Kathleen (Kat) McCarthy
  • 22 years old
  • Date of birth: Nov 12, 1990
  • Date of passing: Aug 14, 2013
Welcome to the memorial page for Kathleen McCarthy. We hope you'll share memories, stories and pictures of Kat.

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Kathleen's Celebration of Life was held Sunday, September 22, 2013 at Salmon Bay School in Ballard.

It was a wonderful event, organized by her sister Madeline with the help of so many who knew Kat.  Kat's family is very grateful for the help, and for the phenomenal turnout (over 400)

In Kat's 22 years, she touched many, many people.  We all love her.  We'll always, always, always remember her.

Please leave a tribute to Kat McCarthy.  And invite others to visit Kat's Memorial. 

In lieu of flowers, or to simply remember Kathleen, please donate to these organizations which meant an awful  lot to Kathleen: Street Soccer Seattle, Sanctuary Art Center,  New Horizons Ministries, University District Youth Center (UDYC),  or Street Youth Ministries.


Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Maureen Pyle on 12th November 2017

"Happy Birthday Kathleen!  You are always loved and forever missed. ♥️"

This tribute was added by Patrick Maes on 15th August 2017

"Kat, You certainly touched me with your statement as a child " I'm in the TAKE IT APART club" and your appeciation of paint spattered painting coveralls. I always read your Fathers & Mother's tributes to you and I'm touch by their LOVE for you then, now and forever. They are significant friends of mine. Thank you for having touched me too.
Patrick Maes"

This tribute was added by Brian McCarthy on 14th August 2017

Thinking of you today (I think of you every day, but more frequently on the anniversary).

Mom and I will  meet with Debra, Ed, Zack, Kristina and Kit this evening, you may  hear us talking about you!

It's been four years.  Maybe the pain is diminishing, but maybe not.  I was downtown last Friday and walked by your old apartment building, and memories flooded back.

Koda is doing well, but getting old.  Arthritis in his back legs, he needs to be carried up the stairs nowadays.  Save a spot for him up there, next to you.  Say hi for me to both your grandmothers and Uncle Tom.

We will forever love you!


This tribute was added by Madeline McCarthy on 13th November 2016

"Dad and I flew down to Florida yesterday, on your birthday, to see grandpa. One of the engines failed on our flight, we had to make an emergency landing. Was that you? Did you do that? To shake us up maybe...you sure were good at adding excitement to things. I miss you a lot. They say "time heals"...I thought this would get easier, but as time goes on, I seem to miss you more and more. I'm going to North Dakota to support the Native Americans protesting the pipeline. I know you would have figured out a way to get there, to protest and support. I'm going on friday, I'm going for you. This is how I'm celebrating your birthday this year.  I love you!"

This tribute was added by teri delgado on 12th November 2016

"Today is your favorite day ... I remember how you would be excited dayz b4 your birthday,  we miss you dearly wish thingz had been soo different  but your pain free & lovin your life as your living it & that were happy 4 U.  May you bless us all & keep a beautiful smile going as u know how 2 do so well ...  We keep you n our hearts alwayz... Love & miss U forever luv Sam & MOMA T  ( P.S. Put a smile on Sam's face 4 me 2day ) YOUR A BEAUTIFUL SOUL NOW & 4EVER MIJA."

This tribute was added by karen mccarthy on 12th November 2016

"Miss you Kathleen but we will see you again.
John 3:16
For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life."

This tribute was added by karen mccarthy on 12th November 2016

"Sure do miss you Kathleen as does Pastor Marcelin and his family in Haiti. Love Aunt Karen and family."

This tribute was added by karen mccarthy on 14th August 2016

"We sure do miss you Kathleen but we know you are with the Lord Jesus.
John 3:16
For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life."

This tribute was added by Brian McCarthy on 14th August 2016

    Mom and I are thinking of you today - More than usual....  It's been 3 years now.  They say time heals.  I hope so.  Soon?
    You are Forever Missed!
   Dad & Mom"

