This website was created in honor of our father, former Chief Judge of Ogun State, Honorable Justice Isaac Delano (Rtd.),  born on June 1, 1935 and passed away on July 23, 2020. You will be missed! We encourage you to leave tributes or, and  stories.

Posted by Delano Family on July 23, 2022
My dearest Dad,
I know you are resting with our heavenly father, as I often feel your presence on earth. I thank you for your love. I thank you for your belief in me. I thank you for your kindness. I thank you for teaching me humility. I thank you for raising me into who I am. I thank you for all the moments you spent with us - what a gift. Baba mi, modupe o. I will forever miss you. I love you, Daddy, but God loves you the most. I miss you, Daddy.
Your Daughter, Mobola
Posted by Tunde Laniyan on July 23, 2022
Your golden heart, love and wit are missed every day. Continue to rest well, daddy.
Posted by William Smith on June 1, 2022
Time sometimes moves very slowly, and other times it seems to fly past us! I miss you. The first time we met in December 1994, you were like a big brother to me. Forever in my mind, you will always be remember.
Posted by Delano Family on June 1, 2022
Dearest Father,
Oh, how I wish you were still alive to witness our growth. I know God loves you best as you are home with our heavenly Father. I do miss you and still continue to have thoughts of your presence in our lives. With sadness, I remember you; with happiness, I celebrate your birthday and say thank you to you and mummy for raising me and my siblings. I do miss you, Daddy. Happy Birthday. Rest in Peace Daddy - we are okay.
Lots of love,
Posted by Christy Laniyan on June 1, 2022
It's your Birthday today.
Post humous, we celebrate you and remember your time here with us. Showering us with attention. Showing by your example that children are valuable. Living a Lasting Legacy of a Good Name.
My family and yours remain intertwined. Tunde Son is keeping us all together as you Tunde Father continue to watch over us.
Sweet is your rest. Sleep on. Until resurrection Morning.
Posted by Christy Laniyan on July 23, 2021
It's One Year Since you went home Daddy.
We remember you daily. Only last week, Lola and I shared memories of you. Thanks for your great example of fidelity to family values. I remember how you supported "Mama Yinka" when her husband passed.
Tunde your son is much like you too in many ways. We know you have joined the great multitude of Saints Triumphant.

Keep Resting. We look forward to Resurrection Day.
Posted by Lola Abinusawa on June 1, 2021
Happy Birthday Dad. Missing you
Posted by William Smith on June 1, 2021
It was a great Honor to be in his present( Tunde) the big brother that I never had. Very well missed with love.
Posted by Christy Laniyan on June 1, 2021
Happy 86th Posthumous Birthday Daddy.
Ibibio people say, that although you are no longer physically here, you hear. I am happy to let you know that your Grandchildren are now having children as Mimi just gave you twin great Grandchildren. We miss you dearly.
Posted by Ifedayo Akintunde on August 7, 2020

Ha! Tunde!! So, it is I that have to write a tribute to you as goodbye on departure from this plane of existence. Divine overruling has vetoed human contemplations. He that must be obeyed has decreed the order of things, and the matter is put to rest.

Tunde, many times we loosely discussed the order in which we would prefer our silver chords to be cut. You always opted for number one, giving reasons. I always gave superior reasons why it could not, and should not, be so. The Supreme Being, our Almighty Father, has ruled in your favour. Praise His holy name.

One aspect we did not consider was the feeling of the person whose silver chord was not cut first: and that unresolved knot has become relevant now. You are resting in peace; we remain to mourn your departure. So, let it be. Continue to rest in peace. We continue to rest in the hope that we shall meet again according to the promise of Jesus to all Believers

Tunde, you will be missed by various individuals and groups. Who can count their number? And who can enumerate the worth of your goodness to them? Take, for example, this Chief S. Ade. Ojo Estate, Old Ife Road, Ibadan, where you have been living for the last 50 years. On at least two occasions your family built 50 metres length of solid block wall security/ perimeter fence, which cost you but you did it for all of us. For the last 25 years or so you have topped up your monthly contribution for estate maintenance by 50%, not minding that some members were not paying. And anytime there was a need for emergency action, you were never found to drag your feet. We need not recount the numerous occasions you took unilateral actions to defend the interests of the Estate!

Most of the landlords on the Estate bought their plots there on your invitation, recommendation, or promptings, which accorded you the status of de facto landlord of the Estate. Moreover, you were one of the first two households that first physically moved to the site. You played the role of de facto chairman with distinction and dexterity.

God gave you a gift in the person of Ebun, your wife from Day One. She had been your “jewel of inestimable value” {courtesy Chief Obafemi Awolowo}, and had deservingly been nicknamed the “precious divine gift to the Delano family.” She joined hands with you to institute what probably could pass as a model of Chief Judge Isaac Babatunde Delano married home for young couples venturing into marriage.

As short as this Tribute is planned to be, it cannot avoid a mention of the burning passions of the Delanos. These are donating of buildings to churches and education and employment of children from families of slender means, irrespective of tribe or religion.

