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Kate and my convertible.

Shared by Dennis Curry on January 7, 2021
During one of Kate's San Francisco visits, Kevin told her I had just bought a 2006 BMW convertible. Kate, being a convertible kind of gal, told Kevin she wanted to ride across the Golden Gate Bridge with me before she left for Jersey. And told Kevin to ask me--I wasn't I had the option to refuse. When we met up in the Marina, Kate was bundled up and donning a silk scarf. We talked and laughed the whole way over and back while Kevin took pictures from the rear seat. Kate tried to include him in the conversation, but the wind was too loud so he couldn't hear a thing. I had a great afternoon with Kate...and that guy in the back seat.

Stories of learning to drive and her first car

Shared by Kevin McAteer on January 5, 2021
This story comes from a book of prompts called "Tell Me Your Story Mom" -- several of us would bring it out while visiting Kate.


[When she heard this prompt her eyes lit up and she said "ooooh! this is a good one!!"]

"I was 21 maybe 22 after I had polio.  So Bill Collins said, "I'll teach you to drive if you type my College papers" -- he was going to St. Peter's College, I think.  So I typed his papers.  It was an automatic car but NOT a convertible.  He taught me on the streets of Tenafly.  On Tenafly Road I was stopped on the hill at a red light and when the light turned green I hit the gas and drove into a tree!!! The wheel was turned and I didn't realize it.  I never did that again! Bill took the blame for it but I don't think he took me for any more lessons and I don't think I had to type any more papers either!" 

"An Oldsmobile -- automatic, due to the polio"

"Ned was at a job in Hackensack, but did not have a car.  Mom asked met o pick him up.  We were going east on Rt 4.  I asked Ned for $ for gas -- they each had about 11 cents total and it was enough to get a few gallons to get Ned and myself home safe and sound.  Adn that's a true story!"

She was always thinking about others...

Shared by Kevin McAteer on January 4, 2021
This Facebook post was one of the most memorable from our cross-country trip.  It was one of those life lessons that came out of left field. It was Kate's version of wackin you on the head to teach me a valuable lesson

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