"Rainbows are round." -Karen Van Wagner
  • 64 years old
  • Born on July 2, 1949 in Zeeland, Michigan, United States.
  • Passed away on May 30, 2014 in Dallas, Texas, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of Karen Van Wagner, 64, born on July 2, 1949, and passed away on May 30, 2014. We will always remember her as a committed and loving wife, an admired and amazing mother, the best Nona, and a brilliant trailblazer in all her professional endeavors.

A memorial service in her honor will be held at 2 pm on Thursday, June 5, 2014, at First United Methodist Church, 800 W. 5th Street, Fort Worth, Texas, 76102.  A reception in the church's banquet hall will follow the service.

In lieu of flowers, please make a donation in Karen's memory to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network at http://www.pancan.org

Posted by Fowad Choudhry on 2nd July 2017
Miss you, Karen. Happy birthday
Posted by David Dean on 30th May 2017
Sending love for all. As lives change and go on, little ones grow up, and the rest of us age. I know you are warmly in the hearts of many.
Posted by Lisa Gunter on 30th May 2017
Bill, I think of Karen often. Every time I visit NTSP I make it a point to sit in the chairs in the reception area that I know that she picked out and I reflect on her. Karen was a healthcare champion and her dream is still being fulfilled making a positive impact on our community. Forever Missed! Lisa
Posted by Fowad Choudhry on 3rd August 2016
Karen, I still miss you as much as I did two years ago. Sadly, I'm letting you know that we lost another employee two nights ago. His name is Jason, he was only 43, and had just recently joined the NTSP family. He was only 12 days away from getting married to another NTSP employee. He had a heart attack which took him from this world too soon. Please look out for him and take care of him like you did for all the other NTSP employees for so many years. I deeply miss your guidance, leadership, and friendship. Fowad
Posted by David Dean on 2nd July 2016
Dear Karen, not a lot has changed for me since I wrote you a year ago. I am still a very active old fart volunteering daily at he local public hospital here in Antigua, Guatemala. The residents, many of the locals, rich and mostly poor have become like an extended family to me. I have been able to keep in touch with Bill, while we do not always agree "politically" we totally agree that you, then your children and grand children, were the very best things to enter his life. There is so much love winding through them for you, that I know you would smile a contented smile. David.
Posted by David Dean on 30th May 2016
Still loving your family Karen. Know that, feel that. I hope to see many soon.
Posted by David Dean on 2nd July 2015
Dear Karen. I have had such a great time visiting with Bill. We talked of you, remembered you, I got to see the beautiful portrait of you and your wonderful children. You, your passions, your loves continue to fill the entire home.
Posted by David Dean on 30th May 2015
Another year has passed. I know the heartache and tears have not gone away. As I wrote last year, I only got to meet Karen one time, and yet could not help but be taken with her beauty, vivaciousness and intelligence. I also have only met her daughter, Kendal one time at her Grandma Bert's apartment, I have yet to meet Will. I am hoping to take a journey back with them, my friend, Karen's husband Bill, a week from today. Stay together, stay strong, sending love. Dave.
Posted by David Dean on 12th June 2014
I only met the beautiful vivacious Karen one time, his daughter once, and have only spoken to her son Will one time right after her death. I grew were her husband, Bill, as the younger brother of my best friend, Byron. Over the years I have had a sense of the love and strength Bill and Karen drew from each other and the wonderful family an accomplishments that filled their lives. A life taken way too early is always tragic, the things that life has been a part of building will go on. I salute you Karen.
Posted by Mike Cobb on 5th June 2014
Karen was such a wonderful lady with a beautiful smile. She always supported the school and teachers and was a blessing to our the Oakridge family!
Posted by Glen Perkins on 4th June 2014
I can't believe my friendship with the Van Wagner's began over 38 years ago in Oklahoma City. Many good memories which will forever be cherished. Karen was a delightful person and always a pleasure to be around. Her love for her children and her husband was to be admired, along with her quick wit and charm. Karen will be deeply missed by all. Those of us who have had the pleasure of calling Karen and Bill, "our friends," have been truly blessed. May God bless the entire Van Wagner family.
Posted by Jan Demetruk on 4th June 2014
I have known and worked for Karen for about 15 years. I was truly blessed for this opportunity. I felt really honored that I was able to learn from the best. She was the only person that could give me the theory and outcome at the same time. She would then ask me to run the numbers to prove it for her. Her outcome always matched the numbers after they ran. This used to always amaze me. On a personal note she was a caring person. She was always excited and liked to share in the events that came up – weddings, baby showers, etc. I have too many stories to share. She is going to be truly missed by so many people her life touched. My deepest condolences and prayers goes out to her family and friends.
