Great in life, great in death. Let the memory of justina be with us. We remember her for her love and care.
She was buried on 12th March 2015 @ Okigwe, Imo State.
  • 37 years old
  • Born on June 3, 1977 in Igbo-Ukwu, Aguata, Anambra, Nigeria.
  • Passed away on February 18, 2015 in Lagos, Nigeria.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, justina asuzu, 37, born on June 3, 1977 to the family of Mr and Mrs Simon Nwaokafor at Ngo Village, Igbo-Ukwu, Aguata LGA, Anambra State and happily married to Emeka Asuzu. Justina Asuzu attended Federal University Of Technology Owerri (FUTO) and graduated as best student of the department of Food science Technology in 2000.

Until her passing Justina works with ASCON OIL AND GAS Company Limited as a senior manager. She was Head of depot and Industrial sales. By December 21st 2014, she was awarded with the prestigeous LONG SERVICE AWARD in recognition and appreciation of her ten years meritorious service to ASCON OIL COMPANY.

Justina fondly called 'my Queen and Angel' by her husband Emeka Asuzu was a faiithful wife and a virteous woman, who believed in God and family. She was loved and celebrated by her husband, family, friends and colleagues.

She passed away after a brief illness on wednesday February 18, 2015.

We will remember her forever.

The Legend, Justina Asuzu lives on!!

Posted by Ijeoma Nneji on 15th March 2016
death is the only way of the mortal. last year you were in my house gisting and laughing, eating beans and making plans. suddenly the exit door turned open and before we could finalize our plans you took the way of the mortal. if men were God i would be talking with you. but we remain mortal and God God. Till we meet on Resurrection, adieu my friend and name sake.
Posted by Johnpaul Umeh on 14th March 2016
Can't imagine it's past a year you left to rest in the bosom of the Lord. Continue resting in the bosom of the Lord..Nee Okafor.!!
Posted by Sotonye Anga on 18th February 2016
Rest in peace great woman!!! We have you in our hearts....
Posted by Ibe Chidiuto on 18th February 2016
May her gentle soul continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord, Amen. Ijeoma, we have missed you. Chidiuto
Posted by Emeka Asuzu on 18th May 2015
Father of light, you are perfect in all your doings. Your actions define goodness in its entirety. We are only pencils in your hand. Justina Ijeoma Asuzu departure makes me know that nothing in this life is forever save for YOU. I pray heavenly Father that you continue to bless her richly now and forever more.
Posted by Emeka Asuzu on 18th April 2015
Dear Justina, Its two months too soon after you passed on Surely you have found favour in the LORD and you are resting peacefully in HIM. HIS love, blessing, mercy and grace will continually be your portion. Our LORD has been taking care of me. Sometimes I fill a sense of void within but HE fills me with HIS words: 'be strong & courageous' Its well.
Posted by Nkechi Aniunoh on 17th March 2015
May the good Lord grant Mrs Justina Asuzu eternal rest. Such a beauty to behold. My sincerest sympathy to both families...
Posted by Agnes Osariemen on 13th March 2015
My dearest sister, can't accept the fact that I have to write this for you, since I got this news, the shock of this sad news have left me terribly ill What do I say? You were not just my Neighbor, but a daughter, a sister, a friend and a sincere Confidant. You were a Great Woman of faith whose faith in God drew so many people that came in contact with you to God. It goes to confirm that we are indeed " pilgrims in this world, Heaven is our home. I am consoled with the fact that you are indeed with your maker. You lived an enviable life though short but well spent as you touched a lot of lives, it goes to say that " it's not how long but how well" How do I face Emeka your ever Loving husband? Only God can console him because I know the kind of love that you both shared. Justina, physically we might not see you, but Forever you will remain in our Hearts for the death of a saint is not loss but gain in Christ. Continue to rest in the bosom of your maker.
Posted by Akachukwu Nwegbu on 12th March 2015
I-jay your demise was very shocking and painful when I heard the news. To Emeka your husband, friends and relatives, I say "Be Strong, Be Comforted." The good Lord will grant everybody the strenght to bear this sad loss. Rest in peace Justina!
