Kate Marshall
  • 15 years old
  • Date of birth: Oct 17, 2001
  • Place of birth:
    Boise, Idaho, United States
  • Date of passing: May 12, 2017
  • Place of passing:
    Boise, Idaho, United States
Let the memory of Kate be with us forever

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Kate Marshall, 15, born on October 17, 2001 and passed away on May 12, 2017. Her memory will live on in these photos, stories, and glimpses of an amazing young lady who touched so many lives. 

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by kt macdodnald on 15th February 2018

"Thinking of Kate today, thinking how excited she'd be fore tryouts and softball season coming up ~    We will miss her smile in the dugout and on the field ~   *hugs*"

This tribute was added by Anissa Suarez on 18th October 2017

"Happy birthday Kate Marshall yesterday was the big day, i always think about you so much, 16 wow kate wish you were here to be 16 with all of us, we all miss you and love you kate. Miss seeing you play softball and seeing your smile and hearing your laughter. You'll never be forgotten and will always be missed❤❤"

This tribute was added by Tracy Gagnon on 17th October 2017

"Happy Birthday sweet girl!!! We love you and miss you more than ever. You will never, ever be forgotten!! Your memories are alive and well in everyone. Miss seeing you at second base. You will be in our hearts forever!!!"

This tribute was added by Emily Alandt on 17th October 2017

"Happy birthday Kate, her laugh and smile will never be forgotten along with all the amazing memories we shared. She will always have a price of my heart. All the decorations, pumpkin carving bbqs, baking, and skiing trips will be seriously missed this year."

This tribute was added by Kaylan Walker on 20th June 2017

"Kate was a beautiful soul and will be in my hear forever. It seemed like everyday Kate and her friends would walk by my car smiling and laughing. It's that beautiful smile I will always remember and her bright personality I'll never forget ❤"

This tribute was added by Toni-Jimmy Fletcher on 24th May 2017

"I've worked with Kate's dad since before she was born and know how special she is to them. She truly gave them joy, as does Liz. John would be beaming when he came to brag about his girls' performance on the the softball field. I could join in the celebration as I recounted my own daughters and how excited I got as I watched them give their all on the court or field. We would say " she's like the son I never had". There will be a void, however we can still look to Liz and celebrate her with as much fervour as we have Kate. I don't mean to minimize the relationship between mother and daughter, but fathers and daughters have a special bond. It is eternal. Our family prays for the Marshall family."

This tribute was added by Christie Garcia on 21st May 2017

"Kate was truly an inspiration to my family - and as I read all of the amazing tributes to Kate - she was an inspiration to everyone that crossed her path.  I will always cherish my memories of Kate while we were sitting on the sidelines watching a lacrosse or basketball game sharing stories and supporting one of the most important people in both of our lives, my grandson Mac.  I had the privilege of watching their friendship turn into best friends and then turn into a special love.  As I listened to Kate's stories, her sense of humor and laugh were infectious, her kindness beyond words.  I really admired Kate's genuineness.  Although I've not yet met Kate's parents, I believe the values Kate lived every day, the qualities she embodied, and the examples she set, even when nobody was watching, is a reflection of her upbringing and loving family.  Words cannot express the heartfelt sadness I feel for Kate's family.  My prayers are with you every day.  Kate will forever be in my heart."

This tribute was added by Deena Ward on 19th May 2017

"I do not know your family but am a mother of an 8th grader as well and heard your story from a colleague in ID.  I cannot imagine the pain your family is going through but know there are individuals lifting you in prayer, many you likely have never met, sending you strength and support!"

