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Thanking Karen

Shared by Marilyn Malone on February 26, 2021
Karen blessed my life as the loving mother of Scott (two t's) Mueller, and loving mother-in-law of my daughter, Molly. It is good that this is not written on paper as it would be wet from my tears of gratitude and appreciation for Karen's unwavering support and love for Molly, Max and Emma, and of course, son Scott. Karen was the best co-Grandma a grandmother could wish for. She included me in family stories, invited me and my husband Ray to family events when we were in Denver, and provided wonderful examples for me as a mother-in-law, too. She retained such an insightful sense of humor and showed incredible strength through her health challenges. My every contact with Karen - in person, by mail, email and text - inspired, comforted and delighted. Karen will remain a light in my life.
Shared by Emma Mueller on February 7, 2021
Growing up, Grandma Karen would come to all of my soccer games and swim meets. She was my greatest supporter. I remember throughout my swim meets she would sit on the side of the pool, in a chair, and watch the entire meet (didn’t matter who was swimming), she just genuinely enjoyed watching. My brother Max and I would always talk to her throughout the day. I would sit on her lap and we would just talk. On colder days I was always shivering. And she’d tell me “Stop shivering you are wasting all of your energy, come sit and take deep breaths.” Ever since then I’ve always known how to control my shivering (which comes in handy sometimes). These little moments are the times I cherish most. I will miss your beautiful smile, your hugs, and most of all I will miss laughing with you. I love you grandma. YOU ARE IMPORTANT TO ME.
Shared by Ellie Schieving on February 6, 2021
One time Grandma and Grandpa wanted to take me out to the movies. She looked in the newspaper and found a showing of a movie that seemed good and bought tickets. When we got there we all settled in for our showing of Grown Ups and were met with a wildly inappropriate movie to be watching with your grandparents. Grandma would just laugh during the inappropriate parts. Grandpa would laugh and tell me to cover my eyes. Walking out of the movie brought on a big case of the giggles for everyone. Grandma said that she was horrified that she had brought me to such a 'crummy' movie. We ended up watching the second one together a few years later for laughs. She would also take me to the Redbox by the Walgreens to get DVDs whenever I stayed at their house. We never failed to somehow get an inappropriate movie. It seemed to be our thing. We would just all laugh and turn it off and find something else to watch on TV. Grandma was never angry or frustrated about it. Instead, she would laugh and say that we had given it our best shot. Her laugh seemed to be the cure for all sad, awkward, or frustrating times even towards the end. I'm so lucky to have shared so many laughs with her throughout my life. 
Shared by Miranda Schieving on February 6, 2021
My favorite memories of my Grandma will always be how much we laughed over the last 25 years. From singing Jack and Jill & I Love you a Bushel and a Peck while swinging on the huge swing in her and Grandpa's back yard, to making me laugh when I was a sad tween and she would let me pick out one of her sweaters to go to the Cherry Creek Mall to see a movie, to when we would eat Ice-cream Sundaes from Bonnie Brae for dinner and watch the Bachelorette, to when I would call her and Grandpa almost weekly when I was living out of state, and to the very end when I got to sit and watch Sex and the City with her in Hospice and we just laughed the whole time for no really good reason other than it felt good for us to laugh together. When someone dies it is so common to say that we've "lost" them, but that cant be farther from the truth. She is there every time the family sits in Grandma and Grandpa's front room and laugh together. She gave us all so many beautiful things, but laughing with my family is absolutely my favorite. She was a neat, neat lady and she is so important to me.
Shared by Kerry Petitt on February 6, 2021
I asked Kristi for a picture of this embroidery work which sits in one of the bedrooms of the parent’s house. Megan was asking about things that gma Karen liked, and I immediately thought of this. I can’t remember if she made it or her mom did? (Help me if you know.- I’m pretty sure she did? We talked about it, and it kills me that I can’t remember - especially since Karen always complimented my memory for random things.)  Anyway, after looking at this picture I was struck with the thought that this work is an ideal reflection of Karen.....
It’s full of fun, joyful, and interesting designs.
You see (learn) something new every time you spend time with it.
It’s brilliant with all the best colors.
It’s full of life. 
It draws you in and makes you feel good.
You want to make one just like it, but it can only encourage and inspire you to do you - because it’s special and one of a kind. 
It’s complex, but not perfectly stitched - making it perfectly down to earth and unpretentious.
It makes you smile and you can almost hear it giggle back.
You could tell it anything and it will certainly keep your secrets.
It covers a pillow, so it’s soft and forgiving - yet always firmly supportive. 
It looks fresh and modern as if it was made this year, but it’s actually been around a very long time so it’s deeply worn and wise.
It sits in a downstairs bedroom, even though it deserves to be front and center.
It’s gracious and unassuming like that.
It’s simply and incredibly beautiful. 
It’s love.

.... Kerry
(This is the time of day, 6ish AM, I'd likely be texting back and forth with Karen, always the best way to start any day.)
Shared by Max Mueller on February 5, 2021
I remember when I was a kid, my sister Emma and I would go over to her house and spend the night there because our parents were doing something. I remember going into this big closet with a lot of pillows and blankets. The closet was in one of her rooms in the basement and we would just sit in there and she would come in with us. When ever we went to her house, I remember having the best time with her.I am sad we won’t ever see her again. You are important to me, I love you, Grandma.  

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