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Shared by Michelle Haldy on November 21, 2011

Karen and I had a several things in common.  We love our daughters, shopping and the Jersey shore.  I am so glad that I got to share a couple of day trips and shopping trips with her.  She is not a person that will be easily forgotten and I know how much her family misses her . 

Shared by Jamie Haldy on November 3, 2011

I met Karen years ago, while working at a daycare center in Parsippany. I would work in the mornings and she'd come in the afternoons. There was an overlap of 2 hrs. that we got to work together every day. I couldn't wait for her to get there, as we'd have so much fun together! She'd always have an AC Moore bag filled with craft projects for the kids! I don't know who was more excited about it, Karen, or the kids?

Karen could always get me to laugh. She didn't even have to try! Her silly sayings and facial expressions just cracked me up! I had never heard 'big deal banana peel' ever in my life, but couldn't get enough of hearing her say that!

Karen loved many things in life, but her family was always number one on her list! She was a wonderful wife, Mom, Grandmother and friend! I will miss many things about Karen, and know she is watching down on all of us!


Biggest Fan

Shared by Peggy Andrews on November 3, 2011

   From the age of 5 I can remember my mom being involved in so much.  Whether it was PTA, Girl Scouts, or cheering on the sidelines at my games.  She always told me that I was capable of anything and because of her faith in me, I believed it.  It's because of her that I am the woman I am today and I am forever grateful for all  she has taught me.

   I remember this story like it was yesterday.  I was playing on a Parks & Rec Softball team when I was 6 and I apparently played a pretty good game.  Well, the coach of the other team approached my mom and said "if I paid you $100 would you let your daughter play for me?" and my mom kindly replied "no, she is worth way more then that."  Sure our parents are supposed to have that confidence in us  but I will never forget how good it felt to hear her say that.  It was because of that confidence that I worked hard and gave it all I had on and off the field.

   Her dedication and faith in her family is something I will admire throughout my entire life.  I can only hope to be half the woman to my children that she was to us. 

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