If all the people assisted in this manner are assembled, they will populate a small village.

Tunde…. adieu, sleep on in blissful rest. You have left a good legacy; you have fought a good fight.

Ebun, there had been good wives. You surpass them all.

Yejide, Fola, Mobola, Lola – Keep the Delano Flag flying.

Posted by Yemisi Akintunde on August 7, 2020
Hello Uncle over the years became E kasan / E ku roole Sa.

I cannot remember my earliest memories of the Delano’s because it seems that the whole family was always there – our neighbors across the street were an extension of our own. What I am trying to say is that the Delano’s have in one or several ways always been intertwined with the Akintunde’s. Our parents must have thought it was a beautiful idea to build their homes opposite each other and indeed it was glorious being raised with friends that have become family.

When we were younger (Yejide, Fola, Mobola, Tolu, Ifeolu, Funlola, Akinola, and I) all looked up to our parents and thought they were invincible. Now in our fifties, we are at or even past that stage and I sincerely hope we have lived our lives like our parents did so that our children can look up to us like we looked up to them.

The last time I saw grandpa Delano was over the 4th of July holiday in 2019. I got to visit him and grandma Delano in Ibadan. Sitting up in his chair, grandpa was as jovial as ever. He was happy I was back home to celebrate with my dad and was interested, as he always was, in my life; asking the usual questions. At the time, I could not imagine sitting down to write this letter. The last time I spoke to uncle was on June 2nd, 2020 – I called to wish him a happy birthday and though I noticed he sounded tired, I could still not at the time imagine having to write this letter.

Uncle, I thank GOD for your life, for the support you and grandma Delano gave to the Akintunde’s at different times over the years. I thank God for your role in raising me and for all the time we had together. Uncle, you will be missed and never forgotten.
“Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever hears my word and believes HIM who sent ME has eternal life. He does not come to judgment but has passed from death to life.” John 5:24

Over the years you have been Uncle, Justice, Grandpa. My uncle, you have passed from death to life.

Oluyemisi Akintunde

Posted by Omotayi MORGAN on August 7, 2020
A gentleman to the core. May your beautiful soul rest in peace. Amen.
Posted by Adeyinka Abinusawa on August 7, 2020
I heard stories that you were a tough disciplinarian ….but I never saw that side of you. Maybe it’s because Uncle Fola’s antics growing up had softened you up …or the calming effect of being blessed with so many grandchildren to be proud of. But I suspect your many years on the bench have also given you a vantage opportunity to observe and accept the many foibles of mankind.

As a son in-law I couldn’t have asked for a better relationship or experience.  Thank you.

My father died about 10 years ago and you were a rock for my family especially my mom during our moments of sorrow. I promise that those of us left behind will step into that role collectively and be a rock of solace for mummy as she grieves. And I pray that period of sorrow is short-lived and replaced very soon by fond memories of your effervescent smile.

Till we meet to part no more …..Sun re O.

Adeyinka Abinusawa
Posted by Lanre Delano on August 6, 2020
My dear uncle Tunde, it is sad to lose a very loving father. Though I called him Uncle Tunde he was also a father to me and also a true and concerned friend. Whenever we are together at functions or meeting up with his friends , Uncle Tunde introduced me as his younger brother. Uncle had a genuine likeness for me, he understood my ways and style more than many others. I cannot forget the great fun we had together the few times when we met during some summer holidays in London. He was with me when I founded CHOPIN visiting my Organ builders in Germany spending a few days . I can go on and on!! May his Gentle soul continue to Rest In Peace. Good night Uncle Tunde.
Posted by Tunji Adejumo on August 5, 2020
Our condolences to the Delano family. May God give the family the fortitude to bear this great loss and grant Papa eternal rest. Rest on the bosom of our Lord Jesus forever, Amen. 
From the Adejumo Family, Green Bay, Wisconsin
Posted by Edna Ekenimoh on August 5, 2020
To a man of great intellect with a heart of gold full of compassion. We thank GOD for a life well spent.

We the Ekenimoh family humbly extend our condolences to you. May the good Lord grant you the strength to bear the loss.
May the legacy left behind continue to be an inspiration to us all.
Goodnight daddy.
Posted by Angelique Smith on August 5, 2020
I celebrate and thank God to day for His mighty gift of Daddy Delano in my life. His impact and legacy in my life lives now and forever more. Thank you God for blessing me with such an amazing man to show me that love is endless, longstanding and everlasting.
Rest in Heaven with our ancestors Daddy Delano as your work here is done.
Love, your USA daughter.
Posted by William Smith on August 5, 2020
My beloved brother from across the waters, the Honorable Chief Judge Issac Babatunde Delano. I met him first as a father, then a friend, and finally as my "big" brother. Thirty years ago, I had a wonderful opportunity to speak to him on the phone as father to father and the loved we had for our daughters. As his family visited my home in Atlanta, Georgia, USA on various occasions, it became time for me to across the ocean and visit my homeland Ifo and Ibadan, Nigeria, It was time for me to meet my brother. It was in 1994, my brother told me to from this day forward, you call me "Tunde". As a stranger, Tunde showed me "Love at First Sight". A great man, who loved his God, his country, and his family, he knew no stranger. I was honored to have had the opportunity to be betowed the title and honor of "Chief Omobowale" by my Big Brother Tunde and the village that he choose for me. I am eternally grateful to God Almighty for the opportunity to have such an amazing gentle giant of a man in my life. Rest in Glory my friend, my brother.

