Watching the Storms Roll In

Shared by Jessica Keilitz on September 3, 2019
You used to take me and Logan to the beach in Manistee when a storm was coming in. We'd watch the clouds and you'd let us play in the waves until the weather got too bad and we had to get out. I got to go to that beach this weekend and I felt so close to you. <3 
Shared by Jessa Keilitz on June 11, 2016

Thinking of you today, Mom, because your grandson was just driving his toy car up and down my leg and it reminded me of when I was little. You used to ask me and Logan to drive our toy cars over your back because it was relaxing to you. It's a little memory, but often the parellels between being your daughter and being Jace's mother just take me by surprise. I wish you were here so that Jace would have another race track for his cars.


Shared by Arloa Brantley on February 13, 2011

 Superbowl Sunday. I will never forget. If there was one thing I remember was Mom's cheese puffs. No one in the world could make those cheese puffs like Mom did. I will miss you Mom!


Harry Potter Trips

Shared by Jessica Keilitz on December 3, 2010

I remember how every time a Harry Potter movie would come out, she would yank Logan and myself out of school and then we would go out to eat and to the movie. We always laughed about how silly we sounded sitting around in a restaurant talking about "Voldemort" and "Hufflepuff."

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