This tribute was added by Macy Maxwell on 18th May 2017

"Kate, I love you. She was truly such an amazing person. I've known Kate all of my life because our dads are fraternity brothers, but we really became best friends at the hunter YMCA. Ever since day one, she showed me true kindness and passion. That beautiful smile never left her face. I remember one of her birthdays she wore a pink, orange, and yellow summer dress and I was so shocked walking up to her because I swear I had never seen her in a dress before that day. She looked so incredibly beautiful that day, not that she didn't every other day. We went inside and decorated pumpkins for her October birthday, but most of the decorations ended up on us. I think by the time we were done I had about 5 pipe cleaners in my hair. Then we found a spider in the corner and I remember screaming my head off. Kate wasn't too scared, she was so fearless anyway, but neither of us were about to kill that spider. We made her dad do it for us. And when my birthday came around, she gave me framed pictures from that day. I've still had them up in my room through all the years. The other day Kate told me about how she read her diary and saw this one time on the bus after school. she said I was whispering to someone and she got mad at me that I wouldn't tell her what I was saying. So, she started writing in her diary and I got mad at her because she wouldn't tell me what she was writing about. One of the last conversations I had with her was about her marrying Mac and what her kids names would be. We talked about how she was going to be a teacher or a physical therapist. She would have been an amazing mother. She was so kind, genuine, caring, athletic, beautiful inside and out, and Kate was hilarious. The final conversation I had with her, we both laughed pretty hard. I told her she should read as Juliet and she turned to me and said, "Kate will not be reading today. Kate is a little sick." I still don't want to believe it. She touched so many people. I had a friend the other day say to me, "I didn't know her well, but the impact I see she has made on the people around me impacts me." Martie, Trent, Liz, I love you all. I just think all Marshalls are amazing people. Thank you guys for the wonderful memories with your daughter. She will forever be remembered. Everyone impacted by this loss is in my prayers. I know that God has a plan and so many people were impacted by that in this situation but I will never understand why it was her. I am so thankful for the time I did get to share with her. She was such a special girl. I miss you and love you so much Kate."

This tribute was added by Heather Bachman on 18th May 2017

"I was Kate's PE/Health teacher at elementary.  She was such a joy.  I remember thinking when she moved on to middle school that I would miss her smile the most.  She was always happy, positive, and kind.  She will be missed.  I will always remember what a beautiful young lady she was.  My prayers and thoughts are with her family.  God bless."

This tribute was added by Ashley Hemmersmeier on 18th May 2017

"I never knew Kate very well, actually I hardly talked to her, but as stated I always saw her with a smile. She always seemed athletic and one of those people everyone wants to be friends with. I give my condolences to the family."

This tribute was added by Grace Baldwin on 18th May 2017

"I remember when I met kate in the second or third grade. I remeber us going to her house after school and playing around in her room as we would braid each others hair then we would always go outside and play catch,  and hide and seek,  even though we were a few years apart,  we always were great friends no matter our age. She was a great friend and ill never forget her. I love you kate and ill never forget the times we spent togther."

This tribute was added by Ali Russell on 17th May 2017

"Kate is the sweetest girl I've ever met, by far. She always looked so pretty with her fancy braids. When my brother, Mac, introduced Kate to my sisters and I, she was wearing braids. Instantly, my sisters and I were inspired to learn how to Dutch braid, just like Kate. A year later we are experts at braiding, thanks to Kate! Once, Kate and I were at a JV Rocky Mountain lacrosse game and it was pouring rain. There was a lightning delay during the game, so we decided to take our huge umbrella(still up) and all of our chairs and sprint to the car as fast as we could. With a huge umbrella above us, blankets wrapped around us, and chairs on our backs we sprinted across  the entire field. The entire time, Kate was cracking hilarious jokes even though we were all soaking wet and out of breath! Her beautiful smile brought joy to that rainy day. Kate always brought a smile to my face anytime I saw her. She just has the natural ability to make everyone around her happy at anytime;that's what makes her one of a kind. We need more Kate in our world. The joy of Kate is stronger than the grief. We love and miss you Kate❤️!"

This tribute was added by Tracy Gagnon on 17th May 2017

"I struggle with the words as this is written through many tears. Kate was loved by so many- as well she should be. She was a smart, sweet, lovable, hard working girl. She was beautiful inside and out.
I met the Marshall's through softball and we all became good friends. Kate and my daughter Abby have played on the same club team since they were 9 years old. I will always remember Kate falling asleep in the funniest places (on top of a cooler, with a rock for a pillow, etc.). She amazed me with her ability to take a good nap anywhere at any time and wake up ready to play ball.
I will never forget Kate and Abby running after a deer at Willow Lane one night last year (as we were setting up fences for a tournament). They ran yelling "Mr. Deer" with their arms open, as the deer ran the other way.
As I struggle to make sense of it all I realize how truly lucky I was to know her. She was a remarkable young lady and I truly miss her so much.
Much prayers and love to her family and everyone who had the privilege to know Kate. We will all miss her forever."

This tribute was added by Ann Davis on 17th May 2017

"I have known Kate and her family through softball since early elementary years. She gave her everything to be the best that she could be.  Knowing her has been a pleasure and sparks many fond memories."

This tribute was added by Shay Shalz on 17th May 2017

"I've known Kate since seventh grade. I also sat next to her last semester in one of our classes. She was so happy all the time. She walked into a class with a smile on her face and everyone was happy to see her.  I swear when she walked into class everyone who was sad about something immedently was happy. She was kind to everyone and was an inspiration to everyone she ever met. She was so loved by anyone who ever met her. I never got to know her that well, but anytime we talked, It was easy to see that she was one of the sweetest people on Earth. Kate will always be in my heart and my prayers are with her friends and family ❤️."