Love, Chief Omobowale William Odell Smith
Posted by Barin Epega on August 5, 2020
Chief Justice Babatunde Delano’s death was so sad and a big loss to the Legal Profession.He was a distinguished and Extraordinary Legal Luminary.
Our Sincere condolences to Mama,John and Yejide and the children.The Almighty God God will comfort the entire family and grant them the fortitude to bear the loss.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 says ‘In everything,give thanks for this is the WILL of God in Christ Jesus to you’ Our journey in Life is destined to end sometimes but the time is unknown to the travelers nor their dearest ones as this is God’s own design for all of us.

We love you Papa but Jesus loves you most.We pray that,the Almighty God grant you eternal rest.

Sir & Lady Obarinsola Epega
Posted by Joshua Wyse on August 5, 2020
ADIEU Papa Yejide
On behalf of the Wyse Family of Koko, Delta State, our heartfelt condolences go out to Grandma Ebun Delano, Yejide, Fola, Bola, Lola, their spouses and the grandchildren; and indeed the entire Delano Family of Ifo, Ogun State; on the passing of Grandpa Babatunde Delano.

We remember with affection the warm and cordial ways of grandpa Delano at all times, laced with humour.

For always being supportive of our family occasions; we say Thank You.

Idowu Wyse has indeed lost a father, confidant and friend, in grandpa Ibadan.
We are thankful for the love and warmth grandpa accorded Idowu over the years, and fatherly counsel to the younger generation.

He will be sorely missed by us all.
We pray God, to grant you all, the fortitude to bear this loss and comfort you always.
Sun re
Taiwo Wyse
Posted by Olamidun Jekami on August 5, 2020
Grandpa Delano was a great symbol of love, leadership and family. He was our adoptive Grandpa because he and Grandma Delano adopted my mum as one of their daughters. Grandpa showed us so much love, ensuring my siblings and I built memories of childhood that I still cherish until this day, with Easter holidays in Abeokuta and sleepovers at Old Ife road. He always allowed me to play and look through all the photo albums in the big sitting room in Old Ife road.

He was such a gentle but sturdy Grandpa, always present for and celebrating all my milestones with me - when I graduated from university, when I got my first job, when I got married. He was always there. I am grateful to God for his impact and influence in our family. He will be sorely missed, but I will continue to strive to always make him proud!
Posted by Delano Family on August 4, 2020
From Otunba Tony Awofeso & Mrs. Shirley Awofeso

When I first got the news, I dropped down to my knees with my head in my hands. I fought back the tears, but I lost. I knew that I have lost a great Daddy. I prayed that God would give me the intestinal fortitude to bear this irreplaceable loss. But I was gladdened because I was reminded in my soul that my Daddy has gone to a much better place. He has gone to rest peacefully in the Lord. No more pains, no more sorrow, no worries because you have done it all. When I first met you in the early 1990s in Appleton, Wisconsin, my wife, and I knew immediately that the Lord has brought a great man into our life path. It was so then and still surely is now. Though I hurt inside I am thankful to God Almighty for giving you to all of us. I am thankful for the memories. I am thankful for the caring and love. Daddy, I am thankful and grateful for the fatherly advice all over the years. I am grateful in many ways. I am thankful that I had the opportunity to see you in March when I came home during the lockdown. Little did I know that it will be our last physical time together. Your humility and hospitality are immeasurable. Today I am saddened but I take console in the fact that you have gone to a much much better place abode and in the hands of the Almighty. My Daddy esun re o esun re o. Until we meet again, my family will always love you, sir. Thank you for the memories, love, and care.

Otunba Tony Awofeso, Shirley, Crystal, Olanike and the grandchildren (Richmond, Texas)
Posted by Joshua Wyse on August 4, 2020
We remember fondly Grandpa Ibadan, and our thoughts go out to the entire Delano Family most especially Grandma Ibadan, Yejide, Fola, Mobola, Funlola and the grand children. Grandpa Ibadan you were a dedicated Husband, Father & Grandfather. You shaped the children into the people they are today, a true gentleman, community leader, statesman and a father to many. Through your public and private life, you impacted so many with your sense of honesty, love, hard work and dedication to service.
Grandpa Ibadan the family will miss you greatly but will have so many wonderful memories of you. You will always be remembered with a smile on our faces.
Rest in peace

Joshua & Folake Wyse
Posted by Margaret Adekoya on August 4, 2020
From the undebatable legacy you left behind, no doubt you had a good and blissful life. You affected a lot of people positively and left a lot of protegeés to keep the light of love to humanity aflame.
The world will miss you dearly our inlaw!! Rest In Perfect Peace !!!
Posted by Asifo Wyse on August 4, 2020
Tribute to late Justice Delano.

