Posted by Victoria Taylor on November 23, 2015
11/21/15 Mark the fourth year of your passing I miss you so much words could never explain how I feel I know your in a much better place now you always love the lord from a young child you was loved by many. Rest in Paradise my love until we rejoice in Heaven together.
Posted by Victoria Taylor on November 21, 2012
My Beloved Daughter, Today I will be celebrating one year of you being in *Paradise*.. I know that you are just fine, you have entered into my spirit so many times and give me that sense of peace. So today I will not cry for you or feel sad, I will celebrate one year in *Paradise* I Love you.. Happy Thanksgiving,, OOPS! I'm crying sorry... MUAH!! Mom
Posted by Kenya Bradley on November 21, 2012
My sweet sister! Today marks the 1 year anniversary of your passing. Its been a long and trying road and out of selfishness I wish you had never left us. But the joy of knowing that to be absent from the body is to be one with the LORD makes things so much better! I love you so very much and until we meet again..REST IN THE SAFETY OF HIS ARMS!
Posted by Victoria Taylor on August 13, 2012
Hello my Love.. Just wanted you to know that I love and miss you sooo!! must my heart feel so empty, I know that you would want to move forward with my life because you have always wanted the best, but it's so hard, but I promise you that I will try sweetheart.. Your memories will forever live in my heart. gone but never forgotten... I love you... mom
Posted by Victoria Taylor on July 13, 2012
Hi my Love, Kenya and I went to your favorite place today! Red Lobster.. I miss you so much,I'm use to having all three of us their. I had your favorite fried shrimp. I know they have a Red Lobster their in Heaven just for you...The girls are doing well, but I know that you know that because I feel your presents around all the time my Angle.I miss seeing your smile. I Love you forever. Mom
Posted by victoria taylor on June 12, 2012
Hello My Love, I know that it has been a while since I have been here, just know that you haven't been forgotten, I will never, ever forget you, it's just difficult for me to come here sometimes. I love and miss you so much. I will Love You Forever.... Mom
Posted by Victoria Taylor on May 13, 2012
My Beloved Daughter, this is the first Mother's Day that you weren't with us. I missed hearing your voice this morning calling to wish me a Happy Mother's Day.. God knows i miss you so so much. Happy Mother's Day sweetheart... I will love you forever... Mom :(
Posted by Victoria Taylor on April 10, 2012
My beloved Daughter, I had you on my mind today so i'm here to say how much i miss you. Happy Easter in heaven, this is our first Easter without you.Mariah,McKayla,Jasmine and your precious Olivia went to Bethany for Easter service, I know that would make you very happy. I love and miss you so much,but i know you are in a much better place free from pain. I love you Always & forever. mom.
Posted by victoria taylor on March 26, 2012
con't. are in a much better place, free from all the pain and suffering. I cry more about what you went through then your passing because i know you were a true woman of the most high God and that you will be living in glory with your heavenly father, we just miss not being able to hold you, hear your laughter, see your smile.. I love you and miss you...
Posted by victoria taylor on March 26, 2012
Hello my dear,I have been thinking about you constantly. I can hear your voice in my head. I wanted to come hear yesterday but i couldn't. Yesterday would have been your 12th wedding Anniversary and it sadden me that you aren't hear with your husband to share that special day. We all miss you so much. I feel so empty sometime, then i think about what you were going through and i know you a
Posted by Kenya Bradley on March 26, 2012
Cont' is my responsibility as their God mother to keep them focused on GOD! I know Darren wants them back in too and again, I'm going to do better because I know without a doubt that is what you are telling me. God is so good and HE deserves EVERY OUNCE OF ME! I will take care of those girls of yours I PROMISE!! I love you so very much..until we meet again my sweet sister..I LOVE YOU!
Posted by Kenya Bradley on March 26, 2012
Struggling & crying a lot in these last several days. I asked GOD this morning if I was missing something you're trying to tell me and HE clearly said CHURCH! For fellowship and Mariah and McKayla. Sis, we talked alot about my struggles with church, & you always said eat the meat leave the bones. I'm going to make you a promise to do better with church and getting the girls back involved!
Posted by Darren Williams on March 25, 2012
In my heart, I celebrate this day-- our Wedding Anniversary. This day would have marked the 12th year of our marriage. In the 4 months since you passed on to glory, I have kept the children busy, with skating, fun with the family, bike-riding in the park and Sixers basketball games, and I just bought plane tickets to Orlando, Florida. We leave in July, -We will honor you.
Posted by Kenya Bradley on March 6, 2012
Hey sis...feeling a little sad today. Everytime I look at your beautiful face I just cry,just like I'm doing now. I miss you so much but I'm thankful to GOD that your suffering is over. Olivia is beautiful and getting so big..I remember how happy we were to find out we were going to be "mom-moms" you came up with those names for us since we were going to be their 2nd moms! I love you sis!
Posted by Darren Williams on February 22, 2012
Valentine's Day was just another day -- that would have been our time together, lunch at Red Lobster, a movie, and romantic evening. All three of your daughters and I miss u so much. Mariah and Mckayla are working hard in school to make u proud, and Jaz is striving to be the best mom she can be. we're glad u are not suffering anymore. In Glory now, Amen.
