Posted by Donna Hunter on May 3, 2022
A year has past without you and I miss you so much.
You will always be in my heart and on my mind.
Posted by Sandi Warren on May 24, 2021
I never had the pleasure to meet Karan, but we have known Robin for many years. We are so sorry for your loss and sending you the biggest of hugs. You are in our thoughts!
Posted by Susan Mele on May 23, 2021
My precious Robin, I am so incredibly sorry for your loss. Your mother was one of God’s angels that He placed on this earth for the world to see. Karan had a lovely soul and set such a beautiful example of Christ’s love. She was a dear friend to all, a wonderful servant to so many organizations, a hard worker and the list of her positive attributes goes on and on. However, having you as her daughter and raising you and loving you unconditionally was her greatest trait. Karan was so very proud of you and supported you in all your endeavors. You and I both know that God picked wisely for the both of you. I remember watching her in the audience when you would belt out one of your fabulous songs and she couldn’t take her eyes off of you. Karan was your biggest fan! And one of the things I loved the most about her was wherever you were, she was going to be there and get involved as much as she could to support you. I am so grateful to God that she did because I would not have had the wonderful blessing of getting to know her and being a part of her life and calling her my dear friend.

When I think of your precious mother, I think of her funny facial expressions that she would always make and I also think of the wonderful trips that we took together. Karan was always the life of the party and you knew if you wanted to have a great time, go sit by Karan. She was a wonderful listener and a true friend. True friends that love you unconditionally and support you no matter what our very hard to come by. I loved that about her!

Now, to my favorite memories that continue to flood my mind every time I drive by The Hop!!!!! There are different chapters in everyone’s life and this was the chapter in Karan’s life of the Karan and Durelle Escapades! Now, because I love you so dearly and none of these escapades should ever go into print because no one would believe it, I will not put them in this tribute. However, let’s just say that they brought more joy to my soul and I thoroughly enjoyed living vicariously through that time with the both of them.

My dear dear beautiful Robin, thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to love you and your sweet mother. You honor her by the way you live and I know you will continue to honor her by keeping her memory alive in your heart. You are a wonderful daughter and I know your mother loved you fiercely and more than anything, she was the most proud of the beautiful girl she gave birth to. I know you will miss her dearly. I praise God for the gift of eternal salvation because I know that Karan Is in a perfect form and in His presence singing and dancing and happier than she has ever been. She is freed from the pain that enslaved her and now she is perfect in the eyes of our Savior. And the best part, is that you will be reunited with her one day and live forever in God’s kingdom. This brings peace to my heart and I know it does to yours as well. You have a lot of living to do and as you take this next journey in your life, always know that you have the privilege of carrying your mother in your heart where she will forever live until you see her again. And know, I will be here for you to lean on and my dearest love and prayers will always be with you. I love you my darling girl. Thank you for this honor of being a part of your world and for allowing me the privilege to have been a part of your mothers. May God bless you always. I love you.
Posted by Sunita Balakrishnan on May 20, 2021
Dear Robin, I am so sorry to hear about your loss. My thoughts are with you and your family during this difficult time.
My deepest condolences.
Posted by Nischal R on May 20, 2021

Hi Robin, I am extremely sad to hear about the demise of your mother. Please accept my deepest condolences to you and your family. May God give you all the strength you need.
Posted by Leah Brome on May 19, 2021
I didn’t know Ms. Lee, but I work with her daughter, Robin. Robin is a dynamic, life-long learner, with a big heart who has a knack for making anyone she encounters feel special and included. From reading this tribute and seeing these pictures, I now understand where Robin received her unique spark and light. I wish I had the opportunity to know her personally, but it feels like I do through Robin. Rest in peace, Ms. Lee. Robin, sending all my love to you, Derrick, and the cats.
Posted by Karen Finckenor on May 16, 2021
I never had the pleasure of meeting Karan, but I do have the great honor of being a close friend of Robin and Derrick's and have gotten to know her through her daughter. Robin has shared many stories about Karan and her generous heart and service as a teacher, as well as her faith. I'm looking forward to celebrating her life with loved ones in Texas - and I'm also really pleased to share her name. :) Karen/Karan's stick together!
Posted by Matthew Hunter on May 16, 2021
She was an amazing aunt. Getting together for Christmas and Thanksgiving you could always expect the tastiest cheesecakes and green rice casserole. Easter egg hunts with coins instead of candy were looked forward to each year. So many other memories of her, all happy. She had such a positive energy and it was always a delight to be in her company. she will be sorely missed.
Posted by Sheila Hartman on May 15, 2021
Robin and Derrick - you continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. It still doesn't seem real. I do know there was a happy reunion in heaven! Karan was such a great mom and her love for you was always evident. You are a wonderful daughter and will be blessed for your caregiving. Love you both. Sheila and Alan Hartman
Posted by Leroy and Betty Ladish La... on May 13, 2021
Our love to you and Derrick and the deepest condolences from the bottom of our hearts. Your mom was a part of our lives and we loved her very much. Her endless energy, creativity and love of God will be so missed by everyone who knew her. I pray your sweet memories will soon overcome the recent ones and you will feel peace again. The love and interaction between you and Karan was a treat to see; a mother and daughter's love is a magical thing. We feel blessed to have a precious niece like you. Much love always.
Posted by Shauna Penn on May 11, 2021
Robin and Derrick, Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. Know we love you guys and we are here for you...
Posted by Melody Fanous on May 10, 2021
Dear Robin, my heart is broken. Your mama, Karan will be dearly missed. She I hit it off the first day we met. My only regret is that I didn't meet her sooner in life because she and I would have made an awesome catering team; we had so much in common. 

I Know Karan loved The Lord, Jesus Christ and wanted to share that with everyone. Because she was a believer and served God she is now jumping and leaping with Joy with no pain, and for that I am happy. Robin, I am here for you and Derrick and you're in my prayers. 

Peace be with you. Much love, Melody
Posted by Jan Harris on May 7, 2021
Karan and I enjoyed each other's company for many years. I will miss her kindness and her sweet laugh. She was the first person I met at La Porte Junior and always helped me when I needed it. I'm so blessed to be able to have had her as my friend! I am so happy to know that Karan is in heaven looking down on all of us and she no longer has to deal with affliction any longer. I'm grateful for Robin being the best daughter Karan could have ever asked for.

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