Posted by Debbie Parsons on January 14, 2021
Dear Brian, Kerry, and the McAteer family,  Heaven has added an Angel; your Mom 
was such a kind person. God bless you and your family and watch over you during this most difficult time.
Your are in our thoughts and prayers,
Debbie & Kenny Parsons
Posted by Dan Mahoney on January 11, 2021
To Brian and your family, I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your mother.

I am sorry, I did not know Mrs. McAteer but I do know her son Brian very well. He was my boss at CommVault for 10 years, and he was a really great boss and a very good man. So I know his mother raised a great son. 

I offer my deepest condolences and prayers from his favourite Canadian and I send my prayers of love and support to you and your family in New Jersey.

Dan Mahoney
Ottawa, Ontario
Posted by Laura Post on January 11, 2021
My deepest sympathy to you all. Thinking of Kate now makes me smile...always the voice of reason as we were growing up. So kind, caring, and always ready to listen. I have such a heavy heart thinking of her now, and all the time we spent together many years laughter and tears. Kate was always there to talk around the kitchen table, and there to greet me coming in from CT - to stay as long as I wanted to..I always felt welcomed. When Kate asked how I was doing...she really wanted to know and was ready to listen. Kate was truly a wonderful person to me and I will cherish those memories with her.
Posted by Linda Hartig on January 9, 2021
Kate, forever young beyond her years. An example to us all of the power of unconditional love and an open and curious mind. She was a surrogate Mom to many, including me. Her energy, humor, and caring outreach will be missed, but not forgotten. Love and strength to all of you
Posted by Mary Shortridge on January 9, 2021
Deat McAteer Family,
We’re always looking for the right words to say to family or friends when someone we love leaves us for a better place.
I truly can empathize with how you are feeling. When my mom passed, a wise and dear friend approached me and said, “It takes about a year” He just kept repeating this statement. He didn’t say what takes about a year, he just kept repeating it... He hugged me and walked away. I sat there perplexed for awhile then realized he meant the grieving process. Grieving is different for everyone. I would find myself sitting at a red light and my mom would come to mind. Tears would fill my eyes and then a smile would follow. I loved these moments because it felt like she was still with me, she always will be as Kate will always be with all of you.
Kate was an extraordinary and awesome person and she raised extraordinary and awesome children. Love, Mary Lepucki Shortridge xo
Posted by Michelle Rizzi on January 5, 2021
Dear Kevin, Kim, Brian, Barb and family,
   I’m so sorry for the loss of your mother and grandmother. Mrs. McAteer was the gentlest and sweetest person and my heart is full of sadness, gratitude, admiration and love for her. Every time I saw her in the years since Leonardine Avenue, it felt like home to me --wherever she was. And she always seemed so happy to see us and hear about the kids. I remember how years ago I couldn’t wait for her to see our red-headed, brown eyed baby.
   As the years passed, I came to realize how oblivious I was to all that your mom was bravely managing as Kevin and I wore out a path between our houses (around the well : ). Your house was a second home to Michael and me playing, watching tv, swimming and eventually just hanging out (when Mum Mum wasn’t there!). I guess your mom was so kind and welcoming that Bobby left our house and walked through your front door when he was a toddler!
   There’s so much to cherish about Mrs. McAteer - past and recent memories with her, her ability to live with grace and faith, and the wisdom she lovingly gave. There is no doubt she made this world better and I was blessed to have a small part of her in my life. With love and sympathy, Michelle, Ken, Ethan, Tess & Zach
Posted by Sharon Witkowski on January 5, 2021
Dear McAteer Family,
Our sincere condolences to you all.
Heaven has added an Angel; your Mom was such a kind and beautiful woman.
There are many SR memories and good times we remember and they will always make us smile. 
We are so happy we knew Kate, Mrs. Mac.
Her legacy lives on in your whole wonderful family.
Love, Sharon and Jim Witkowski family
Posted by Sean O'Brien on January 5, 2021
At 49 with two kids in college, the very last burden you needed was another young adult in the house... even worse, it was me. Through the summer of 1982 you joyfully shared everthing and became my second mother. Always willing to see the humor in our crazy antics but never afraid to give us hell when we were too far off track. Most memorable were the cherished conversations full of sincere guidance and a belief in me that only a true mom could provide.
You lived your best life and your bright smile will be with me forever!
God Bless.
Posted by Jaby Wellington on January 4, 2021

I’m so sorry To all the family for your loss. I’m sending prayers and comfort to all the family members in this difficult time. Please except my deepest condolence my love goes out to all. I’m going to miss her laughter and the time we spent together. The stories she shared and tell me about her amazing kids. Then I get to meet the kids and I see what Kate was talking about the love the show for there mother. I used to admired how Kevin call every night to check on his mom. On Sundays all the kids will call on video call even though I wasn’t there on Monday’s when I get in to visit her she will tell me about the talk with the kids. She would just light up whenever she talk about the kids. I was heartbroken to hear that Kate passed away it just didn’t seems real. Kate’s not here anymore but I know will never be forgotten.
Posted by Kevin McAteer on January 4, 2021
On behalf of Claire McNulty Logan of Pleasanton, CA - a friend of Barb's and then Kevin but let's be honest, she really saw Kate as her first "McAteer" friend:

Kate was amazing. I first met her a few weeks after moving to CA and she could sense my vulnerability at the new juncture. She stepped right up and read the room and lovingly gave me a lift. We would chuckle a LOT at our east coast accents that stood out a bit. Barb will remember when 7 year old Charlie did a mean impression of Kate and Kate LOVED it. She was so smart, intuitive, kind, forthright and not afraid to ruffle a feather or 2 to get you on the right path. She was always her authentic self and I admired your sibling respect and unabashed love for her even when she was calling you out or expecting more. Kate was a very dear and important light for me at a time I really needed it. Your family love and devotion to her was a model for all of us. The pictures and the stories are fabulous. She was strong and VERY funny. Thanks for sharing her with me Kevin McAteer and Barb! So sorry for your family it comes at this time . Wishing you joyful memories
Posted by Joseph Saronge on January 4, 2021
Had met mum a couple of days and it struck me to be a God led person for she gave me a Holy Rosary . Something that I will always treasure. You are up there and we will all join you some day.
Posted by Tricia Kopczewski on January 3, 2021
Barbara, Brian, Kim, and Kevin,  
Our deepest condolences to you all and your loved ones during this very difficult time. Your mother was an amazing woman. We are all so fortunate to have been able to see your mother over the last few years. I must go through all of our old slides (dating ourselves here) and find the many photos of us growing up and all the good times we had. I am confident there will be many of your mom. I will make a point to find a way to look through those this year and share them with you all. For now, I hope all the photos I am sending give you joy. That is what your mother was to me, just a joy! We loved her. We are all with you now and while you will grieve, remember to also celebrate her. She was remarkable.

Tricia, Gwynn, Pat, and Cathy

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