and heartened with his kindness, his integrity, his concern for those less fortunate. PNG has lost a leader and a talented son who was an example to us all with his great smile, his "can do" approach to life. To Monica and their children, my heartfelt condolences. Justice was a colleague, a friend and a big brother I will miss dreadfully.
Posted by Rosemary Isicar on May 3, 2021
Rest In Eternal Peace Justice...My sincere condolences to the family during this time. He was a wise leader - in his own humble and friendly way. When we were together in meetings, you would advise and steer discussions towards a PNG solution. We will miss your jokes, words of advice, and your smiles our brother :'( Until that golden morning brata
Posted by jacqui Delacy on May 3, 2021
Justice was such a joy to work with. He had tremendous technical and strategic skills which he combined with great warmth and humility. We all loved to spend time with him, to learn from him and to laugh with him. While I will miss him enormously, I also feel blessed that our lives intersected over many years. There is much I have learnt from him that I will take forward in my own life. - my sincerest condolences on his passing.
Posted by Sam Spurrett on May 3, 2021
Hi Monica

We can’t begin to understand how you and the kids must feel at this time. Please know that you and the family are our thoughts.

Justice was special person to so many people. The tributes so far are testament to this.

In our conversations at work we spoke often of our families and how much we enjoyed them. We heard about you and each of the children, how they were going at school and what hobbies they enjoyed. He was a proud father and husband.

We are grateful to have known him and spent time with him.

Our thoughts are with you and family.

Sam and Felicity Spurrett
Posted by Emmanuel Opoki on May 3, 2021
The devil will always strive to destroy the good things and the happiness brought by Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Its quiet a difficult time with your departure. Partners, friends, relatives and colleagues who have benefitted from the wealth of knowledge you freely shared are left to experience the big void. May Your Soul Rest in Peace. A prayer to the family and friends is to remain strong and continue praying such that His Soul may be accepted in Heaven. Amen 
Posted by Caroline Nyamayemombe on May 3, 2021
On behalf of UN Women, I would like to express our condolences to the family of the Late Justice Gua. We had the opportunity to work with Justice while he was with Incentive Fund and later in the Market Economic Recovery and Inclusion Program. In our meetings, Justice was a visionary leader with a heart for PNG development and the people of this country. Justice will be well remembered for his good nature and commitment. May his dear soul rest in peace.
Posted by Felicitas Sangga on May 3, 2021
Albert Einstein said "The value of a man should be seen in what he gives and not in what he is able to receive". A very humbled, sincere and giving man, devoted to his Family, friends and the people whom he served through his work. I found wisdom, guidance, discipline, respect, devotion and everything in one person. He was the wealth of knowledge and support that we all, privileged to have worked directly under him, will forever be grateful for. Thankyou for continually inspiring and mentoring me to do my best.

A good heart has stopped but a good soul has ascended.
Rest In Eternal Peace 
Posted by Moses Robby on May 3, 2021
So sad to hear this tragic news of such a great man passing away so suddenly without us unknowingly what had happened. On behalf of Geospatial Survey and Mapping Solution Ltd, we share this time of grieve with the staff of Abt and especially the family of late Mr Gua. We came to work with Abt Associates and in the course of our duty came to know such a great man full of compassion and as always a smile to brighten the dull day. Knowing Justice from the day we met till his untimely passing, one thing that was learnt from this great person is self control and making the best decision in life. Justice has been a remarkable person and a mentor to his colleagues he always help support and groom to lead. Thank you Justice for all you have done for us, you were the light to many of us. You are a champ! RIEP buddy.
Posted by Jenica Noble on May 3, 2021
On behalf of The Salvation Army International Development team from Australia I wanted to express our sincere condolences to the family and friends of Justice. He will be sorely missed by all who knew him.
Posted by Geoff King on May 2, 2021
Justice was a wonderful man who gave far more then he took. Whenever we met he expressed his love and pride in his family. His development knowledge and political antenna always kept Esther and I out of trouble. He was a great co-worker and friend and I count myself lucky for having known him.  
Posted by Stella Koaipura on May 3, 2021
Like many other, Justice has left a huge vacuum no one and nothing can be able to fill. Being in his leadership, his passion to support, advise and guide is something that will be greatly missed forever!