We as a family hold you in high esteem. You gave us a wife in the person of Yejide. Her respected position as a humble, organised, neat, well spoken and well mannered person tells us a lot about the fatherly training and upbringing. It gives us an insight into the the kind of uprightness you must have been.
It is therefore with pride that we as a family pay our last respect in this tribute to a successful father.
Your legacies in the legal profession is told to us by lawyers who passed through your courts.
You stood upright in church matters.
We cannot mourn. We can only take our only option to thank God for a life well spent. A life actualised in seeing your kids come out successful and a joy to behold.
You have completed your race. Your legacies live on.
Rest in perfect peace.

Asifo Wyse, FCA
For: Wyse family
Posted by Morenike Oguntokun on August 4, 2020
Tribute to our Daddy
Discerning human beings who have internalized the grace of the Living Word are convinced of the knowledge that life on earth is only but a short, albeit very significant period of our total existence in creation!
We do not mourn your passing but celebrate a life very rich in activities, giving gratitude to God Almighty for the opportunity of mutual experiencing and your efforts at fulfillment of your true purpose on earth. Our fervent, prayerful thoughts and living wishes accompany you Daddy.

Daddy you were an epitome of selflessness, defender of the weak, a good listener and counselor, a compassionate giver and an astute organizer of families. We will never forget your efforts in making sure the whole family was organized and together.
Your support, advice, encouragement and indefatigable efforts in helping us to stabilize in the journey of life will forever be appreciated. Your calm and gentle disposition remain rare and better imagined. Your selflessness was uncommon. Your impact in our lives will remain unchangeable. You didn't treat us as in-laws but as one of your blood. Thank you for all you did for the Samuel Family.

It is indeed not how long, but how well, even though we shall still continue to miss you.
Rest in the bosom of the Lord till we meet on resurrection morning.

From the Samuel Family
Posted by WYSE -ALENO MICHAEL on August 4, 2020
This is how I saw him (JUSTICE BABATUNDE DELANO) from the window of an in- law, a close one at that, all the way from the ALENO - WYSE FAMILY, from Obitegbere, Orere Uluba, in Warri South LGA, and Aja - Olugbeti, Koko, Warri North, LGA, both in Warri, Delta State.

He set the example of what a good father, husband, in - law and friend should be. He always did his best to be patient with all around him. Oftentimes, sadly, his best was never appreciated enough. So much so that we forgot we weren't actually bonafide members of the DELANO family. "Justice", as I fondly called him, set a shining example of the kind of unconditional love required to see a marriage and family through good times and the not so good times as well.

Justice BABATUNDE DELANO, was authority personified. He oozed authority. Confusedly, he carried an aura of humility and a benign smile of papal proportions that extended a feeling of confidence and protection to who were within his sphere of influence.

These characteristics and more, endeared him to generational adorations from his children, grand children and in - laws, inclusive.
"Grandpa Ibadan", "Justice", if we have forgotten to show gratitude enough for all the things you did - We are thanking you now. And we are hoping you know all along, how much you meant to us. Thanks for sharing your story with the ALENO - WYSE FAMILY, through Our wife, YEJIDE.
Posted by Lola Abinusawa on August 4, 2020
They say death is inevitable, we all shall die. Papa’s death came as a shock to me. When my nephew Tunde Laniyan told me the news, I cried and I dressed up immediately and went to mama and cried as well.
My great in-law late Chief Isaac Babatunde Delano has passed away. Daddy, Your children's and the grandchildren and “Ma Yinka” as you called me shall miss you greatly. Odaro 'O! Ka sunre o! A o pade lese Jesu nibiti ipinya ko ni 'si' mo. DSN REMI ABINUSAWA.
Posted by Mercy Oriaran on August 3, 2020
Daddy, you were so endowed with such numerous attributes that were Incomprehensively Unparalleled and Incomparable to no other. You exhibited Unalloyed Love towards All & Sundry. Dad, you -
* Provided succour to the hurting & weary,
* Identified acquaintances as a close family members,
* Were a wonderful Counselor/Confidant ,
* Were always very supportive, non -
discriminatory and a great philanthropist.
that has eaten deep into the family anals.
* Were Divinely Favoured to propagate and manifest unity and love - reason for a Large - United Household.
Well, words will fail me to describe your true personality but I know surely that A RARE GEM AND A GREAT ICON IS GONE To Be With His Maker. We love you Dad BUT, Jesus Loves you Best.
Adeiu Daddy, Rest Peacefully In His Bossom Until we meet in Eternity!!!
Posted by Ayo Munis on August 3, 2020
Daddy is hard for me to believe that you're no more. My loving, caring and handsome uncle. Olori_ebi SINOBU_SUNMONU family in Lagos. Sunre oooo.
Posted by Yemi Osanyin on August 3, 2020
You will forever live in our hearts
Daddy. We didn't know that it will be so soon, but we take solace in the fact that you are resting with the Lord. You lived well and touched lives in many ways. Thanks for the space you gave to your wife Mrs Ebun Delano to express herself and touch lives of women and children the way God designed her. Some people in your position would have converted her to First Lady to the Chief Judge after she retired from UCH. I recall the annual visits to you and Mama and how you will say Osanyin, o ya joko segbe mi. You will say to ba fi Osanyin ati Ebun sile, won a so everywhere di ARFH. You will often say, se e ti ri won, Ebun ati Osanyin tun ti nsoro proposal ati curriculum. Every time won tun fe so Ile di ARFH. Daddy, you were so amazing, so hilarious and a friend to us all. We will surely miss you. Good bye Daddy.
Posted by Fola Delano on August 2, 2020
My Dear Daddy,
I really don't know what to say as I still don't believe you have left us. Be rest assured you left all of us in good stead and comfortable and thank you for providing for us.