This tribute was added by Taylor Slaven on 17th May 2017

"I became friends with Kate in 7th grade when we were on the same school volleyball team. I remember feeling so happy when Kate asked if I wanted to be warmup partners with her and from then on we were partners in volleyball. That year we also had the same English class where we made a hair blog and went into the hallways to create crazy looking  hairdos, lip sung songs back and forth to each other, and would laugh and talk about the randomness things. I remember calling her Troy as a joke because her nickname in volleyball was the Destroyer. Kate could literally make my worst day instantly better. She always knew when and what to say to cheer me up, but most importantly she knew how to just listen and be there as a friend. After middle school, I had a hard time leaving all my friends behind to go to a different school...but Kate always found a way to stay in touch. She was a very unique person because she never was rude to someone or made them feel bad but instead would find a way to make them feel better, which isn't something you see in people anymore. Kate Marshall was an amazing and inspiring person and I will hold on to the few memories I got to spend with her forever. I'm praying for all of those who were close and got to spend time with Kate because she was one truly incredible being"

This tribute was added by Jaidyn Ahl on 17th May 2017

"Kate was one of a kind, her smile was so contagious. I will never forget the chance i got to play against her for so many years and along side her even though it was for just 12 short weeks.  Before high school ball, i remember talking to her at an open field about tryouts, she was so nervous. Kate worked her butt off 110% of the time. there was never an off moment for her, her goal was to be on that team and she did whatever she could to make it. Kate was one of the best teammates i've ever had, she always knew how to make me smile even when i was having the worst game of my life and she was always there to have my back. She is so truly deeply missed. Every time i go to step on that field it's for her and every game i know she is right there with me. Not only on the field was she a good kid, but she was always beaming and a great kid off the field as well. Kate made everyone around her so happy, she was always filled with such joy and excitement that it filled the room. I know that she is looking down in heaven with that same contagious smile on her face looking over all of us telling us she's okay. Kate holds such a big piece of my heart and she will always belong there. She is so truly loved and deeply missed."

This tribute was added by Austin Butterworth on 16th May 2017

"Kate was someone that you always wanted to be around. She would always pick someone up when they were down. She help everyone. She was a kind hearted person. I've know Kate since 6th grade she was always happy and cheerful. Kate wasn't just of friends of ours she was apart of the family that we have built for many years. Kate will always be remembered. Forever in peace."

This tribute was added by Taylor Hurty on 16th May 2017

"I was never closed to Kate but I always saw her in the hallways since 6th grade and she had the pretties smile that always lit up a room and was so contagious. I couldn't help smiling when she was smiling. She was the sweetest and most caring girl ever. She always knew how to cheer someone up. And seeing her and Mac and her friends and his friends always made me smile. Kate is forever in our hearts. My heart goes out to her teammates, family, friends, loved ones and everyone else. Fly high beautiful angel. You are forever loved ❤️"

This tribute was added by Hallie Ducharme on 16th May 2017

"Kate was the sweetest person I knew. There was never a time where there was a person she didn't like. She was so kind hearted and talented. She would always help me with math when needed. She was the kind that if you needed to talk she would listen if you needed a hand she would always help. Her heart will always remain put and in my heart. I am preying for her and her family I am sorry this had to happend especially to a kind hearted girl like Kate. Kate I love you rip beautiful we will all miss you."

This tribute was added by Abigail Bradford on 16th May 2017

"I was never too close to Kate, but I talked to her every once in a while. I know Macey and Abbi well and she was their best friend. I saw her light through how she affected others, and I see it more as I hear more stories of remembrance now that she has passed. I feel in my heart that God needs her home right now and that she has fulfilled her duty on tbe Earth. May her ray of sunshine never be dimmed."

This tribute was added by Aynsleigh Gomez on 16th May 2017

"I've know Kate since 7th grade she was such a kind hearted girl who was so beautiful and had a smile that was so contagious she made a whole room light up she was incredibley intelligent and I got the privilege to know Kate and share laughs with her my prayers go out for her family and close ones she will be missed but never forgotten fly high Kate❤❤"

This tribute was added by Chloe Reyna on 16th May 2017

"Kate was such a beautiful person both inside and out. I didn't know her personally but have gone to school with her sense 4th grade. Just looking at her you can tell she had a beautiful heart. Kate was definitely one of the sweetest people I have ever met. I loved talking to her, she was always happy and made everyone around her smile. I will never forget her. My prayers go out to her family and everyone affected."

