A Tribute to Kate

Shared by Lisa Bowers on 18th February 2019

This is to Kate, who I hope has heard all of the well-deserved accolades for all that she accomplished and the gratitude from the many people she touched. 

Kate, even though I worked for you for just over a year, I am so grateful for that time. You shared your passion for green building and for the “movement,” introduced me to people making a difference and most of all, pulled for me when I needed reinforcement. My first month at USGBC involved trailing you at Greenbuild Boston and getting a little taste of Greenbuild through your eyes. 

In the last year, I was able to look at the Global Greenbuild franchise you created with your vision. What a privilege.

Your conviction, great analytical skills, dedication to equal representation, and your sharing a perspective I may have missed are so appreciated.  Your concern for others and your team was manifested in the “what interesting fact would you like to share with the team?” posed to new team members, the interest in the travel dreams, and new year aspirations at your annual new year’s get-together. Your grace, calm presence, and dedication will never be forgotten.

Sweet Kate

Shared by Joyce DePass on 11th February 2019

I've known Kate for some time through her work with USGBC. This is a tragic loss and I will miss her terribly. I have never known a kinder, more soulful, and genuine person. Wise beyond her years, driven and successful. And so strong to be carrying such a heavy burden. Rest now sweet Kate. 

True Professional

Shared by Stephen Carter on 11th February 2019

I had the good fortune to meet and work with Kate  through our commitment to Greenbuild

She brought true professionalism to all of our discussions and debates

her approach was always firm and fair, and driven by the essence of why USGBC exists and the community Greenbuild is there to serve

I last saw her in DC in November , focused and friendly and keen to see Chicago be all that it could be

she will be sadly and sorely missed as a true professional and a fine person.

My deepest condolences to her family and close friends


Shared by Jing Wang on 1st February 2019

I worked with Kate on two events. The last time I met with her was two months ago at Greenbuild Chicago - she stood strong and professional.Knowing her fight with cancer now, I can not imagine how strong she had been. It is a pity that I didn’t have the fortune to know her as a person outside of work. I can’t help noticing the guitars hanging on the wall of her office. I was thinking back then she must be talented and fun. Kate, you will be missed. 

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