This tribute was added by teri delgado on 10th January 2016

"Hello mija, well were do I began , alot has happened in last year , but not all good. But first & for most Sam & I miss you like crazy ... He's still going thru alot of guilt & regret , but I try 2 keep him on the right path & u know as well as I that isn't easy ... But I do know he tries his hardest & that's not always easy ... I been n & out the hospital alot over the past year & Nov week stay wasn't a good 1, they almost lost me from my copd , its getting serious now & my sons will be going thru another hell all of their own if something happens... I need a HUGE favor , can you send a hug or some kinda personal message to Sam 2 let him know it'll be ok ... It seems surgery isn't really an option anymore, & I try not 2 let them know how bad I really feel but now they call me " wheezy " haha & its getting harder 4 me 2 hide ... Please mija I try not 2 ask 4 much n my life but im worried about him. You were always able 2 talk 2 him & calm or @ least make him feel better about himself. I'm like all they have & in my heart I believe he knows the time is nearing and I see it in his eyes everyday!!! I love & miss you dearly , I hav2 close here I can't even think straight right now cuz I been pondering whether 2 write this or not! So if @ all possible can I just send him a hug or something 2 ease his pain he's going thru plz ... I have always loved you as well as Sam & I'm glad you knew that b4 you left us all. Prayers my precious daughter cariño Sam & Teri       " we love you from here 2 eternity " SMILE ..."

This tribute was added by Lisa Satin on 15th November 2015

"Your 25th birthday would have been Nov. 12, 2015. We lit a beautiful candle you once made, and ate Chinese food. Last year it was Thai food, maybe next year it will be Ethiopian food. You appreciated all kinds of food and were my favorite lunch partner. We miss you constantly and these milestone days are a little harder than the others. I certainly wouldn't trade my memories for less pain, beautiful daughter; just know we love you and will miss you always. Love mom"

This tribute was added by K G on 26th August 2015

"I was reminded of Kat today. A mutual friend of ours was pregnant at the memorial service, and today posted her daughter's birthday photos to facebook. Can't believe time has gone that fast. I was googling to try and find Kat's art but found this page instead. She is missed. My thoughts are with her family and friends this month."

This tribute was added by melodie venturine on 15th August 2015

"Hi Kat!
I'm sitting here with your sister and Kellie at Madelines beautiful new home. Your presence is instantly apparent here. Your trinkets are all over the shelves, I recognize a lot. Your beautiful face is everywhere too. It makes me feel warm and comforted. We celebrate you for yet another year you have been absent from. Love you lots, always.

This tribute was added by Brian McCarthy on 14th August 2015

.   It’s been a sunny and dry summer so far (a drought, actually).   Two years ago today, you left us.  Today it’s dark, cloudy, cold and raining.  Tears are falling from the sky.  There was lightening & thunder a moment ago, very unusual for our area.  Coincidence?  Or is it you being sad and missing us?
.   The sharp pains of remembering you are slowly diminishing with time.  Maybe that’s good, but it makes me melancholy and mildly guilty. Is it okay that my pain is a little less?  Is this my healing?
.   Every day, every hour I think of you.  But the memories are changing.  The painful memories are giving way to more happy memories of your time with us.  Like our backpacking trips.  Or being your instructor at the race track, where you were getting my 2002 up onto 3 wheels in the twisties of the autocross course.  Or skiing & snowboarding with Tom and Madeline. Or visiting France.  Or fundraising at the racetrack for your charity trip to S America. https://youtu.be/Cc9BJLstRIk  Or any thousands of memories.
.   Today, I want to celebrate your life. But it’s the day of your death.  So conflicted.  Mom & I wish you were here.  I hope you’re happy where you are, with your Grandmother Joan and Uncle Tom.  Don’t feel bad for me. Celebrate your life, and all the wonderful people you loved (and loved you) in your journey with us.  I’ll see you when it’s time.
.  Love forever and ever,
.     Dad"

This tribute was added by teri delgado on 29th July 2015

"Miss you like crazy... Luv Sam & Teri"

This tribute was added by Brian McCarthy on 26th February 2015

Not a day goes by that Mom & I don't think of you.  We tell stories to each other about you.  Like when you helped with wiring a switch for the pantry. Or when you went into the crawlspace with me after the new plastic was put down.  Or Freddy, your goldfish.  Or when you nursed the wounded quail back to health, then released them.  On and on...
Love you always,

This tribute was added by teri delgado on 25th January 2015


Well Seattle Seahawks TAKE the challenge again... You know I'm a 9er fan all the way , however,   Hawks vs Patriots  Can they do it again hmm... Will b an interesting game, I'm probably going to make caldo de colas ( ox tail soup ) Luv & miss you every day...  Cariño Sam & Teri."

