Kathryn Elizabeth Morgan
  • 57 years old
  • Date of birth: Jul 27, 1958
  • Place of birth:
    Hammond, Indiana, United States
  • Date of passing: Nov 14, 2015
  • Place of passing:
    Winter Park, Florida, United States
Let the memory of Kathy be with us forever

Memorial Service
Sunday, December 13, 2015

2:00pm - 4:00pm

Banfield Funeral Home
420 West State Road 434
Winter Springs, FL 32708

Please join family and friends for a memorium and tribute to Kathy.  If  you have pictures you would like included in the memorium slideshow please email pictures to chris_91c4@sendtodropbox.com by Dec. 5th.


Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Manning Willson on 13th December 2015

"Kathy and Brenda! You two together made a great team and I remember our experiences working together like they were yesterday rather than twenty years ago. Good work, fun times."

This tribute was added by Kyle Riva on 7th December 2015

"When I think of all of the times and years we spent working together, I can't help but smile. Through all of the trials and tribulations, we had some great times! Wow, the stories are endless; from having the golf cart in Tampa stolen to me locking you out of the car because the day together, had just been too long! We certainly had a lot of laughs and learned a lot along the way. I will forever be grateful for your friendship and will miss you very much."

This tribute was added by Burnette Jackson on 2nd December 2015

"My deepest sympathy to the family and friends of your loss.
As the last enemy,death,is to be brought to nothing."

This tribute was added by Jennifer Livingston on 1st December 2015

"So many great memories over so many fun, hardworking, entertaining days in the life of property management with you Kathy! From fond memories of you promoting me as a manager to marking up my first owner letter as a Regional with your crazy red pen to the many laughs of adult business lingo we shared in moments of our shared successes and challenges. We always came out on top, didn't we Morgan?!

With all the memories that can't escape us or be taking away from us, I know in my heart that you are resting in peace with your sweet mom by your side looking down on us with a smile and an easy-spirit of freedom that we on earth can't quite fathom in its purest form. God bless you Kathy, may we all celebrate you to the fullest during this Holiday season of thankfulness and fellowship. -Jen Livingston"

This tribute was added by Dean Sandroni on 25th November 2015

I knew you as a kind hearted person.
You have left us early but are traveling to a better place.
You will be sorely missed."

This tribute was added by Cristina Williams on 24th November 2015

"I miss you Kathy. There are moments throughout my day when it doesn’t seem real. I think that at any minute I’ll see your name pop up in my notifications or that my mom will tell me about such sweet words you shared with her. I think about the update I have to give you about any one of my entrepreneurial or career endeavors and how you play an important role in all of them. I think about the ideas you suggested we do together.

Nobody really knows the special connection we shared, not only while I worked for Epoch, but also in the years after you left. It’s okay. They don’t have to know. We do. God does.

I find myself upset, regretting how I understood your struggles, yet I did not reach out even more. Could I have said or done something differently in recent months that would have left me feeling like I had shared it all with you? I know you know I loved you (I still do). I know you loved me too. We said it more than enough to have it woven into the fabric of our friendship.

Yet, why do I feel like I failed at saying or doing more? Why do I feel like that big hug I was supposed to get from you the next time we saw each other has forever left a hole in my heart? Why do I feel like there was so much remaining for you to do…for us to do together?

I stop every so often to cry as I type this to you. Keep in mind, I’m writing this after delaying (yet again), waiting for the perfect words and caring too much about what other people think.

Why should it matter what they think? This is about our relationship. You were my last eMom. We never did figure out if it should switch to iMom, after our other two options were definitely out of the question.

As I spend time giving extra thanks to God this week, I thank Him with all of my heart for the gift of you in my life! I thank the Lord for the many ways He used you over the years to bless my family.

I’ve told you over and over again, but perhaps not enough or not recently enough. I checked our last communication and am glad it was in recent months, but why couldn’t it have been in recent days or weeks?

Why didn’t I know you were sick? Why didn’t you call, text, message, or email me? Why didn’t you tell me something was wrong, like you did in the past? I would have been there for you again. Did you think you would bother me? I could have prayed. We could have talked. We could have just sat in silence trusting God to make sense of this all.

