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Her Obituatary which she wrote herself!

Shared by Sheri Jones on October 23, 2011

Karen Arlene Waters Close 2/5/1942 ~ 2/17/2011 If you are reading this it means I
have left this world to be with my sweetheart, my mother, sister and all the others I
love who have gone on before me. What a wonderful reunion this will be. I leave
behind my son, Steven Close, his son, Michael and his daughters, Sarah,
Alyssa (Jake) and great grandson Gavin; My daughters Gina Close and her friend
of many years Tina Austin; Julie (Ralph) Hays, her son, Anthony Gamble, her
daughters, Johannah Gamble and Breeannah Hays;
my daughter Sherilyn (Bill) Jones, her son William, her daughters, Amanda
and Megan. Brothers Albert (Trudy) Waters and Michael Snedden; and
family friend Lance Gamble. I have been so blessed to have my beautiful
family and so many dear friends. This life has been a heck of a ride. The joys
far out weigh the sorrows. No flowers, no tears. Please just do something nice
for someone. See you on the otherside. It's been real. I love you so much!
"...blackbird singing in the dead of night take these broken wings and learn to fly..."

Kind of funny

Shared by William Jones on September 25, 2011

I loved the way her and my mom would tease eachother and laugh until they were crying!  I miss talking about books with her and the way she would help me build things with legos and other stuff. Most of all I miss her hugs!!!!

My Mom

Shared by Sheri Jones on September 25, 2011

My mom was so beautiful and so full of life... Everyone who met her fell in love with her crazy humor and style and couldn't resist her smile, which could light up a room!  She loved her babies with all her heart, and when she becan to have granchildren oh, listening to her stories you'd have thought they were the most perfect beings on earth.  The thing she was so excited about is she was able to meet her first great grand son Gavin, who brought her so much happiness!!!!

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