This tribute was added by Lisa Satin on 13th November 2014

"I miss you like crazy and just can't accept you not being here. I'm trying but it's painful and I'm just selfish wanting you here with us. I know you're in no pain but I wanted that for you on earth and also know you tried very hard. We all love you so much and forever. Love, momma xxxooo"

This tribute was added by Sean McCarthy on 12th November 2014

"Happy Birthday, Kathleen!"

This tribute was added by Brian McCarthy on 12th November 2014

.  I hope you have a great birthday celebration with your Grandma (who by now you've met, I hope) and Uncle Tom.
.  It's a sunny day down here on your birthday.  All the people you loved and who loved you are remembering you today (and actually, most every day).  Can you sense that?  
.  Mom, Madeline and I will do do something together this evening to commemorate your day.
.  With eternal love,
.        Dad"

This tribute was added by melodie venturine on 12th November 2014

24 is a good year, that's how old I feel and I'm 26 now. Geeze I remember when we were both under 20. I had my birthday recently too as you probably know. It was great full of love. Of course you were the only one missing! I'm sure you have lots of company up there and a replacement melly for the time being. My twin sis joy is there. Does she look exactly like me?
Well I miss you always like crazy...sending my love to the beyond :)
Luv Mel"

This tribute was added by teri delgado on 12th November 2014


This tribute was added by Ginger Lewis on 12th November 2014

"Dear Kathleen, I only had the pleasure of meeting you a few times, I am a great friend of your Uncle Tom ( who is also well missed ). My sister Letia went to Heaven around the same time you did.  Although you are all very missed down here, it's comforting to know that you are up there laughing with Tom and Letia and everybody else who has gone ahead of us! You are safe in God's arms, nothing can harm you like the things on Earth. Love to you and give everyone a huge hug from me please!"

This tribute was added by teri delgado on 14th August 2014

"Our dearest Kat, A year WOW I'm still n aww with you being gone. Sam & I miss you sooo much we keep u n our hearts always & forever. Wish we could go to Seattle for your day but of course I have to work but I know you know we're their n heart/spiritual... We luv & miss you mija. I can't even think straight 2day, iv already messed up a couple times this morning and it's barely 8am. Keep shining over us all & keep us in YOUR PRAYERS LUV ALWAYS MIJA , CARIÑO SAM & TERI"

This tribute was added by karen mccarthy on 14th August 2014

"In Africa on medical missions and remembering your sweet smile, love and kindness while serving in Haiti. I know you are with The Lord Jesus and that I will see you again one day. You are greatly missed!
In His Love, Aunt Karen
John11:25 Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live:
26 And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die."

This tribute was added by Lisa Satin on 14th August 2014

"I love you baby girl. I miss you every minute of every day. I am always in awe of how you never gave up on 'you' and your drive to make a positive life for yourself. You too, were a very hard worker, as you once said to me. We didn't get to enjoy & benefit from your beauty and wisedom nearly long enough. You were a very special, wise and unique young woman. We look for your rainbows and guidance each day.  Your family loves and misses you. Love surrounds you my dear Kathleen."

This tribute was added by teri delgado on 30th June 2014

"Hey U ! I was trying
2 call in & get Keith Sweat concert tickets 4 here @ sundome in yaks & when I could'nt get thru it reminded me how we called Kube 93 for a concert I never heard of but u said I'd like it , , it wuz the same weekend as daybreak star & I had 2 work so I got tickets 4 nothing.  I wuz so upset.... Just a memory... LU Kat moma T.  I miss you dearly so does Sam he said hello luv."

This tribute was added by teri delgado on 7th May 2014

"Hello Kat, spring is here and I remember when we went summer shopping. Lunch at red robin n Northgate mall. We laughed so much and people just stared. I miss you so much, and think of you very often.. I luv & miss you dearly.I got another 9erz  jersey this time from
a GREAT friend " 21 GORE ". I know your happy & surrounded by alot of love, just wish we could share you, Sam said 2 tell you hello again & he sends his love. My missy is having her first litter of pups , she's due on Sams birthday. He keeps a candle lit 4 you still most of the day and all nite. We luv & miss you sooo mucho.... Cariño mija, Amor Siempre Chula"

