her Life

The Best Mother I Know

From the day Logan was born on May 15th, 1989, our mother was the best mom you could ask for. She was always so understanding and sweet. I always looked at her as a best friend, someone I could look up to and turn to.

I remember how everytime a Harry Potter movie would come out, she would yank Logan and myself out of school and then we would go out to eat and to the movie. We always laughed about how silly we sounded sitting around in a restaraunt talking about "Voldemort" and "Hufflepuff."

And whenever I felt the need to blab about something exciting, she would always listen as long as I talked. She was more than willing to sit and gab with me just like best friends do.

She never hid things from us either. She made sure we knew what the world was and what happened in it and I love her for that. It prepared me for my future in a way that has made life a lot easier for me. But hse protected us, too. We were her babies and she would do anything to take care of us.

I can't count how many hilarious memories we have with her, from the road trips to Manistee, the Harry Potter movie days, long nights playing the Nintendo and watching "Scream", and so many more...

She was a perfect mother and I feel so blessed to have had her for mine. I wouldn't change it for anything.

I love you, Mommy. Rest in peace and I'll see you again someday, then we can "gab" like you wanted to:)