Let the memory of Katie be with us forever
  • 59 years old
  • Born on May 21, 1953 .
  • Passed away on September 5, 2012 .

This memorial website was created in the memory of Kathleen Boehmer,
May 21, 1953 - September 5, 2012. 
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Posted by Dorothy Gillmore on 5th September 2018
You are always on my mind. Don't believe a day goes by that I wish I could ask you about a certain thing that comes up knowing that you would know the answer. Miss you very much.
Posted by Richard Boehmer on 5th September 2018
Nothing has changed from last year. So many thoughts and feeling that I wish could be shared. I still brag about you and all the things you were a champion for. Many people are better for time being with you. including myself. Often I and others express thoughts that we wish could reach you. But you being remembered and things shared with others is the best tribute to you. Yes, Nadine, Katie admired and loved you. Thanks for you post.
Posted by Nadeen Estep on 5th September 2018
Miss you Katieā™”
Posted by Richard Boehmer on 6th September 2017
I still talk to you all the time. I include you in conservations with people. You are missed, and each of us deals with your not being here. I keep saying that there is some much be said, even if you don't like to talk about emotions.Things all remind me of you, because you were a part of everything in my life. Maybe I will get a chance someday to tell you all the things I have to share. All my love- your loving husband.
Posted by Richard Boehmer on 6th September 2016
Four years and nothing changes. We all miss you as much as ever and it's really hard. Each of us grieve in our own way. Your sons have grown to be men you would have been proud of. I still brag about you and look for you everywhere. Each day things remind me of you, I wish we could have had more time. So many things left unsaid. I carry you with me, Hope that we will be together some day, I have so much to share. All my love, your loving husband.
Posted by Marisa Morgan on 7th September 2015
Every day as i det dressed I see the picture of you, Patty and I at Patty's wedding. It brings me back to that day, and how much fun we had. I miss your laugh , and how you were always there to listen to me when ever I needed to talk. ( which was all the time). I often think of the crazy things we did... like the time that we went to a regional meeting and we were going out with the group out to a club in a limo, and you had to PEE. You had him stop IN FRONT of a 7 -11 you jumped out , ran in the store to pee. Got back into the limo and away we went on our way with you standing up out of the window on the top waving at other cars. I MISS YOU MY FRIEND. :-)
Posted by Dorothy Gillmore on 6th September 2015
I did light a candle for both you and your Dad. Hade it sitting on the dining room table. There is so much I would like to talk to you about and get your opinion. Its great to have Matt and Richard here with me . I'm sure of you were here you would be here also. You are here in our thoughts every day. Miss you so much. Mom
Posted by Richard Boehmer on 5th September 2015
Katie, I was sitting in the sun today, and my thoughts were full of you. I miss being able to sit and just visit with you. You were an interesting person and had a quick mind. There continues to be a void left by your passing. I never will be able to fill. Always in my heart and I look for you in everything I do. I carry you with me, and look forward to the time we are together again. All my love, Richard
Posted by Richard Boehmer on 22nd May 2015
Scooter-- It is your time of the year. I walk around and see flowers and trees exploding to life. You taught me about all these things and the colors of nature. Today would have been your time and your family is sad you are not here to celebrate your birthday and be with us. Still carried in our hearts. Love you and miss you dear.
Posted by Dorothy Gillmore on 6th September 2014
I sitill expect to hear your voice on the phone. It still seems like yeaterday that you left us but you are all around us and your flowers are doing great also the roses. Much Love Mom
Posted by Richard Boehmer on 5th September 2014
My Little Friend, My thoughts are always full of you. It's been two years and it never changes, missing you. So many things were left to be done by us. We should have had more time. But I carry you with me. I look for you everywhere. My hope is to see you again someday. Your family loves and misses you. Words escape me to describe our feelings. Love you Scooter,
Posted by Nadeen Estep on 5th September 2014
Miss you Katie.. Think of you often. I just cant believe you are gone sometimes. So, I guess you are not. That you are still here looking out for all those that you have always looked out for:) Miss our conversations hanging out in the shop doing your hair:) Thanks for all of the good advise over the years helping me raise these children of mine. Couldn't have done it without you. Miss you.....
