This memorial website was created in memory of Justine Fredericka Heuperman Lambert, 81, born on May 23, 1904. She died on May 3, 1986.

Lambertus Frederik Heuperman (20Sep1881/Amsterdam-05Sep1962, Salem, Oregon) was formally affianced to Marie Rose Muller (10Mar1882/La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland-22Nov1907, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada), in Bruxelles, Belgium, on March 03, 1903. They were wed on 05Jan1904 in Islington, England. Justina Fredericka, known in her family as "Stine" or "Justine", was their only child, born in Amsterdam on May 23, 1904. When she was very young, the family emigrated to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Lambertus (aka "Bert") was a civil engineer, geologist and map engraver. Marie Rose died in childbirth in Edmonton November 22, 1907 and is buried there in the cemetery.
     Lambertus and 3-year old Justine left Edmonton on November 29, 1907 by train, crossing the border into the United States at Pembina, North Dakota, on December 1, 1907. They continued via Chicago to New York, where they boarded the White Star liner Cedric for Liverpool (ar: Dec. 13, 1907) arriving in Amsterdam on Dec. 15, 1907. A few months later, Lambertus left Amsterdam on February 7, 1908 and returned to Edmonton on Feb 25, 1908. Justine remained in Amsterdam with her grandparents (the Heupermans) for several years.
     It was not until 1910, that Justine (age 6), accompanied by her paternal grandparents, returned to Canada to rejoin her father in Calgary, Alberta. They left Amsterdam July 26th, and sailed for New York from Liverpool July 28th, on the S.S. Tunisian of the Allan Line. Traveling by train from New York, they arrived in Calgary on August 10,1910.
     Lambertus had by then remarried - Violet "Vee" Ethel Hazel Muller (03Apr1885/Winnepeg, Canada-22Apr1962/Waldport, OR).
     Justine attended school in Calgary, and later stayed in an Edmonton boarding school when her father and Violet left Calgary on August 31, 1912. Bert had a job  in and around Montesano, Washington. 
     In January of 1914, Lambertus sent for his 9-year old daughter. According to a record written by Lambertus, he was then working in Marshfield (now Coos Bay), Oregon. On January 19, 1914, traveling alone, Justine was put on the train in Edmonton in the care of the train conductors. In Calgary she was met by her Uncle Fred Heuperman, who put her on the train to Ferne, B.C. At Eastport, Idaho, she was admitted to the United States as a minor child, age 9, on January 21st. Justine continued via Spokane, WA, to Portland, Oregon, arriving January 22, 1914. Her father met her at the train station.
     Justine spent many happy forays into the woods and mountains with her father as he searched for geologic formations. She loved the out-of-doors and became very good at identifying various rock formations, flora and fauna of Oregon. She was his constant companion. Her father (then a Canadian citizen) was naturalized in Montesano, Washington, on 04Aug1925.
     Justine attended the University of Washington for two years, but left college to work as a secretary. She and Bush Joseph Lambert, a sailor in the U.S. Navy, were wed in Seattle on April 16, 1927. With her husband away at sea so often, Justine moved to Chicago to stay with her in-laws. There she gave birth to the first of their three sons, Joseph Frederick, on April 10, 1928. Norman Bertrand was born March 2, 1929/Chicago-20Sep2008/Ocala, FL) and Richard Allen, May 6, 1932/Chicago -17May 2003/Astoria,OR).
     She was a closet intellectual, enjoying science and the arts, but spending most of the years after the births of her 3 sons following her husband from naval base to naval base across the country. 
     When Bush left active duty, he remained in the US Naval Reserve, until he was called back to active service during WWII. As a quarter master and pilot, he was on the first U.S. cargo ship entering the waters off North Africa in the 1940s. Life with 3 boys living all over the states was not an easy life. Justine was a strong, hardy, and dedicated woman. After Bush's retirement from the Navy, the family settled into the town of Dowagiac, Michigan. She became a naturalized citizen on September 8, 1947 in Cassopolis, MI. After 33 years of marriage, Justine and Bush divorced on October 10, 1960.
     She moved to Santa Barbara, California, where one of her aunts, Anna, had taken up residency. Her Aunt Flora lived nearby. There, despite no formal legal training, she became the judicial expert for the Grey Panther Group in Santa Barbara. She took a great interest in politics and was a constant letter writer to her federal representatives and senators from California. Justine was on a first name basis with many of them.
Justine worked full time for the Santa Barbara office of the California Department of Forestry for most of her years in that area. She was given a great party upon her "retirement" from the group. She had a sharp mind almost to the very end. She also had a sharp sense of humor. For example, when asked by a nurse during a hospital stay, "Mrs. Lambert, do you know where you are?" She replied, "Why? Are you lost?"
     She died in Laguna Niguel, California on May 3, 1986, at the age of 81-  just 20 days prior to her 82nd birthday - at Laguna Niguel home of her oldest son, Joe, who was a professor at U.C., Irvine in California. Some of her ashes were spred throughout her beloved Santa Barbara Botanical Garden by her son, Joe and her oldest grandson, Kal Karel Lambert.
     Since the late 1980s,Justine Fredericka Lambert's name is attached to a semi-annual prize at the University of California, Irvine, given to the best graduate student paper in the foundations of science.

Justine Fredericka Heuperman Lambert: 23May 1904/Amsterdam - 03May1986/South Laguna, CA.Ocean View Cemetery, Warrenton, OR, Blk 28; Lot 3; Grave D-A.
M. Rose Muller Heuperman: 10Mar1882/La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland - 22Nov1904/Edmonton. Edmonton Cemetery, Sub.Div. A; Blk 50; Lots 9&10.
Lambertus F. Heuperman - 20Sep1881/Amsterdam-05Sep1962/Salem, OR - Belcrest Memorial Park, Salem, OR, Blk 44; Sec 57; Lots 5&6.    

May 23, 2020
May 23, 2020
Amazing how quickly the years pass but we speak of you so often - and recount your jokes and adventures. Rest well. I just laid flowers at your grave site Ocean View, Warrenton, OR and stopped for a brief chat with you. With love - Carol, daughter-in-law.

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May 23, 2020
May 23, 2020
Amazing how quickly the years pass but we speak of you so often - and recount your jokes and adventures. Rest well. I just laid flowers at your grave site Ocean View, Warrenton, OR and stopped for a brief chat with you. With love - Carol, daughter-in-law.
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May 28, 2019


Even after all these years you are still missed.  Whenever I think of you, I remember your laughter and it always makes me smile!  The fun times we all had playing cards & laughing so hard we’d be crying.  So many memories...

Your Little Chickadee,

As you used to call me


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