Let the memory of Kathy, her strength, her laughter, her loving heart, be with us forever
  • 38 years old
  • Born on May 6, 1968 in Watertown, New York, United States.
  • Passed away on April 2, 2007 in Watertown, New York, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Kathleen Conklin Higgins 38 years old , born on May 6, 1968 and passed away on April 2, 2007. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Dakota Weaver on 5th November 2018
Hi mom, I just wanted to give you an update. I mm doing better. I now have two jobs. I work at buffalo wild wings and IHOP here in Watertown. Its tiring but I am making things work and getting the back rent taken care of. I work anywhere from eight to fifteen hours a day. It depends on the schedule. I am also paying some of my bills off from when I wasn't working. Other than that everything is good. I love you and miss you very much. Love, Kotabug.
Posted by Dakota Weaver on 23rd July 2018
Hi Mom... Its Dakota again. I just learned that Joanna has moved to Syracuse. I do not like that but I guess that it is best with all of her doctors there. it would make things easier. I do not know why I was thinking about you today so much but i figured since I was, that you needed an update on my life. It has been an interesting seven months. My girlfriend has left me and is with someone else. After my heart attack last year, she realized that she didn't want to be a widow at age thirty. I cant blame her. Parole made an order that I am not allowed to have contact with her. I do not agree but there is nothing that I am able to do I guess. it seems that everyone I get close to, I am not allowed to be around. Frankly, its pissing me off. I am currently unemployed and have flunked out of college. I am not sure what I am going to do. I am not caught up in rent and have no more temporary assistance to use for DSS. So if I get evicted, it is back to prison for me. I have been trying to get a job since march but that hasn't been working. People look at my record and shun me. I guess that is the consequences of moving in with my sperm donor. So to sum everything up, I am unemployed, about to lose my place, flunked out of college, and am in love with someone that I am not able to have. She is single now and goes to JCC and works at Sonic Drive in in Watertown. Despite her being single, I still cant contact her. Sometimes it feels like life hits you when you are down and then keeps hitting you. I am not sure what to do or where to go. I bet you would know where I needed to go and what I could do. I bet you know what is the best route to take here. So life has been rather complicated lately. But it is what it is. Hopefully I can figure out a plan to get everything situated. I have to figure something out. I have n o one that I could live with. I have no where to go. DSS wont put me up anywhere. So I guess I am on my own. I love you mom and I will keep you updated eventhough I am sure you know what is going on in my life. TTYL....
Posted by Joanna Higgins on 6th May 2018
Happy Birthday, sweetheart! <3
Posted by Joanna Higgins on 6th May 2018
Hi sweetheart. today you would have been 50 years old. My heart aches when I think of that. All of this time we could have been growing old together, but instead I am just getting old. You left way too soon, but I know that you had to go. You were just in too much pain and you weren't going to get any better. You had too much to offer the world and were too good a person to have to leave so early in life. I miss you so much that it hurts to even think about it. We were good together, and we will be good together again, one day.
Posted by Wanda Larkins on 6th May 2018
I will always remember the fun times we had at the family cookouts.
Posted by Joanna Higgins on 2nd April 2018
Hi Sweetheart: We came to see you today, Selene, Danny, Braddock, and I. The snow finally melted so we could get in to see you. We bought and planted some yellow roses for you because spring is the time for new growth and you haven't gotten roses for a long time (not my fault though, I don't have your address and I don't think the florist can deliver up there anyway). Selene and Dan are doing pretty good, you would be so proud of both of them. And you would absolutely adore Braddock. In fact, we are pretty sure that he has been talking to you sometimes. Out of the mouths of babes, they say. We had a nice Easter dinner yesterday, but without you and your mom, it just isn't the same. Love always, me PS - two things I forgot. I started a GoFundMe campaign to try to raise money to buy a headstone for your mom. I hope it succeeds because she deserves more than a cheap label. Also, on the drive home from the cemetery the other day, I pulled off the road and wrote a poem for you. I hope you like it. "Eleven years have come and gone, but the memories, they still linger on. Of holding hands, and snuggling tight, to keep us warm those frigid nights. The kids are grown and on their own, and I am waiting here, alone, until the day we meet again and in each other's arms, we'll be. Amen".
Posted by Wanda Larkins on 2nd April 2018
thinking of you today
Posted by Wanda Larkins on 13th November 2017
Hello Kathi. Just remembering the last time I saw you at the cookout. You are missed
Posted by Dakota Weaver on 12th November 2017
Hello mom! I am sitting here and figures I would take the time to write you a note since it has been a while. I am doing good right now. I am working and going to college. I am getting a degree in business administration as well as human services. It is a lot of hard work but it is worth it. I am not sure what I want to do with my degree but if I am not able to start my own business I am sure that I will be able to get a job sw a manager somewhere and that is beter than working fast food all the time. I work with Jason Matthews now. He got hired right after Ieft for my heart attack. Yea, I had a heart attack and almost died. They rushed me to ST. Joes. It was scarry. I have lost 45 pounds since then though. I am getting things taken care of so I am able to get the Gastric Bypass surgeery. I am going to have to take a semester off from college to do it and get some type of DSS help. Good thing my insurance pays for it. RIght now I am living on mill Street and it is nuts over here. There are drug raids alot and there are always cops here. It is getting annoying. But it is what it is. I love you mom. I will be by to see you soon.