Its amazing the good things I hear about you far and wide, gentleman, humble, generous, honest, approachable, always smiling, father to so many. Funke, Shope and Shore will always miss you dearly too.

You were remarkable and distinguished throughout you life, and even in your last days, you still held your own. You have left a big void to fill Daddy.

Don't worry Mummy is in good hands while you rest with the Lord.

Love Fola, we will truly miss you.
Posted by Nifesimi Laniyan on August 2, 2020
Thank you Grandpa for sharing your kind heart with everyone!

You loved all equally and judged kindly too!
Thank you for really seeing me even as a child! It pivoted the journey of many of our lives spending those precious holidays with you. We’ve all dared to dream and to serve others with kindness because of your worthy example.

You are deeply missed and incredibly loved.
Posted by Joke Adesina on July 31, 2020
Cousin Tunde,   
I profusely thank you for the positive impact you made in my life and my family during your lifetime.
Your legacy in EDDA family shall live forever.
May your soul and spirit rest in perfect peace Amen .
Cousin Mrs Yemisi Adesina
Posted by Morenike Oguntokun on July 31, 2020
Tribute to my Dad.       
I want to thank God for my father as l do not consider you to be my uncle -in law. Hmmmmm!!! It seems so unreal and unbelievable that you have actually gone dad but then what can l say even though l wish you will live longer but l am glad you have gone to meet your creator and you are resting peacefully at his bosom. I look back over time and find my self wondering -- - - Did l remember to thank you enough for all you had done for me and my family ? For all the times you were by our sides to help and support us … …To celebrate our successes, to understand our problems, to let us have the very best and the simple things like laughter, smiles and times we shared. You will always hold a special place in our lives, full of memories of how you have shaped our futures and guided us through thick and thin. We miss your lessons of humility, honesty, selflessness and generousity. You will live on in our minds.     Rest on Baba.

Kitoyi Samuel and Family
Posted by Okeowo Olusegun on July 31, 2020
Words are not enough to express my relationship with you. I hurt for your exit to glory; the emotional hurt will certainly take a long time to heal. Since I met you in the Cathedral Torch Bearers Society as your secretary, I knew you to be a father figure to all, an icon and a role model to many in the household of faith; you were extraordinarily generous to many that I know, you loved the society dearly, you encouraged in distress, you were a shoulder to lean on at the shortest call.
Daddy, we shall surely miss you in the society for as long as our thought wander to your soul.
Thank you for everything that you have done for everyone, we will miss you! Oh we will miss you.... Goodnight sir! Sleep on in glory till ressurection.
Engineer Olusegun Okeowo
Secretary Cathedral Torch Bearers Society;
Cathedral Peoples Warden (Fmr)
Posted by David George on July 31, 2020
We are truly sorry to hear the passing away of Dad (Hon. Justice Isaac Babatunde Delano). I will always remember a family trip I was privileged to be part of in the early '80's to Ivory Coast (Côte d'Ivoire now) a very fond memory that I would always cherish. On behalf of the Osoba-GEORGE Family Please accept our condolences and may our prayers help comfort you and family as we all glorify the name of the Lord for the life of a great Man, One of the gentle giants of modern Nigeria - God bless
Posted by Bamidele Ibuoye on July 31, 2020
You are the father of Mobola, my childhood friend. We lived on the same estate in ibadan. As a regular visitor to your house I could not but notice the love you had for your family, your generosity and compassion especially for the underprivileged. No doubt you lived a very fulfilled life, You have generously touched the lives of many and you will sorely be missed.
May the almighty God comfort and strengthen the family you left behind.
Rest in perfect peace.

Posted by Oladisun Delano on July 31, 2020

Honourable Justice Babatunde Delano a titan, eminent jurist and a great ambassador of humanity was known to me as Brother Tunde from the day I was born till he died and throughout the period loved me unconditionally.

Thank you.

From the avalanche of condolences I had received, some from people I have not had contact in a long while it is obvious he extended the same supreme love to others. Indeed he was an embodiment of milk of kindness.

Having reconciled myself to his demise I reminiscence on the positive aspects of his life as it impacted on me. In his active years, when I check my watch I can predict with certainty what he was undertaking. For he was an extremely disciplined and organized person who wasted no time on frivolities.

He was also forthright in his dealings with people, never one to dribble or waste your time. From the word go, he would be frank with you.

