Growing up loving you

Shared by Jesslynn Bleau on June 7, 2010



Kayla, you were my friend, you were my cousin. You mean the world to me and i love you dearly! Do u remember usually at Christmas Eve. u and Myranda would come to my grandpa Lanny's for Christmas? I sure do... Things between us grew and grew as the years went on by. I will never forget your perfect little attitude you had towards the people u knew, or didn't for that matter! You are so beautiful, ha u must get that from me! lol, I'm kidding! I kinda remember when we first met, i was about 5 maybe 6, u came over to my grandpa's while i was there. I was so jealous of you! You were a new person coming into my life and i didn't except it at first! I remember that same day we were laughing together, for some silly reason... I thank My aunt Elizabeth, or aunt (Ann), your grandma, for bringing you out that day! I am grateful for being able to have you in my life, and when it's my time to go i want u to know that i will be the one shouting for u! When you left this world, it was at a young age we didn't believe it but we had to except it. We tryed to convince ourselves that it wasn't all true, that it wasn't reality. But once the time came to lay you a rest, tears ran down my cheeks, knowing that god as really taken you away! I still to this day cry myself asleep, night after night, knowing that you are gone and you will never again be with me on Earth! But on December 19Th of 2009 an angel took u away to a better place, with Jesus u walk hand in hand, looking down on me! December 19Th is to remember, you being gone has only made me stronger. We have shown you our love, and now you know that it's finally time to travel on alone, we all love you very much Kayla Lin Paad!

Love forever and always, your big cousin, (only by 8 mths), Jess

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