This celebration of Kathys life is created in memory of Kathleen Jean (Stringer)Courtney, 58, born on November 3, 1957 and continues her journey to the next life on May 22, 2016. 

If ever there was a person who lived life to the fullest, it was Kathy. 

So many stories, so many adventures.

Sadly, the message came to late for me to attend but the amazing part is how I was led to discover your passing beginning with a search on the internet and one accidental click.

Kathy, your footprints have traveled many roads through many hearts and souls and through each one of us a piece of you lives on.

Farewell Kathy, thank you for so many memories.

With great sadness I release you until we meet again.

Know how much you are loved, always and by so many.

Posted by Scott Stringer on May 19, 2020
Hello Kathy!

It's been about 4 years since you left us but your absence still leaves a void that only you could fill. We all miss you and love you.

Cherokee Prayer Blessing

May the Warm Winds of Heaven
Blow softly upon your house.
May the Great Spirit
Bless all who enter there.
May your Mocassins
Make happy tracks
in many snows,
and may the Rainbow
Always touch your shoulder.

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Posted by Scott Stringer on May 19, 2020
Hello Kathy!

It's been about 4 years since you left us but your absence still leaves a void that only you could fill. We all miss you and love you.

Cherokee Prayer Blessing

May the Warm Winds of Heaven
Blow softly upon your house.
May the Great Spirit
Bless all who enter there.
May your Mocassins
Make happy tracks
in many snows,
and may the Rainbow
Always touch your shoulder.
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Messages from the beyond

Shared by Scott Stringer on June 10, 2016

Where to begin with these messages from beyond.

There is so much more to the spiritual world that we know and in my life,  I have had many occasions to experience these messages through the passing of many friends and family but have only recently listened, truly listened and as I look back and remember all of these other passages, I remember their words as well.

They are voices as clear as what one might hear but I hear them spoken upon my heart like quiet whisperings but still very clear and to whom they are associated with.

I also believe that when people, pass all the negative remains behind and from wherever these voices emanate, they bring with them only our best interests in mind and always with great love.

This particular passing of my sister in law, Kathy occurred within days of my Aunts passing and also a serious event regarding my brother- all of the info coming to me within the space of a few days. It was almost more than I could bear especially since it was too late to attend any of the services or be there for my brother.

it was quite an experience to feel so many emotions all at one time. I never thought it possible to experience so much so fast. Then odd things happened beginning with those voices and a word from Kathy regarding her children in which she clearly expressed to me that I do all in my power to be there for them. I related this story to one of her daughters who wasn't quite sure what to say as the message was coming while we were speaking on the phone. Then I was instructed to tell her to remember the color red as an indication that it really was Kathy. We were both floored because just recently one of the children had a tattoo with the predominate color being red! The tattoo is displayed here in this memorial. I was also told to tell her that she would hear a song that she had not heard in a very long time where she works containing a special message to her.. I am still waiting to hear what happened with that one.

Then a few days later I was reminded to send a birthday card to her first daughter and the message stated to include a certain amount of cash. I had not sent birthday cards for many, many years and had decided that I would resume beginning with Kathy's eldest daughter.

She received the card today and asked me why that particular amount of cash. I told her it was what had been spoken upon my heart to send, so I sent that amount. Then she told me why it so surprised her. It was the same amount that her mother had always sent her!

I have also come to realize the reason why these events were kept from me, again,by those quiet whisperings and this time from Kathy and my Aunt, Jean. It had to do with a serious pre-cancer  illness I was going through. Something that I had not shared with anyone. I had been bedridden for much of the time and unable to take the medications offered at the time. To many side effects. A different treatment only recently just came out, three months duration. I began those treatments about 4 months ago and finished them about a month ago now and am still on the mend, in full remission.

So, it was explained to me that this was why these events were kept from me, The events were kept from me from the spiritual world because it was known that I did not have the physical or emotional strength yet to have dealt with all of that and was also assured that it was with my best interests in mind have these things happen the way that they did because they so loved me and knew that I would understand in time. I do understand and am very thankful and very greatful now that all of this happened the way that it did.

The last thing that this family needs is another death so soon. Much love to you all in all of these life's journeys that we all share in one way or another even though time and distance may separate us.

Diamonds of snow

Shared by Scott Stringer on June 5, 2016

Seems like only yesterday over 30 years ago when we first met. I remember that night very well. 

Angela was about 2 years old, just learning to talk and one of the cutest little girls that I had ever seen.

You and I went for a walk in the snow later on that night talking and getting to know each other.

I can still smell the snow in the air and hear the crunch and crackle of our footsteps as we walked along.

It was one of those cold, crisp moonlight nights and the light of the moon was reflecting on the snow making it appear as though millions of diamonds had been cast everywhere the snow lay.

I still feel the cold and wind from that night and remember that winter sky, so many stars under a brilliant full moon.

It was an incredible, wonderful moment in time. A moment that I always remember every time I think of you.

I will miss you and the many phone calls we had over the years but at the very least, I still have all these memories.

Know that I always admired your strength and perseverance in the so many ways that you overcame so many challenges in your life - a strength and perseverance that became a rock of strength and security for so many people. 

You taught this same strength to so many others and often times without them even knowing it through the countless examples you set through your own actions.

Your were and still are a testament and a beckoning light in the storms of life that so many have found there way again because of these examples you set. 

Your light continues and is even stronger now in our hearts.

If human beings could be among the wonders of the world, I have no doubt that you would have been named as one of these wonders.

Midnights’ Song

Shared by Scott Stringer on May 26, 2016

Midnights’ Song Page I (The Lyrics Of A Mad Man) AKA Stuart Dale Stringer

Quickly come to midnights’ song and run the path to redeeming dawn.
To know the feeling deep inside that leads us to this raising tide.
Yes, pray the song of deep despair will never have to take you there.
True love for you is not my own as beauty such is not mans tome.
Quickly come to midnights’ song and stay with me the night is long.

The dark and light an endless flight that twist the soul into this plight.
Now dream a tale of ravens flight with wings of black into the night.
Glide upon the winds of time while dreaming of the specters rhyme.
Then murder of the day by night and open up the deep most sight.
Quickly come to midnights’ song and share the breath of life so strong.

Yes see the lady dressed on red and grace the time that come ahead.
She the child of times of old embraced of things that glitter gold.
Her smile must wane upon this earth to give the life of endless birth.
Forever is the woman called to share the warmth of fires deep hearth.
Quickly come to midnights’ song and the ravens flight is endless on.

Lyrics sing of times to come and all the earths and what it done.
The nature of this time and place tortured by the human race.
Saints of day do not portray the dark placed truth of yesterday.
Light expanding in the night casting shadows left to right.
Quickly come to midnights’ song and hide the love that has no wrong.

Now and then to have a friend with witness to their self made end.
Steep paths in darkest soul to thread an ageless line of mental woe.
As the sands of smallest deeds portray the précis of victories lost once more. 
By the seeds that spawn the weeds among the flowers growing on the shore.
Quickly come to midnights’ song and show the passage through this sea of lore.

Shadows crossing closing in there the spice of something running ever thin.
Murmurs whispered cross the twice some one scheming taking fruitful life.
Deeper further now the aspiration seeking colder waters with damnation.
Love like that is not our own as such like that is daemons most wanted tone.
Quickly come to midnights’ song the time is short between the dawn.

Felicity’s heart of spirits sense freely brought to earths warm grace.
All the gist of sight and sound now what is hidden within the mire. 
Questions answers lies and things that cover up the beautiful rings.
By and by the reason why shall not escape the lynxes rightful eyes. 
Quickly come to midnights’ song and grace this hungry deep blue sea.