Posted by Sammie Okwuagbala on 7th March 2015
Justina, you were nice and encouraging. I was thinking of paying Emeka and you a visit when I got the news of your death. It is a great shock to me but God will grant us (especially Emeka) the fortitude to bear it. Ezigbo Ada, jee nke oma.
Posted by Abdulahi Nurudeen on 7th March 2015
Posted by Emeka Asuzu on 6th March 2015
To Mrs. Justina Ijeoma Asuzu my darling wife who lives on: You are our Legend. To many you are a caring, loving, considerate and exciting personality to behold. You are are the queen whose star so shown so bright and is reckoned with far and near. Justina my love, you are a rare gem, the love of my youth! God blessed you with lovely eyes that are so breadth taking, yet so bold to uphold God's righteousness. Your nostrils are d windows of love and succour to many, bringing the gospel closer to many. Your ears and heart eager to feed at HIS feet, in HIS presence. Your lips so tender, they blew the tears of many away. Your very hands and feet are graceful with the works of the virtues of a virtuous woman. Justina, you are an enigma of beauty and brain combined, always willing to share and care for the needy. I found you and continue to thank my God to be fortunate to have you as my wife. Little did I know that God also spotted HIS best in you while HE placed me as a custodian over you to love and cherish without reservation. Weep like people with hope: brothers, sisters, dads, mums, Asuzu family, Okafor family, NDI IZUOGU, IGBOUKWU, IMO, ANAMBRA, Loretta Special Science School Adazi, FUTOITES, LASUITES, ASCON members of staff, MIKANO members of staff, Neighbours, Friends, Associates & Well wishers. Truly, I say unto you that queen Justina prefers to be celebrated with thanks giving always to God Almighty. She inspired me and many in so many ways, touching lives by using her God giving grace of love & sacrifice in positively affecting the Education, Health, Hospitality & Empowerment of many. As at today, 7:30 a.m; 6th March, 2015 over 564 viewers have visited one of her link sites: In the loving memory of our beloved Legend, Justina we have created her care foundation website to continue advancing what she stands for. The link is Mercifully & by HIS Grace our LORD prepared you, my wife, for Eternity. Yes, HE gave you love and sacrifice with which you preached the gospel by your deeds (to God be all the Glory). Our heavenly Father prepared you for the life of eternity with Him. Father! Our LORD! Our God! I totally submit to you and also do I submit the best that you gave me, your Servant/Saint Justina Ijeoma Asuzu. Father, we know that YOU love her more than anyone else. Father! Justina loves us but she loves YOU most of all and so do I. She said that YOU revealed to her: '' HEAVEN is POSSIBLE but it is by GRACE''. WE love you Justina but our GOD LORD ALMIGHTY LOVES you most. He alone is Most worthy to have you. My love for you my darling wife is in the LORD and so my love for you is for eternity. We will continue to praise and thank the LORD for you. I know you are doing same for us. We believe you are happy in the company of other Saints. Until the day of rapture my dear Justina rest peacefully in our God LORD Almighty who takes pleasure in your sleep in HIM. Let us pray: Holy Father bring us to Christ whom you have given power over all flesh to give eternal life. Father! You are love & Christ is sacrifice. Knowing YOU & Christ is eternity. Father! Deliver us from evil. Christ in us & YOU in Christ make us perfect as ONE. At your time, Father, let us see the glory of Christ which HE requested from YOU that we may also see. Father! When rapture comes may we or/and our descendants have YOUR mercy of following saint Justina & the other saints to meet Christ. Keep us as one Father that all may know that we belong to YOU. Father! all these wr pray in the Mighty Name of Jesus. Amen. Deep kisses from all who love you. Your loyal & faithful husband, Emeka Christian Asuzu.
Posted by Prince Ojomo on 5th March 2015
may her soul rest in peace that surpsses all understanding,I pray that the Almighty God will help those who love her keep her memories in their heart till he makes them see in heaven in joy and sorry
Posted by Chiagozie Ibekwe on 4th March 2015
Such a great loss. You will always be remembered. Rest in peace Justina. We love you but God loves you more.
