her Life

The Beginning of The End for Kaylee Grace

Like so many children today, Kaylee Grace became a child of divorce. In 2007 divorce plaqued the parents of Kaylee Grace, because of the adulterous affair of Kaylee Grace's mother. In December of 2008 the divorce was final. The man Kaylee Grace's mother was having an affair was also in the process of divorce himself at the time. In April 2009 Kaylee Grace's mother married this man. This man was coming out of a dysfunctional marriage and had three children of his own. A heated custody battle ensued between this man and his ex-wife. Deadly threats were made by the ex-wife and her present boyfriend. The heated custody battle and threats were kept silent from Kaylee Grace's father and family by her mother. According to testimony, in September of 2009, the custody battle had escalated into to a time bomb waiting to explode. Kaylee Grace was right in the middle of this bomb waiting to explode. On October 23, 2009 the ex-wife and her boyfriend carried out a plan of murder. Kaylee Grace, her mother and her mother's husband were all executed. I can not call this man a step-father, because had he not brought all this turmoil into the life of Kaylee Grace she would still be with her loved ones today. First the ex-husband was shot, Kaylee Grace's mother and then Kaylee Grace. A 9mm pistol was put to the back of Kaylee Grace's head and the trigger pulled. As Kaylee Grace's grandfather, the horror and the fear that Kaylee Grace must have endured that night, will haunt me for the remainder of my life. On September 6, 2012 the two murderers were sentenced to several life sentences without parole by plea agreement by the United States Department of Justice. To the family of Kaylee Grace, this sentence was not fair to Kaylee Grace or her family. Nothing less than a death sentence should have been given these two murderers. Neither of the murderers have shown any remorse, guilt or  regrets for what they did the night of October 23, 2009. We are only left with our precious memories of Kaylee Grace while these two murderers live out their lives because they were too cowardily to accept just punishment for their crime. Each  day we are confronted with the question, Why, Kaylee Grace? This situation was between adults, not a small five year old child.
If anyone would care too know more details about this horrific murder, do an internet search. "Kaylee Grace Whetzel"       

Growing Up Years

Kaylee Grace's growing years were not really much different than other little children. Kaylee Grace loved doing the things that most children enjoyed. She loved going fishing with her daddy, playing T-ball, playing with other children and going to school. In her early years, Kaylee Grace was so shy and bashful, but around the age of 4, she began to feel more comfortable around other people. In 2009, Kaylee Grace played her first and only season of Little League T-ball. She loved T-ball and enjoyed being with the other children. She also started kindergarten in the fall of 2009 and it was unusual, because Kaylee Grace actually loved school. She made so many friends in just a short time. We were all so proud of Kaylee Grace, especially her daddy.  

Growing Up Years

Kaylee Grace grew up in a small farming community,where everyone knew everyone else. Kaylee Grace was surrounded by love from her family,as well as all that knew her in the community. With her long blonde hair and her beautiful blue eyes you could not help but fall in love with her. Kaylee Grace loved being around other children, especially her cousins and it was hard to get her wound down to get her to bed. She would stay up all night if she could, as if she did not want to miss a minute of life. Kaylee Grace loved Christmas and her birthday, and like most little children she loved getting presents, and of course her parents and her MawMaw and PapPap enjoyed getting them and watching her face when she tore them open. My wife and I were the parents of four sons and five grandchildren and all we ever wanted for Christmas was to be together with our children and grandchildren on Christmas Day. Now all that has changed, things will never be the same, a precious loved one is missing. Kaylee Grace is missed each day, but Christmas Day and birthdays are especially difficult. There was no greater love on earth than the love we had for Kaylee Grace and the love that Kaylee Grace had for her family. 

Blessed By God

    On March 20, 2004 the Whetzel family was blessed by a beautiful baby girl, Kaylee Grace Whetzel. She was born the daughter of Mike and Allaina Whetzel of Lost City, WV. We knew the first time we saw Kaylee Grace, that she was special and that God had truly blessed our family. They always say it takes less muscles to smile than to frown, and it must be true because Kaylee Grace always had a smile on her face. Kaylee Grace was such a good little baby and a joy to hold in your arms.  It is still hard to believe that such a precious little child, a few years later would be taken from her family so tragically.