This tribute was added by Joe Zeidler on March 26, 2020
Hi Buddy,
Daddy was sitting here looking through the pictures and was thinking about you like I often do.
I need to tell you thank you for being in my life, even though our time was short together I treasure every moment.
I know that if you are looking down on me that you are proud of how I have changed within myself. You see the person that I was and who I am now and I am sure that you are happy for me.
I miss you every day and I live my life with much more dignity and strength now. I hold my head up even in sad times because nothing will ever come close to the sadness of losing a child. I thank you for bringing a smile to my face with those memories and even now when I look at your pictures it helps me through the times when others chose to back away and I know that you had an unconditional love that was pure and honest and that was so precious to me.
I love you son and I miss you
This tribute was added by Joe Zeidler on January 2, 2020
Happy Birthday
Daddy misses you
I love you
This tribute was added by Joe Zeidler on December 25, 2019
Another year has almost passed without you here.
For those of us who had the joy of knowing you, your upcoming birthday is a special day.
As a father I would never have thought I would have to be writing this for my child.
I would have given anything for it to have been me instead.
I miss your pure joy and your unconditional love that you had. Your smile and laugh filled our hearts with so much happiness.
You are not forgotten, we do manage to pick up the pieces but our hearts are forever broken.
The day you left was the toughest day in my life but I know without a doubt you are watching over me and for that I am so thankful.
I woke up this Christmas morning 2019 and had a huge feeling of loss even after all these years it still hurts. Your birthday is soon and for me that brings so many emotions but the one emotion that’s the strongest is love. I love you and I miss you and hopefully in my life I am honoring you because that is all as your dad I can do, my life must be something you could have been proud of.
I am not perfect and I know you would never expect that but I am trying to do my best.

I love you Justin and you will be Forever missed and Forever Loved.

This tribute was added by Abigail Zeidler on October 15, 2019
   I don't know where to start, I miss you so much. It's so hard to get through anything and everything without you. You impact my life daily And are constantly on my mind. I love you so much. I remember your laugh so clearly. And you calling cows dogs it just replays in my head. And im so glad I still can remember your voice. I need to find videos of you because im scared im gonna forget your voice. And I know people say that you wouldn't want me to cry for you but sometimes it just happens. And even just the thought of when people say i have to let go and live with it, it will never happen there will always be a hole in my heart for you. And I know all of your siblings miss you. I miss you so much bubbies. Love you lots! <3
-Your sister Abby
This tribute was added by Vincenzo Leech on August 9, 2019
Hey buddy....
  Today I was looking at my son and he looked back at me and it was the deepest sadness feeling I had in my chest. Right there in my own sight, I saw a reflection of you and it made me cry so hard. I promised myself that I wouldn't cry everytime I look at Justin, but he reminds me everytime that you look just like him. But I'm getting better of differentiating him and you, even though your reflection isn't ever going to leave him.
This tribute was added by Vincenzo Leech on August 9, 2019
I love you so much baby... I just want you to hear me. I want to feel your touch again, I wanna hear the brightest giggles and laughter you gave us. I myself am so blessed to have a newborn and guess what? I named him after you baby. His name is Justin Sabastion McCabe and how I would've loved to put him in your hands and let you hold him. I wanted you to be there to just hug him and give him a kiss and tell him life is going to be alright. I just still can't believe your gone and never coming back. How's that fair, why, just why would that happen? If only I could bring you back l, I would in a heartbeat. Something that you lack, which kills me the most from day to day. I miss you Justin and I hope your listening. I want you back so bad it's not fair. Not fair at all. I miss you buddy. I love you Justin.
This tribute was added by Joe Zeidler on May 15, 2019
Another year and it still seems like yesterday.
I still remember our rides and how you loved to share my chocolate pie.
It’s 8:56 and they say that’s the time you left us and I will never forget those three numbers.
I remember that night and EVERYTHING about it. I remember the conversations and the movie that was on, I remember the sounds and smells. I love you with everything a father has and I only wish I could have done more to keep you here.
Justin I miss you so much and I promise to keep your memories.
People have said time heals but it may get less painful but it never heals. I know that you are looking over me and for that I’m so thankful.
One day daddy will hold you again but for now I will just hold the memories.
I Miss you buddy
I love you
This tribute was added by Becca Franklin on May 15, 2019
Today I wish I could skip, I miss you every day so much son! Living life without you is so hard. The kiddos miss u so much. I know in my heart your in a better place with God, I just wish I could hold you in my arms. I will be with you one day until than just know I love you Bubbies.
This tribute was added by Joe Zeidler on January 14, 2019
I miss you so much, I sit here and know you are watching over me and that one day daddy will get to hold you again. Daddy loves you buddy!
This tribute was added by Joe Zeidler on January 2, 2019
Happy birthday little man
Daddy misses you every day.
I have so much I want to tell you and one day I will but for now please know daddy loves you.

This tribute was added by Rachael Anne on December 11, 2018
It has been so long
I dont have a clear memories of you but i wish i did i fell like without everything is falling apart.
I am know 12 and last saw you when i was 4
Rip i love you brother
This tribute was added by Amber Zeidler on November 19, 2018
Hey little buddy . It I crazy your nephew Gabriel is a spitting image of you . He is a strong reminder every time I look in his eyes I see you it is crazy you guys could be twins . I never got to know you but I always think about you . You have affected my life more than any one will ever know. Rest easy lil guy.
This tribute was added by Vincenzo Leech on January 11, 2018
Justin... It's been 8 years since you have past. Everyday I close my eyes and your smiling adorable face pops up. You where the best brother one could have...
   I will never forget you
 I love you so much Justin.
This tribute was added by Joe Zeidler on May 15, 2017
Daddy Loves you and I miss you constantly!

I wish I could hold you even just for a minute again.

My heart has an empty space without you.

I remember every detail of that day and know you felt love until you fell asleep.

My Son, My Buddy, My Heartbreak
This tribute was added by Joe Zeidler on January 2, 2017
Happy birthday Justin,
Daddy Loves You

I miss you so much!
This tribute was added by Joe Zeidler on November 22, 2016
Daddy misses you buddy I made a promise and I will keep it! 7 years and I still feel like it was just yesterday when you left us! i love you!
I am listening to "your song" I can only imagine by Mercy me! Crying so bad because my heart is broken!
This tribute was added by Amber Zeidler on March 15, 2011
I miss you. lil buddy!
This tribute was added by Anna Thompson on March 10, 2011
rest in peace little one
This tribute was added by Rebecca Zeidler on October 25, 2010
Mommy & Daddy will always love you and miss you! You will always be our shining star, bubbies!


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