This tribute was added by Samantha Zelley on 16th May 2017

"I have known Kate since the beginning of middle school. Her and I didn't hang out outside of school, but she was in both my English and Math class in 7th grade. She made math bearable and English much more entertaining. Not one person didn't like her, it was impossible to. She had quippy humor, a warm heart and a joyful spirit always. She was the type of person who was funny without even realizing it. You never truly value and appreciate the value of someone's impact on your life until they are gone. I have never lost someone before, so losing such an incredible soul was a true heartbreak, and still is. Although, I do know that she is in a much better place up above, and that it must have been her time. I don't believe that one moment of her short life was wasted. I'm sure softball up in heaven is a blast compared to down here. I will forever remember the beautiful spirit that she was, but my heart still grieves that I will never see her beautiful smile again. 15 years wasn't long enough - but I know that she isn't in pain any longer. She is so loved. My prayers go to her family and all other families and friends who loved her like me. I still can't wrap my head around the fact that it was her - but all suffering for her is over, and I know that she is in God's hands. So much love for you Kate."

This tribute was added by Anissa Suarez on 16th May 2017

"Kate Marshall will forever be in my heart will be missed. I have known kate since 6th grade we went to middle school all three years i played softball and watched her play she has been an amazing friend and a softball player i love the game because of kate she showed me how much fun it was. We had spanish together i will never forget kate she touched my heart the day i met her because she was an amzing friend to me i will always remember that beautiful smile and laugh of Kate's. My prayers and thoughts go to her family and everyone that loved Kate Marshall. Forever missed❤"

This tribute was added by Laura Cox on 16th May 2017

"This is the email my husband sent to his player's yesterday...Kate made a big impact on him as a father and a coach.  

As many of you have heard we lost a very talented and charming young lady in our organization last week. Kate Marshall was part of the Blast for the past five years and a member of Rocky's High School Varsity team. I met the Marshall family six years ago when my daughter played with Kate on the 10U MYB All-Stars, that's when they became part of my family. Many of you may wonder why do I coach and spend so much time with your daughters past and present. Yes part of the reason is because of my own daughter, but a big part for me is people like Kate. She was one of the hardest working and most generous girls I've had the privilege to be around. Kate never asked why, she just did and always with a smile on that face of hers. She not only was a player but a mentor to the younger girls, as she had helped me at a few practices last year while the rest of her team was playing high school ball. Kate will always have a piece of my heart. As I've had time to reflect on this tragic situation, I've realized that I will be a better coach for your daughters present and future because of her. Hug your kids a little longer and let them know what they mean to you, I know I did.""

This tribute was added by lexie hall on 16th May 2017

"I'll always remember Kate by her smile. It was always so contagious and beautiful. She was always so happy and nice to everybody, no matter how well she knew them. One year for her birthday party, she didn't want presents, she just wanted animal food to donate. She always cared for others, and put them before herself. She'll be forever missed. Fly high Kate"

This tribute was added by Erin Zahiralis on 16th May 2017

"I've known Kate since 3rd grade she was always a really sweet person and she was a very good volleyball player and softball player I will Really miss kate I remember I always wanted to be her partner in elementary school because she was the nicest person ever sometimes I would get to be with her and I'd be the happiest person in the world. I'll be praying for her family and friends because this is a really hard loss I will always miss Kate and will never forget her"

This tribute was added by Susan Centeno on 16th May 2017

"Trent and Martie- I am so incredibly sorry for the loss of your daughter.  Words can't express the sorrow I feel in my heart for your family.  She sounds like an amazing girl who led a wonderful and loved life.  Hold onto that and know that she left earth surrounded by your family's love. You are all on my mind constantly and I'm sending many prayers for peace and strength.  Your family is loved by many people...."