Posted by Nkem Enemor on 3rd March 2015
Mrs Justina, my namesake, may your gentle soul rest in the bossom of the Almighty God and may He console your loved ones you left behind. Amen
Posted by Obinna Francis on 2nd March 2015
Emmy she a big lost to all of us but take heart the memory indeed will last forever may her soul rest in peace Nneoma.
Posted by Ibe Chidiuto on 1st March 2015
Ijeoma, it's becoming real to me, that this story of your exit from this wicked world to the Kingdom of God is real. Continue to sing praises with the Angels you emulated their lifestyle while you were on transit to the world. Rest well. Till we meet to part no more
Posted by Emeka Uba on 1st March 2015
Justina; even though I do not know you personally, my wife extolled your virtues as one that is worthy of emulation. I never knew you were married to my good friend Emeka until after your transition. My heart & prayer goes out to console your loved ones and most especially wish you a peaceful rest in the bosom of our Lord. Farewell and continue to live on.
Posted by Anoruo Chinedu on 28th February 2015
What a big loss for us. A rare gem to find. We will indeed forever miss u. May u rest in d bossom of d Lord. Till we meet again.
Posted by Anthony Ojigho on 27th February 2015
Time permits when God grants grace in our lives, You presence was ordained and your absence has fulfilled God's promise. Your light will forever shine lead and guide those you left behind.
Posted by Olumuyiwa Olowo on 27th February 2015
May Her Gentle Soul Rest In Perfect Peace
Posted by Paschal Okafor on 27th February 2015
The song is ended, but the melody lingers on... Irving Berlin To those of us who had the opportunity of knowing Justina Asuzu, her passing still remains a nightmare. An apostle of peace, a hardworking and caring lady, and a bundle of humility. These are few exceptional qualities for which though she is no more today, but will still linger at the mention of her name. As we pray to God to grant her soul eternal rest, it is also our prayer that God in His infinite mercy will take care of the beloved ones she left behind. Adieu Justina!
Posted by Onyi Chichi on 26th February 2015
Though I not seen you one on one but l know your nicest of wife any man can ask God for due to happy your Husband Mr Emeka my Collegue use to be but since it has come this way so soon I say May our good God, who knows the best grant your Soul rest in perfect peace Amen!
Posted by David Beales on 26th February 2015
May god rest her soul in perfect peace gone but not forgotten
Posted by Juliet Uju on 26th February 2015
TRIBUTE TO LATE MRS. JUSTINA ASUZU (NEE OKAFOR) BY HER SISTER UJU OKOYE. My sister, best friend and Guardian angel A sister’s love is something I was blessed to have and a sisters bond is so strong, that not even in death can it be broken, Ijeoma nwannem, it feels like years but it has been days and yet that is still too long, I wish is a dream that I will wake up from , I still love you the same as if you were still here with us laughing during the good times and crying during the bad ones, You have been a good sister, friend and source of motivation to me, my whole world came crashing down when I got the new of your death, all I asked was God why and later I got the answer that he is the God that does whatever he want and that answer made me to understand why God would want such a beautiful angel on his side from now until eternity. We love you but God love you most, that’s why he took you away from this wicked world for you to be with him. Ijee, we will miss you, I want you to know that you will never be forgotten, you were and will always be the wind beneath my wings REST IN PERFECT PEACE AMEN!!!
Posted by Kelechi Nwaobasi on 26th February 2015
It is so hard to believe that this wonderfuful union has been separated by death. I don't even know how Emeka plans to cope with this loss. Justina was a good woman and she loved her husband. Emeka loved her too, but with a passion. That l can clearly deduce from my interactions and meeting with the couple. Anytime a picture of a very blissful marriage comes to my mind, all l see were the images of Emeka and Justina and that inspires my marriage to a large extent. Silently, l always looked up to them to build my marriage to perfection. Your departmenare from this temporal abode is too sudden but we can't question the Lord. Even though you're gone, you will always be in our heart and memories. May you continue to rest in the bosom of our Lord and may our dear Lord send His angels to comfort the good husband you left behind. I know you'll be in heaven with the angels to watch over my good friend and to find a way to fill this void. Adieu Justina. May God be with youv till we meet again.
