This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Kaylen Low, born on August 11, 2010, and passed away on August 11, 2010. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Cocoa Yeo on March 27, 2014
Just wanna say…Mummy miss you, right now. My dearest little angel in heaven.
Posted by Julia Khoo on August 12, 2013
Hi Kaylen

You are forever remembered by all of us here!
Posted by Cocoa Yeo on August 10, 2012
Happy Birthday, Kaylen. I love you.

From Mom.
Posted by Julia Khoo on August 12, 2011
Hey Kaylen, we all missed you very much but we know that you are well taken care of by God up there!
Posted by anna thompson on March 10, 2011
rest in peace little one
Posted by Wenzheng & Sylvia Hong on September 12, 2010
Dear Kaylen, we miss you but are so thankful to know you through your daddy & mummy's stories.
Dear Bryan & Cocoa, we are very sorry. We just thank God for your strength and your faith and for Cara!
Posted by Cheva Yu on September 7, 2010
Cocoa, I'm so sorry to learn about this. My condolences to you and Bryan about Kaylen. Keep strong for Cara and each other.x
Posted by May Chan on September 5, 2010
I am so sorry to hear this...Kaylen, i hope you are in a better place now. To Bryan n Cocoa, be strong for Cara n my condolence to you both.
Posted by Hsiao Yen Aik on September 1, 2010
Hi Kaylen, I'm glad to have known you - even for just a bit - through your mommy's and daddy's memories of you. I will remmember you always.
Posted by Wei Siong & Jialing on August 30, 2010
Dear Kaylen, we trust that you're in a better place and look forward to playing with you in heaven =) Dear Bryan and Cocoa, may you draw strength and comfort from the Lord, and may His peace fill your hearts and minds. Thank you for sharing your testimony with us... we were saddened and yet deeply moved as we read it. Know that you and little Cara are in our thoughts and prayers. Take care! =)
Posted by Chun Chia Tan on August 30, 2010
Dear Cocoa and Bryan, We were deeply sadden to hear about Kaylen. Our thoughts are with you and your family...Take care and stay strong! From Chun Chia & Wendy
Posted by Zhaoxin Shen on August 30, 2010
Dear Cocoa and Bryan, my deepest condolences for baby Kaylen. Please be strong and take care of yourself!
Posted by ekeon chua on August 30, 2010
"Yo Kaylen, you will always be in our heart. =p Hi Bryan and Cocoa, cheeer up and be strong. Take great care of yourselves and baby Cara! From: Eng Keong and Tina"
Posted by Hon Wai Leong on August 29, 2010
Dear Bryan: I am shocked and saddened to read about your loss of Kaylen from your Facebook update. Please accept my condolences to you and your family. If I can do anything to help at work, just let me know. --hon-wai
Posted by Calisa Chong on August 29, 2010
Dear Cocoa and Bryan.

I am so sorry for your lost. Kaylen will be remembered! Cocoa, please be gentle on yourself as Kaylen would not want you to cry. Be strong and calm as you are leading example of Cara.
Posted by Celeste Lee on August 29, 2010
Dear Bryan and Cocoa,

I am deeply saddened by the loss of your little Angel. Please be strong. I am sure that your faith in God and the love of those around you will help you through this difficult period. I am sorry that I can't be there in person, but my thoughts are definitely with you and your family. Please take good care of yourselves! *hugs*

From: Celeste Lee
Posted by H Cheng on August 28, 2010
Bryan and Cocoa,
We are so sad to hear about Kaylen. We wish we could be in Singapore and see you in your new roles as a mom and a dad to Cara. You are going to be great parents! 

Hugo and Heather
Posted by Rodney Fu on August 26, 2010
Ecc 3:1,4: "There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven... a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance"

Dear Cocoa and Bryan, in this time of sadness, we weep and mourn with you. May the Lord strengthen you and lead you closer to Him, and may He turn your mourning into dancing in His time.
Posted by Nelson Puah on August 26, 2010
Dear Kaylen, this is Uncle Nelson. Even though uncle Nelson did not get a chance to see you but i trust that you are safely residing in one of the many rooms in our Heavenly Father's beautiful house. And i know our Lord Jesus has prepared the most beautiful room for you. I know you will be missed by many but we know for sure we will see you again in our Father's house ok? - (John 14: 1-4)
Posted by Nelson Puah on August 26, 2010
Dear Bryan, Cocoa, Cara,

We will keep the Low family in prayers and pray that the peace and strength of God be with you always.

