Karl-Heinz Rolf Albert Lenz, 62, of Westville, NJ, passed away peacefully, surrounded by his loving family on June 14, 2014.

Karl-Heinz, A.K.A. “Herman the German” immigrated to the U.S. at age 20 from Bremerhaven Germany.

Predeceased by his son, Christopher Daniel Lenz, Karl is survived, and sorely missed by, his devoted wife Evelyn Helene Lenz (Dyrnes) and his three loving children, Karl-Heinz Thomas Lenz, Erik Stephen Lenz and Jessica Alexis Lenz.  As well as an extended family in New York and Germany, he is also Opa to three wonderful grandchildren, Emily Aileen Lenz, Aiden Christopher Lenz and Nicholas Anthony Lenz.

Karl-Heinz spent many years as a skilled baker and was a hardworking provider for his family.  Most recently he worked for Eastern Regional High School, from which he retired earlier this year.  He set a strong example for his children to emulate.  He loved The Beatles, fishing, time spent with his family and marathon sessions of History Channel or Food Network programming.  He always wanted to be a chef.

Posted by Jeanett Russo on January 7, 2022
Happy Birthday in Heaven Karl ❤️
Posted by Evelin Krüger on June 14, 2019
Mein Schieter !
Ich denke sehr oft an Dich!
Posted by Jeanett Russo on January 7, 2019
You will be forever in my heart Karl Heinz!
Posted by Evelin Krüger on January 7, 2019
Ich denke an Dich, mein Schieter .
Du bist in meinem Herzen.
Posted by Jeanett Russo on January 7, 2017
Thinking of you on your Birthday in heaven
Posted by Dan Mayleas on January 7, 2017
Every person place or thing impacts your life on some level. Karl Senior was and still is in my heart .. still is my big brother. The experiences and times we shared will live with me forever. Thinking of you today especially
Posted by mary moore on June 15, 2016
Hey Karl. Miss seeing you hanging out on the front porch. Now you have Evie up there to boss you around while you happily ignore her.
Posted by Jeanett Russo on June 14, 2016
Two years in heaven today June 14. You have Evie with you this year which still doesnt seem real to me. What a month! Adrian joined you June 11, Mutti's birthday June 12 & Garryts birthday June 13. Hope you guys are all having a great party!
Posted by Jeanett Russo on April 2, 2016
Hey Karl Give Evie a hug for me. I love you guys
Posted by Jeanett Russo on March 31, 2016
I really miss you Karl Heinz
Posted by Jeanett Russo on January 8, 2016
Its Elvis's birthday in heaven today. Karl & Evie introduced me to Elvis one afternoon on The 4:30 movie when I was 12. I can still see them laughing when I asked who that handsome guy was! Karl & I watched The 4:30 movies together the entire week that Elvis was on. We talked about Elvis a lot. I liked the new Viva Elvis songs where the songs were sped up, had some added instruments & vocals added. I was happy there is still interest in Elvis after all this time but Karl didnt care for them. When I asked him why he just said "Nah, I dont like it" He liked the original Elvis songs. I still have an Elvis book Karl gave me when I was 12 years old
Posted by Dan Mayleas on January 7, 2016
Kalle was my big brother during the first 15 years of my life.In all that time the only bad thing I remember is that he ditched me a few times to hang with some older friends and not babysit my butt. I have since forgiven him for that. He never betrayed me ,, ever and to me he lives in my conscience I remember experiences and lessons in life that can not be expressed in words... "Trust ! "

I said this before but it is important enough to say again.

