"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to Him, and He will make your paths straight." (Proverbs 3:5-6)
  • 56 years old
  • Born on May 30, 1958 .
  • Passed away on December 23, 2014 .

This memorial website was created in memory of Kathy Gin, 56, who passed away on December 23, 2014. Help us remember her by sharing a memory, tribute, story or photo.

A Celebration of Life service was held on Saturday, January 17, 2015.  The Service may be viewed from  "Her Life."   

Posted by Darnelle Midili on 23rd December 2016
It's during this time as we celebrate the holidays with family and friends that we truly miss those loved ones who cannot be with us. We will forever remember Kathleen. We're very happy that we can visit with Kathleen's husband, even if it's only once a year. God Bless the family. Love, Aldo and Darnelle Midili
Posted by Isabelle Rodrigues on 1st June 2015
Remembering Kathy on her birthday for me means i take the time to smile at ours the way she did. I dont remember ever seeing her without it. - Love and hugs to you all
Posted by Leonard Hom on 30th May 2015
A personal tribute to my lovely sister as a remembrance on her birthday. View tribute at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtZwWPCiRHQ
Posted by Miriam Warren on 23rd March 2015
David, I didn't know your Kathy, but came to this page after reading your post on Kara's page. After looking at the photos and reading the tributes on this page, I can see why you and your family were indeed blessed to have Kathy in your life. I wish I had known her... she definitely sounds like one of those people who make you feel better just by being in their presence. And from the few short words you expressed about Kathy in your post, it's obvious that she was equally blessed with a loving, devoted mate. May God continue to hold all of you close and bring you comfort in the days ahead. I look forward to meeting her one day.
Posted by Lorraine Sue on 22nd January 2015
Uncle David and Family: Nathan, Cameron and I share in your sorrow and miss Auntie Kathy dearly. She was always there - for all our family occasions - always with a big smile, a warm hug and an infectious laugh. It was always fun to make her giggle about something ridiculous. That, I will remember the most about her. The second thing I will remember about her is how she always sent a card, note and/or gift to us on our birthdays. She was amazing!! - to remember every year without fail! I don't know how she did it! I wish I did one-tenth of what she did. In reflecting over the last month, it's been really nice to be reminded of who Auntie Kathy was and the life that you shared with her. I think you all had a very special, loving relationship that, although shortened, should always be cherished. It is on that note that I'm reminded that you and she asked me to play the violin at your wedding. Let me say now, almost 30 years later, how honored I am that you asked me and that I was able to do it. It was truly a special moment that I will cherish. Thank you! I didn't realize at our last Thanksgiving at my house, how important my words of thanks to God for our family and what we've all experienced together over the years would mean... It was our last Thanksgiving with Auntie Kathy and I'm glad she could be there with us. Let me again express gratitude for all the times we've shared and memories we've created as a family. Thank you for including us in your lives. As I said before, we are your family and we are here for you. Please lean on us. May you all be Blessed and May God take care of you all as you continue your journey together. BE GOOD because Auntie Kathy is watching! Love and Hugs, Lori
Posted by Kara Au-Young on 21st January 2015
Condolences to the Gin and Hom families. I remember Leonard from High School. I did not meet Kathy until the SLHS picnic in 2012. She was very friendly and always remembered everyone with a smile. I looked forward to her Facebook posts every day. I was shocked to learn of her passing. May she rest in peace always.
Posted by Cynthia Paschen on 20th January 2015
Kathy Gin was such a beautiful soul who is still teaching us all what is really important in life to be loved by so many. I went to school with Kathy and remember what a kind, positive person she was. I wish everyone could be more like her and the world would be a much nicer place. Sending healing prayers and love to David and the Gin family, this must be so hard to lose your angel. Hoping you find some peace.
Posted by Koreen Paterson on 19th January 2015
Kathy had an incredible way of truly valuing the people in her life...it wasn't just that she was trying to make you feel special--you WERE that special to her. She communicated the love of Christ and His grace in every interaction. I know that both she and the Lord were pleased that her memorial service was another opportunity taken to point people to the gospel. I know that my heart was touched.
Posted by Pamela Martin on 19th January 2015
Dear David and family, It's not often that a woman touches so many lives in so many ways. Kathy's memory will live on in my heart. Christian, Kandice and Zachary the courage to speak so candidly about your mother was such a beautiful tribute. Thank you for sharing your stories. We all have one more angel in heaven and it was an honor to call Kathy my friend.
Posted by Josie Wong on 18th January 2015
Kathy leaves so much of us wanting to be Christ-like. She loved and gave herself freely to others. David and I pray for the coming days to be filled only with hope and wonderful memories. David, she was God's gift to you. You and your children rose up and called her "blessed" each in their own way at her Celebration of Life yesterday. Thank you David, Christian, Kandice and Zachary for sharing her with us. We are blessed to know you all because of her life. She's probably saying hello to Walt, Bill Lew and Bob for starters!