As a lawyer, I couldn’t appear in his court, but colleagues who did, speak of him in glowing terms as one who upheld justice but did so in a sociological context.

I was not surprised at the posture knowing fully well that he didn’t want anyone to suffer unnecessarily. In the society, church and bodies that he served, his positive contributions spoke volumes and those of us associated with him benefitted immensely from the goodwill he built up in the circles.

He was head of the Edmund Delano Descendant Union for a brief period, but before ascending the position, he was already a fanning ember that provided members with a broad shoulder to lean on and a rallying point of love and unity. We bless God for that role.

Brother Tunde left an enduring and worthy memory in every aspect of his endeavour that we shall treasure all the days of our life.

Thank you very much and Good night.
Posted by Adesola Olaleye on July 30, 2020
You were my dear friend- Lola’s Daddy. She spoke so much about you, as a loving, doting father despite your busy life. She was so proud of the feats you achieved apart from the Judiciary system. I thank God for a life well spent. May your legacy live on. Rest In Peace.Sun re ooo
Posted by Funmi George on July 29, 2020
Adieu to a great icon! You will surely be missed.Almighty God grant u eternal rest.

Femi & Funmi George
Posted by Funmi George on July 29, 2020
A tribute to our father and Olori Ebi of the George family.
Papa Hon Justice Babatubde Delano is gone suddenly but we take solace in the fact that his soul is resting in the blossom of our lord. Amen.
He was a teacher and a leader that is hard to come by. He was loved and respected by all the members of the George family. We shall surely miss him. May his soul rest in perfect peace.

1. John Ayodele George(oyoyo)
2. Noah George
3.Regina motunrayo George
4.Charles Oluwaseyi George
5.Frederick Oladipo George
6.Benedicta Bukola George.
Posted by Funmi George on July 29, 2020
Our Late Brother , Justice I. B Delano.
We can't believe that you are gone, you left without saying goodbye or good night. A loving, caring and adviser brother, uncle and father.
A father to all who comes your way, you have touched the hearts of so many who owe you a lifetime of gratitude. You are generous in all aspects.
Uncle, you made us to understand one thing in life, that, Vanity upon vanity, all is vanity. We shall forever miss your absence sir, continue to rest on brother, till we meet and part no more.
All the George's family miss you.

Mr Lanre George.
Posted by Fore Abinusawa on July 29, 2020
For as long as we can remember Grandpa has always expressed love and kindness towards us. Every time we met he would always greet both of us with a hug and kiss…along with the biggest and brightest smile. That bright smile always seemed to permeate the air and instantaneously brighten the mood of everyone around. We'll never forget being met with the warmest embrace upon each visit and hearing Grandpa’s boisterous and heart-felt laugh in response to a funny joke. He always made sure we were fed and taken care of even if it meant going out of his way. His effervescent persona inspired us to lead a life without regrets and live each of our days with joy and pleasure. His actions and examples he set ensured we treat all those we care for with kindness. We will miss you.

- Olatide and Moforehan Abinusawa
Posted by Shope Delano on July 29, 2020

One of the hardest things to do is say goodbye to a loved one. However, we're all able to do so safe in the knowledge that you are seated in the right hand of the father.

We say farewell, comforted by the fact that you have touched so many of us, myself included. Your wisdom and compassion and the impact it has had on all of us, is eternal.

We say farewell in the knowledge that your light will continue to be carried by Grandma, by my daddy (Fola), by Aunty Mobola, Aunty Yejide, Aunty Lola, and by the entire community of people who will continue to remember and celebrate you for decades to come.

Lastly, we say farewell in recognition of the fact that you are irreplaceable. Thank you for being the wonderful person that you are.

Farewell Grandpa, rest in peace x
Posted by Delano Family on July 29, 2020

The thought of never hearing you call me Ayojide again greatly saddens me. Thank you for the memories we shared together. Thank you for having ice cream with me after a long day of walking around Fox River Mall in the summer. Thank you for the times I would come to Ibadan and you would sit on your chair upstairs and we would watch tv together. Thank you for being there at my Convocation ceremony to mark the start of my university. Thank you Grandpa for teaching me patience, kindness, determination and generosity.

I love you Grandpa, you will be forever missed.

