This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Kameron Huddleston, 19 years old, born on August 18, 1990, and passed away on August 31, 2009. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Diana Oviedo-Cavazos on January 11, 2010
Hey dude I promised to take care of your Mom.... but I think she is the one taking care of us!!!!!....Thanks for everything!!!
Posted by Michael Chambers on January 8, 2010
Kam you were my brother and the only person younger than me that i will look up to. I wish i could be more like the person you were and it hurts me that your gone. I can't wait till I see you again.
Posted by Alyssa Wright on January 7, 2010
Bestie Kam! You were always a good friend to me, no matter how much trouble I got you in. I'm glad Mrs. Margie let us remain friends after it all. :) I love & miss you! Thanks for everything!
Posted by Lupita Figueroa on January 7, 2010
Baby i miss you so much. Thank you for always taking such good care of me and always making me feel so speacial. I love you sooo much baby and i'm going crazy without you here. I love you
Posted by Tunde Osungboye on January 6, 2010
Me and kameron knew eachother for many years you could say that we kind of grew up together. I will always remember and miss him. We had so many good times. I know that he's in a better place.
Posted by Lindsay Blaylock on January 6, 2010
Hey Kam, I miss you so much today! Going in for surgery this morning and ur momma has really helped me through it she loves you so much just like the rest of us love u
Posted by Debra Y. Fitch on January 6, 2010
Hey Cuz, I lit this candle for you...Let this light so shine. You will always be in our heart. You will be remembered forever and ever. Your smile, your big hug when you come through my parents door.
Posted by Deidra Brinson on January 6, 2010
I was blessed to have Kameron a one of my son's friends. Darrion couldn't have asked for a better friend. Although, Kam will be missed he will never be forgotten.
Posted by George Curry on January 6, 2010
Kam always had snacks during practice when he wasnt in full pads. I was so excited that I was going to be able to make an amazing highlight film for him to get him a scholarship... I miss u Kam
Posted by Monique Jenkins on January 4, 2010
Br0ther..i cant sleep rite n0w, s0 iim lightin a candle, which is n0t even half 0f wat u did in s0 many pe0ples lives...My favorite teddy bear with a huge smile, and a big heart!!! I MISS AND LOVE Y0U
Posted by kaitlin davidson on January 4, 2010
i only knew kameron about a year or so but he touched my life.everytime we hung out he had the biggest smile on and made sure we were all ok!you will always be missed love you kam!
Posted by Lindsay Blaylock on January 3, 2010
Kameron has been in my life since 6th grade though we didn't really hang out till college this boy was one friend I could ALWAYS count on...a simple smile turned my day around!!! I LOVE YOU KAM!!!
Posted by margie henderson on January 3, 2010
Hey Kam mama is really missin u today. Kam bear is probably feelin suffocated. I have the new printer but u're not here 2 hook it up. You took such good care of me. Thanks for the love & the memories.
Posted by Jon Breland on January 3, 2010
I am really glad Ms.Margie made this site,its so special to me,just seeing all the pictures of you Kam,all the happy times that you clearly had in your life,Im truly blessed to have had you in my life
Posted by Channa Wardle on January 1, 2010
My heart felt sympathy goes out to you and your family Margie!
Posted by scottie azevedo on January 1, 2010
I didn't know Kameron. I had seen him a few times with his mother, you could just tell he must have been an amazing child. He came from an amazing family. My heart goes out to them especially during these holidays. They have their own special angel watchi
Posted by Diana Moses on January 1, 2010
When I seen Margie, there was Kameron. When I seen Kameron, there was Margie! This was one guy who loved his mama and wasn't afraid to show it! And his mama feels the same!!! Much love!
Posted by Candace Welch on January 1, 2010
Although we didn't spend a whole bunch of time together I'm happy to say I was blessed by your 24/7 smile and great spirit. You will truly be missed.
Posted by Kyley Dau on December 31, 2009
Not a day goes by that I don't think of Kameron.His smile and kindness could light up any person's day. He will be forever missed and loved
Posted by Thamani Lewis on December 31, 2009
I'll never forget the last time we spoke you told me I was going to marry Bryan ha.I miss you&that smile that smile that could make anyones day better.I love you kameron
Posted by Karine Meyer on December 31, 2009
Kameron ;). We didnt talk much, as a matter of fact I did not know him well. However after every game, he would tell me good job. Margie you are a wonderful person. Kameron, see ya kid <3
Posted by Lindsay Espinoza on December 31, 2009
I will never forget Kameron.He was always so sweet! Even though we didnt talk that often, everytime I saw him he gave me a hug and asked me how I was doing.He will always be in my heart! :]