Their spirit can live with you, as long as you allow it, so although Kalle is not physically "Here" ... he is with me.
Posted by Jeanett Russo on January 7, 2016
My Dear Uncle Karl Heinz Happy Birthday in Heaven. I left a bottle of Curry ketshup with Evie. I love you & miss you
Posted by mary moore on January 7, 2016
Again I beat you to another year older. You are sincerely missed. we loved sitting and talking with you. In Bruces case standing under the hood.
Posted by Evelin Krüger on January 7, 2016
Miss you my Schieter
Posted by Jeanett Russo on June 14, 2015
Posted by mary moore on June 14, 2015
You were a terrific person. We miss your presence in this world. you were a good friend to all who knew you.
Posted by Evelin Krüger on January 7, 2015
Happy Birthday my Schieter!
Posted by Nicole Eads Lenz on June 20, 2014
Big Karl,
You were the best father in law a girl could ask for. You embodied so many qualities I admire; patience, unconditional support, and such pride in your family. Though you were a man of few words, if one found the right trigger words you were rewarded with a big smile and a great conversation. It's been 18 years since I was introduced to this wonderful family, and never for a minute did I not feel warm welcome and acceptance from you. I loved how uncomplicated you were, you were a "what you see is what you get" kinda guy. You were so easy to be around, and it was the little things in life that made you happiest. I was so proud to give you a granddaughter and I know how fiercely she loves her Opa. She knew she could get you to buy her contraband candy every visit. I knew every visit you and I would go to the Amish market, we would sample the foods, and then you would trapse around the craft area with me. You couldn't have been less interested in the crafts and merchandise but you never once complained, never rushed me. Maybe we didn't share a lot of heart to heart conversations but we bonded none the less. Over a fresh hot delbuno roll, a Carmen sub, or rolling our eyes when mama lenz would lovingly nag you. :) you made me feel important by always doing that stuff with me, making sure we fit it all in during our visits. We always marveled at your ability to find a comfy chair and nod off wherever you were. :) you always took our teasing in good humor, knowing it all came from a place of love.
My life is fuller for having known you, for having married into your family. Thank you for raising such a smart and funny man that I am happy to call my husband. You gave him the solid foundation of a fantastic childhood. You helped give him the qualities to be the wonderful husband and father he is. He always knew you had his back and was proud of him.
You will be missed, but what you have created and nurtured here on earth will live on.
Posted by Maria Dyrnes on June 20, 2014
I remember Karl hienz being an amazing cook. I remember that despite he was a German man he could make anything from any culture. He was a truly nice brother in law & I will miss him.
Posted by Jean Jablonski-Hughes on June 19, 2014
I remember a quiet, kind and gentle man. Jimmy always had high regards for Karl and every time he knew I was seeing Evie, he always asked how Karl was doing. We were very saddened by Karl's untimely illness and his passing. May he rest in Peace.
Posted by mary moore on June 19, 2014
I liked seeing Karl. He wouldn't say that much, but he didn't have to. His eyes and face would tell you exactly what he was thinking. When he did speak he always had a kindness and a humor that made him a joy to be around. He will be very missed.
Posted by Lisa Mentz Diehle on June 19, 2014
My deepest sympathy for the Lenz's family!!! I had the pleasure of meeting Karl I'm glad he came into my life !! one thing I learn about Karl he loved soccer and fishing & food for sure:-)!! The whole Lenz family is the  true meeting of friendship I will miss u RIP Karl
Posted by Heidi Klupp on June 18, 2014
Im Sommer 2000- wir waren WATTWANDERN-von Cuxhaven Sahlenburg nach Neuwerk. Kalle du hast den ganzen Weg den Proviant getragen und GUT darauf geachtet, damit wir uns alle nach der Wanderung stärken konnten.Das war ein sehr schönes Jahr mit vielen schönen Ereignissen die ich nie vergessen werde....
Mit Worten kann ich den Verlust meines Bruders nicht ausdrücken- es tut so weh im Herzen.
Kalle, ich hab dich lieb
Deine Schwester Heidi und dein Schwager Alex
Ganz viel Licht und Wärme für Dich Evie,Pummie,Erik und Jessica
Posted by Evelin Krüger on June 18, 2014
Kalle was in Germany in 2000.We went by car and he was asleep.
My aunt Hilde was sitting behind me.
She asked him: Kalle, are you sleeping? KALLE!! Are you sleeping?
He woke up and said: What? No I'm watching the houses.
Everytime I think about this...I'm smiling.
Schieter ich bin traurig ueber die Zeit, die wir nicht miteinander hatten.
I'sad about the times we didn't have together.
You will be always in my heart.
Posted by Jennifer Harynek on June 18, 2014
My tribute to Onkel Karl- Heinz:

I always knew, that there has been Onkel Karl- Heinz, a brother of my mum, in the USA with her aunt Tante Hilde.

