This tribute was added by Michelle Ouellette on October 22, 2020
I had the pleasure of being Karin’s grade 2 teacher in 2011. She was was a kind, gentle, caring little girl. When I think of Karin I have the vision of her big beaming smile and that’s the way I will always remember her. She brought a lot to this world during her short time here. We were all lucky to know her
This tribute was added by Neal Singh on October 19, 2020
My family was very touched by Karins story, we were so heart broken to learn that was no longer here with us. Sending you prayers and loving thoughts.

Neal, Jenene, and Malcolm.
This tribute was added by Lori Maginnis on October 18, 2020
You are sure going to be missed my young friend. All the wonderful things that were said about you, and all the people whom you touched in your short time here, will forever remember you for what you did, how you played, your sense of humour, your interests, your quirks, your kindness and compassion, and your passion for life. You are an exceptional young lady, and we are going to miss you so much Karin. We were looking forward to hearing about you as a star basketball player, an Olympian even! Well, it's not to say that can't still happen my love...You'll just be playing with the AllStars now. I know we will meet again Karin. Rest easy. You will be forever remembered for your smile and your sunshine eyes by your Uncle Rob and me. 
This tribute was added by Cathy Soares on October 16, 2020
I was so saddened to read the Tri-City newspaper!! My heart is broken. I was one of your preschool teachers. You were such a smart sweet girl. I am one of the lucky ones who got to know you when you were young. I am sending my prayers and love to your mom, dad, Jacob and Justin!!! Thinking of you all in this very hard time. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
This tribute was added by Jessica Marcone on October 15, 2020
Karin, I had the pleasure of getting to know you on Team Tropical during your grade 8 year at Citadel. Your energy is infectious and your light still shines bright here. I appreciated the time you took out of your lunch break to help me coach grade 6 basketball (thank goodness for that, as you've seen my dribbling skills...). I am also grateful for the "hello's!" and life updates you'd share when you popped by Citadel in your spare time. You will be forever missed. #2kstrongforever
This tribute was added by Heather London on October 13, 2020
We were decorating the gym for the grade 5 leaving ceremony at Castle Park (Justin's year). All the kids were there hanging.

I asked Teena if she could give my son Phoenix a lesson on how awesome girls are at basketball - a little one on one action perhaps to drive the point home;)
Although T really wanted to teach that lesson, she decided it might not be the best idea and so she recruited Karin to give the lesson for her.

They played one on one and every minute or so, Teena added more challenges like only two dribbles etc. 
Even though Phoe was taller and older than Karin, she won and she did it with her quiet, graceful, humble self and what I remember the most is that awesome grin of hers - so sweet and kind no matter what the circumstance. 
A true champion thru and thru!

We miss you and think about you every day Karin!
This tribute was added by Jamine Hickman on October 12, 2020
We miss you so much, Karin. Our house feels emptier without you. Thank you so much for being such a great friend to Enzo and Diego and for being our extra kid from down the street. We’re so blessed to have shared so many special times with you. Be at peace and free of pain. We love you. ❤️

Steve and Jamine
This tribute was added by Jaden Severy on October 11, 2020
Karin you will always be that Special Valentine who touched my heart and inspired me daily. Rest in Peace ❤ I send your family love strength and prayers ❤ #2kstrongforever
This tribute was added by Stephanie Misic on October 11, 2020
She will always be in our hearts our sweet Angel ❤️
This tribute was added by Leah Clements on October 11, 2020
We will miss you so very much❤️
You’ll always be in our hearts forever 2kstrong
Love you❤️
This tribute was added by Alison Merton on October 10, 2020
She will always be in our hearts #2kstrongforever❤️
This tribute was added by JENNIFER KHUONG on October 9, 2020
Love and miss you so much carebear, it hurts - xoxo mom & dad

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