People that knew Kasreeyal knew that he had a heart for all his friends. Kasreeyal was the outgoing person of the party. He always had a smile on his face. When he was younger Kasreeyal received the highest academic award. What can I say my son was brilliant and a darn good football player. Kasreeyal loved to make sure (as he would call it) looking fresh or his swag. Kasreeyal always cracked his jokes or playing his music. Kasreeyal had just received his driver license the day before his departure he was so excited about how all his plans was coming together. Son u r truly truly missed. This is very hard for everyone to process. We will be at peace once we catch whoever did this.

From the time he was born I knew my son was smart and a brilliant child. At the age of seven years old he started to play football. As time went on my son my king became a football star. That's when he realized and said to me mom I want to be a football star and play for college and continue to nfl. As he grew older he continued his dream playing football. On February 5, 2016 that dream was taking from him. As we continue to fight justice for my son. U r truly missed and loved. Rip my son my king