Let the memory of Justin be with us forever.
  • 31 years old
  • Born on March 17, 1988 in Plantcity, Florida, United States.
  • Passed away on March 17, 2019 in Plantcity, Florida, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, our hero Justin Harris 31 years old , born on March 17, 1988 and passed away on March 17, 2019. Leaving behide his amazing and beautiful mother and Best Friend Donna, his brother Cosmo his two young sons and many others who loved him dearly. Justin was well known to be a giver in life which he continued in his passing by Donating his organs to which Justin was able to save the lives of 4 people! AN AMAZING ONE OF A KIND HERO...if I do say so myself. He gave those 4 families the greatest gift they could ever ask for...AN ANSWERED PRAYER and they will remember him forever. Justin may be out of our sight but he will forever live on thru our hearts. Fly high with the angels shorty you will forever be missed. We love you Justin!

Posted by Tyner RFox on 10th April 2019
Posted by Brenda White on 10th April 2019
Lil Justin....Hmmm what to say, what to think, It just breaks my heart that you had to go so soon we go way back and i can remember the first time i met you...lol...we was at Booty's house and we was all just chillin playing around i had my boys there and it was right after i gotten my 82 Chevy and Booty had never been in a big 4x4 truck and he wanted me to take him for a ride down the road and you was like ill watch your boys and so Booty and i left then after that day my boys loved you and everyday for about a month they was always wanting you to watch them they just loved you. and it just sucks because life is really nothing but a heart break now your up there with Travis Dean..I hope you two are up there flying so high with the angels and helping out up there with building the kingdom for when the rest of us get to join..but until then I love you and will miss you forever rest easy fly high until we meet again Gone But Will Never Be Forgotten Love Always, Brezi
Posted by Deanna Michelle on 9th April 2019
Jay Damn bro still don't feel real reading this gave me chills n made me cry I miss ya homie you was great friend funny sweet giving caring always made sure ppl was ok talk me when I need someone now your gone n jus wish I had one more day tell you how great of friend you was n how much appreciated you being there I love you dawg hold it down up there for us save me spot show up em what Cha bout up there lol fly high homie rest easy never forget you love ya see ya when it's my time til than
Posted by Chrissy Loyd on 8th April 2019
Hey pimpin. I miss you so much home. I still can't believe you are gone. We were suppose to take over the world brain. Its all good you are still going to help. Hell...u already have. I just wish I could tell u smell this... Or I love you. I would give anything to be able to hug you and here u say. Man stop tripping shorty. Lol. I love you forever!!!!!
Posted by Chelsey Lynne on 8th April 2019
Lil Justin... Love you nigga!!! I'm gonna miss you pimp frfr man and you already know this bubba xoxo
Posted by Mandy Phelps on 8th April 2019
Lil Justin, damn homie there’s so much I wanna say to you, like I’m sorry I didn’t get to come chill with you when you got out, I was looking forward to showing you my new car my dad got me for my bday. I’m super proud of the man you had become,and jus so you know, many others were as well. When I got the phone call you were in the hospital I had literally just opened my eyes, my heart sank to my stomach and I jumped up threw on some clothes and hauled ass. When I got to the hospital I just fell apart. But I had hope and faith you were gonna pull thru. At the time I didn’t fully understand what had happened, it wasn’t til 12 days later when I was told that you were not gonna wake up that the reality of life and the pain set in. Justin you were one of a kind and there will never be another like you, well idk we will see in a few years lol, but never another you. You stole the hearts of everyone who knew you man and I thank God for every memory I have with you and that I was able to call you my friend. Fly high and watch over us all, and we will take care of your mama and brother, cause that’s what we do as friends, as family. Oh my, this hurts so much, I love you Jay. Til we meet again homie.....
Posted by Bigjam Seabaugh on 8th April 2019
Bro i miss you so much i hope its wat they say it is . i still remember the day we met . you asked me why i rock my hat like that lol. I learned alot from you bro and ill never understand why god took you but until we meet agian ill be waiting to eos this world also . NFL
Posted by Stacy Shereie on 8th April 2019
Justin.....im never gonna let u go.......u will always have the biggest part of my heart.......i miss and love u dearly......im so thankful that we met.....and the memories u have gave me.........ill always love u justin.......love stacy...

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