Posted by Doris Duru Ogueri on 25th February 2015
A TRIBUTE TO LATE MRS. JUSTINA ASUZU (NEE OKAFOR) BY HER CLASSMATES (FST CLASS OF 2000, FUTO) It is HARD to accept your death especially when we didn’t have the chance to get together, say goodbye; and you were taken away so suddenly and so shockingly at the prime of your life. Often, we all think we would have forever to catch up with one another but sadly once again, we are bitterly reminded that you have started your own forever now. You, Justie (as we all fondly called you in FUTO), are finally in a place where absolutely nothing can cause you harm. For this, our hearts must choose to go on. As our classmate, you were a symbol of hard work that pays off. You put your feet down to answer to difficult questions. You freely shared the knowledge you had with us all while maintaining your cutting-edge competitive spirit to succeed. All of these and more you did with balanced acts of kindness, care and intellect. We would not hold you back from eternal praise processions with our constant sorrows. We are going to do just what you would want us to do, get back together as a class and be there for each other. What social media couldn’t do for FST class of 2000, you Justie did even in death. You are truly a great force to reckon with. We thank God for the gift even for the brevity of time. We will carry your memories with us and our hearts must choose to go on. Adieu Justie, our dear classmate and friend! We are confident you are in perfect peace. FST CLASS OF 2000, FUTO.
Posted by Nneoma Ojiyi on 25th February 2015
Chai! It is so sad to hear that a young person dies, but any way we can not question God, He knows why it happened so sudden, I don't know you but it pains me a lot to hear that you are no where to be found on earth, upon all your efforts to become a graduate and at the same time to become a wife just ended like that. My prayer is that God should give the families you left behind heart to bear the lost. May your soul rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Chidimma Okee-Obi Eze on 25th February 2015
Justina, you were my senior both in Secondary school and in FUTO and that was enough for me to know the goodness in you. You always spoke wisely. As early as Secondary school, your advice was so mathre and sisterly. I am sure your family, colleagues and closest friends will miss a huge support system. I pray that God gives ur dear husband and family the grace they need at this time. Sleep on my senor mate in God's peaceful bosom.
Posted by Okorie 'Chukeke' Chukwudi on 24th February 2015 shocked, pained even though i neva got the chance to meet you. Your good testimony from people you have cared for speaks volume. Rest in Peace Aty. Chuks for the Okories
Posted by Victor Ogugu on 24th February 2015
Queen Justina, as ur hubby fondly calls u. U ll be dearly missed by all. U left an indelible mark on the sands of time. Though you left us early, like when the sun sets at noon, you live forever in our minds. While your stay on earth lasts, you fought the fine observed the faith. Though we weep, we take solace in the worthy legacy you left behind. We look forward to welcoming you back to life again when all thing is new. Please rest well dearly loved.
Posted by Ify Ifeanyi-Ukaegbu on 24th February 2015
Fondly called ‘Justii’ by her classmates, she was the best in chemistry and this feat earned her the nick -name ---‘ Just- 1- ene’.  Justii was loving to be with, kind to all, selfless in her approach to life, inspiring personality, diligent to her duties and above all God fearing. I cannot name it all. She was a lady you can be proud of any time, an inspiration to most of us while in school. To me she was a good friend, classmate and loving sister wrapped in one The bible tell us that precious in the sight of the lord is the death of his saints. Though we will cry but let us not cry like people without faith. At times God picks the flower that is still in full bloom, the rosebud's chosen, we mortals can feel our classmate is picked too soon but we cannot question God.  Sometimes the flower is fading with petals floating down, but God knows the perfect time to gather flowers from the ground. Our heart is sore pained within us and the terrors of death are fallen upon us, However we all know there is a heavenly garden in which God takes great pleasure because he placed within it the loved ones that we treasure here on earth. There he walks among the blossoms giving them eternal rest and i know it pleases God for a day like this hence he chose our very best – Justii to come to that garden. The bible tells us that where a testament is, there must also of necessity be the death of the testator. In her short period on earth justii demonstrated those qualities and attributes that will always resonate in the hearts of people that came across her. Though justii is dead but she is living in the hearts of so many people and surely shall live again.   Rest in perfect peace. Justii.
