Posted by Quinsee Amburgy on April 3, 2018
Hi grandma! It's crazy how you have been gone 2 years.... its been the longest two years of my life without you here. I think about you everyday. I wonder everyday how you're doing. I hope Heaven is everything you ever dreamed of and more. I'm forever grateful you aren't sick or in pain anymore, but still a little selfish because I miss seeing/hearing you. I miss your voice, your hugs, your texts, your phone calls, and our weekend sleepovers. I miss everything about you. I love you grandma. You will forever have a special place in my heart that will always be reserved for you. Please come visit me in a dream, I'm ready to see your face again. I'll be able to handle it. I promise. I'm strong enough now. I love you.
Posted by Christina Kennicker on October 18, 2016
Mom I miss you so much, everyone said that it would get easier well that's a lie. It gets harder and harder each day cuz I miss you and I feel so alone without you. I love you mom and our love can never die I carry you in my heart forever
Posted by Christina Kennicker on May 9, 2016
Mom that was very hard mother's day with out you here. I miss you so much mom. GIVE JESUS MY LOVE AND ALWAYS KNOW THAT YOU ARE IN MY HEART FOREVER.. LOVE you MOM
Posted by Rhonda Russell on April 5, 2016
Unfortunately I didn't know Karen for very long but I do know that she loved her two children unconditionally and that her boyfriend Ron was the love of her life and she said the best thing that has happened to her in years. I never witnessed her relationships with anyone else but with these three special people and her eyes would shine. I wish I could have known her longer than I did but I'm fortunate that I got to spend what time I did with her. She is missed greatly.
This part is for Chris.... Athough your mom is gone now I got to meet you and know you. I was really nervous at first. I just wanted to go hide til it was over but I'm glad I didn't because I think we have a lifelong bond. Thank you.
Posted by Christina Kennicker on April 3, 2016
Mom I just want you to know that you were the best mother a daughter could have ever asked for. I feel that I am the luckiest daughter in the world to have been blessed with such a beautiful, loving, gentle, amazing mother like you. I know without a doubt that the Lord took you home with him ,you are my hero mom. A true angel watching over us until we are all called home to Heaven . That will be a blessed day seeing your beautiful face, the Face of Jesus who has giving us a chance to see you again tell my grandmother I said hi and tell her I love her. I feel so lost and empty without mom but knowing you are not in pain and being loved by Jesus and your mom has taken all your tears away. I will see you again mom but until then you are alive in my heart. I love you forever mom, and you were the best mom in the whole wide world
Posted by Staci Beat on April 3, 2016
Aunt Karen, if I can show people one quarter of the love and compassion you have I will be a happy loving girl!! No wonder my Mom chose you to be her bestee! You are loved and missed but we can't regret because you are now in the arms of Jesus! Give my momma some love for me and I send a big hug and kiss to both of you. I'm glad your with your momma now too! Love Staci Jo

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