Posted by Dakota Weaver on 6th May 2017
Today is one of the rough days as we look at your birthday and wish it was the way it used to be. April, Janyce, Danny and I would be walking into your room with your breakfast and Joannas coffee. The way things were before all of our lives changed. Everyday I sit here and cant help but think what would mom tell me to do or what would mom think if I do this. I know that I am sad today as most of the rememberable days.After you passed, there were several people told me that you get over someones death but i am not getting over it. I am not convinced. It hasnt happened. For a while I thought maybe if i forget you it would be all better but that didnt work. I could not forget. Looking back on it I thought life was rough living at home with you and Joe but i have come to learn that it wasnt all that bad. Yes there were days that I didnt like it and was mad at oth of you but when that was was mainly when you guys were trying to raise me to be a respectable man. Forgetting you is not something that I want to do. I need your memories in my life. Wheher or not you knew it before you passed I did and do love you. Not a day goes by where I wish there was a magical time machine where i can go back in time and change the things I did before you went into the hospital. Even before that to the point where I moved out. The reality is that I cant and I know that I love you and always will. You will always be a part of my life eventhough you are not here because I know that you are watching over all of us. You are in heaven looking at us and guiding us. You are there with your dad, mom brothers that have passed and aunt Selene. You are in a place where most of us want to be and i want you to know that it is all good down here. the family may have gone there separate ways but we all love you very much. May the memories of MY MOMMY remain in our hearts forever. They are ones that we can cherish and love.
Posted by Joanna Higgins on 2nd April 2017
Ten years. Ten very long years you have been gone from us. From your friends, From the kids. And, from me. Things have changed so much during that time, it would be hard for you to believe. The kids are grown, some are doing OK and some not so much, but I know that they all still miss you terribly and wish you were still here. I'm the same way. I miss you so much and wish you were here to share my life with. But you were taken way too early, and that is the way life is sometimes. Life goes on, but it hasn't been fun for ten very long years. I love you, sweetie. Thank you for being in my life.
Posted by Dakota Weaver on 2nd April 2017
Hi mom, its Kotabug. Its hard to imagine that it has been ten years as of today that you passed. It has been a struggle for all of us and as time goes by it does get easier but the pain never goes away. I miss you right now more than ever. Everything is nuts with me being on parole. I am working and going to college now also I am no longer at Hearthstone. I have a girlfriend that is living with me now and she is going to college and working also.Her name is Katie. She is a very amazing woman and the love of my life. You would love her. I know you watch over all of us every day and that you love us dearly. I love you even more today then the day you passed. I am always thinking about you and love and miss the times that we had. Love Always, Kotabug
Posted by Dakota Weaver on 8th June 2016
Hi mom its Dakota. I wanted to leave a note and let you know that everyday without you is getting harder and harder. Everyone says that it gets easier as time goes on but I think that is something they say to make themselves feel better. I left u a smoke at the cemetery the other day. I was going to c granny and grampa comklin but its been so long that I am not sure where they are buried. Im sure they know that I tried. I am asking you to touch the hearts of everyone that has touched mine. Even the ones that I am not able to c right now. Parole has ordered that I cut all ties with hearthstone and as you know my family as well. I am working on getting all of this sorted out. Please watch over everyone that I love for me and give granny a kiss for me. Love ya mom and we will talk soon. Love Kotabug
Posted by Wanda Larkins on 6th May 2016
Happy Birthday in heaven Kathi, I remember the fun we had at the last cook-out. Love your cousin Wanda
Posted by Joanna Higgins on 30th September 2015
Hi Sweetie. We have grandkids, a bunch of them. And I know that you are looking out for them. The kids are each having their individual struggles, but in time I am sure that they will be OK. Your mom is also struggling, please touch her in her dreams and let her know that you and the family up there are OK. I love you and miss you so much. Forever, Me
Posted by Raeven Moon on 2nd April 2014
I love you so much mom, the past 7 years have been hard without you. It seems like every year gets harder without you here but I know you're watching over us and you're with Aunt Selene, Uncle Rick, Grampa, Roscoe and Pebbles. I swear sometimes Elijah is talking to you when he is supposed to be sleeping. I never told you but you are my best friend and my hero. I love you mommy. Your putzbuttz
Posted by Joanna Higgins on 26th November 2013
Happy Thanksgiving, Sweetheart! Love you still and always, Me :-)
Posted by Joanna Higgins on 2nd April 2013
Sweetheart, it doesn't seem like six years since that awful day. Awful for us that remained here, but great for you because you were free from the pain and you got to meet God, Jesus and your loving family and friends that had passed before you. I love you, and miss you terribly. Your loving husband, Joe
Posted by Mel Bishop on 29th July 2012
Kathi aka female was my veriest bestest friend in da hole werld.. ( as we used to put it ) LOL she was and still is a treasure in my heart and mind. I had never been so close to anyone. We were at some points inseperable.. Mutt and jeff.. the short and tall of it. My female, my best friend my heart sister and chain sister. we 2 were as one. I love you female your woman

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