I’m still saddened because the Holy Spirit had such a stirring on my heart to reach out to you the week (that I know now) you were in the hospital. But I didn’t listen to Him. Instead, I doubted. I delayed, again, waiting for the perfect words and timing.

Why didn’t I find out?

Granted, who would have known to call me?

I respected you and honored the confidentiality of all we shared with each other. I would not have been top of mind for someone to reach out to me (or my mom) sooner.

I have to trust that God knows exactly what is best for all of us. On that note, despite the way we brought sparkle to each other with reminders of our faith, prayers, and Joyce Meyer’s teachings, I regretted never asking you outright if Jesus was your Lord and Savior.

I need to know you are in Heaven. It’s an absolutely real place that the lost and hurting choose to ignore, because that would mean hell is real too. It is.

I anguished about it. That is until God reminded me of some of the things you wrote me, the way you received what I shared with you, something you told my mom, and the way the Lord led me to your page after your passing. I was on a quest to find you in the presence of our Heavenly Father. In doing so, I found the most beautiful picture from one of the pages you liked…

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!

That’s right, my beautiful friend. I often reminded you of how talented and strong you are with Him! Your purpose on this earth impacted more people than we will ever know!

You may not be here to see everything God continues to do in my life, Nick’s, and my mom’s, but there is one thing I will never ever doubt. It’s how I would not be the person I am today and have the opportunities I do, if it had not been for the extremely special and powerful way God used you to bless me!

Remember what we say in our family, I love you as high as the sky and as deep as the sea! You are forever a part of me!

Oh yeah, I guess you’re right. I am the bomb.

I am totally rhyming! :p

Truly, you’ve thanked me many times over the years for being there for you, but I thank YOU and love you with all of my heart!

May God calling you home be a reminder for us to cherish the moments we have with our loved ones, to not doubt or delay, embrace who we were made to be, stop caring what people think, don’t wait for the perfect words or timing, or hold back on reminding people that there is only one God, one Savior, one way!

As you have fun dancing it up with Jesus on the streets of gold, it’s my turn to say…

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!"

This tribute was added by John Heishman on 22nd November 2015

"We only knew you for a short time.  We will always cherish the time we spent together, especially the time we took you to visit your grandpa's grave.  Precious memories we will remember always.
Uncle John and Aunt Linda Heishman"

This tribute was added by Ben Schick on 22nd November 2015

"Hey Morgan,
Well what the f does one say. I am sure you are at peace. I can  think of so many great Morgan stories and your laughter. You will keep me smiling thinking of you."

This tribute was added by Tyler VanKleeck on 20th November 2015

"I will miss you so very much. Thank you for always being so kind to me growing up. I remember always being so soiled by Ma Ma, Uncle John, and you every Christmas. You are truly a great person and everyone saw it each and everyday in your smile and actions. God bless you and we will one day see each other again. Until then you will always be in my heart. Love you Tyler VanKleeck"

This tribute was added by Zackery VanKleeck on 20th November 2015

"Heaven gained another great spirit. Growing up, my greatest memories during the holiday seasons was going to Ma Ma's home and spending Christmas Eve with the family. You were always smiling and embraced everyone with open arms. I still can't process in my mind that you have left this Earth, but we will one day meet again! We love you and will always think of you with fond memories Zack and Karli VanKleeck"

This tribute was added by april vankleeck on 20th November 2015

"Its hard to except that you won't be with us this holiday season. We all loved you very much. When dave and caroline got married you embraced our whole family. You were so funny you always made us laugh. You will be missed by so many. Keep watch over us all. We love you. April and clyde vankleeck"

This tribute was added by Meriwether Montgomery on 20th November 2015

"I only worked with Kathy for a short period of time when we were with Epoch Management, but she was definitely someone I remembered for all the right reasons.  I'm saddened to learn of her death, and I am sure she is dancing around in Heaven as I type this.  I wish much comfort for her family at this time."

