Let the memory of Karen be with us forever
  • 50 years old
  • Born on February 9, 1963 .
  • Passed away on June 11, 2013 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Karen Jankovitz 50 years old , born on February 9, 1963 and passed away on June 11, 2013. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Vickie Olah on 15th November 2018
Miss you so much my friend FOREVER AND ALWAYS
Posted by Curtis Jankovitz on 14th November 2018
Hey Karen, Pattie and I were just thinking the other night about the little gestures you used to do, like that wicked little laugh you would give after saying something smart, "Heh, Heh, Heh" So funny! Miss it, and you!
Posted by Patricia Vail on 24th June 2018
Dear Karen! All the fun,loving ,smiling memories of you keep us going!! Your brother and I watched two horrow movies in honor of you on your anniversary week since he tells me... “My sister is the only one who watches horrow movies with me” I felt as if you were with us!! Until next time...love and hugs!! Pattie
Posted by Connie Berchem on 11th June 2018
My dear Karen, our lil Marissa turns 7 years old today. We love and miss you so much. Marissa and I planted a new plant in your memorial garden, so beautiful.
Posted by Patricia Vail on 12th June 2017
Dear Karen, Words can not express how much I miss you and your smiling face and personality. Life goes on with you on my mind every day. Love you! Pattie .
Posted by Connie Berchem on 15th May 2017
I've been working my fanny off here at the Kc Ranch, it's looking so good! You I'm sure are so proud. Lil Marissa and I Vista you dailiy. Marissa got a sister last August, a Beagle mix, you'd love her. They've become best friends. I love and miss you so much
Posted by Curtis Jankovitz on 9th February 2017
I Walk Down Memory Lane Because, I Love Running Into You. Happy Birthday Sis In Heaven.
Posted by Connie Berchem on 11th June 2016
My dearest Karen, WOW what a day. You'd be so proud of lil Marissa who had her 4th birthday today. She's growing into such a wonderful, loving puppy, you're right when you said she's a "spoiled brat" We miss you so much...wec wish you good morning everyday and good night every evening. We love you so much
Posted by Curtis Jankovitz on 9th February 2016
Karen, you would have been 53 today, and yes, still younger than me and now you are eternally younger and will never look older. Wish you were here though, celebrating and eating Pattie's Chicken Quesadillas and blowing out your candles with mom and all of us! And watching your fav movie "Paul". Miss u and love u lots!
Posted by Connie Berchem on 9th February 2016
My dearest Karen, happy birthday honey. I miss and love you l.
Posted by Patricia Vail on 21st January 2016
Thinking of you Karen! Thanksgiving and Christmas 2015 have come and gone. You have been with US in heart throughout the holidays.and always will be. Thinking of your warm smile and fun personality. Last time I saw you your favorite dessert was blueberry and strawberry blinz. I made this dessert for the first time when your brother, my dear Curtis, your "bubba" asked me to make it for you....and of course because we love you! Here it is 2016. Can't believe it! xxoo
Posted by Patricia Vail on 11th October 2015
Karen, We are thinking of you and feeling your warm smile as Curtis and I post pictures of you and your favorite holiday on Facebook. Love you and miss you dearly!! :-)
Posted by Curtis Jankovitz on 11th June 2015
Miss you
Posted by Connie Berchem on 11th June 2015
My Dearest Karen, you left this world 2 years ago, you left a large hole in the hearts and minds of us left behind. I miss you so much. Today is Marissa's 4th birthday we will celebrate her birth by sitting by the creek thinking of you while she enjoys a "frost paw" treat that you loved to give to the kids. I miss you baby
Posted by Patricia Vail on 11th June 2015
Karen, You are truly missed and loved forever!!
Posted by Willa Tisdel on 11th June 2015
Karen Cuz. It has been 2 years since you've been with the Lord. I miss you even more, if that's possible. But I know everything is fine with you. How could it not be, being with our Lord Jesus? One day I will be with you, and we can catch up, and do all the silly things we used to do. Just didn't get to spend that much time with you. But I cherish the times we did spend together
Posted by Connie Berchem on 22nd May 2015
My Karen, today is our 5th anniversary, Marissa and me sat by the creek today thinking of you. We miss and love you Connie
Posted by Connie Berchem on 29th March 2015
Missing you Karen so much, spring has sprung here at the Kc Ranch your garden is full of Daffodils Marissa and I spent sometime with you in the warmth of the spring sunshine. I miss you so much, I love you so much https://www.facebook.com/186559474766729/photos/a.187210558034954.43741.186559474766729/771094796313191/?type=1
Posted by Curtis Jankovitz on 9th February 2015
HAPPY BIRTHDAY HONEY. I had to leave a message to you under Genes name. 52 years ago you were just a few minutes old. I miss you so very much honey and it isn't getting any easier. You always had a beautiful smile and sense of humor that is missed greatly. I always compose what I want to tell you but just cant find the words when I try. Callie is gone now. I want to believe she is with you and the two of you are going back and forth about the blue rocker. KCee and CurlySue keep me busy and Curly misses you too. So much I want to say but just cant remember it all or have space. The tears are falling and my heart hurts so much. So Happy Birthday Honey and know I LOVE YOU INFINITIES EVER AND MORE. (I hear your DITTO.) LOVE.
