Posted by Madeleine Lamb on April 14, 2021
what a character she was
my dad sure loved her 
rest in peace Karen
Posted by Ian Preston on February 23, 2021
For all the years we had, it was always quite wonderful going over for a visit. Every time I arrived alongside my father my grandmother's face light up the room waving us in to partake in our usual game of Monopoly and a serving of freshly bought pizza. I wish we could have had one more game, but at least I got to see you off one last time at the hospital for one last conversation together.

Bye Grandma, I'll miss you forever and always.
Your Grandson, Ian
Posted by Carole Schummer on January 26, 2021
 Thank you CUPID for hooking me up with my forever ! Many fun nights making rag dolls together ! Lots of fun Ice skating and Roller skating at the Roller Rink in Clawson. Good memories of our trip to see you in California, happy the lamp we packed up arrived safe! Many more great memories,but I'll leave room for others to write. Always remember our many phone calls catching up with latest news! So happy I called you the day before you went in the hospital. Will miss you Cupid !

Posted by Elizabeth Bachmann on January 25, 2021
What a beautiful talented lady! I only got to see her at the ranch...except for the fun wonderful memory of sharing her 70th birthday.
Posted by Yolanda Williams on January 16, 2021
I am a tenant and friend of Karen’s for almost 12 years now. She was one of the kindest and warmest ladies I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Over the years we got to know each other quite well and I always enjoyed our exchange of emails. She could come up with some funny and hilarious lines which always left me laughing at the end of our emails. She will live on in my heart alongside the memories of her fabulous sense of humor and her warmth, sincerity and genuinely wonderful personality. Forever in my heart❣️Yo
Posted by Michael Chaffey on January 15, 2021
Gone too soon, but I think lived a full life, I feel blessed to have shared time and stories with Karen. R.I.P

Mike and Sue Chaffey
Posted by Paul Taublieb on January 15, 2021
I didn't know Karen, but a daughter is a reflection of her mother, and the spirit of the mother must have been wonderful, smart, witty and warm which has all been passed down to Christine. Though never knowing you, I thank you for the gift you've given to the rest of the world. 
Posted by James Dereniak on January 15, 2021
To Daffy: The Wealthy Widow VonBraun, The Big Bumble Bee, Professor Grubbly-Plank, the Russian Spy and one of the most talented ladies I have ever known!

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