I remember our first and only one meeting in the summer 2000 in Germany.

There is one story on my mind:

Onkel Karl- Heinz, Jessica and me on the way to look for corn by bicycle. We had a lot of fun at our little tour. Everything has been green and around us a lot fields of corn. My dog Merry was running forward. So we had to drive faster. Puh!! Home again, Onkel Karl- Heinz was cooking for us....yummy, lecker!
Next day we had a little bit "aua" with our Popo.

It's not a lot, but it's enough for me to know, that Onkel Karl- Heinz is a special member of our family!

Onkel Karl- Heinz, you will always on my mind!

Deine Jennifer
Posted by Karl-Heinz Lenz on June 17, 2014
Love you Pop. You were my guidepost. I only hope I can be half the father you were.
Posted by Jeanett Russo on June 17, 2014
So many adventures in Germany as kids. He always took the time to talk to me even though I must have been an annoying little kid & he had to baby sit me. Always kind & soft spoken. Karl introduced me to Elvis! I remember Evie & Karl dating & them watching the 4:30 movie together with me. They were laughing at me because I just kept saying "Who is this handsome guy" I was about 12. Karl said that this (Blue Hawaii) was an old movie, that he (Elvis) was old now! They were dating so I guess any one over 30 was old! Karl was there the next day & the day after to watch another Elvis 4:30 movie with me with out knocking him again. We loved talking about Elvis together. Told that story to DJ for Elvis Radio & he put it on XM Radio. Nothing but Good thoughts & memories when I think of Karl Heinz. I will really miss him
Posted by Rick Reinhard on June 17, 2014
I was just remembering when we met working at The Bagel Place we became friends it was time in my life I am very grateful for it was one of the best things that happened to me now not just friends I feel like family I will always consider the whole family like my own I cherish that forever God Bless now let's EAT
Posted by Dan Mayleas on June 17, 2014
Karl-Heinz or as he was affectionately known to many of his friends and family as simply "Kalle" was and to me still is as close to a brother as brother can be. Kalle and I grew up in the suburbs of Bremerhaven Germany. For many years the nearest neighbor was a farmer named Klehman. This farmer who owned cows horses pigs chickens and what not, would work all day in the field and we would keep an eye on him as he would create these huge towers of cut grass to make hey. I would say by the end of the day these hey towers would be 2 stories tall and maybe 15 feet in diameter. There would be about 4 or 5 of these left out to dry ... probably used to feed his animals during the winter. From what i know now if the grass was cut and did not dry properly it would rot. BUT as kids ... what did we care.

This is where things get interesting You all hear of the game King of the mountain. Yes you guessed it someone would climb to the top of this mountain of hey while the others tried to take down the king. To make this story short and sweet ... we would tear the mountain apart and when it was only a few feet tall would move onto the next one ... rise and repeat. Always keeping a keen eye on making sure the farmer wasn't sneaking up on us. We all ended up with hey in our hair inside our clothes and probably in our teeth if one didn't remember to keep they mouth shut as we were pushed down the mountain. I guess that is my first memory of Kalle. I feel bad for the farmer now since when he came back the next day and saw what we did ... well he had no choice but to rebuild the mountain so we could again tear them down ... I mean so his hey would not rot. This story took place around 1962 before farmers had heavy machinery or tractors to do the labor intensive work.

It must have been worth it because here it is 50 some odd years later and I still remember the good time we had.
Posted by Colleen Fox on June 17, 2014
Dear Evelyn Lenz, My deepest sympathy to you and your family. I remember Karl when he came from Germany, I was friends withJeanette Mayleas. I remember you to Evelyn. God bless you and your family. Again my condolences.

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Posted by Jeanett Russo on January 7, 2022
Happy Birthday in Heaven Karl ❤️
Posted by Evelin Krüger on June 14, 2019
Mein Schieter !
Ich denke sehr oft an Dich!
Posted by Jeanett Russo on January 7, 2019
You will be forever in my heart Karl Heinz!
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