A remarkable woman of wisdom and grace
  • 65 years old
  • Born on December 30, 1949 in New York, New York, United States.
  • Passed away on June 12, 2015 in Kensington, Maryland, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our dear loved one, Karabelle Pizzigati. Karabelle's family, friends, and colleagues have in her honor created a landmark new initiative at the University of Maryland to continue her life-long advocacy on behalf of America's most vulnerable young people. We welcome your support for this effort. 

Posted by Sam Pizzigati on 30th December 2018
On this, what would have been Karabelle's 69th birthday, the living memorial to her -- the University of Maryland Karabelle Pizzigati Initiative in Advocacy for Children, Youth and Families -- has successfully completed its first full year of teaching and learning. Thanks to all of you whose contributions have helped get the Karabelle Initiative off to such a promising start! For a basic intro to the Karabelle Initiative: https://sph.umd.edu/department/fmsc/karabelle-pizzigati-initiative-advocacy-children-youth-and-families To support the Initiative: http://bit.ly/2VinHW2 For news about the Karabelle Initiative's first training for adults working in the social services: http://bit.ly/2VipN8t
Posted by Sam Pizzigati on 30th December 2017
Karabelle would have been 68 today. The tribute to her life's work -- the Karabelle Pizzigati Advocacy Initiative for Children, Youth and Families at the University of Maryland -- is just getting started. Over the past year, the University has completed a successful search process for the first Karabelle Pizzigati Advocacy Professor, and that professor, the veteran activist Adele Robinson, has been working since last winter with children's advocacy groups all across the United States to plan out the KP Initiative's initial program. The Initiative's first course offering will now roll out in the University's spring semester. Want to learn more? Please visit the Initiative's online presence: http://publicpolicy.umd.edu/karabelle-pizzigati-advocacy-initiative-children-youth-and-families Thanks to all who are helping to make this lasting memorial a reality!
Posted by Ron Jackson on 12th June 2017
Never enough words to express the wonderful and beautiful spirit of Karabelle...as my Aspergers son Joseph states so appropriately "that we are never gone as long as we are remembered" and Sam kudos to you for doing such an outstanding job in keeping Karabelle's memory alive. She was such a light especially for those who she was a tremendous advocate for "Children" and because of her many contributions her life will be extended for many generations to come. Continued best wishes and God's love and blessings on you Sam, your Son and Family as we will always remember Karabelle a beacon of light for many...Blessings always
Posted by June Putt on 22nd January 2017
I came upon this quite by accident. I remember Karabelle (Bobbi) from my days as a graduate student at Cornell, in the late 60s. Bobbi and Sam were friends whose love story was an inspiration. To this day I remember their devotion to one another and, despite having lost track of them for all these years, I am not at all surprised to see that they both achieved great things. I am saddened to learn that Karabelle's life was cut short. My sincere condolences to Sam and the family.
Posted by Angela Rau on 12th June 2016
Thanks to Karabelle diligent contributions of time and passion. Families and children in American have found timely support as they lay the foundation for a loving, engaged family. We so grateful for her impact and loving spirit. Angela Rau,
Posted by Adriano Bartolotti on 2nd July 2015
Our memory of Karabelle is related to her travels in Italy with Sam and to ours in United States. They have always been wonderful experiences that have enriched us so much. The presence of Karabelle, her serenity, her empathy, her gentleness made those days always unforgettable and happy. We are truly honored to have known a so special woman. At Sam and Nick, at her loved ones, we mean that the pain, now huge, with time, will be replaced by a sweet memory. Your relatives from Italy Pietro, Adriano, Fausta, Isabella, Susanna
Posted by Priscilla Gaston-Fowler on 30th June 2015
Dear June and Sam, I am so sorry to hear of Karabelle's passing. Karabelle left a lasting impression on me and will always be remembered. My prayers go out to you and your families. Your loss is unimaginable!
Posted by Rosaline Lombardo on 29th June 2015
Dear Aunt June, I do remember your dear friend, Karie. She was your kindred spirit. Although she has left to be with our heavenly Father, she leaves warm memories of her love for her friends and family. May our Lord comfort those she has left behind.
