Forever in our hearts. You enriched all those whose lives you touched. We will love and miss you always.xx
  • 88 years old
  • Born on January 17, 1925 in Derry, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom.
  • Passed away on August 11, 2013 in Reading, England, United Kingdom.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Kathleen (Kay) Clutson, 88, born on January 17, 1925 and passed away on August 11, 2013. She was just a beautiful person in every way and we will love and miss her always. Every Xmas, every Birthday, every special event that she would have shared with us we will miss her and never a day will go by that we won't think of her.  She was the true meaning of the word Mum...xxxxxxx

Posted by Karen Bernard on 11th August 2018
So Mum its 5 years today since we lost you. I have been to Reading and been to the cemetary and left you flowers. Its been hard surrounded by so many memories today but I know you would hate me to be sad. Will raise a glass to you later Mum. I wrote this little poem for you. I hope you like it. Love and Miss you always.
Posted by Karen Bernard on 4th June 2018
Hello my darling Mum. I have been thinking of you so much these past few days. It was Taylor's 19th Birthday on Saturday how proud you would be of him. He is working now he has an Apprenticeship and a girlfriend, a lovely girl called Becky. Oh Mum I so wish you were still here. You were the best and I bloody miss you. Jamie has grown up too its so sad that you never get to put your arms around them.. Dad cant hear at all now so I dont get to speak to him on the phone anymore
Posted by Karen Bernard on 17th January 2018
Happy Birthday my darling Mum. I miss you so so much. I will never get over losing you. Every day I think of you. Thank you for everything you were the best Mum. There was nothing you wouldn't do for me. Oh to be as good a parent as you were. Love you always.xxxxx
Posted by Karen Bernard on 27th December 2017
Miss you Mum. Another Xmas without you. Miss you still so very much. Miss our daily chats, our hugs, our laughter. Dad is just not Dad anymore either bless him. He misses you so much and I think he died inside the day you died. Taylor and Jamie have grown up so much now Mum. Not the boys who shared your life. I hate that you have missed so much of their lives Mum. Love you and think of you always my darling Mum.xx
Posted by Karen Bernard on 11th August 2017
4 years today I lost you Mum.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ time does not make it easier its just a reminder of all the things you have missed and we haven't shared. Love you Mum you were the best.xxxx If I had just one more hour what would I say I would thank you for all the little things you did for me before you passed away For the times you stood outside school to collect me in the rain, for sticking on a plaster when I had fallen over again. For giving me a hug when I was feeling sad, and saying its ok wee girl its really not so bad. For paddling in the sea with me and making castles in the sand. For singing along with me to my favourite band. For enduring my playing my recorder morning noon and night, as I had to practice until I got it right. For making snowmen with me until your fingers went blue, then making me hot chocolate as I was frozen too. For taking me to see Jungle Book until I knew all the songs off by heart you see its the little things I remember now we are apart. Of course I am grateful for everything you did for me and when I close my eyes its wonderful memories I see. So I thank you Mum from the bottom of my heart I couldnt make a list of all of them but this is a start.
Posted by Karen Bernard on 17th January 2017
Well Mum Xmas, New Year and my Birthday went and of course you were always in my thoughts as nothing is never quite the same without you. So today is your Birthday and I just wish I was able to sing Happy Birthday to you but my gift to you is a poem. I hope you like it.xx ...... I miss you Mum there is nothing more to say, I miss you every minute of every waking day, I miss our conversations, I miss our hugs and laughter too, I miss just being with you, but there is nothing I can do. For there are no stairs to heaven and no plane that flys that far and its not a Sat Nav destination so I cannot drive my car. All I can do is hope that this message gets to you above and that God gives you flowers today and says they are sent from me with lots of love. As on this your Birthday I just wanted you to know that I will never stop missing you and really love you
Posted by Karen Bernard on 15th November 2016
Missing you today Mum so so
Posted by Karen Bernard on 11th August 2016
3 years Mum, how did that happen? Just sitting here thinking of you not that I don't think of you every day because I do but today it just hurts a little bit more as I hate the 11th of August it stole you my Mum, my best friend. I so miss you. I have so many things to tell you and I can't. I miss our daily chats well I just miss everything really. I hope you know how much I am grateful to you for and how much I love you.xxxx
Posted by Karen Bernard on 17th January 2016
Happy Birthday my darling Mum. I haven't posted for a while not because I don't think of you as i do that every day but sometimes its just too sad to put my emotions into words especially over Xmas. I miss you more and more it gets harder without you not easier there is just so much now you don't know or haven't been here to share. I love you and miss you deeply.xxxxxxxxx
Posted by Karen Bernard on 11th August 2015
Getting through the day, you sent me the strength that was needed.xxxx
Posted by Karen Bernard on 11th August 2015