Posted by Susan Reneberg Donaldson on 17th January 2015
I will really miss Kathy ' s heart and great smile. I loved talking and spending time with her. She lights up people's mood with her positive attitude. I know she genuinely loved her family and her friends.
Posted by Rick Tsuno on 17th January 2015
It was a wonderful service today 1/17. So many wonderful things were said about Kathy. Reminds me when I went to San Leandro High there were so few Asians.......but it really did not matter then. Thinking of David and the rest of the Gin family, you are in my thoughts. Rick Tsuno
Posted by Adrienne Washney on 17th January 2015
I remember Kathy as far back as elementary school. Very quiet and sweet. Now I know the Kathy full of joy for God, family and her favorite baseball team. It was always nice to read about her kids, husband, her journey through school and then her job working with sweet children. It can be said of her that she was a shining light for Jesus, a genuine person through and through, God gained an angel and we lost a friend. God bless your family Kathy, I know you are watching over them in their sadness. Adrienne Washney
Posted by Holly Donaldson on 16th January 2015
Facebook reconnected me with Kathleen. She was positive and saw only good things and it was refreshing to visit with her on facebook. She was always kind and friendly the years I knew her from grade 7-15. I am glad I knew her! She will be missed by many.
Posted by Lynne Tang on 16th January 2015
Words are inadequate to express the shock and heartfelt, deep sadness of losing my beloved sister-in-law, Kathy, so soon absent of the body present with the Lord. Kathy loved the Lord and served Him faithfully with joy and childlike innocence. Just imagine what the Lord would say to her, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant.... Enter thou into the joy of thy Lord." (Matthew 25:21) May Kathy enjoy all God's blessings in heaven. May the Lord comfort my brother, David, and his children with His love, strength, grace and peace. Kathy will be greatly missed when she's not there to save me a seat and take me to her Bible study class whenever I visit her church from southern Cal. All God's children will see Kathy in heaven in God's time. Thank God for Kathy's 56 years of life on earth, especially for her time with us. All God's children who have received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior will see Kathy again in heaven in God's time Prayer, love and God bless in Christ, Lynne Tang
Posted by Paul Gonzales on 16th January 2015
Kathy went to San Leandro High School with Susan Schultz (then) and I Paul Gonzales, although we didn't know her well back then, we became close these past several years through the SLHS Picnics, the SLHS Elios Brunch's, and dinner at our home, along with sitting together at Susan Renenberg's wedding in Alameda. I can honestly say I have not known anyone who was kinder, caring, sweet, and wonderfully positive as Kathy. She lit up any venue and room she came into. David and family, Susan and I are so sorry at the loss of such a terrific person, she will be missed by everyone. I hope you can take some comfort in knowing how much she was loved and highly regarded by everyone who knew her, including us. Our sincere condolences to you and the family.
Posted by Mary Takaoka on 15th January 2015
Hello David and family, Kathy and I were both in MOPS and she had a blast with the nursery there when her kids were all graduated. She and I were also in the Chinese ladies Bible study together. My deepest condolences to you all---David, Kandice, Christian and Zachary. Kathy doted on you guys and loved you so very much. Once your family and ours went out for steak dinner, I remember how loving Kathy spoke about all of you. Then I invited you guys over for pizza dinner at my house. I remember we were having the kids make pyramids and do cartwheels and such. Your three and my three. Little five year old Zachary just easily flipped in my hands. Kathy just giggled at all of the fun. She was the happiest lady. I always remember her face holding the biggest smile. Our family moved to Japan since 2008, but Kathy was always faithful in sending us your Christmas letter and congratulating us on our anniversary, one day before yours, July 6th and 7th. My heart and daily prayers go out to your beautiful family. May God bless and hold you in His most loving arms, you are precious in His sight and He will never leave you nor forsake you, in Jesus most holy name. ~Sincerely from, Mary, Tsuyoshi, Erika(21), Monika(19) and Naomi(16) Takaoka
Posted by Toni Quenneville on 14th January 2015
I went to Thomas Jefferson, Bancroft and SLHS with Kathy. We reconnected on fb and it was always a pleasure to read her posts. She was always so happy and positive about life. So sorry for your loss. She will be remembered with kindness. RIP Kathy, so sad.
Posted by Joyce Lopez on 13th January 2015
So privileged to have known Kathy through the AWANA program. Kathy was always so very sweet and ALWAYS had such encouraging words to share. Praying for all of you. Joyce and Mark Lopez
Posted by Debbie Leong on 13th January 2015
Kathy was the only person in the world I could refer to as "dear friend" because she used that phrase with me with such sincerity and kindness. It felt natural to call her "dear friend" because that is what she was until the end. I'm heartbroken that I was not able to see her before she passed but thankful that I was able to tell her through a text that I loved her very much. I will see you in Heaven dear friend.