This tribute was added by Zach Gerratt on 16th May 2017

"I don't even know where to start. Kate is the definition of the perfect friend and person. Kate was an all around amazing person and an amazing friend. She always knew how to help with anything (mostly girls) which I liked so much about her. She had a great sense of humor. She had the best nicknames for me. No matter how much she teased me she would always have my back and was there for me when I needed her. I wouldn't have done half of what I have through out the years without Kate to help me through it. She was so smart and would help me with alot in school. She's the main reason I'm doing good in Science. Not only did she teach me how to talk to girls but she taught me how to be an amazing person like her. She has truly made an impact on me and taught me lots of things. She was one of the strongest kind hearted people I've ever got to know. No matter what she always kept going and never got down. I'm so happy I got to be really close with her and be her friend. I will miss her calling me curly or teasing me about girls and other things. But mainly I will miss her being around. I'm so happy I got to he really close friends with her and learn a lot from her. Thanks for being there for me and I will never forget you. Thanks for being an amazing friend Kate!❤️"

This tribute was added by brooke smith on 16th May 2017

"i've known kate for almost all three years of middle school we were one year apart but i've talked to her on multiple occasions. the fact that's she's gone has me shook. i've had the almost same experience of when my sister went into cardiac arrest a year ago. we thought that we was gone and that  trumatic experienced was enough. my sister is alive but i can't imagine kate being gone. i have love and prayers sent out to your family.❤️"

This tribute was added by Dirk Myers on 16th May 2017

"We had the pleasure of getting to know Kate through softball, both as a teammate and as a competitor. The girl always had a smile and you could tell how much she loved the game by how she played.   I will always remember how she would always find a place to sleep even if it wasn't even close to comfortable.   Kate touched more lives in her short time on earth than most people do in a lifetime. Thank you for all of the memories, the smiles, and for making the world a better place. Thoughts and prayers go out to the entire family."

This tribute was added by Sheri Rogers on 16th May 2017

"To everyone affected by the loss of Kate, we are so very sorry for your loss. There are no words to explain the range of feelings we go through when a young person's life is taken so suddenly. Please know that there are many other families and friends in the community praying for each of you to find comfort during this hard time. She will be remembered! Your friends from Buckle Up for Bobby"

This tribute was added by Karlie Cameron on 16th May 2017

"I've never really known Kate but I met her. The first time I met her she was the sweetest person ever and she was amazingly sweet. She touched my life and she and Liz were so much alike. I cried when I found out she passed and I was mad at god for taking her but I realized everyone has to go at some point, but I still feel as if her point was too soon. I love Kate, she was sweet, kind, GORGEOUS, and she touched everybody's life. She made an impact on me and I will never forget her. I think about her everyday and I wish She could be here still. She is looking down from heaven watching us all and she would not want us to be sad, she'd want us to be happy and celebrate her life. We love you kate❤️ You made an impact on everyone"

This tribute was added by Preslie Simis on 16th May 2017

"Kate will forever be remembered by many of people. Her smile was the cutest and was so contagious. She's such an athletic girl and I remember her always working super hard in fit and it made me want to be like her, working hard in fit too. Even though we weren't super close i got to know her through mac & his friends. She made everyone so happy & seeing her in the halls with Mac everyday was so adorable. Kate's loved by so many people & she will forever be loved. I miss her, & so does everyone else. My prayers go out to her family, friends, & teammates as they go through this hard time. I know Kate is up above looking down on all of us & she's got that big smile on her face, saying that she's okay. We have a beautiful angel looking over all of us now. Thanks Kate. I miss & love you. RIP sweet baby girl❤"

This tribute was added by Kenna O'Donnell on 16th May 2017

"I've had the privlage of knowing Kate for three years. I remember playing volleyball with her in advisory back in sixth grade. There was never a dull moment when she was around. Kate holds a big spot in my heart. Seeing her smiling face at the ballpark all the time was always a blessing. My prayers go out to her family, friends, teammates, and everyone else who was lucky enough to have Kate in their life. A part will always be missing at the softball fields, school, and in this world without her there. I'm just comforted to know she's got the best seat in the field now, and is in the best hands there is. As people, we spend our whole lives always trying to better ourselves by becoming kind, selfless, happy, encouraging, and the best person we can be. At age fifteen, Kate already had all of the qualities people spend a lifetime trying to achieve, which is why she left so soon. She didn't need the rest of her life to become a truly amazing person, because she already was. You will be missed Kate. Fly high pretty girl. ❤"

This tribute was added by Emily Dildine on 16th May 2017

"Kate will be in my heart forever. I remember growing up with her all through out elementary school and middle school. Everyone thought so highly of her. I would even hear about her in church, people would share stories about how kind and understanding she was. My prayers and thoughts go out to everyone affected by this. I'll never forget what a kind and wonderful person kate was. Forever missed ❤️"

This tribute was added by Christina Bishop on 15th May 2017

"Kate was my student last year, in 8th grade.  She was only in my class for one semester, but was one of the sweetest, most kind, and smart girls I've ever had in class.  She had a funny sense of humor as well.  My heart is so sad for her family.  Many prayers and hugs to you all in difficult time.  I will always remember her beautiful smile and kind heart."

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