I would just love a hug Mum, can't believe you have been gone 2 years. You would be so proud of everyone Dad is trying his best without you and Lisa does so much for him running him around everywhere. I feel so guilty that I am not there for him being 2 hours away is hard. Taylor and Jamie have grown up so much and there is so much I would love you to know...who knows maybe you do. I love you and miss you every day. You were the best Mum Your Presence I miss you Mum each and every day but I don’t need to tell you this as you know it anyway. You know that I still cry for you when driving in my car, when laying in my bed at night or gazing at a star. When shopping in the supermarket, or just sitting watching TV, yes those tears just creep down my cheeks so unexpectedly. But the reason I know you know this is I feel your presence by my side, for I may not be able to see you Mum but from you I cannot hide. When making a decision I hear your voice within my head, whispering words of guidance like you always said. Reaching out to me when I need a helping hand and I know some of you won’t get this but others will understand. It’s like you know when I am undecided or I don’t know what to do then all of a sudden its clear, my minds made up when I think of you. Your face comes into my head and then the problem just disappears, for you have paid me a visit to take away my fears. I sometimes smell your perfume and I know that this sounds mad and maybe its just wishful thinking but it stops me feeling sad. I gaze at your picture and I hear you asking ask me to step inside, so we can have a chat like we used to and you can wipe the tears I have cried. I just feel your presence Mum in everything I do and maybe that is because I am not prepared to say Goodbye to you. Or maybe there is another reason but that is one you will only get told when God calls you to heaven and from there the earth you behold. For who really knows what lies ahead and what our passed loved ones can see so here is a message to you Mum that comes with love from me. Thank you for all the memories which I will keep safe within my heart And with them locked there forever we will never really be
Posted by Karen Bernard on 10th August 2015
My Darling Mum 2 years tomorrow since you left us. Never a day goes by that I do not think of you. I will miss you forever. Little poem coming your way on here tomorrow.xxxx
Posted by Karen Bernard on 30th March 2015
The sun is shining today Mum. Its the start of the kids Easter holidays...was thinking how you loved to bring chocs and pressies for the boys when they were at home. I was thinking also off how you always bought me those toffee eggs when I was a kid as I loved them so...I miss you more with every passing day there is a part of me that always feels Ionely, I love
Posted by Karen Bernard on 17th January 2015
To my darling Mum on your 90th Birthday...what is there to say except Happy Birthday in heaven, I miss you more than words can say and think of you every day. I have written a Birthday poem for you and will post later on here. Love you always.xxxx
Posted by Karen Bernard on 14th December 2014
Mum its nearly Xmas again and our second one without you, I miss you so much Mum, you were always there to help me through everything so I will never stop missing you. I never understood what the word loss meant until you left us.. I miss and love you so, so much. You were the best Mum ever I will never get over losing you I will just hide it
Posted by Karen Bernard on 9th October 2014
Hi Mum was sitting here having a coffee and just wanted to pick the phone up and have a chat like we used to...I miss you, I hide it well from my boys but when I am here by myself I still shed tears for you. I know you wouldn't want me to be sad but its your fault for being such a great Mum.x Just rang Dad and he can't hear hardly at all on the phone bet your laughing up there at me trying to get him to understand what I am saying. He misses you so much too. Love you Mum.xxxx
Posted by Karen Bernard on 4th September 2014
Hi Mum...September now and I miss you more than ever. Little Jamie went back to school today..he is in year 5 now, you never even saw him start year 4..Taylor goes Tuesday and its his GCSE sad you will never know how he gets on.. I just want you back Mum. Love you.xx
Posted by Karen Bernard on 13th August 2014
It was a year on Monday the 11th August a day etched in my memory and heart forever. I miss you so much Mum, I will never get over your not being here to share my life...Love and Miss You
Posted by Karen Bernard on 15th July 2014
Hi Mum....I have been thinking of you so much, can't believe its now a year since I last saw you in Reading before you left us all. A year how can that be, a year without you! Its so hard Mum, I smile because I had you in my life for so long but because I had you so long it makes it so much harder to not have you here. You were the best, the best Mum, the best listener and my best friend..I love
Posted by Karen Bernard on 16th June 2014
Hi Mum...Just wanted you to know that a poem I wrote about and to you has been published. It is in a book called Candlelight it is for you... THANKFUL A poem dedicated to my Mum (Kay Clutson) who passed away on 11 August 2013 I probably should have said it more, but I hope you always knew, that I was oh so thankful to have a Mum like you. I thank you for the little things and for everything you did. For holding my hand so tenderly when I was a small kid. For tucking me into bed at night and teaching me right from wrong. These are the things I will remember now you are gone. I thank you for listening to me when I was feeling blue, for a Mum makes everything better and that was certainly true of you. I thank you for giving me guidance. I thank you for giving me love, for that is the greatest gift you can give someone and it is sent from God above. I thank you for just being you and a truly wonderful friend, for that is what you were Mum right until the end. Someone I could confide in who knew my every thought, who truly loved their daughter and that really can’t be taught. For I could ask you anything, no matter what it may be, and you always had the right answers to say right back to me. So even though your not here with me I still talk to you every day and I hope that you can hear me and will guide me on my way. For I know that angels look down on us and I hope that you can see that you being an angel is so very hard for me. But amongst all the anguish and amongst all the pain, I want you to know I am thankful Mum, even though life will never be the same..... Feel so proud that words about you are here forever. Love and Miss you so, so much.xx