This tribute was added by Brian McCarthy on 2nd April 2014

      Your absence affects so many things.  Consider just the month of March;
- On St Patrick's Day, we usually went Mass in downtown Seattle, organized by the Irish Heritage Club of Seattle.  We'd hear the Catholic and Protestant perspective (Irish & English) of the occasion and the "troubles" in Northern Ireland.  Bagpipes, the concentration of Irish, someone dressed as St Patrick, and of course, the wonderful Service.
- Madeline participated in the St Paddy's Day dash this year.  You would have cheered her on!
- Madeline's 25th Birthday.  A gathering at our house first.  The Memorial bookcase with notes and items from the attendees at your Celebration of Life was lit up, including your picture (http://bit.ly/1iiy2a5). Did you hear the birthday guests thinking of you?   Then on to Karaoke on Greenwood.  Debra, Ed, Zach, Leif, Janice, Kristina flew up, - too many to name.  About 40 people total.  You'd have been there, and would've enjoyed yourself immensely.
- Sadly, Dave H's uncle died in March.  I'm sure you would have joined us to mourn, provide support, and attend the funeral and Irish wake.
     Kat, we miss you terribly.  I know you're looking down and you're with us in spirit.   I love you always,

This tribute was added by Brian McCarthy on 20th November 2013

      Not a day goes by without thinking of you.  Heck, not an hour without thinking of you multiple times.  
      Dave H called the other day about connecting a TV to cable in Kelsey’s room.  It instantly brought back memories of when you and I built out his cable network (TV) and computer network (internet).  We terminated cable ends with RJ45 jacks and coax connectors, tested the lines, and connected them to the main patch panel.  You quickly grasped the technology and techniques. I was glad to have your help.  
     So I gave Dave guidance over the phone about his cable TV wiring.  You were right here with me as I described how we wired & connected all Dave's rooms.  It’s just one example of how a memory of you can pop into my mind over ANYTHING.  Are you doing that?
     Like in the bald eagle story in the Stories Section? http://www.forevermissed.com/katmccarthy/#stories"

This tribute was added by caleb McCarthy on 12th November 2013

"Dad, it'll be ok. Don't fret and don't cry, life will always pass us by. Who are we to fret for the dead, they are gone, enough said. Love exists forever, we must endeavor.
-original from me"

This tribute was added by Madeline McCarthy on 12th November 2013

"I miss you every day.  I love you"

This tribute was added by Lisa Satin on 12th November 2013

"This drizzly morning, I walked in the woods hoping to see the owl and thinking of you, always. The sun is out now and I'm sure there was a rainbow, ever present, as you are in my heart, my dear daughter.
You would have been 23 years old on this day, 11-12-13, and one day closer to your goal of changing your life and changing the world. I love and miss you, Mom"

This tribute was added by karen mccarthy on 12th November 2013

"We will miss Kathleen but hold unto the promises of 1corinth5:8
" ... Absent from the body , present with The Lord "
Love Aunt Karen and Uncle Dennis"

This tribute was added by Kester Gascoyne on 22nd September 2013

I want you to know that I am doing what I can - that you, connected to all of these people reaching now, are a reminder to us that we need to keep going. That things are not okay, not yet, and that we have so much to heal. You are Loved and missed <3."

This tribute was added by Rolf Gottschling on 21st September 2013

"Dear Kathleen. You were the host sister of our daughter Laura when she lived in Seattle.
We are very sad we never met you.
Your life wasn't easy and it was too short. We wish you a peaceful journey.
Our hearts go to Brian, Lisa, Madeline.
Rolf Gottschling and Bärbel Schumacher"

This tribute was added by Tyler Bauer on 20th September 2013

"Kat, I was absolutely crushed to hear of your passing.  I am so grateful to have met you, even though it was in some of the tougher stretches of your life.  Your joy and honesty, even in the hardship, was invigorating.  I'm proud to have called you my friend.  Enjoy your rest and new life!  I miss you very much."

This tribute was added by Anna McCarthy on 20th September 2013

"Kat- I'll always remember all the fun we had when you came down to Fort Lauderdale before going to Haiti, and I'll never forget the overwhelming joy that you radiated after trusting in Christ that weekend.  You had such a unique and awesome perspective on so many things and a thirst for knowing God and serving others.  Love you and you will be truly missed."