Posted by Connie Berchem on 9th February 2015
Oh my love, I miss you so much, Marissa and Jake are doing well. I know that their missing you too. Your 52 today forever young and forever missed
Posted by Patricia Vail on 9th February 2015
Happy Birthday Karen! We love you and miss you dearly! It's not the same without you. We feel your presence and see your smile often!! Hugs!!!! Bubby and Pattie
Posted by Connie Berchem on 28th December 2014
My dearest Karen, Marissa, Jake and myself just spent our second Christmas with out you with us. Santa Paws came this year, Peer Wee got a new bright pink collar, a new ball and of course a new bone. Jake got a new laser pointer and a stick with a feather and a bell on it. We love and miss you so much.
Posted by Curtis Jankovitz on 27th December 2014
Karen, it has been so busy running around for something that is over so quick as this season, kind of like life, but I know you have alot of GOOD people with you to keep you company this Christmas and always! Merry Christmas and I always love you!
Posted by Patricia Vail on 27th December 2014
Merry Christmas Karen! Love and Hugs, Pattie
Posted by Connie Berchem on 31st July 2014
My love, I'm so sorry, I had to put Kenzie and Sadie down this week. The girls have been unable to go up or down the stairs since last January. We've been living downstairs to make it easir for them. I've been having to lift Kenzie up to her feet for over 4 months and poor Sadie had lost her ability to control her colon. It was one of the hardest descisions I've ever had to make. They went together peacefully, I felt as though Iost another piece of you my love and I've been balling my eyes out. Our lil Peewee "Marissa" awkes everyday and does her eye rubs. I think she's saying her prayers to you. It's Jake, Marissa and me now, but we love and miss you so much.
Posted by Don Amiet on 12th June 2014
It's almost impossible to believe it has been a year since we lost you. Heck, it's almost impossible to believe you're gone at all. I took for granted you'd be around forever! I remember working for my all-time favorite boss at that crazy little station in Ft. Myers, and seeing Toby Keith in Naples when most people had never heard of Toby Keith! Most of all I remember your grin and your sunshine personality. And I'm so happy to be able to say you were my friend. Miss you, Karen. Love you.
Posted by Curtis Jankovitz on 11th June 2014
Hemingway said," It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end" Your journey left alot of people who dearly loved you and miss you terribly, and that is a journey that matters
Posted by Curtis Jankovitz on 11th June 2014
Well, It's been a year now, in a way it seems like yesterday as I still can't believe you are not here with us, but when I think about calling you and talking like we always did, it seems like an eternity. Love you and miss you more than words can say.
Posted by Connie Berchem on 11th June 2014
My darling Karen, you left us much too soon a year ago, your with me always, I love you and miss you so much. Kenzie, Sadie, Jake and Marissa miss you I know, we all love you.
Posted by Patricia Vail on 11th June 2014
Good morning Karen! I love you and miss you dearly! We still hear your laugh during our Sunday dinner's with Michael and your Mom. I am sure all of heaven is smiling with you. Love and hugs, :-) Pattie
Posted by Helen Coblentz on 9th February 2014
I love you honey and miss you8 infinities ever and so much more than I will ever be able to find the words for. It is your birthday and I want to call you abd sing Happy Birthday to you.Gene and Pattie came over with 2 yellow roses and some beautiful white peace jijjies and would you believe, a Lemon jello cake. It had 4 candles which were lit we blew out for you. Yhe tears are falling so I made some mistakes but know you dont mind. I love you my little angel, infinities ever and more!
Posted by Connie Berchem on 9th February 2014
Good morning my love, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Peewee and I along with Kenzie, Sadie and Jake are sending happy birthday wishes. I love you so much. I miss you each and everyday.
Posted by Susan Dolan on 9th February 2014
Karen , you were such a special, giving, loving person. You are deeply missed. May you rest and live pain free in heaven. The butterfly's are in the air and you will always be in our hearts . Love & miss you!! Happy, happy birthday!!