This tribute was added by Tricia Relvini on 20th November 2015

It is so hard for me to believe that you are gone.  You were an inspiration to so many.  I know that you are now with your Mom in heaven and at peace."

This tribute was added by Gladys Vale on 20th November 2015

"Dear Kathy, It's was hard to find out that you are resting in peace now Thank you for your kindness. You were a great boss and many that got to know you will miss you blessing to you."

This tribute was added by Leticia Smirl on 20th November 2015

"Kathy, it is so hard to believe you're gone, I will always be indebted to you for giving me the opportunity to be the person and manager I have become.  You will always be in my heart and never forgotten. Thank you. May you rest in peace.  I know you are in a better place surroinded by the love, of your family and friends.  Love Tish"

This tribute was added by Staci Barkley on 19th November 2015

"Much love to you my dear friend. 30 years of friendship, amazing stories we could write a book about during our careers in property management, Legends and our long conversations several times a week...you will be missed so much. May you rest in peace now. :)"

This tribute was added by Elaine Gardner-Lott on 19th November 2015

"Kathy, I am terribly saddened by your loss, it seems almost impossible that you're gone.  You were a strong woman, who challenged those around you to be more!  I have a lot of memories of huge laughter, some that involved clients or circumstances, but the best ones were when we were laughing at ourselves.  I know you are resting easy, and that your world will be filled with only laughter and joy now.  My heart, and my prayers go out to your family, and to all those who were close to you.  Elaine"

This tribute was added by Lynette Lavender on 19th November 2015

"To my wonderful, loving and caring friend. You still are a beautiful person inside and out. I will always remember and cherish great memories! From the good ole days at "Excalibur" to my wedding and the birth of my son, we shared a lot together. Still hurting from the loss but comforted for having these gifts to remember. You are in a better place now; I will always love and miss you Kathy."

This tribute was added by Julie Volberg on 19th November 2015

"It is so hard to believe you are gone. You were a great boss and a caring and thoughtful friend. I learned so much working with you...definitely learned that I had more patience than I thought cuz you always kept me on my toes. Enjoyed our trips to the FAA's and the late night calls to discuss all the important office gossip. Thank you so much for all you did for me over the years.  You will be missed by many.  Rest in Peace My Friend.....Love, Jewels"

This tribute was added by Teresa Hanken on 19th November 2015

"Good Morning Kathy,  I can't even imagine that you are no longer with us.  I have know you for 20 years and along with that are tons of memories.  With you there was NEVER a dull moment.  I remember the time we had to go to Miami for a tax credit class and was so lost we arrived at the Miami Airport!!! Oh and the time we had a tornado in St.Cloud and we were driving back to corporate via the back way through the airport and the news made an announcement that if you are by the airport please pull over and get in the ditch... Wow, we looked at each other and you stopped the car and in the ditch we went.  What a site that was.. (Anyone who knows us both that will sure make you laugh).  I could go on and on about us and our good times and just writing this makes me smile while remembering our memories.  I want you to know that you will always be in my heart and thoughts.  Rest in peace my friend.  Love you always, Teresa"

This tribute was added by Laura Reardon on 19th November 2015

"I can't believe you are gone. You were an inspiration to so many of us and a wonderful person. You put up with my antics at work and always found the positive and encouraged me. I will miss you."

This tribute was added by Cathy Thomas on 19th November 2015

"I will always remember your laughter and your smile.   You were a wonderful loving and caring  person.  You will be greatly missed and will forever be in my thoughts.  My family considered you family and our hearts are heavy but we know that you are at peace and in a better  place."

This tribute was added by Randy Mager on 19th November 2015

"You will be missed by so many people, I always enjoyed working with you and when I think of what a leader should be I always think of you. God speed and God bless."