This tribute was added by Deloid Frizzell on 19th September 2013

"I know you will be truly missed by so many people. I feel really sad to hear about you leaving this world. In the number of times that I saw you, you were always nice to me. Rest in peace my dear. Xoxoxo"

This tribute was added by Brendan Andrews-Nino on 18th September 2013

"unfortunately i only knew u for a day and that was in New york for the national but that was the best 24 hours i had have had and ur carefree personality and ur always warm smile will always  be in my heart the street soccer community and i myself miss u dearly already rest in peace and may the lord watch over u family and friends because they have lost a great woman and an amazing friend"

This tribute was added by Diane Levy on 18th September 2013

"Kat, your smile always lit up the room! While our times together were few, you left an imprint on my heart. You will be missed......."

This tribute was added by Edwin McCarthy on 16th September 2013


This tribute was added by Marquell Broussard on 16th September 2013

"Kat Kat Kat , Me And Deonna Already Miss Your Outgoing Attitude And Your Ability To Keep Us Laughing Instead Of Arguing. Deonna LOVES You Sister Style. I KNOW For A Fact That God Will Take Care Of You And Your Watchin Our Souls From Above. . . LUCKY ! Just Wish We Had A Chance To Enjoy Your Company At Least A MILLION More Times , PLZ GUIDE Us By Ur Side . . . .  BESIDE GOD"

This tribute was added by Kaitlin B on 10th September 2013

"Kathleen. I can't believe you are gone. When we were younger we were both hot blooded and sometimes it collided but other times I felt we had more in common than either one of us really knew. It was great knowing you as a young woman as well. You were passionate and smart. You are deeply loved by many. My heart goes to Brian, Lisa, Madeline, and the rest of the family. RIP Kat."

This tribute was added by Tamara Usher on 10th September 2013

"What can I say. Your life was too short.  You are going to be missed so much.  I know there is happiness and love where you are."

This tribute was added by Betsy Kenney on 9th September 2013

"Kathleen, you were always striving to help others which was evident when you traveled to Haiti (twice), volunteered with youth organizations.  You made an impact on people's lives.  You were always looking out for the underdog.  

We cherish the memories."

This tribute was added by Barry Kenney on 9th September 2013

"There are many flames lit by your fearless, free spirit that will continue to burn brightly long after your much-too-short journey on this earth.  Be free and find peace."

This tribute was added by Sally Massa on 8th September 2013

"Kathleen was a member of my first and second grade classes.  I remember her as a bright and silly little first grader .  She loved to make jokes.  She was engaged in all the intrigues and goings-on in the classroom.  She had such a sweet face and warm heart.  Her death has saddened everyone at Salmon Bay who knew her.    She will always be in my heart.  My heart aches for her dear family."

This tribute was added by Allan Baird on 8th September 2013

"Kathleen -- intensely felt inequality and injustice.  We need more of this, not less."

This tribute was added by Carla Thompson on 8th September 2013

"Kathleen-seeing you grow up - survivor, soccer, river rafting, during parties at your parent's house talking about life, what's important, and  how those dreds were much harder to take care of than you anticipated!  I'm glad I knew you.  I remember your creativity, intelligence, and courage.  Gone too soon.  Peace."

This tribute was added by cindy hodge on 5th September 2013

"Kat, I met you while on a medical mission trip with Dr Karen McCarthy. I remember your sweet spirit and smile. You had a desire to serve the least of those in Haiti. You amazed me how you picked up the language . I know you knew our Lord and know I will see you again!"

This tribute was added by Brooklyn Jones on 4th September 2013

"Kat- I'm so lucky to have gotten the chance to work with you as your supervisor at The Mockingbird Society. You were so dedicated to the work and had such a strong work ethic. So intelligent and beautiful. You were an amazing writer and I am going to miss the times you and I talked. You also had an awesome sense of style and your makeup was always impeccable. :) I will never forget you."

This tribute was added by Viola Syta on 28th August 2013


This tribute was added by Dennis McCarthy on 27th August 2013

"Kathleen, I am so glad I got to see you in July.  We will all miss your sweet smile.  You will be greatly missed."

This tribute was added by karen mccarthy on 27th August 2013

"Our family was so saddened to hear about the loss of Kathleen.We take comfort in knowing she is with The Lord now. While serving on a medical mission trip to Haiti, Kathleen trusted in Christ as her Savior. She had such a heart for the Haitian poor that she returned to Haiti to serve alongside a humble Haitian family.We will all miss her very much. John 11:25"

This tribute was added by Marie Casey-Burke on 26th August 2013

"Kathleen was a marvelous bright light that I only got to know a little bit. I will always remember her smile and kindness to my girls and I. I always enjoyed seeing her at Mass with Brian. My heart goes out to you all."