Posted by Dorothy Gillmore on 21st May 2014
I wish I had made a list of all the flowers that you planted for me.I only have to look in my front yard and all the good memories come flooding back I miss you so much. Your Mom
Posted by Lissa Gillmore on 21st May 2014
Thinking of you on your birthday today, Auntie Kate. We all wish you were here and miss you so much. I can't believe it's been nearly 2 years since you left us. Missing you. Love, Lissa
Posted by Richard Boehmer on 6th September 2013
My beloved Katie. It has been one year but it seems like forever, because I miss you so. Everyday my thoughts are filled with you, and the days stretch on consumed with missing you. You were the light of my life and things have lost their meaning. .Your family was so proud of you, And we all struggle, trying to find purpose without you to share our lives with you. Always in our hearts,
Posted by Dorothy Gillmore on 21st May 2013
This is so hard to do, Miss you so much. Wish you were here for your 60th birthday. Matt is doing a great job helping me. Rick was here yesterday and we talked about you and how much we missed you and all the info you had to give us on flowers. Love you so much - Mom.
Posted by Lissa Gillmore on 21st May 2013
Auntie Kate, I am thinking of you today on your birthday. I have such fond memories of the 3 of us celebrating our birthdays together eating Grandma's angel food cake with the peanut butter frosting and having fun together as a family. I think of you often and miss you so much. Know that you'll always be in our hearts. Love, Lissa
Posted by Jan Voss on 3rd October 2012
Dear Boehmer men - I was so sorry to hear of the loss of your sweet mom/wife recently. My thoughts are with you all. Stay strong with the thought that you were blessed with the dear, sweet Katie all of those years. Let me know if I can do anything. Jan Voss
Posted by Patti Carlson on 2nd October 2012
Katie Belle - your exit party was equally as beautiful and full of grace as your were. You would have been so proud of all 3 of your boys - so very proud. They filled your house with all that you were about - so much love for everyone. My special word for you was - "self-less". You always thought about someone else - never your self. Love you-P
Posted by Nadeen Estep on 28th September 2012
Katie, You are in my heart daily. I picture your cute mischievous smile after hearing how you were about to put Mercer Island School district on notice. I am really glad to have been your friend and to have benefited from your vast knowledge of pretty much everything. Dorothy, Richard, Matt and Kyle...love you guys!!
Posted by Bobbie Roumonada on 28th September 2012
I knew Kathy as a tiny baby girl. Her mom and dad were lifetime childhood friends. We lived many miles apart but never did lose contact with each other through the years. Kathy was a small but strong and gentle little soul, who has left a very large space in the memories of all who new and loved her. She'll be missed.
Posted by Mary Butler on 28th September 2012
I grew up with Kathy - our Mom's were child hood friends. I was always jealous of her because she was so petite & pretty and had that pretty voice. I am so sorry she is gone and I wish comfort and peace to Richard, their kids & Dottie her Mom. She was a special person and I feel blessed to have known her.
Posted by Jim O'Rourke on 26th September 2012
Richard, Many of our drivers are thinking of you and all you went through and how Katie supported you. This was really a shock to us. I am so sorry for your loss and can only imagine your pain. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Posted by Marisa Morgan on 25th September 2012
My dear Katie, How many memories and laughs we had working together. You even got me to smoke a cigar! I will never forget your sense of humor and your laughter. I will miss you my friend, but I know that you are up there looking down at me and saying " Hey no big deal" Love you Katie!!!! ;-)
Posted by Patti Carlson on 25th September 2012
I am shocked! I had no idea she was sick. She was one who worried about everyone but herself. She was a dear friend and will be missed. God Bless you Miss Katie - much love Patti.
Posted by Karen Beal on 24th September 2012
My dear sweet cousin gave me so much hope and strength during my time of illness and I so wish I had been able to properly convey to her my thanks. So many memories - hanging out at Grandpa and Grandma Gillmore's with Rick and Kathy and Uncle Ron's kids Dean and Dana. Love you Kathy - our angel in heaven

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