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Shared by Katrina Gilley on October 18, 2010

My buddy Katrice was a cool friend. She was there when I went through my divorce. I remember she and I and a couple of other associates went to the Puerto Rican day parade.  She was so full of life and happiness. We are looking at our PR day pics. Man life is to short.

Such a beautiful girl

Shared by Debbie Hardy-Clark on March 28, 2010

I do not know your love one.  When I looked at her I thought how full of life she looks.  Realizing she is not here anymore, she is beautiful.  My son is Leonard Uresery-Clark (on this site) and I now know some other person hurt as I do. 

God bless your family!

sweet special younglady

Shared by gharian price on December 5, 2009

i met katrice @ work a couple of years ago. she introduced herself to me, we instantly got along and hit it off. we then realized we had graduated from the same high school in the same year.....she was so sweet and made me smile.....hadn't actually seen her in a minute but we kept in touch.....talked about meeting up again soon.....she truly was an angel, that's how i will remember her. spread your wings in heaven, babygirl. R.I.P.

Very close to my heart

Shared by Joseph Ventrice on November 8, 2009

I miss her alot .. i moved from Long Island 3 yrs ago and me and Trice went our separate ways... we stoped speaking and then i got this news i was hurt becuz i was sure we would see each other again in life ... If yall was close wit her you had to of know about our relationship ... I really feel if i was still around this would of not happen trust... Im still shocked and still got alot of anger of why dis happened ... But any way I miss you Trice and still Luv you... remeber our song mama Beyonce speechless...  MUUah 

My sis

Shared by nikiema daniels on September 8, 2009

I miss you girl I miss your fast talkin and your colorful stories. I miss you so much I cry everyday even though i know you are in a better place. Even though we had our problems in life you knew I always had your back and I felt the same. I know you up in heaven with Mykier and you are finally free and happy but that doesn't mean I miss you any less. My heart has a whole in it because of the void you left but I know in my hearts we will meet again and I will get to hear that laugh so lil sis take care of Mykier and know that you are truly missed I LOVE YOU 

School days

Shared by Vicki Davis on August 26, 2009

Katice was my daughters best friend in High School. I can remember her always hanging out at my house. She was a sweet funny child. Sleep overs were lots of fun. My Older daughter Diana called Katrice KAT-RICE..once she found out how Katrice's name was spelt.  She will be sorely missed.

Love you Little one.

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