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Back from Jamaica

Shared by Darren Williams on February 22, 2012

On Sunday, March 26, 2000 we flew on AirJamaica down to Montego Bay. It was beautiful, we spent most of our time at the resort, we had an endless buffet, a wonderful, relaxing honeymoon. As soon as we get home to Roebling, NJ,(i think it was a Thursday)  Karen had to check the mail. She found our marriage certificate, opened it and started reading it while I was unpacking. She said, "Guess what? It looks like I'm married to your dad." I said - "What?" She says, "There's a mistake, your dad is listed as my husband, we gotta get this fixed right now.! (which means we have go to the Roebling municipal complex) I said, "Look, we just got home, let's unpack and change clothes.....(She cut me off, karen started to panic) "Are u coming with me or not?" I said, "Ok, Ok, let me get my shoes on." I went into the kitchen for something, then I heard, BOOM. The front door slammed shut. When i got my sneakers on, I looked out the window and she was in her brand new 1999 Toyota Camry, pulling away, going down the street. I jumped into my car, and when i got there she was already speaking with a secretary, fixing the problem. In my mind, i was thinking, "This is going to be a wild ride."  11 years later, I have lots of memories of my beautiful wife.

The Birth of Karen M. Williams

Shared by victoria taylor on January 20, 2012

On this day January 20th 1968 at 3;15am God Blessed me with you.Weighing only 5lbs 14oz you look so tiny i was afraid to hold you for fear that i would drop you.You where sooo! precious to me,my first child. Your grand-mom was their and she was saying how beautiful you were.You had a head full of dark brownish hair and the prettiest skin color (Carmel) you were such a beautiful baby every where we when people would say how beautiful you were.You had that contagious smile from childhood to adulthood.I remember when you were about seven and you asked me if you could walk to the store by yourself, i was afraid to let you go, but i gave in not really wanting you to but i let you go anyway.I watch you and Santa until i couldn't see you anymore. I started to get in my car and follow you,but i didn't. I keep looking out that window until i saw you coming back with a bag full of candy which you shared with your little sister Kenya. You always looked out for your little sister. Everything you had you shared with your sister. You always looked out for.You where a gifted child you had love and compassion for everyone you meet. As a youth you would minister to your peers telling them about the goodness of JESUS! . Your beautiful smile and your genuine personality drew people in. You had many friend in your life time. You were a blessing to many during your short life, but i have many Good memories of you. As a child, as a teen, as a adult,as a wife as a mother and mom-mon.Olivia never really got to knew you, but i promise she will knew about you because i will tell her all about you every chance i get. I miss you so much as do many of your love one you were a very unique person one of it kind and your heavenly father knew that . Your work is done here, you have been a blessing to many, you have earned your Crown.You are rejoicing in Heaven on this day your 44th birthday. GOD has another angle. Spread your wings an fly. I will see you again Karen .Happy Birthday my Love. I will NEVER! forget you..... EVER!... I Love you, MoM.

The Twins......

Shared by Kenya Bradley on January 8, 2012

You know I have to ALWAYS tell the story of the twin boys....Like I've said many times before, you have always been my protector and I will NEVER forget the time where we (Me, You and Kyle) were walking from Aunt Lauren's house to grandmoms house on San Hecan Drive (not sure if that's how you spell it) and we were once again being approached by the twin boys who always harrassed and picked on the three of us every chance they got...Well that day was the WRONG DAY and you had enough...So when we saw them coming, you said to me and Kyle to run and run fast when you told us to..we were a little nervous but we knew you were very serious and we better when the twins got closer...the count down began....then you gave the command..RUN we did...when we turned around we witnessed you punch those jokers right in the face and you criss crossed your hands to make sure you hit them both at the same time....KNOCKED THEM OUT was the funniest and craziest thing we ever saw..but you were ONCE AGAIN protecting us...nonetheless..from that day forward..they NEVER bothered us again..instead they went the other way when they saw us coming!!! You were always MY HERO and PROTECTOR....I love you so much sis.....!!!

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