A Closet Confession

Shared by Elizabeth Brown on December 7, 2012

As is the case with most teenage sisters Karen & I would borrow each others clothes on a regular basis.  I use the word "borrow" loosely as it implies we actually gave one another permission!  For the record, both parties were guilty of this same relatively harmless crime.  However, since we went to different high schools, with Karen typically leaving the house first and getting home last, I had a HUGE advantage in the stealthful game I'm about to reveal. 

Upon Karen's morning departure I would sneak into her closet to review my options for the day ... sifting through the myriad of shirts, riffling through stacks of sweaters and continually being disappointed I was too short for her pants.  As the day went on I would delight in my clandestine accomplishment as friends commented on liking my "new blouse".  After getting home from school I'd fly upstairs to change clothes hoping I didn't leave evidence of my misdeed behind ... like a stain from lunch or something incriminating left in a pocket.  This game went on for years until Karen left for college.  Imagine my disappointment when she took ALL her clothes with her!

It's now 3+ decades later and I still occasionally have dreams where I'm standing in her closet reviewing which item to filch that day and worrying if I'll get caught!

Drive-up bank teller

Shared by Elizabeth Brown on December 6, 2011

I remember how much fun Karen and I used to have playing "drive-up bank teller".  There was a window in our family room that opened up to the garage.  One of us would sit inside playing the role of bank teller.  The other would ride our bike up to the drive-up window playing the role of bank customer.  We played endless rounds of the deposit/withdrawal game using monopoly money ... which worked perfectly!  Then we would switch roles back and forth until we got bored (which was typically an hour tops).


Shared by Jenna Hooley on December 6, 2011

Hooked on phonics in the afternoons over "coffee"

Rescuing bunnies and kitties at the house on 450 N

Ice skating practice and competitions

Christmas decorating

My baptism

Spring breaks in Florida

Summer by the pool

My tennis matches in high school

Mom's day at Purdue

My 21st birthday

Getting to know you as a friend, not just my mother

And so many more..

(The last one didn't last long enough, and I wish everyday that we could've had more time).

You are greatly missed, and forever in my heart.


Shared by Robin Fogg on December 5, 2011


The friend:  The stories about you are rich and warm, dramatic and heartbreaking. most often hilarious!   Do you have a kitty in heaven?

 I laugh when I think of snowballs (New Years Eve Parties!), sledding, tea parties with your girls, the way you dressed up the family for photos- no ones Christmas cards were more cherished than yours.  The longest phone conversations ever! Before Christmas Shopping...after Christmas shopping!  The births of your beautiful girls...being amazed at how beautiful they became- wondering which one was the mom in your beach photos.   Your visits to Rhode Island.  Getting stuck in many situations that reminded us of  I Love Lucy Episodes!  Ha!  You blessed me with kindness and laughter.  Your truth and candor, I respected.  I will remember the lessons you taught me.  

Last summer on the lake, watching you wakeboard- you were young and beautiful.  This is the image I will remember for the rest of my life! 

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