Posted by Lisa Gunter on 4th June 2014
Karen will be missed greatly. She was a loyal friend. I learned so much from her about life, family, business and healthcare. The world was a better place because of Karen.
Posted by Jettie Eddleman on 4th June 2014
Karen, you have always been the larger-than-life personality and leader exhibiting powerful fearless and limitless strength. Sincere condolences to everyone for this saddest loss. Love and prayers for comfort to Karen's beloved family, to the NTSP family and the many health-care leaders and teams who had the honor of loving, knowing and working with Karen. Many Texas communities have better health care today because of Karen's brilliant, proactive, disruptive, innovative leadership and vision. I am grateful for the many incredible opportunities to make a difference in health care afforded to me in part by Karen, our incredibly forward thinking, influential leader at NTSP. It is impossible to think of NTSP without you. Of all the many amazing accomplishments celebrated in the many treasured memories and lessons learned at NTSP, I am most grateful for the lasting friendships, family and colleagues Karen forged together through the years of burning-hard work to help Texas communities. One bright promise in the future is in the continued dedication and health-care work that is today a focus in the many lives touched by Karen. We continue work built from best beginnings and memorable examples working with Karen during her too-short beautiful life of work well done. Rest in peace dear Karen. Sincere prayers and loving comfort to family and friends.
Posted by Matt Zavadsky on 4th June 2014
We at MedStar will miss Karen terribly! She was an amazing person, deeply cared for her team members and was a staunch patient advocate. She was also a true healthcare system innovator and her presence will be seriously missed!!!
Posted by Ann Codlin on 3rd June 2014
Thoughts and prayers are with the family during this difficult time.
Posted by Angela Bergmann on 3rd June 2014
We are truly sorry to hear of the loss of Karen. We hope the love within your family and friends will help you all in these difficult days. Please know that we are here for you at all times. Your are in our thoughts and prayers. Angela, Hans, Stephanie, Oliver and Claire
Posted by Laura Williams on 3rd June 2014
Mr. Van Wagner may the Lord continue to watch over you, So sorry of the passing of your beloved wife (Karen). Laura Williams (The receptionist at Thompson&Knight,LLP).
Posted by Thomas Kell on 3rd June 2014
She was a wonderful woman and neighbor. Will miss her walking with her "tiny" dogs. We send our thoughts and prayers to the entire family. Jack & Elaine Kell
Posted by Diane Scheffler on 3rd June 2014
Dear Bill - We were so very sorry to hear about your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Sincerely, Diane & Scott Scheffler and family
Posted by Anita Somplasky on 3rd June 2014
Karen was probably the most brilliant woman I have had the privilege of working with during my career. She was truly a woman who had it all; a love for God, a family that she adored, and a career that allowed her to inspire others to achieve their best. My prayers to all affected by her loss.
Posted by John Lovelady on 3rd June 2014
I met Karen over 15 years ago as a jr. executive charged with finding a way to work things out between our companies. I learned a lot from her in the way she thought about situations, deals, people, what was right and wrong, family and a gift for articulating those philosophies. We followed along with each others families from high school to Vandy x2, SMU, summer jobs, grandchildren, big dogs and new careers. She talked often about her family before we ever conducted business and was so proud of Will and Kendall. I'm grateful for the time spent with her, early in the career and especially over the past year. God Bless.
Posted by Sue Pickens on 2nd June 2014
So sorry, Karen will be missed. she was my boss for about 5 years. I can't tell you have much I learned from her. A delightful person, amazing mind and kind heart.
Posted by Daivd Brigner on 2nd June 2014
My deepest condolences, I have known and worked with Karen for several years and she has always been an inspiration with a delightful character.
Posted by Pamela Morris on 2nd June 2014
Karen will be greatly missed by the NTSP family. I appreciate her professionalism and I will also remember one thing she taught me and that was to always think outside the box. To her family I would like to thank you for sharing her with us.
Posted by Ben Rooks on 2nd June 2014
Karen was one of the best people I've had the privilege of working with in my career. She combined insight, acumen and knowledge with warmth, sensitivity and caring. Her memory is truly a blessing.
Posted by Robin Roe on 2nd June 2014
Karen was one-of-kind and can't be replaced. She will be missed.
Posted by Ashley Whisonant on 2nd June 2014
I was shocked when I learned of your passing. I will always remember how you inspired me to strive harder in life and that women can be movers and shakers in a company. Thank you for your hard work and dedication in life and for being such an inspiration to others. You will be missed.
Posted by Blake Woodard on 2nd June 2014
In the verdant forest of the US healthcare system, a blue patch of sky is now visible where a giant has fallen. God bless the Van Wagner family.

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