Posted by Solomon Okpolua on 23rd February 2015
RIP Queen Justina! You will always be remembered.
Posted by Uche Offor on 23rd February 2015
To have learned of your transition to glory was devastating to me. It brought a strings of sadness and I have struggled to let light shine through this darkness because that's what you would want. Moreover, that is what the Almighty God would demand of me. Justy, you are a great force to reckon with. As your classmates in FUTO ,your determination to succeed and solve problems was an inspiration to us. For everything you did ,you were excellent. To Emeka ,your families and everyone who shares in this sorrow, may the Lord comfort us all. Farewell my friend.
Posted by Asuzu Chidi on 23rd February 2015
IJEOMA our wife and sister your departure from this sinful world to the bossom of God Almighty still remains a very big shock and irreplaceable lost. The vacuum you have created in our lives and most especially in the life of your beloved husband my elder brother EMEKA ASUZU will be very difficult to be replaced by any other woman because you are unique special and ranked the best among your equal we love you but God Almighty love you better may your gentle soul rest in perfect peace AMEN. Mr and Mrs CHIDI ASUZU
Posted by Doris Duru Ogueri on 22nd February 2015
Justy, as we fondly called you in FUTO, your death came as a rude shock to us all. Quite incredible that we aren't going to see your lovely face again but what can we say? The Lord that allowed this to happen at this your prime age knows WHY! We pray He gives your hubby and loved ones the fortitude to bear your irreparable loss. And also pray for your soul to find solace in the Lord, Amen! Adieu Justy! You will remain fresh in our memories. We have indeed lost a rare gem but consoled that heaven has as well gained another saint. RIP dear course mate!!!
Posted by Angela Enenmoh on 22nd February 2015
Justina,you were a nice,caring and loving person. I am very happy to have met you in my lifetime. Your death was and is still a shock to me, buy I am consoled by the fact that death is a price everyone will pay.Continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord. You will be missed forever.
Posted by Bishop Ezirim on 22nd February 2015
Though your light dimmed its at prime,death is an end which will come when it will.I am consoled by the fact that you lived a fulfilling life.You were kind and a good person.May your soul and all the faithful departed rest in peace.Adieu Justie.
Posted by Ibe Chidiuto on 22nd February 2015
"Fear not death for the sooner we die, the longer we shall be immortal" --Benjamin Franklin....Ijeoma lives on. Martin Luther King, Jr made us understand that what is important in one's life is not the longevity but the quality....Ijeoma lived a life of testimony. She found her purpose in life and gave her whole heart and soul to wonder she used to say "Heaven is possible". I knew Justina 20 years ago when we got admission in FUTO to study the same course, she was know in class as Justina but I chose to call her Ijeoma because she was very humane. Ijeoma was a lady who knew that you will never find a rainbow if you are looking down, a lady who believed that a day without laughter was a wasted day, a lady who inspires good actions in others, one who believed that the roots of education are bitter but the fruit is sweet (we call her Justie the "Jacobian" in school -- one who reads too much). Ijeoma was a lady who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way, she was one who diligently managed her thoughts, temper and tongue, she believed in the proposition of Henry James that "three things in human life are important; the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind and the third is to be kind". She has the mentality that no one ever become poor by giving.... that's why she gives without looking back. She also had so much belief in Benjamin Disraeli's statement that "the secret of success is constancy of purpose". when she got married, she was very married to her beloved husband Emeka. Asuzu, she do tell me she thank God for the kind of supportive husband God gave her. Ijeoma, I don't know how to reconcile this heavenly call up, but I know God called you for a purpose especially at the period he knew you were at your peak of grace. I pray Almighty God should give my friend Emeka the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss.we are sure you are resting in the bossom of the Lord. Adieu Ijeoma, until we meet to part no more. Fondly remembered by Ibe Chidiuto
Posted by Sotonye Anga on 21st February 2015
Queen Justina, we will always remember you for your love and care. Because love and care are the words that best describe who you are. Rest in peace thou great woman. Adieu Justina!
Posted by Johnpaul Umeh on 21st February 2015
You brought joy and happiness to our lives and now you are gone! i believe God knows the best..... i will deeply miss you! Rest in the boson of the Lord!!!

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