Please share your photos & stories so that Justin's children may remember their loving dad for a lifetime
  • 34 years old
  • Born on December 5, 1981 in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada.
  • Passed away on March 4, 2016 in Avonmore, Ontario, Canada.

Dec. 5, 1981, Michael & Monique Lascelle proudly welcomed their new bundle of joy, Justin Lascelle. A little brother for his sister Angele, his brother Joel & eventually, a big brother for Michel.

Justin grew into a fine young man who met the woman of his dreams, Amanda Heuston & they were married June 15, 2013 & looked forward to a bright & promising future.

Sadly, Justin died tragically in a car accident, March 4, 2016, leaving his amazing wife, Amanda, his 2 day old daughter Amelie, 1 year old son, Alex-Andre & 4 year old son, Samuel.

We ask Justin's friends, family & all who knew him & those whose lives were touched by this funny, caring & loving young man, to please take time to post pictures & write stories so that his children may see their father through our eyes.

Sam, Alex & Amelie are so young that the memory of their loving dad will fade too fast. We hope that this memorial keeps his spirit alive so that the children can, as they grow up, see that their dad, Justin, was a wondeful, funny & caring parent.

Posted by Matt Clarke on 26th February 2017
From Australia. I came out to Canada to meet my long lost family . As I was adopted off in 1970 by a near relative, I came over after 27 years to meet my biological family. Eventually, I came across Justin. He was in my memory a troubled teen, and was looking for a way out of what he could see a dead end road. We spent some time together in a boat (of all places), talking about how we thought life should be as opposed to how it's been. Justin had that something about him that told me in my quiet hour's that he meant business at such a young age.... He really did not want to go down the proverbial gurgler. He, to me had heart and wasn't one the had to prove how big he was. I got the sense that he knew, however he was a rascal. My time with him was pivotal for me personally, and my wish is that was twofold.
Posted by Melanie Lascelle on 27th May 2016
I can remember all the family gathering we've had. There were so many aunts, uncles, cousins, cousins children and so on. But what never changed was the love we had for on another. Didn't matter if it has been months or years since we've seen each other, when we get together it is as if we just seen each other the day before. My memory of our family was that we could never get all family members gathered to take family photos. It just was too much. This is how it always went,,,,,Someone would complain cause someone is taking so long. Or our hair wasn't styled, one kid was acting up, the other was crying, or move here, move there....YES the LASCELLE family is huge, but the love will continue forever through our kids. Someday we will all gather again and take that family photo with all grandkids and great grandkids. You will be there also, I can hear you now!! "Lets Go Everyone and get this S*#@ Done!!! Justin, yes you were gone to soon, but your journey hear on earth was completed. Now a new journey begins up there. You are not alone, you have mamere, paper and uncle Gerry( my father) with you. I'm pretty sure that your uncle is sipping back a few cold beers with you, while paper is sucking on his peppermints and mamere is making sure her hair is in place. LOL its honestly make me smile when you look back at the memories. We as the LASCELLE FAMILY, we will make our life's mission to make sure that your children will know who there FATHER was. I love you cuz, I will see you again, but until then! No goodbyes from me. It's see you again soon!

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