This tribute was added by Sam Jones on October 11, 2017
fuck juwon i smoke him everyday in my wood obd he some gasss the one thin im gone miss the most is nothig i didnt even know the nigga
This tribute was added by RobandSarah King on September 19, 2014
Today is year 3 since you were killed. Im so lost n confused why , why you , why do people gotta kill each other? This isnt right so young still had so much in life that was ahead of you and someone took that away. Smh while i may never understand i hope you see how much your missed and how much everyone loves u. I hope u are resting up there while so much maddness here. We miss ya cousin!
This tribute was added by RobandSarah King on April 26, 2014
Dear cousin, its been awhile now n still feel so sad that your not here, your turning 19 n cant spend it with family. So many un answered questions n answers its truly UPSETTING!
Gonna try n put the anger and tears aside on your day because you wouldnt want it any other way....
Two more days n its ur day!!!
This tribute was added by RobandSarah King on September 19, 2013
Sitting here on sept 19,2013 shedded tears, just cannot believe 2 years .
We miss u cousin today is your day and we will make the best to celebrate ur life you are special to everyone in the family.
This tribute was added by John Doe on February 5, 2013
It is interesting how we automatically think our loved ones go to Heaven when they die...but Heaven is a place for only those who believe in Jesus Christ & who receives them as their Savior. Was Juwon "Skitz" saved? Are you saved? Evil exists because the presence of GOD is absent, until we give our lives & children back to the Lord & teach them morals...this madness & hell will not stop
This tribute was added by Drea B on January 10, 2013
Juwon , I Really Miss Youu SO MUCH , i wish this wasnt true , i just wish i could go back in time and explain how much you meant to me , i love you ' you hold a place in my heart , i really hate that god took you it seems like the good ones go , i miss hearing you call me , " better half " man , we use to have all the memories , i wish you wasnt gone , we was close ' - Continue ,
This tribute was added by Drea B on January 10, 2013
We use to Talk about EVERYTHING , i cant believe it . . i wish i could vist heaven , & see all you guys but i know you visit me , and watch over me & mines,I remember we was at the party , & you was messin with this lame , && you was tryna mess with me infront of her , hehe I wish it was more time for us , but i ' ll see you again this isnt goodbye , i love you god got you , well meet soon
This tribute was added by RobandSarah King on September 19, 2012
Man just sitting here in shock dont know wether to cry or just be pissed that someone out there is still living life when we dont have u anymore this is so so un fair my words cant come out there lost for how I feel. Going to your memoral is not what we should be doing no not for you not at this age not for a reason . You touch alot of people and your younger cousin look up to you (tears)
This tribute was added by Khadija Flowers on May 8, 2012
Danggg , bestfriend I still cant and wont believe tht your gone . Man.i miss you so much . I graduate this .onth and yu not here to see ; but I know you shining dwn on me . I love you !
This tribute was added by RobandSarah King on May 7, 2012
oohhh cousin we are missing you and hearts are still hurting just not the same without always being missed and never forgotten! R.I.P and R.I.L
This tribute was added by Kenshaia Timberlake on April 20, 2012
heyy cousinqqq i cnt believe yo bday is n 9 moree daysss i cnt stop thinkinqq man this dayy gne bhe hard yuh finnah bhe 17 years old man you getinqq so old cousinnnnnn mann this is makeing meh feel dwn rigth abou t now i eman danqq my wordss cnt explainn how much bhut just noe alot . is getinqq twoo mehh oi wish yhu was here wifd uss man its not right y so early why so soon. ): iluuuuuuuuu
This tribute was added by Kenshaia Timberlake on April 20, 2012
awh my lifee i nmever thought it will never bhe the onee yhu grew uhp wifd the onee yhu call yo favorite cousinn the oneee yhu wasss raise wifd the onee yhu , thought was yo bestfrewnd the onee tht makes yhu laugh, the onee hadd yo back the one tht can danceee , tht handsome biqq head cousinnn i cnt stop thinkinqq i cnt stop cry wen i fount out didnt believe it i didnt no wht two do mann,
This tribute was added by Kenshaia Timberlake on April 18, 2012
dear cousinn imuu so much n this is a ghard mouth man its yo bday soon in it will never be the same i will alwayss miss yhu n ,love yhu its just crazy he took you so soon n thts wht kills meh the most it wasnt right it wasnt yo tymeee you didnt need this cousinn mannn my life will never go unn my bdayy want never gonee unn my age will never go unn becuase i have nothinqq two live for
This tribute was added by Kenshaia Timberlake on April 5, 2012
mann cousin im trying im try as hard as i cann its not geting no better mann we need yhu hereee now i dnt noee how much lonqqer i can hold n there theres nothing heree nomore you need two make yo way bacc please ill doo good ill be thereee favoritee, awh i want is yhu two bhe hereee let meh noe yhu still love yhur favorite cousin hug meh paly with meh crack jokes uhp about any everybody ):
This tribute was added by Kenshaia Timberlake on March 22, 2012
heyyy cousin mann imuu i havnt hadd no sleep n dayys just bhen thinkinqq woke uhp cryinqq thinkinq about yhu man i wish yhu hereee
This tribute was added by Kenshaia Timberlake on March 20, 2012
heyy cousinn my dayy is a 8 becusxz auntie comeinq two see meh im so happy mann bhut imuu so much yhu been unn my mind since yesterday mann, lifee is a pain n dha a*** bhut yea iluuu, so much wish yhu was hereee wifd us we awh, miss yhu n want chu bacc we awh. want two here yo voice heree yhu mess wifd uss, man wht am i suppose two do noww awh, i wantis yhu n two hear your voice
This tribute was added by Kenshaia Timberlake on March 19, 2012
- mann favv imuu so much yhu just dnt noee mann its not the same here n it will never bhe i miss yhu callinqq meh stank or favorite lil cousinn i remeber yhu copyinqq tht mann wen we went skatinqq i miss yhu messinqq wifd bam bam mann life is dwn dha drainn it really is y cusxz yhur bot heree i dnt even see dha reasonn of livinqq nomore i really dnt iluu,, so much n need yuh here noww, <3
This tribute was added by Patricia Timberlake on February 25, 2012
" Skitzzzz , I Miss You ALOT ......... I wish you were here with us ... i will miss your smile , laugh , jokes , i will also miss you calling me UGLY , and TALL and Saying " iCANT FIT ON THE BED . " Lolol i mwill miss all that ..... Everytime i go with the timerlakes , and i go to your mom house ... its always silent witout you ........ usually you would RUN DOWN tha STairs saying hi cousi
This tribute was added by Patricia Timberlake on February 25, 2012
n i will miss that alot ...... when i got to my auntie angel house and your ashes are on her tv stand , i always TRY not to belive it .. ..... i will miss you big cousin always and forever .....
Rip Juwon Montrell Osborne .....
2954 Skitzzzzzzzzz Squadddddddddddd ( ERITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT):'((((((((
This tribute was added by Tricia Timberlake on February 25, 2012
Goodnight ............ Juwon ..... 3
This tribute was added by Jalice Rogers on January 31, 2012
Its all still shocking too me i cant believe your gone i miss your goofy self so much and everybody else does i wish i could just bring you back , i remember when it used too be me , you ant & jaz aha we use too have fun but i guess they all say your in a better place now :/ i just wish you was here even tho we wasnt that close no more you still like a cousin , ily &' imu alot r.i.p <3
This tribute was added by Portia Osborne on January 28, 2012

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