Let the memory of Kaileb be with us forever
  • 3 years old
  • Born on November 15, 2007 .
  • Passed away on May 4, 2011 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Kaileb Watson 3 years old , born on November 15, 2007 and passed away on May 4, 2011. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Trinita Watson on 15th November 2018
Screaming to Heaven Happy 11th Birthday baby boy!! it's so hard to believe you would be in middle school now on the verge of being a teenager WOW!! I can't help but to think about how would you have changed by now. You you still be so independent or would you lean on me more. Crazy question I already know the answer. You were my light in the darkness, my surprise baby. The one I didn't know I wanted and truly needed until you were here. You gave me so much joy, peace and difficulty all at the same time and what I wouldn't give just to have one more moment with you. You are the child that changed the course of my life. From the way you enter and departed from this world. I was always told you were different and there was something special about you. People seemed to instantly connect with you. Little did I know God had given me an angel here on earth. Not a day goes by that I don't miss the sound of your voice saying mama I love you, your smell, your wet kisses, and tight hugs. There's so much more I can say about my Beau... Happy Birthday my love and don't worry Grandma too much but give Papa a run for his money...j/k I was BLESSED by God to be chosen as your Mom. I was GRATEFUL for being your Mom. And THANKFUL for the time God gave me with you.
Posted by Trinita Watson on 15th November 2016
Happy Birthday my love!! This is the first year I refused to mourn but celebrate your life and the love that we all have for you. I know that grandma and Papa made your day special for you the way I would have. Know that you'll live forever in our hearts.
Posted by Trinita Watson on 15th November 2015
I can't believe I'm celebrating another year of your birth without you here with me and it hasn't gotten any easier for me. I can't imagine that it ever will. I don't want to dwell on being sad on your day. Happy Birthday baby!!
Posted by Shan Harris on 15th November 2015
Happy Birthday Babes!! I love and miss you oh so dearly.
Posted by Shan Harris on 30th December 2013
Hey Baby Cousin! Just Stopping By To Show You Some Love! You Will Forever Be Loved And Missed! Love, Shann
Posted by Trinita Watson on 11th December 2013
Today is my birthday and the only present I want is for you to still be here with me to give me one of your big wet kisses.
Posted by Shardae Watson on 10th December 2013
yo big sis her. well i havent been on here in a while.well nobody has ,but anyways life has been hard without you here.me and mama been getting into it for a while now but its all good now we set aside our differences and moved on.
Posted by Shan Harris on 10th December 2013
Hey Kaileb! I miss you so much! I remember when I first met you and you asked TaCora, "Sister who is this?" Lol I miss your lil short self taking off your shirt and dancing whenever your song came on. Well Im just writing to you because I love and miss you. xoxo , Love Shan
Posted by Shardae Watson on 10th December 2013
times have been extremely had without you around. next year ima be in the 9th grade at northwood. but it feels like you die just 2 days ago. im still grieving over you. well mama finally let mhe talk to boys, that is next year anyways but im finally free,but i stil cant have a boyfriend i guess that freedom will come later. mhee nd mama getting along so well now its like we never had our differences. well you know that mii attitude was extremely badd, well not anymore mi attitude is good sometimes. im still working on it. ive had crushes on a lot of boys but not lyke this one well these two.their names will be unknown ill just tell u in mii prayers <3 <3 love you always
Posted by Deshantric Watson on 27th November 2012
R.I.P Ure still being missed to this very day ✌
Posted by Trinita Watson on 14th August 2012
Hey baby a new year of school has begun and you would be in kindergarten such an exciting time.I can see you now in heaven being the gangsta of the class.Demetruis and Rabbit were talking about you and I got a little sad becasure I miss you so much.I never thought you wouldn't be here with us.Jaiden and Sissy miss you so much the pain on losing you is still fresh to us.Chris misses you too
Posted by Trinita Watson on 7th June 2012
Hey Baby, tomorrow is Jaiden's birthday and it won't be the same without you sharing it with him. He misses you so much even though you were the little brother he looked up to you because of your free spirit and bravery. Just wanted to tell you I love you and you are always in my heart. And don't forget to let your brother know you love him and to have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOX
Posted by Trinita Watson on 14th May 2012
Yesterday was my second Mother's Day without you and it wasn't the same. I tired not to think about how much I missed you and wanted you with me. But I couldn't how couldI not think of my baby, my Bo, I thought of your smile showing all your teeth, of your rubbing my ears because you were sleepy, of you and Jaiden fighting. I thought of your hugs and wet kisses and hearing Mama I love u.
