Shared by Candy Baker on January 15, 2014

  In memory of Mom, january 25th 1992 to 2014's been a long 22 years now that we have been apart,  Mom, I know nothing can bring you back, I just do my best to keep your memory alive, I miss you so much words just can't even describe. it's just not the same without your happy beautiful face and laughter you brought to so many here to enjoy. I wish you knew how sorry I am for not being there for you as I could have. for anyone who does not take that precious time out for your loved ones, you may live to regret it.your parents should be your most valued treasure, and vise versa, I'm now older then my mother ever got to be which is a strange feeling, its so true what they say about time, it has a way of zooming past us all then before you realize it, its to late, so cherish all the precious moments, Oh and Mom I have been blessed to have met the most kind and loving man, My best friend my husband. you would love him, he's so perfect to me, Finally happy and feeling good, :) Oh and Mom, I see you in your beautiful grand kids, Craig has a Beautiful family of 6,   XOXO Candyce

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