Posted by Valorie Tintinger on 13th January 2015
David and family my deepest condolences to you all. Kathy and I have known each since Thomas Jefferson. She was shy then. She said to me you came up and talked to me and made me feel good. She always has a smile, and a heart of gold. She was always happy in high school. She remembered kids and spouses names always asked about them. Her love of live was an amazing one. She is truly a woman of God! What a wonderful caring person. She will be forever missed. We will meet again someday.
Posted by Jocelyn Kane on 13th January 2015
Kathy I am glad that you were my friend and that your memories and smiles of high school were always so vivid even after such a long time. I am glad to say that I have in heaven a true angel who will continue to look down and guide those she loved so deeply. May God always be your guiding light. I will always remember your smile and energy. I am sending angel blessings to your family and may peace always be with them. Love Jocelyn Beal Kane
Posted by Kathy Neisse on 13th January 2015
I've known Kathy since our days at San Leandro High, Spirit of '76. As many have mentioned she was so shy. We reconnected again because of SL, this time because our kids were second generation Pirates. And gone was that shyness! She would always be ready to greet me or anyone with her smile. Never have I met (nor do I think I ever will again)such a genuinely kind and loving person. How I wish I could have some of her positive spirit! David and family... This is a difficult time. Lean on your faith as Kathy always did and would want you to do too. She deserves her place in heaven...how I wish it hadn't been so soon.
Posted by Isabelle Rodrigues on 12th January 2015
Dear David and family, Kathy was a beautiful woman inside and out. She had a smile that was contagious. She lives in your beautiful children. love and peace - Isabelle Rodrigues
Posted by Lisa Arieta Hayes on 12th January 2015
I went to high school with Kathy and she is one of the few people that stand out in my memory. She was a kind, loving positive woman that walked with her heart and love. The world has a big hole in it with the loss of Kathy. Heaven is lucky to have such a wonderful soul!
Posted by Leonard Hom on 12th January 2015
There are no words to express the sorrow and grief for the passing of my beloved sister, Kathy. A small piece of my heart will be forever missing. When I think of her I will remember a “happy-go-lucky” person who was beautiful inside and out. With a quick smile and hearty laugh, it was a rare circumstance to see Kathy in a lowly mood. A kinder person you will not find. We can honor those who have passed by remembering them from time to time and incorporating their good attributes into our lives. Remembering Kathy reminds us to be kinder and less judgmental of people we encounter. In homage to her 56-years of life I plan to ride my bike 56-miles each year around her birthday; my personal “Ride for Kathy” with no agenda other than to honor and remember a beautiful person. Leonard Hom and Family (Annmarie, Eric & Kevin)
Posted by Jeni Engler on 12th January 2015
Dear Gin Family, You all are in my thoughts and prayers as you miss your wife and momma. I was blessed be one of Kandice's teachers at Roosevelt and therefore was able to get to know Kathy. After every encounter with Kathy I always felt refreshed and encouraged. She indeed had the gift of encouragement! Kathy loved her husband and family, and so enjoyed her work as a preschool teacher. She saw the value of investing her life in people, because people are eternal. I am encouraged to walk more closely with Jesus because of Kathy's example. I pray for comfort for you all as you grieve and love together.
Posted by Wina Burnama on 12th January 2015
My deepest sympathy to Kathy's family... No words can describe. Kathy was a beautiful person. She helped me with her encouraging words when I was overwhelmed with raising 2 children when they were very young. She would always say, "you will get through this. Pray for your children always... God has great plans for them." Or she'll tell me stories of how proud she was at her children's faith despite going through public school (SLHS). She brought me hope with her words. One of my biggest regret is not being able to see her in the last few years. I allowed my life to get too busy and did not have that time to sit with her and have a cup of coffee/tea at Zocalo. I will miss you friend. Until we see each other again with Jesus, I will keep sweet memories of you and your big wide smile. Wina
Posted by Jackie Furgason on 12th January 2015
I am Thankful for the time I have known her,,Katie,,that's how I knew her. Whenever I needed a prayer I could always count on her. She will be missed. I have known her and her family online for 14 years. God Bless the Gin Family.,,I am here for you guys.,,, All my love. In Christ, Jackie
Posted by Julian Loh on 12th January 2015
I will miss Kathy, her smile is what I remember the most. Always warm, kind and reassuring, fun to be with, faithful to Jesus. My condolence to David and family, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Julian and Hosanna Loh
Posted by Deborah Dash on 12th January 2015
I went to high school with Kathy. She was quiet but always unfailingly friendly and cheerful. She was always there with a smile and a hello! It was so great to reconnect with her on Facebook and at the reunion lunches at Elio's in the last couple of years. She will be sorely missed by all who knew her. My prayers go out to the entire Gin family. We will all deeply feel her loss.
Posted by Tom Tang on 9th January 2015
David and family: Our condolence to you and the family. Peace be with you and family. Tom & Josie Tang and family (Jan, Sigrid, Jorgia, Georgette), Phoenix, AZ.

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