Her Life

Karen F. Lamb

You can only imagine how it is fairly impossible to encapsulate a person's  entire life into some kind of a Wonder-Web Site, however, the exercise has been therapeutic in a way for Russ and I .....
We mainly intended to provide a Celebration of  Karen's  (Mom's) Life to share with All that knew and loved her .

In our hearts we believe Mom has had quite the chuckle viewing her forever pages with all of the admiration & praise we've put into her site ! We are also thankful for this type of digital Memorial to be available to share with you. 

Thank you for visiting - Thank you for sharing 'her best' with us. Today is Moms birthday and this is our gift .    Amen       

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It All Started When

Sooooo We Begin :
Once upon a time,  on a bright Chicago winter day,  January 15th 1942 , 
A Beautiful baby Karen Frances Evans was the first of two girls
to be brought home by Mom & Dad -
Leonard Davis & Adelaide Frances Evans.  

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Karen's Parents and family

Meet Karen's Parents  
 Leonard D Evans and Addie F Evans .... 

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See Family Photos in Gallery section of Site 


The Evans brought Karen a sister a few years later .... 
Roberta aka  'Bobbie' - still with us -  

The daughters  dubbed them selves Big Sis  - Lil' Sis

Karen Teenage Years

Karen growing up in her teenage years .....

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Karen's Young Fun

Karen Loved to Skate .....    Even Roller Skate ! .... 

She Loved the Ice Capades and Olympic Figure Skating on TV .... 

She continued to dabble on blades and wheels thru out her later
years - vertical challenges started to happen -  oops
...... thus the skates went into storage.

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Chased by the Boys

Karen ever evolving into a beautiful young woman.... 

Ohhh how all the boys loved to chase her !

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the Mrs' chapters

......  And 'A Few' of them managed to catch  her !

So starts Karen & her babies

Young & Married,  Karen welcomes her Babies:
aka  Christine & Russ

PS . We're not getting mushy - yet.... 
I remember early grade school days Mom would refer to us kids
affectionately as her 'Chit-lins'....
Russ and I also recall during our adolescent years Mom had
some other favored , eh hmm, 'love names' for us .... lol

MORE On Karen & her fabulous kids can be seen toward the last chapters - please continue to view each chapter !  :)

Glamorous Gal

Into Full Adulthood ,
Karen explores some of her Glamorous independence ...
Va Va Vooom !

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True Love Given & Taken

Then came along Larry Lamb,  who captured her heart forever ! 
Alas , Karen & Larry would enjoy a 'Jazzy' formal wedding and share
their true love, adventures, & funny times with each other for more than a decade before he was swept away from her..... Nov 2007.  
( Larry's MillionAires CD music will soon be uploaded to this site !) 

Karen welcomed and continued to enjoy and keep in touch with her extended Lamb family ....      
MORE On Karen & her  Lamb extended family  kids can be seen toward the last chapters - please continue to view each chapter !  :)

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Professional Adventures

Moms artistic talents alone were truly a gift of awe to most of us ...

Although Art and Theater was the dream of her life , Karen was - as we say 
pretty dang intelligent too !  She dabbled into an array of professions with earned credentials : 

Suma Cum Laude Associates degrees (2) ,  Restaurant management at the Troy Hilton - MI , Emergency Radio Broadcasting in Riverside CA , her favorite adventure was that of Specs Howard School of Broadcasting , MI - more on that in next chapter- And even a mini run in politics , not shocking ?
Surely a surprise to anyone who knows Karen Lamb LOL !

Scary Passion !

Since a kid in junior high school productions ,

Naturally her talents paved the way to any far out costume / character  of her imagination .... in early years she'd choose the sexy pretty lady stuff - but hey-  she was That all year long , right ?  
With her friend James and Larry  (more on him coming sooon ) 
she had more fun being plain naughty scary !! 

BOO ! 

Krazy Karen Debut in The Soaps!

One of Karen's All Time Favorite Adventures
was her debut in writing -directing - & production of her created
TV Soap   'Peachtree Manor' (back in Michigan) 
with long time , dearest friend and business partner James!   
Keeping with her Krazy Karen ways, she wrote herself 
as the wildy rich and crazy lead character "Daffney" - pictured.

Productions were initially viewed through-out the halls of Specs Howard school & even aired on local channel 2 news - Detroit.... 
Maybe someday their project will still become a reality in some modern day form  - -we all hope so -
And no pressure James ! xo

Pet Passion

Karen loved her dogs .... 

Nikki dog , Bo Bo , Remy-kins...... all good boys :) 

Mom  swears her whole life she really wanted a
German Shepard .... so she brought MAX home.........   

He misses her too but luckily lives with Russ now.  
Thanks Russ  xo

Krazy Karen HAIR

oh boy.........  Mom LOVED to work a hair style and color ...... 
She loved to discuss every detail of each too  :0

This Pic is our favorite edition of
Karen's Hollywood Squares of HAIR styles ...  ! 

       Cheers to all of Karen's  Hair Stylists over the years :)  

Karen's baby girl

haha ! First born &  Daughter "Christine" all grown up 
& married to her favorite Son In Law -Mark  ....

Love you MOM 

Mom & Daughter

Mother Daughter pics 

Missing so many photos -  blessed with the memories.

Karen's Son Russ

Mom Karen and her Son Russ.......... (with a  peek at grand son Ian ) 

Yes, he's all grown up too -  lol 

Mom Karen & Son

Mom & son together photos ....
   also blessed with good memories of Mom. 

Karen's Grandson

Grandson  Ian Rowan Davis Preston    ( Russ Son ) 

Ian and his Grandma Lamb enjoyed many good times together with his dad too , especially playing the Monopoly game for as long as he can remember !  
(Could be why Ian is good at Math  :) 


Extended Lamb Family

Also in Loving Memory - Karen's beloved Larry , 
W/  Larrys' Kids Alex and  Madeline & more beautiful grand babies.... 

Karen's ART Lives On !

Mom's Artistic talent and her passion for her Zoo collection of paintings, knick knacks and entire space devoted to her Zoo gallery has always been a lot of fun to see ................. 

SO - We are looking to have 4 of her paintings Live On via donation and
to be displayed at the " Reid Park Zoo"  building in Tucson, AZ .   
Check Out all 4 of her paintings in the website Gallery   :)   

We'll Keep Everyone posted once we achieve our goal  !!!