Posted by Kaneshiah Watson on 12th May 2012
I love kaileb he miiy little sweetheart we would always okay outside together rest in peace bobo
Posted by Kaneshiah Watson on 6th May 2012
Last night it felt like my heart dropped. I was just looking at some of his pictures I wanted to cry. So. I just held it in and went to sleep. And wen I laid down ithought about all the time he said how he was gone play football and basketball. Every time me and his brother played sports he wanted to play so if he couldn't play he took the ball and found and found a way to play.kisbm:)
Posted by Kaneshiah Watson on 5th May 2012
Jailed was miiy favorite cuz he would always call me netha even though miiy name is neshiah sometimes when mii nd him wuld sleep together he wuld rub both of miiy ears just to fall a sleep I will forever miss u luv ur cuz netha
Posted by Tacora Watson on 5th May 2012
Jus yesterday wuz mi lil bro 1st year anniversary. Mhmmmmmm luv n mizz u bro
Posted by Trinita Watson on 4th May 2012
I can't believe its been a year already in my heart it feels like you just left and long for you. I miss everything about you my protector, my lil man way beyond your years. You were taken from too soon I had so many hopes and dreams for you. Jaiden misses so much hes lost without you hes your big brother but somehow you seem to be the leader so I pray you can give him peace. We LOVE U!
Posted by Trinita Watson on 24th April 2012
Taking steps to make sure your memory lasts for ever even after I'm reunited with you my heart. Planning a non-profit organization in your memory called "Kaileb's Gift". With the Lord help it will be a success!!! I LOVE YOU BABY FOREVER AND ALWAYS MY LITTLE SURPRISE.....
Posted by Tacora Watson on 23rd April 2012
Kaileb wuz a bro u would luv 2 have. Everything he did wuz funny. I wish he wuz back. So we can play n so he can rub my ear when we qo 2 bed. Miss u babe from sista Tacora.(sista iz wat he had always called mhe I still hear him say it in my head Mhmmmmmmmmmm sista Mhmmmmmmmmmm just wanna make u think bout everything he did
Posted by Demeeka Hopkins on 23rd April 2012
I didn't get the pleasure of meeting this little man, but I loved him as if I did. He was here briefly, but loved eternally. Trinita, know that he is safe in the arms of God & our family that have gone before us. He is watching over you & his big sis & bro, preparing a place for you to meet him when the time comes. Rest In Love, Kaileb!!!
Posted by Tacora Watson on 22nd April 2012
I remember when kaileb used 2 rub on my ear when we had always gone 2 bed. You were his fav if he did that 2 u. N it seems like I wuz his fav. I miss u sista fav bro
Posted by Tammie Anthony on 19th April 2012
I was not blessed a lot of times with Kaileb's presence but the few times I saw him he would warm my heart with his beautiful smile.
Posted by Vernita Watson on 19th April 2012
Granny love you an think about you everyday but I known you are fun with my mother an father you will be my boo love my boo
Posted by Trinita Watson on 19th April 2012
Posted by Latanangela Martin on 19th April 2012
I didn't know him but did see him a few times. The times I did he had a smile on face . I saw happiness and a special part of his mother. Therefore I know he was a special child. Angels are always kept safer in Gods arms...R.I.P love cousin Sha

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