This tribute was added by Rhonda HAYDEN on 19th November 2015

"Dear Kathy- I remember years ago being interviewed by you and thinking " wow this lady is one tuff cookie" as time passed the tuff exterior softened and you became someone I thought of as not only a mentor but a friend - you always defended and protected those in need and never played the game of lies and deceit - you would tell it like it is and always made me smile with your truth and honesty- I will forever think of you and miss you and smile at the memories of your no nonsense attitude...you are now at peace and forever in my thoughts-"

This tribute was added by Becki Robinson on 18th November 2015

"I wish I had one more,  or more like several more times to sit and talk with you.  You always inspired me. I have to admit, sometimes made me nervous. :) But I always felt like you believed in me and taught me so much along the way. I am thankful for each and every time I had the opportunity to hang out with you. I will carry you in my thoughts and prayers.  You will be missed!"

This tribute was added by kimberly stack on 18th November 2015

"Kathy, I don't know how to say goodbye to you.  You will forever be in my heart and a part of who I am.  You have taught me so much, not just at work.  We have shared so many happy, sad, emotional, and fun times.  You have been a mentor, a friend and family to me.  I love you and will miss you."

This tribute was added by Pam Cornelisse on 18th November 2015

"Kathy, I only met you once back in 2011, but I have heard of the legacy that you have left behind and I know that you were dearly loved by my co-workers.  You will be missed in so many ways, by so many people that you have touched over the years!  Sorry that I didn't get more time with you."

This tribute was added by Lynn Brownsword on 18th November 2015

"I never will forget the day I met you. We were waiting for the new management team to announce themselves as the new Management company of Fifth Season's in Palm Harbor. That's the day I started working for your company Epoch Management. I cherish that day for I worked at several properties under your leadership. You were such a great boss. You were so much fun at the conventions. I will never forget letting our hair down and dance and party at many of a convention. I will miss you, I am so sad you are gone. RIP Kathy Morgan."

This tribute was added by terry mcvey on 18th November 2015

"Memories of Kathy always included her laughter and love of family. Rest in peace Kathy and prayers for all who love you.
Terry & Sandy"

This tribute was added by Ivy Morgan on 18th November 2015

"Dear Kathy,
It is a shock to believe you have left this world but we know you are flying close. I will remember all the times at Mawmaw's for Christmas Eve, and the times I was able to share with you. I will miss your laugh and care. We love you!

This tribute was added by Ivy Morgan on 18th November 2015

"Dear Kathy,
I'll cherish the memories of family gatherings we shared. You left us way too early, my heart breaks. You gave to others and your light will shine on brightly in the memory and hearts of the lives you touched. I'll miss your laughter and smile. I'll miss you. May you soar in Heaven with your new wings! It's a comfort to know my girls will have another guardian angel.
Love and kisses,

This tribute was added by Ivy Morgan on 18th November 2015

I will remember your loving smile when you were here in July. I told you I loved you and you gave me a big hug! I will miss you!
Much love,

This tribute was added by Ivy Morgan on 18th November 2015

"Aunt Kathy,
Where do I start? I have so many beautiful memories filled with laughter and joy. I am going to miss all of the little adventures we went on, from when you took Lacy Rose, Bella, and I to get pedicures and manicures to the moment we played charades in the living room. So many memorable moments we shared with the family will never be forgotten. The last time I saw you, I just received my permit and you wanted me to take you out for a drive. I am going to miss all of the phone calls just talking about life and having funny conversations. I am still shocked that I will never get to hug you and hear your voice again. I know you are beyond happy in Heaven. I will love you forever.
Ivy Grace"

This tribute was added by Ivy Morgan on 18th November 2015

"Aunt Kathy,
It still has not processed in my mind that I will never see you again. I am going to miss sleeping over your house and all of us playing pranks on Steve. I'll miss having great times at Colorado Fondue with you. The last time I saw you was when we played Monopoly for hours and it was funny because I was winning. I am going to miss your presence so much. We share many laughs and great memories that I will cherish. I wish I could have seen you one last time. I love you!
Lacy Rose"

This tribute was added by Brenda McKinney on 17th November 2015

"My dear friend I miss you terribly.  I think of all the great memories we shared over the years and have to laugh at some of them. I pray you are at peace now and will love you forever. I miss you and love you to the moon and beyond. Blessings my friend."

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