Your dearest Ayojide (Oluwaferanmi Eyimofe Wyse)
Posted by Tunde Laniyan on July 29, 2020
A giant has departed from the earth. Justice Isaac Babatunde Delano was a man of immense reputation and capacity who is not only willing to share of himself but does so with great humility and sophistication that inspires you to learn from him easily. His interventions in my life's journey is responsible for my intro to this tribute. At a time when I had serious challenge in the family, he stepped in and lit the way. I knew what it meant to be carried on the shoulders of a giant.
He was so thoughtful of everyone including the grandchildren who would assemble in his Abeokuta official home once or twice a year.
The annual new year parties in the Delano home was a ritual my family tried never to miss. You would see him interacting with both the high and the mighty and the lowly with the same assurance and regard, and generosity.
Such winsome ways made him a charmer even with attendants in shops abroad when I had the opportunity of keeping him company. I remember that he brought a very good pair of shoes on one such shopping trip. He warned me not to let mummy know the cost of the pair of shoes so that he would not receive a flak. I learnt from that experience that you must accord proper regards to your spouse whatever your age or length of the union. Daddy respected mummy and they worked and walked in harmony. That's my greatest learning from this giant. I pray that God Almighty will comfort the co-compser of the Isaac Babatunde Delano masterpiece, the Great Ebun Delano, the children and grandchildren! You are the products of giants and a manifestation of how well you have imbibed the spirit is that you have been willing to share him with all of us! Sleep well, daddy Delano!
Posted by Gbeminiyi Gbadamosi on July 29, 2020
I will miss you so much grandpa. I moved in with the family in Ibadan (1987) and later joined you in Abeokuta to continue my education. Living with you in Abeokuta was one of the most beautiful times and moments of my life.
How can I forget your hospitality,
How can I forget your show of love and kindness.
How can I forget the days of surprise gift.
How can I forget your mentoring, your spanks with words to keep me focused. You were very detailed and organized.
I can NEVER forget the day you phoned me and said to me " son; I will be having lunch with you and your family on my way to the airport for my annual vacation" (June 2018) .We never wanted you and grandma to leave our home. I will forever Cherish those moments we shared together.
You just had this radiating smile to go round everybody.
You will forever be in my heart.
Adieu Uncle till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Christy Laniyan on July 29, 2020
I call him Daddy Justice. Justice Delano has been a father to his children's friends. Together with Mummy Ebun Delano, they have been role models and inspiring elders. Our children have grown in Daddy's Arms. Easter Holidays in Abeokuta were always highlights of the children's year. My whole family consider the Delano family an extension of Ours. We always spend the evening of January one of every year in the last 30Years with Daddy. His calm, gentle and loving spirit made being with him a pleasant experience. Good Night Daddy.
Posted by Oluwatoyosi Johnston on July 29, 2020
Uncle was my daddy's friend and they had known each other since their secondary school days at Abeokuta Grammar School class of 1949. Six of them became very close and they called themselves The Inner Circle- The late Justice Babatunde Delano, Late Doctor Adeoye Kolawole, Late Doctor Femi Ogunsan, Late Chief Adekoya, Professor Raufu Balogun and Chief Olusegun Olufade, my father.

We became neighbors with the Delano family in the early 1970s. We (the children) grew up together, always in and out of each other's homes at will. Those were the good days indeed.
The man l called Uncle was a great man, a wonderful intellectual and a good soul who loved and cherished his family. He touched so many lives by his selfless and countless acts of kindness to those that came across his path.

Uncle, your sudden demise is a shock to me but l know it is heaven’s gain. God in His infinite wisdom knows best.

May the good Lord comfort Aunty (Mama Yejide), the children, Yejide, Fola, Bola and Lola, the extended family and friends left behind. Goodnight Sir. May God keep your soul resting in perfect peace till resurrection day. Amen.
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Posted by Delano Family on July 23, 2022
My dearest Dad,
I know you are resting with our heavenly father, as I often feel your presence on earth. I thank you for your love. I thank you for your belief in me. I thank you for your kindness. I thank you for teaching me humility. I thank you for raising me into who I am. I thank you for all the moments you spent with us - what a gift. Baba mi, modupe o. I will forever miss you. I love you, Daddy, but God loves you the most. I miss you, Daddy.
Your Daughter, Mobola
Posted by Tunde Laniyan on July 23, 2022
Your golden heart, love and wit are missed every day. Continue to rest well, daddy.
Posted by William Smith on June 1, 2022
Time sometimes moves very slowly, and other times it seems to fly past us! I miss you. The first time we met in December 1994, you were like a big brother to me. Forever in my mind, you will always be remember.
his Life