Posted by Naomi Collins on 24th June 2015
Dear Sam and Nick - It has been so long since we've seen you and Karabelle, but when I found her obituary in the newspaper I was shocked and grieved. She was a fantastic lady whom I'll never forget. Our shared years among us all were special ... and so even at this time of significant loss for you, just to know that she made a real difference in the lives of others, left her mark, and will not be forgotten. There is no easy way to say anything but - we are so sorry for your loss. We send our deepest condolences to you and yours and her families. We are thinking of you at this difficult time and will always remember her. With best regards, Naomi & Jim Collins
Posted by Carol Ann Rudolph on 23rd June 2015
Karabelle enrolled Tony and Nick at the child care center at NIH when I was the director. When Karabelle walked into the center you noticed a woman of purpose who enjoyed being in this space with children and teachers. Karabelle was committed to assuring quality early childhood education for her own children as well as for the many others she advocated for as she continued her career on the Hill, with the Child Welfare League and with the Maryland State Dept of Education. I feel honored to have known Karabelle Pizzigati. May her memory be honored for many years to come. Carol Ann Rudolph
Posted by Andrea Camp on 23rd June 2015
I was lucky to work with Karabelle and saw her passion for improving the lives of all children up close. Whether it was quality early childhood education or providing loving families to children in foster homes, Karabelle was committed to finding that best path forward. She was smart, warm, kind, and so passionate. My condolences to her family. I am honored to have known her.
Posted by Colleen Kraft on 23rd June 2015
Karabelle was Board Chair at Parents As Teachers when I was asked to join the Board. I thought the world of her from our first conversation. She was insightful, intelligent, and kind. Her presence will remain as a guide for all programs that serve women and children.
Posted by Patricia Kempthorne on 22nd June 2015
I had the pleasure of meeting Karabelle through Parents as Teachers and felt her dedication and compassion for children and families at our first meeting. We became grandmothers at about the same time and then shared pictures as the little ones grew. I will miss seeing her and being in the presence of her articulate and insightful thought process. I will forever be thankful for her mentorship and friendship. Thank you, Karabelle for giving so much of yourself to so many.
Posted by Tim Briceland-Betts on 22nd June 2015
Karabelle was always such a strong passionate advocate for children. Her determination to improve policy and practice was inspiring. She led the Child Welfare League efforts in Washington during a particularly trying time and through it all maintained a fierce focus on the best interests of the most vulnerable children. I will be forever in her debt as a mentor, teacher, and leader. Goodbye Karabelle. Rest in peace.
Posted by Fabian Jimenez on 22nd June 2015
I met Karabelle and Sam through our mutual admiration for the University of Maryland. I noticed immediately Karabelle's warmth and kindness to those around her. I am particularly grateful for her advice and advocacy during her tenure as a board member of the Terrapin Club. As President of the Fastbreakers, the support group of Men's basketball at Maryland, Sam and Karabelle enthusiastically encouraged me in my efforts to raise funding for the team. We will miss her smile at our events.
Posted by Ellen Battistelli on 22nd June 2015
Karabelle was special: ridiculously smart, strong and grounded. Her love and devotion to Sam, Tony, Nick and Ixchel were intensified with the gift of her grandkids Pablo and Bianca. Karabelle was an efficient and effective policy director, invaluable advocate for children and a passionate Terps fan. Her smile was the best. To the end - which came way too soon - Karabelle was clear about what was important and how she wanted things to be. The fact that she struggled with left and right made her human. I feel lucky that Karabelle was my friend and I will miss her.
Posted by Scott Hippert on 21st June 2015
Karabelle has left a lasting legacy through her tireless work on behalf of Parents as Teachers. She was a tremendous advocate and support for me as I transitioned to this wonderful organization. Her spirit lifted us as a staff and Board, and inspired us to join her commitment to America's children. I am confident that she will watch over us from above and continue to be a guiding light to her family and all who knew and loved her.
Posted by Jill Kagan on 21st June 2015
In loving tribute to a great champion for children, my mentor and friend. You left us too soon, but i will always cherish memories of the times we shared -- eating crabs on the eastern shore, sharing an office and a few legislative victories, having you show me how to plan for my first Hill hearing, Sam's book signings, gathering for happy family celebrations and some very sad moments too. You will be forever loved and missed.
Posted by Ken Bedell on 21st June 2015
I love the pictures of Karabelle with a great smile in every one except the picture with Santa. In that picture she is clearly asking, "Is this guy for real?" That is the way I remember her. Always smiling, but ready to ask, "Is that for real?"
Posted by Darrius Green on 21st June 2015
To one of the most thoughtful, brightest, loving, beautiful, and kind hearted persons I have ever met. I will truly miss you, but I will never forget you. I am so glad and blessed that you and your family are a part of my and my family's life. I will always remember the wisdom that you've given me and that wonderful smile. Love ya always and Go Terps! Darrius Troy

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