Just having him around always gives me comfort and assurance that I will make it through the day and that I believe is because of the confidence he has in me and on the other hand, will never stop fighting for us. He would never turned away any one approaching at his door.. ("yes come in!" ) - even if he is at the point of meeting a deadline. 

I never thought there will come a time when I will get to write on such a site, expressing how much I am missing from such a great boss, mentor, leader and a hero (brother and of course our buai sessions), because I knew that he is someone who is so full of life and has a long way to go in living his life, for his family and Papua New Guinea as a whole.

Justice, you have left many of us heartbroken and shuttered and you will be greatly missed FOREVER.

Rest In Eternal Peace, Justice.
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Posted by Jonathan Kassman on May 31, 2021
Dear Justice,
You left our sister and children and the Kassman clan too soon tambu. Your legacy at Toutu is the best house in our village that your proud mother in law resides in when she is not living at yours. Such is the love that you fostered for your dear wife and indeed your mother in law - aunty Shiela. Such a loving and caring nakimi... we mourn your departure with terrible sadness for your kids and our sister. May your beautiful soul rest in eternal peace. Love Jonathan Kassman and family.
Posted by Havini Vira on May 13, 2021
Gone too soon bro.
I met Justice at UPNG in the 90's, he grew up at Yonki and regarded himself a Kainantu boy. All the EHP boys played rugby for the Nokondi club and he was our fullback.
Never a harsh word did I hear from him. Always kind, thoughtful and generous to others. These qualities never left him as I met him at different occasions and meetings as our paths crossed in our careers.
We called each other "Member" (of parliament) as a running joke.... it was a job we both never wanted. Ironically, we both ended up doing development and having to deal with MPs in our line of work.
I will miss the jokes and your infectious humour. Rest well my brother, my member.....God bless,
Posted by Charles Bannah on May 13, 2021
PNG has lost an incredible life. On behalf of the Enga Provincial Government and the team that he worked with through his various capacities with development partners, it is with much sadness that I wish to convey our sympathies to the children and their mother on the loss of your father and husband. Let it be known that he was a good man to all who knew him. May his soul rest in peace.
Recent stories
Shared by morova John on May 10, 2021
"Bro", as I always would call you when you come to check me on the Incentivefund project - Sideia Catholic Health Centre rehabilitation project - on Sideia Island Milne Bay Province.    It was truly a great honour to know you. You were truly  a humble person who had the passion to put PNG people first.  Getting myself involved with a Development Agency and implementing a such a large grant, Justice on his visit would find me timid and would quickly give me his smile and says "You not along, we are together, together we will successfully complete your project"    You left too soon when the country still needs you.  You were a born-leader with dynamic personality, a mentor, a friend and a brother.
I can recall inviting you for a dinner with my family during one of your project visits, after dinner we had all the laughter and off course enjoyed the "buai". Bro, thank you so much and my your soul rest in eternal peace.


Shared by Paul Constable on May 4, 2021
J or 'fatman' as you were affectionately known for many years. You will always be remembered for your sincerity, humour and professionalism.  You were a pleasure to work with and to be friends with you was a honour. I believe over the many years we knew each other and worked together we had a special bond; you were not just a professional colleague, but I regarded you a great friend, a brother and sometimes my son. We traveled the country together, we achieved many things, shared plenty of jokes and we both created many wonderful memories, which I will always treasure.
You were a natural leader and a true family man who will be greatly missed by many. My thought are with Monica and the family.
Shared by Jackie Creighton on May 4, 2021
So saddened to hear the news of Justice’s passing. PNG has lost a development icon who was loved and revered by many. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. Fly high Justice