Posted by Karen Bernard on 2nd June 2014
It is your boy Taylor's 15th Birthday today, first one without his beloved Nan. You loved him so much and I have cried so much today remembering all his lovely childhood days we shared with you. You were the best Nan as you were the best Mum...I love and miss you with all my heart and no it doesn't get easier.xxxx
Posted by Karen Bernard on 7th May 2014
Been thinking of you is a little poem I wrote to let you know how we are all doing. Love Gods Test..... So its nearly 9 months now since you passed away and so much has happened since then there is so much to say. So I have decided to write this poem and send it to you above and hope that you will hear it as its sent with so much love. We are looking after Dad Mum but he misses you every day as after 62 years together would it be any other way? But although he is very lonely he is doing ok and we are all going to lunch on his Birthday on the 10th of May. As its the first one for a long time that you have not been by his side, so it will be strange for us all but our feelings we must hide. So your boy Taylor went to China how lucky was he? It was one of the last things we told you of but the photos you will never see. Jamie joined a football team and he is doing really well, he has scored a few goals for them, oh Mum there is so much to tell. You will remember that Martin changed his job just before you went away he seems to be enjoying it and doesn’t drive so far each day. Marie and Lisa look after Dad they take him wherever he needs to go and you won’t believe he came to me for Xmas for a week you know! Everyone does the best they can do, but we think of you every day, And for me life is not the same since you passed away. I just feel a little lost without you I have even gone to pick up the phone And then I just remember that there is now only Dad at home. I call him every day Mum just to make sure he is ok but its not very easy as he is so deaf and can’t hear a word I say! I know we used to laugh at this, for you were his ears, and now its so frustrating Mum and I think of you and have tears. But I don’t want you to worry Mum as we are all doing our very best Its like God took you away from us and gave us all a huge test. So there is only one thing left to tell you Mum so I am saying it very loud I think that we have passed the test and you would be so very
Posted by Karen Bernard on 7th April 2014
Hi Mum...Well got through another milestone Mothers Day, how strange it was not having a Mum here to speak and say those words 'Happy Mothers Day' to..I said them to you though Mum I whispered them in the wind and hoped that they would reach you. You were the best Mum ever and my missing you does not get easier it gets harder. I still cry every day for you, I just would love a little chat..My days are just not the same.xxxx
Posted by Karen Bernard on 24th March 2014
Not sure now whether I am leaving a tribute anymore or just find this a way of telling you things. Taylor went off to Work Experience should have seen him Mum all dressed up in a suit, you would have been so, so proud of as you called him 'your boy'.....Maybe you were with him taking that journey. Its a hard week this week 'Mothers Day' coming up...bless you miss you more and more each
Posted by Karen Bernard on 11th March 2014
Hi Mum its 7 months today and I am having a bad day. I just so desperately want to talk to you, you my lovely Mum. Jamie goes on his little 3 day school trip that I told you about before you passed away. I just know you would have been calling him today and telling him to have a lovely time...I hate not sharing anything with you anymore...we were such best friends. Love you now and
Posted by Karen Bernard on 6th March 2014
Hi Mum...Well I came to see you at your resting place at the weekend. Breaks my heart to go there but that is where you are now and its very hard. We will get the grave looking nice as soon as we are able to plant it out. Its nearly Spring and it will be 7 months soon since you left us all...I miss you so, so much and it is always harder when I have just been to Reading and to the house we all shared as I miss you being there. I love and miss you with all my heart. I am sorry if you see me crying often but I just can't help it...had you not been such a wonderful wonderful Mum then I am sure this would have been easier but you were and I thank you for that. Love and Miss you every day.xxxxxxxx
Posted by Karen Bernard on 17th February 2014
Mum we are all missing you so, so much...Dad is so very lonely without you and its so hard for me as I feel helpless and so far away. I can hear you telling him off when he makes me so hated it when he used to make me feel bad about moving....I miss you and you will never know how much, what an incredible Mum you were...I just hope you knew how much I loved you and still do. I miss telling you what the boys are doing..Taylor has a Work Experience Interview today and I know you would have been ringing him up and wishing him luck....thats it in tears again...Love you.xxxxx
