A rose by another name

Shared by Carla Smyth on October 17, 2020
One story I love so much about mum that shows her humour and spirit is when she first met my dad. She and her friends had just arrived in Vancouver from Toronto and were throwing a housewarming party. My dad came with friends, and was completely enraptured by mum. He followed up for two weeks after, hoping to see her again. One day mum happened to be home and overheard her roommate saying into the phone with much exasperation “for the last time, there is NO Hildegard Schwartz that lives here!” Mum said it was the most unattractive name she could think of. But she took the call :

Treasure in everything

Shared by Carla Smyth on October 4, 2020
My family can't get through a birthday, Christmas or any other gifting occasion without someone teasing mum how she once yelled "don't throw out that tissue paper, it's like GOLD."

Mum, you are the original reduce, re-use, recycle champion. xoxo

Franks a million!

Shared by Carla Smyth on October 1, 2020
When I was very young, mum said one of my favourite items of clothing was a hand-me-down old sweatshirt that had a hot dog on it and the caption was "Franks a million!". It was a plastic, puffy addition that was starting to crack and peel off - but I loved wearing this sweatshirt. Mum was determined to have me looking a little more refined for my dentist appointment that morning - and fought to get the sweatshirt off me and into a blouse and vest. She said I cried and ripped apart the outfit on the way to the appointment. She would laugh retelling this story - meant to illustrate my stubbornness - but I know she would have given the office people a chuckle with her warm way of explaining our lateness and my....dishevelment! I will miss you telling me stories about me, mum xo

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