This tribute was added by Madalaine Welch on 24th August 2013

"Kat was a fellow student at The Evergreen State College in 2009. We took a course called "Art, Culture and Spirit". Although I am an older woman with adult children of my own Kat was very kind and respectful to me. I did not know her well but there was an inner beauty about her I will not forget. I always was taking pictures and found a few I will post. Forever in my prayers."

This tribute was added by Stephen Syta on 24th August 2013

"I'd still be stepping on nails if it weren't for all your help. I'll never know why some of us make it and some of us don't. I hope your new journey is filled with peace, love and truth. God speed...with love, Stephen."

This tribute was added by jane betts on 24th August 2013

"I am so sorry you aren't here any more.  It's been years, but God such a spirit.  Be at peace young one. Watch over your mom, dad and sister.  They need you now more than ever.  Jane"

This tribute was added by Sean McCarthy on 24th August 2013

"Kathleen, I am taking a bit of solace in the fact that at least I made it up to the NW last month with your younger cousin Hannah and we got to see you. You will be missed. So very sad that you left us all so soon.
"No farewell words were spoken, no time to say goodbye. You were gone before we knew it, and only God knows why." -Author Unknown"

This tribute was added by Beautifulasiwannabe Marie on 23rd August 2013

"Kat A.K.A my KiiTTy KAt, when I saw this page and your photos pop up I started to immediately cry,Our bond was so untouchable and like no other, didnt matter how long we didint see eaxch other,talk, text, whichever we was always straight forward, honest to the max, we was just koo like that I honestly and truly dont know what imma do, Im getting your name tatted I l Love You Deonna"

This tribute was added by Crystal Pino-Sith on 23rd August 2013

"Kat, I wish I would've spent time with you after we got back in touch. I so wish we had all made the time to laugh like we used to and I wish you could've met my daughter. She would've loved you so much. 8 years ago, you came into my life and I miss you so much. Rest easy. You  are loved."

This tribute was added by Maureen Pyle on 23rd August 2013

"So many years, so many memories. You are a permanent part of the tapestry of our family,  a golden thread that has been cut short far too soon.   We will always love you and forever miss you.  

Fly free Kat,  we'll see you on the other side."

This tribute was added by Issac Freeman on 22nd August 2013

"Kat I've know you for the last 5 years.  Only up until a year ago did we start becoming friends.  Sense the day we met you always put a smile my face,  always making people laugh.  You thought me a lot as well and I'm glad we spent all the time we did together the last 3 months.  Those are some of the greatest times I've ever had.  You will always be missed and hold a place in my heart."

This tribute was added by Sariah DeVaney on 22nd August 2013

"We only met just a few years ago...... both in a dark place. We were each others candles to light our dark paths. It hurts to know your gone. I was looking forward to our trip around the country. I wanted to show you the country like we planned. Always remember how much I care for you and know you will always be in my thoughts."

This tribute was added by Jess Malyevac on 22nd August 2013

"Kat, you were a beautiful person, inside and out. You will be dearly missed.

I love you, girl."

This tribute was added by e seibel on 22nd August 2013

"you were my only friend that first year in AMIGOS (even though you didn't end up going cuz you broke your leg), i remember trying to bunk with you and when you showed me the green maybelline mascara and how it made your eye lashes curl so well. i had hoped to reconnect with you soon in seattle but i guess it'll just have to wait. you were a sweetheart/badass and a half. Restinpeace, girl."

This tribute was added by JuaLuu Martinez on 22nd August 2013

"Kat first time we meet was freshman year, u told ur problem i told u mine. We fouht n made up it was our routine but we always laughed. We hangout after school n even skip to just mob downtown...u always seemed to lighten the mood when i was mad im just glad u were able to leave me with some memories. Gob bless"

This tribute was added by Jennifer Lawson on 22nd August 2013

"Kat- I'm going to miss you. I remember when I first met you and you were like a breath of fresh air. I knew you'd be my friend for life. You are funny, intelligent, chill, accepting, and all loving. When I got pregnant you were there and went to some of my appointments with me becuz I had no one else. You hold a special place in my heart. I love you Kat! And see you when I see you! :)"

This tribute was added by Lani Farley on 22nd August 2013

"Kat, you helped me through so much, I would not have made it through the end of high school with out your support, incredible attitude and ability to always make me smile.

I am so sad we did not keep in touch more, but I will always have those memories of you to look back on. xoxoxo"

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