Posted by victoria taylor on February 14, 2012
Happy Valentine Day My beloved Daughter. Tears were flowing today for you, I just couldn't control them.. I miss you so much. My heart is so broken over your loss, what a great loss you were. I know how much you suffered with that horrible decease (cancer) and i know how much you prayed for your healing just to be here for your children,but your work was done here my love, you may rest now
Posted by victoria taylor on February 10, 2012
My beloved Daughter, I haven't been here since your Birthday. but not a day goes by that i don't think of you. I miss you so much... I haven't heard your sweet voice in almost three month now. I can hear your voice in my head thor. The girls, Olivia and Darren miss you so much. Darren has a difficult time, he talks to be about it, I will look out for your family my love, don't worry. mom.
Posted by "Myra" Thomas on January 20, 2012
Happy Happy Bornday Cuz!!! Im sure this is the Best Bornday Ever because its your 1st w/Our Father Hallowed be His Name! Although I miss u in tha flesh, I Celebrate ur new life one u will be able to enjoy more abundantly! RIP.. LOVE U!!!!
Posted by Patricia Hall on January 20, 2012
Happy Birthday know i am usually late with my birthday wish but you NEVER forgot to call me on mine....i love you girl
Posted by Kenya Bradley on January 20, 2012
Happy Birthday my dear sister!! I miss you very much...but I know there
Is no greater birthday celebration than the ones in GLORY!! I know
I know your are dancing like David danced and having a Holy Ghost party right now...I love you!
Posted by victoria taylor on January 20, 2012
My beloved Daughter. Today would have been your 44th birthday and you are not able to celebrate with us this year. You are celebrating this year in glory with your heavenly father.I can be upset with that.I will miss our Red Lobster meeting for our birthdays, we would go their every year for our birthdays.I will try not to be sad because i know that you are happy. Happy Birthday! love Mom.
Posted by victoria taylor on January 19, 2012
Good Morning Sweetheart, I not having such a good day today. I miss you so much. I know you are in glory and that's what keeps me going. Kyle & myra has be so comforting to me they call me twice a week they both know that you and i were inseparable. They love and miss you as well. Bryan is doing good, he knows that you wanted him to get his life together and he is really trying.I Love you.
Posted by Kenya Bradley on January 16, 2012
Good morning sis....Well..I start my seminary classes today and back on track to obtaining my degree in Psychology/Christian Counseling...with a minor in Religious studies.....I know you are so proud as this is something you OFTEN told me you were proud of...I love you so very much..and I know that was you a couple of days ago reminding me that you are still here with me..I LOVE YOU MUCH!
Posted by victoria taylor on January 10, 2012
What a beautiful day it is today. I got up feeling pretty good today,I know that would make you smile.Karen I know in my heart that you don't want us to be sad, but we just love and miss u so much. I read your letter every now and then, i know that you were tired and wanted to go home to your father, and one day we will be able to celebrate your life as you requested. I love & miss U. Mom
Posted by Darren Williams on January 10, 2012
In a better place now, no more suffering. This is an unexpected turn in my life, and the kids lives. Karen I miss you and I love you. You decorated every room in this house, so I am constanltly reminded of you. This is the hardest thing I have ever had to do, so now I am trying to remember all of the good times we had together, at Thanksgiving and Christmas, and the Jersey Shore.
Posted by Kenya Bradley on January 8, 2012
Alot is going on in my life and GOD has revealed so much to me concerning your silent prayers for me.You've ALWAYS protected me even up to the day you went home. Always concerned about my wellbeing and my family.We love you so much..I've made a lot of changes like I promised you I would and as usual..I know you are smiling upon me and is very pleased.I WILL keep my promise 2 GOD & YOU!!
Posted by Kenya Bradley on January 8, 2012
My dear, loving sister...there is not a day that goes by I don't think about you!! I really miss our conversations! last week on my way home from work I had a thought and started to dial your number and realized I can't do that anymore.That was our time of conversation because our schedules were so crazy. I love and miss you terribly..BUT GOD! was ready for HIS ROSE to add to HIS garden!
Posted by victoria taylor on January 8, 2012
I choose this picture because you where so happy and so beautiful on this day it brought tears to my eyes. I was so happy for you and Darren. I wish you could have had many more years together, but God had a bigger and better plan for your life. Mariah, McKayla, Jasmine sent their Love I'm sure they are missing you just as much as i am. Darren is missing you to. I love you so much. Mom
Posted by victoria taylor on January 8, 2012
Another Day without you here. They say that it will get easier but it really doesn't each day that passes i just miss you more. I haven't heard your voice or seen your smile in six weeks now. I sad everyday. Olivia sends her love and kisses up to you. She will know her mama i will tell her all about you as she grows up. I know you will be their to watch over her as well. I love & miss you
Posted by victoria taylor on January 7, 2012
If I had known that the night you called me would be our last conversation I would have talked longer,listen longer, I would have told you how much I loved you, how proud I was to have you as my Daughter,but i didn't know,i didn't know. I love You my precious child. Gone too Soon..
Posted by victoria taylor on January 7, 2012
I'm laying here thinking about you as I have been since you left. I love and miss you so much, my heart aches everyday for you, I know that you are resting peacefully in your Fathers loving arms, no more pain and suffering, not being able to do the things that you love to do, I just miss you so much. I miss our daily conversations, your laughter, your beautiful smile.I love and miss you.
Posted by victoria taylor on January 6, 2012
My beloved Daughter, words can't explain how empty I feel inside. I love you so much, you were my rock, my friend, my Daughter. God you have received an angel. She loved the Lord with everything in her. I know she is peacefully resting in his arms now. Rest my baby rest. I love you always and forever,

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