From John 14: 27 - Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.
Posted by Angeline Oh on August 26, 2010
Be strong Cocoa and Bryan. Kaylen will always be remembered in our hearts....
Posted by Chi-Loong Chan on August 26, 2010
Hi Bryan and Cocoa, am sorry to hear about your loss. Please accept my deepest condolences.
Posted by Sharon Tan on August 26, 2010
Dear Cocoa and Bryan,

We are so sorry and sad to hear about Kaylen. It must be a difficult time for both of you. Please take care of yourselves and stay strong for Cara! Our prayers will always be with you... From Sharon & Chia Yeow
Posted by Jeanne Chan on August 26, 2010
Dearest Cocoa and Bryan,

I am truly aggrieve to hear your loss. Cocoa, I hope you will be strong spiritually, physically and mentally for Cara. Kaylen will not be forgotten and she will watch her family from afar, waiting till she can be reunited with all of you.

From Jeanne Chan
Posted by Mastura Mohd Sood on August 26, 2010
Dearest Cocoa and Bryan, there is no words to describe how I feel after reading this sad news. My deepest condolence to both of you.I will pray for your strength and faith in going through this difficult time. Love Mas
Posted by Mabel Gwee on August 26, 2010
Be strong Cocoa & Bryan. I'm sure little kaylen's in God's good hand now. Little Cara will surely accompany u guys go through this darkest period. Take care & God bless.
Posted by Ai Qi Chua on August 26, 2010
Dear Cocoa and Bryan,
Pls take care. Focus on what you've gained and harness these positive energy to take even better care of Cara while Kaylen lives in your hearts. Deepest condolences.
- Ai Qi and Xinyu
Posted by Elmer Ker on August 26, 2010
Though Kaylen's passing is heart wrenching, remember to cherish and celebrate the brief time you had with her. Kaylen was brave in her fight to live and will always teach Cara what it means to be strong. I hope you can take comfort knowing that Cara and Kaylen will always share such a bond.
Posted by Jobina and Hoi Hoong Leon... on August 26, 2010
Dear Cocoa and Bryan

We don't know what to say or do to help but we know that our God has plans for you. Thank you for sharing - and our prayers and thoughts are with you. With love, Hoi Hoong and Jobina
Posted by Ling and Keng Lim on August 26, 2010
Kaylen, on this side of heaven, we don't understand why God would take you home so soon. But we are assured that God will one day wipe away every tear that has been shed.

Dear Cocoa and Bryan, may you find peace in your grief, comfort for every tear, faith over every doubt, joy over every sadness. During this storm, it is hard to hear, but God is still with you.
Posted by Elaine Koh on August 25, 2010
Dear Kaylen, thank you for sharing your beautiful life with us. You have touched us deeply and brought much love into our hearts.
To Bryan and Cocoa, we are sorry that we can't be there, but we are comforted to know that you have the Wonderful Counsellor, Everlasting Father and Prince of Peace... continue to find strength in our mighty God.
With much love and prayers. TK, Elaine, Charis & Josiah
Posted by Karen Kee on August 25, 2010
No matter where baby Kaylen is, she'll always be deeply loved and remembered. I know she'll always be little angel, watching over Cocoa, Bryan and Cara, especially.

I wish for faith in Cocoa, to know things will only get better.

I wish for strength in Cara, to live life to the fullest.

I wish for comfort in Bryan, to know baby Kaylen is now an angel in God's arms, sending blessings from heaven.
Posted by Alan Liew on August 25, 2010
Hi Bryan and Cocoa, i am very sorry to hear about Kaylen and you have my deepest condolences. Pls remain strong during this difficult period. Do let me know if i can help in any way.
Posted by WH Tok on August 25, 2010
Dearest Bryan & Cocoa, Do take good care of yourself, and be strong.