Posted by Patricia Vail on 8th February 2014
Hi Karen, Tomorrow is your birthday and I want to be the first to say Happy Birthday! Your brother and I will treasure your birthday memories from last year forever! Love Ya and miss you more than ever!! Pattie
Posted by Vickie Olah on 1st February 2014
Hey Karen girl miss those loving eyes and brillant smile having your name on the climbing rose bush trellace causes me to say hey and think about you most often. Miss you alwaysssssssss
Posted by Curtis Jankovitz on 27th January 2014
Karen, we all missed your calls during Christmas and New Years, it wasn't the same without hearing your voice :-( It was so nice when you and Connie were living down here briefly and we were able to have on rare occasion, Christmas with the family. I remember you and I putting up mom's lights on the outside and you kept getting shocked, and the faces you made were priceless. Love you
Posted by Connie Berchem on 14th December 2013
To my Karen, tears are streaming as I write this. I miss you so much. I spent 7 wonderful holidays with you and now It's so hard to be with out you. I love you so much.
Posted by Patricia Vail on 13th December 2013
Ditto on missing your smiling face for Thanksgiving! Love & hugs, Pattie
Posted by Curtis Jankovitz on 29th November 2013
Karen, We missed you at Thanksgiving, the first real holiday without seeing or hearing your voice and wishing you a happy one.Last year we had an early one before you went home. The year went too fast.Some day we will all spend it together again.
Posted by Curtis Jankovitz on 12th October 2013
You have been gone 4 months as of yesterday, sometimes it seems longer and sometimes it feels like yesterday. It was also the anniversary of Grandma King's passing. I hope you both are together, happy and looking down on us, filling our hearts with peace. Love u both!
Posted by Curtis Jankovitz on 11th September 2013
Yesterday as I was starting your car to let it run a minute, I never thought to check your cd player so I hit eject and the cd that came out was the Uncle Kracker I made for you and the last song you listened to was so appropiate and ironic, it was " Smile " Love ya!
Posted by Patricia Vail on 2nd September 2013
Hi Karen - Wednesday, August 21, 2013 your mom and I attended a mass in your honor at Saint Columkille Church. The mass was beautiful! It seemed as if you were sitting right in the middle of us. After church we had breakfast at the Gulf Shore Grill. Very peaceful looking out on the gulf. Love ya and miss ya Karen! Pattie
Posted by Curtis Jankovitz on 28th August 2013
It has been 11 weeks since we lost you yet it still feels like it was yesterday. Still seems as if you must still be here. By now if I hadn't heard from you, I would be calling you up to get all the news, and you always had news. You would answer the phone with " Hey Bubba, what's up? " I just wanted to let you know you are loved and not forgotten. Love you Sissy!
Posted by Connie Berchem on 19th July 2013
My Karen, my love, I'm here in MN and I feel you are with me as I make this trip for Kristen's wedding. I gave her the gift you bought for her. You are missed by all. I love you so much, please keep an eye on me as I continue our journey alone. Please give me the strength to carry on.
Posted by Helen Coblentz on 11th July 2013
"It has been a month since you left us and joined loved ones. I have told you every day and night and every minute in between that I love you infinities ever and more. I will always tell you. We miss you. Infinities ever and more. Momma
Posted by Kathy Osborn on 6th July 2013
What are memories?To me they're more than thoughts sparked by something I see or hear.To me they are moments in time that we carry with us through life.They become a part of us and all combined make us who we are.So when I miss you, I know I have those moments in time with you,our memories, so you're never really gone. That makes me smile and I know you're smiling too. Much love my friend
Posted by Vickie Olah on 4th July 2013
From the very first day we met at Superpetz i knew your were very special i saw it in your eyes and felt it in your smile. You were sraight up,warm,giving,kind and much more. I remeber thnking to myself at the time my Life was topsy turvey with longtime marriage how much i hurt all over!! Then into my life came thee strongest woman ive ever known and she smiled and said it will be ok Vic
Posted by Jayme Deutsch on 4th July 2013
Karen you will always be in my thoughts as one of the most Genuine generous and gracious people I have ever known. I remember digging post holes to build a strong fence and you were right here. It will stand as you will always in my heart. You were a great boss a great friend and someone who had always a true sole. You will be missed by many who you have touched.
Posted by Vickie Olah on 4th July 2013
Words cannot express the feelings i feel KJ!! Time has come and gone but the type of person you were will never change. You were not only giving but compassionate beyond ones comprehension. Words cannot express the the lack of feelings left behind. I see different!!!! Noone will ever be as strong or as determined as you were in my mind Vickie
Posted by Eugene Blanch on 29th June 2013

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