Posted by Karen Bernard on 11th February 2014
Love and miss you, so, so much, I can't believe its 6 months already since I last spoke with you, heard your voice and just had you here........I will never ever get over losing you Mum, I am trying so hard but you were such a huge part of my life it hurts so 6 months on and the pain does not subside it is there with me every day and its hidden deep inside. For you think you understand, but until it happens to you, I am sorry to have to tell you, you haven’t got a clue! For I really thought I understood before it happened to me, but it is not how you imagine it is much worse you see. You think you will get over it and carry on the same, but every day there is with you that hidden hurt and pain. For when you truly love someone and they are here no more, a little piece of you dies with them and for this there is no cure. For you cannot bring them back no matter how hard you try And it is the little things that set you off and then you start to cry. So I am making no apologies for the days when I may shed a little tear, as its really so very hard for me as it hasn’t even been a year. I know it may get easier but I also know it will never go away As how do you get over someone that was there for you every day. There is no replacement and I wouldn’t want there to be for no one can replace my Mum and the love she gave to me. So until we meet again Mum just know this, I miss and love you so much and I am blowing you a
Posted by Karen Bernard on 28th January 2014
So January is nearly over Mum and its been hard. A New Year, My Birthday, Your Birthday...I miss you so deeply it hurts. I cry every day, lots of these tears are when I am on my own! I long to hear your voice and the thought of living the rest of my life and never seeing you again just breaks my heart. Love you so, so much and miss you so, so much.xxxxxxxx
Posted by Karen Bernard on 17th January 2014
Mum today is your Birthday and didn't know what to do so I wrote a poem for you. I Love and Miss You so, so much. ...... So its your big day today and what do I do, Never had the 17th of January without saying Happy Birthday to you. So today will be no different I will whisper it and hope you hear, But I hope you will forgive me if I shed a little tear. For I can't give you a present and I can't give you a card, I can just send you my love, oh Mum without you it's so hard! I know that if you were here beside me just what you would say, "Please don't cry Karen" and you would wipe my tears away. So I will paint on a smile and try not to be sad And think of all the wonderful Birthdays we shared that you had. Then I will have some cake and raise a glass or two And hope that in heaven you are doing it
Posted by Lesley Shortland on 18th December 2013
God bless you Kay,remember all the fun times we all had all those years ago,but never forgotten love Les x x x x
Posted by Hester Mcmahon on 18th December 2013
What a lovely Memorial wall it's very touching and the music is so nice fitting in with it all your Mum would be very proud of you I am sure. Thinking of you & your Dad & family at this sad time xxx
Posted by Allison Mallandain on 18th December 2013
Kit you are a lovely lady and I have many fond memories of you espically when I was younger when we used to visit nearly every weekend. When we used to go the the post office club and burghfield club on boxing day where you used to have a drink & dance with my mumand the laughs we had in your garden espically roy chasing us round that tree. Hope you have a lovely xmas up there looking down on your family & friends stressing out. Xxxxxx
Posted by Karen Bernard on 18th December 2013
So it’s nearly Xmas and what do I do, how do I get a Xmas gift up to heaven to you? What can I send you? How will I get it there? Oh Mum this really is so hard and so not fair. Then it comes to me, within a blinking of an eye, must not think of it too long for I will start to cry. I am going to send you a package Mum via a beautiful white dove, and it’s going to soar high to heaven Mum to you right up above. Be careful with the package Mum as it’s been sent a very long way, to wish you a Merry Xmas up in Heaven today. It is tied with lots of ribbon but it is very, very, light, but it is all that I could think of Mum and it just seems so right. So go ahead and open it and then you will see, that the package is filled with love and kisses and the biggest hug from me. For it’s the the only present I want to give you, and I hope it makes you smile But if you want to send me a gift back Mum all I want is you back for a while. So if you get a chance Mum just ask God this. if you could just pop back and say thanks, for that would be my greatest wish. For Xmas is not the same Mum and I guess it will never be, as there is no present from you underneath my Christmas tree. So just a fleeting visit to see and hug you just once more, as that would be the best Christmas gift I could have this year for
Posted by Karen Bernard on 28th October 2013
11weeks gone Mum and not a day that I do not think about you, long to have a catch up with you and tell you what's been happening here with me Martin and the boys. I cry for you but I know that you would not want this but its so hard, its hard because you were just the best Mum anyone could ever wish for and waking up every day with ut you here is like waking up without the
Posted by Karen Bernard on 10th September 2013
Words are not enough..She was just special. A Wife to my Dad Roy for 62 years and a loving, caring Mother. She would light up a room with her laughter and her smile. She would feed you until you burst, something we all laugh about...She was just as the song says "Simply The Best"....We all miss you so much. Love you Always Mum. Karenxxxxxxxxx

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