Posted by Daphne Jenkins on December 31, 2009
My greatest gift was being Kameron's Godmother. There is now one missing link from my Godmother chain but his smile and the memories will forever fill that void. You will be missed and I love you
Posted by ericka rios on December 31, 2009
kam... i miss you soo much... we go back since jr. high... you alwaiss had that great big smile on your face.. you had the smile that would light up any room.
Posted by shay pacheco on December 30, 2009
Kameron had become just like my big brother. He would call just to check on me and made sure i always had a smile on my face. I miss him each and every day.
Posted by Fahm Saechao on December 30, 2009
Kameron is my best friiend. It was 8 yrs of friendship. He showed me&gave me so many friendships&especially another mom. I miss him&love him so much. He's the greatest gift sent from God!
Posted by Claire Towler on December 30, 2009
Kameron was like one of my boys, he was always so respectful to me my house and my other boys. He was Bryans best friend I miss his request for me to fix chili and greens and cornbread,i miss him.
Posted by Jessa McMillen on December 29, 2009
I remember when I first met Kam, I was intimated by his size, but I soon realized what a big teddy bear he was. I'm glad I got to know him, his smile lit up my days.
Posted by Katie Strickland on December 29, 2009
Kameron was always there for me. I would talk to him about almost anything. I miss having that there. His smile and his joy were contagious. I miss him so much.
Posted by Denise King on December 29, 2009
Kameron your smile, laughter, warmth is missed... Until we see you again my friend.. Your smile has lit up the sky!! Margie, I love you my friend..
Posted by amanda morris on December 29, 2009
Kameron you're forever loved and forever missed. Thinking of you always :)
Posted by carlos acosta on December 29, 2009
i miss you so much. its sad that you had to go so soon but i know you are in a better place watching over us. you always had your ways to make everyone smile. i am glad that you were apart of my life.
Posted by margie henderson on December 28, 2009
Kameron's smile lit up my days, my nights, my life. He made me feel so loved, so special, so needed...I miss him , that smile, his touch, his dancing eyes, his hand in mine...
Posted by pam brent on December 28, 2009
Ididn't know Kameron very long about 2years. But it seemed like we knew him a lifetime.God truly blessed us with his friendship & his awesome family! I miss that smiling face!He was truly God's child!
Posted by Tami Pell on December 28, 2009
I didn't know Kameron, but I did meet him once when he was young. I have known his mom, Margie my whole life, though. He had to have been an amazing young man with a mom like Margie.
Posted by TammyJo DuBose on December 28, 2009
I also had never met Kameron, but have heard so many great things about him!!It's an honor to light a candle on behalf of Margie's son, a truely great friend and person!
Posted by Lynn Moses-Cook on December 28, 2009
I knew Kameron when he was just a baby. Margie and I have known each other for as long as I can remember. Kemeron you are with Angles God Bless.
Posted by roger mcclellan on December 28, 2009
i watched my little cousin grow into my BIG cousin over the past 9 years (since i moved to dp). it is hard to believe he is gone but he must have a further mission. love you margie and randy
Posted by Polly Ogden on December 28, 2009
I can't think of Kameron without seeing that smile. There are very few people that we meet that touch us the way Kameron did. I thank you, my friend, for sharing him with me.
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Posted by Cindy Huddleston on August 31, 2017
Happy Belated Birthday Kameron!! Keep leaving those "hearts" for your momma.  Love, Uncle Bryce, Aunt Cindy, Justin & Spencer your Oregon family.
Posted by Alyssa Moore on August 18, 2017
Happy Birthday Kam. You are missed!
Posted by Channa Wardle on August 18, 2017
Happy birthday Kameron!
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Shared by Becca McCrary on October 22, 2010

haha.. i remember when you got hired! haha i gave you so much crap! and i remember picking u up an going to work together.. and then you worked there for like a couple months and got fired haha.. that was so funny.. i remember i was working and you walked in and then walked out and i texted you and i said what happened.. and you were like i got fired.. haha..ugh that makes me miss you so much.. love you.

Shared by Becca McCrary on October 22, 2010

I miss you so much buttface. The early morning text and phone calls, your random drive bys, and how much you loved when i baked for you..I think about you everytime i pray..miss you so much.. I love you.

Shared by Becca McCrary on October 22, 2010

Taking pictures before prom.. never knew how much it would mean to me that i went with glad that i did