Our Father

Justice Isaac Babatunde Delano, former chief judge of Ogun state, son of late Isaac Oluwole Delano and late Remilekun Sumonu-George, was born on June 1st, 1935 in Ifo, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria. He is survived by his wife, Grace Ebun Delano (nee Samuel), and children, Yejide (John Idowu Wyse MBE), Olufolahan (Funke Delano), Omobolade (Dr. Taiye Philips Oriaran), Tolu Delano (Jumoke) and Olufunmilola (Dr. Yinka Abinusawa). He is also survived by his grandchildren: Omasan, Aleno, Shore, Shope, Oluwaferanmi (Mofe), Olatide, Moforehan, Mofetoluwa, Boluwaduro, Oluwafeyikemi and Bolurin.  
Daddy was called into the law field, as it was indeed a vocation for him.  He graduated from the University College, London, in 1961 with a Bachelor's in Law.  Our father was called to the English Bar on February 7th, 1961, and admitted to practice law in Nigeria on June 16th, 1961. From 1962 to 1963, he went to Harvard Law School in the United States of America and earned a certificate in Federalism and Administration of Criminal Justice. 
Our father was appointed Solicitor-General and Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Justice, Ondo State Nigeria, on March 1st, 1976. He was then appointed a Judge of Ogun State Judiciary on June 1st, 1977. On September 3rd, 1990, he was appointed Chief Judge, Ogun State of Nigeria, at which he served for ten years.
Daddy was civically engaged and a humanitarian to many organizations. He was Past President of the Y's Men International Nigeria District, Abeokuta Chapter, President of the Boys Scouts of Nigeria, Ogun State Branch, and President of the Fountain of Hope Cathedral Church of St. Peters, Ake, Abeokuta also in Nigeria. Our father was a born again Christian and published a book on how to be a born again Christian.  Until his death, Dad was a member of multiple churches, including serving as President of the Torch Bearer Society, St James the Cathedral, Oke-Bola, Ibadan, and  Mayegun of the Holy Trinity Church, Okenla, Ifo, Ogun State of Nigeria.
Justice Isaac Babatunde Delano also held the title of Baba Ijo of Holy Trinity Church, Okenla, Ifo. He was Otun (Ologun) Balogun of Ake. He also held the title Agbakin Atunluse of Osogbo Land. 
The children are blessed to be supported by Dad's surviving brothers: Chief Akinwande Delano (SAN), Baale Bayo Delano (Ifo), Chief Ayodele Delano, Chief Disun Delano, Chief Gboyega Delano, and sisters: Mrs. Funke Oduneye and Mrs. Kemi Afuwape. Many nieces, nephews, cousins, and God Children, including Kitoyi Samuel (Deola), Labake Oguntokun (Jimi), Laide Apantaku (Foluso)  and Nike Afolabi celebrate and honor his life.

So much to write about our father....

Father of many, grandpa to hundreds.. you are forever missed.  This is a Yoruba commendation we received from one of our loved ones.
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Shared by Y Wyse on August 4, 2020
Bishop of Ogbomoso

A Lifetime of Remarkable Service

Shared by Lola Abinusawa on August 1, 2020
 HONORABLE CHIEF JUSTICE BABATUNDE DELANO (1935-2020)“Every man’s life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died. that distinguish one man from another.”
~ Ernest Hemingway 1954, Nobel Prize Winner from Chicago
I call Hon Justice Babatunde Delano simply and respectfully BROTHER. He was my much older Brother.
He held positions of increasing responsibilities in the then Western Region of Nigeria civil service in the ’60s and ’70s and was elevated to a Judge in Ogun State at a young age of 42, promoted again to the High Office of Chief Justice of Ogun state, a position he held for 10 years before his retirement in the year 2000.
Let us all turn our grief into something extraordinary, as we honor his memory and celebrate his life in a unique way. A life of devoted and remarkable service; a characteristic that is uncommon in our society today, yet much needed! A lifetime of remarkable service was his ‘motto’ to live by! He made a difference working whole-heartedly for a cause he believed in....pursuit of Justice.
We can all learn from the words of Stephen Grellett, an American clergyman, written over 200 years ago, but very relevant to our world today.
“I shall pass through this world but once. Any good therefore that I can do or any kindness I can show to any human being, let me do it now. Let me not defer it or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.”
Indeed, Justice Delano was a drum major for Justice.
To me, Brother often displayed his humor, for he liked to play harmless tricks on me to provoke laughter and provide amusement. I will miss this!
He loved his children. This I know, as when his eldest daughter, Yejide was attending boarding school in England, he wrote me a loving letter (more like an extended essay) of how a young uncle and guardian should care for his niece! It was not any different on learning that Yejide met her future husband at my London home. This time it was a verbal interrogation of me with his sound legal mind A loving father indeed!
To his devoted wife of over 5 decades, Mama Jide, what an extraordinary Partnership. My condolences Ma!
To my nieces and nephew, Yejide, Fola, Mobola, and Funlola. Do not mourn because your father has left this life, but smile and rejoice as we celebrate his good inning of 85.
I pray he has gone to a higher calling and a much nobler life. At the rising of the sun, and its going down ... we shall remember him well.
Lastly, but most important of all, I praise Father God Almighty, our awesome creator, the giver of ALL life for His unconditional love and protection over all family members as we mourn yet, celebrate the Homegoing of our Olori Ebi, Father, Brother, Uncle, and grandfather: Hon Justice Isaac Babatunde Delano.
May his soul rest in peace.
Chief J. Gboyega Olatokunbo DELANO, HDip Theology (Oxon), MBA, MA, CPA, FCIM

Best Dad Ever

Shared by Christie Burayidi on August 1, 2020
I don’t know where to start. In 19997 when you came on your summer vacation to Wisconsin you both adopted me into your family. You were there for me during the ups and down of my first marriage. Daddy you were there when I lost my younger sister in 2012, and also when my dad went to be with the Lord in 2015. 
Daddy you are a wise man who always knows what to say. I know would like you to sugarcoat your words, but that is not you and I think that is why I love you more. 
Daddy you will be greatly missed. I am going to miss your scolding when I don’t call you on time such as “Iyabo didn’t Mobola tell you I have arrived?”. 
We love you but God loves you more. Sleep on daddy till we meet and part no more