A Dear Friend Who Will Always Have a Place in My Heart

Shared by Xiaolu Ye on April 22, 2019

I have to say I always felt that Kathy and I are missing out each other. I get to know Kathy in 2010 through our common friend when I wanted to move to Short Hills. Kathy was so helpful. She immediately introduced her be-trusted realtor Mary Jo to me, and gave me a full dump of her experience. Just after I moved into Short Hills, and was glad that I already have a friend in the neighborhood, we found out she and her family will move to Shanghai. Fast forward to 2016, Kathy and her family moved back to Short Hills. I was thrilled to have them back. But then 2017 Spring, my family decided to move to Shanghai. Kathy was again so helpful to give me a full dump of her house renting and Shanghai experience. In addition, she hosted a party and introduced her Shanghai friends to me. She is just such person who is always willing to help, thoughtful and warm hearted. Now as I am planning our summer trip to New York this year, it is heartbreaking to think that she is no longer with us. Thankful to this site, where so many friends have shared photos of Kathy. There will always be a special place in my heart for Kathy. And I know her spirit will always be with us. 

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