From Tok and Juliet
Posted by Tingting chen on August 25, 2010
Kaylen is in good hand now. Stay strong for Cara.
God bless.
From Ah Poh Jiejie, Ah Seng korkor
Tingting & family.
Posted by Stella Lim on August 25, 2010
Dear Cocoa, my deepest condolences to you, i hope you will take it easy. please take care of your health, because Cara needs you. stay strong
Posted by linli ng on August 25, 2010
Dear Kaylen,You are a treasure we can't wait to see in heaven. it's so hard not to have you around with your parents and sister now, but we know that you are in the arms of full and everlasting love above n one day.. dear Cocoa n Bryan, no words can comfort such a loss, may His spirit surround and cover you day by day like no other can, and bring you a new song, in His time. Linli n Ken
Posted by Diana Goh on August 25, 2010
Michelle and Bryan,

I really don't know what to say, but I do understand your sadness and what you going thru. However, pls do stay strong for little Cara. Pls do remember that this is no fault of anyone but the will of god. It will takes times, but you have to slowly let go....take care!
Posted by Patrick Ang on August 25, 2010
Cocoa & Bryan

Stay strong! Kaylen is just at the other side of the world with our friends and families. She will be well taken care of.

Patrick Ang
Posted by Julia Khoo on August 25, 2010
Kaylen Low you are forever missed by all of us here but we do know that you are not alone as you are in the loving hands of our LORD JESUS CHRIST every second.
Posted by Ruby Pilz on August 25, 2010
Dear Cocoa and Bryan, I am so sorry to hear about Kaylen. No words at this moment are ever enough to comfort you. But I hope that your love for each other, and for both little Cara and Kaylen, will help you to go through this very difficult time. Please stay strong. 
Kaylen will always be fondly remembered.
Posted by Adrian & TianLin on August 25, 2010
Dear Cocoa and Bryan,
Pls accept our deepest condolences. Our hearts really sank when we first heard of the news. Please stay strong for Cara. Do take good care of yourselves as well. If you need any help, we are always here for you.

- tian lin & adrian
Posted by Jean Cai on August 25, 2010
Hi Cocoa,

My condolences to you and your family. Kaylen will live on in your hearts and memories......

Posted by Angel Tan on August 25, 2010
i'm very sorry to hear abt ur loss. my thoughts are with u & ur family. pls stay strong for cara & glad that she is doing well now. kaylen will never be forgotten as she will always live on in ur heart. god bless & take care k. angel aka daintyaqua fr augmtb forum.
Posted by Julia Poh on August 25, 2010
Dear Cocoa and Bryan

Im sadden by the loss of your little Kaylen, words cannot express how I feel, but I have faith that she is loved and well cared for in Heaven above..

Stay strong for Cara and for one another.. take care..

Julia aka Naturelover
Posted by Si Ru Tan on August 25, 2010
Dear Bryan and Cocoa,
I am truly sorry for your loss. I can only imagine the pain and sorrow you are going through. My heart goes out to you.

While Kaylen's time on earth is brief, she will live on in our memories.
Posted by Siew NG on August 24, 2010
Dear Kaylen, you will be missed forever...
Be strong Bryan and Cocoa.

Love, Jason, Siew & Johannes
Posted by Jane Wong on August 24, 2010
Thousands of words are unable to express the feelings that we have now... always miss and rememeber in our hearts....

From Jane Wong, MC, Jiamin
Posted by Priscilla Ng on August 24, 2010
So sad to hear the news... Sending my deepest condolences... Take good care of yourself...

Regards, Priscilla aka eeyore
Posted by shu kwan on August 24, 2010
I'm so sorry to hear about Kaylen, but I am glad that Cara is strong and healthy. I wish you both much comfort in your time of sorrow.
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Posted by Cocoa Yeo on March 27, 2014
Just wanna say…Mummy miss you, right now. My dearest little angel in heaven.
Posted by Julia Khoo on August 12, 2013
Hi Kaylen

You are forever remembered by all of us here!
Posted by Cocoa Yeo on August 10, 2012
Happy Birthday, Kaylen. I love you.

From Mom.
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Prayer Requests

Shared by B&C Low on August 22, 2010

Hi all,

Some of you may know that Cocoa was pregnant with twins. In the 38th week of her pregnancy, we got to know during the regular gynae visit that the heartbeat of our younger twin, Kaylen, has stopped. The gynae has recommended to have the older twin, Cara, delivered immediately. Cocoa and Cara are well and fine.

The first 1 week was the darkest moment of our lives. We cry during moments of caring for Cara that we'll never have the chance to care for Kaylen in the same way. I yearn for that chance to carry and pat Kaylen and comfort her that, "It's ok, Daddy's here." But, we're reassured that she's in the good hands of our Lord God.
Please feel free to leave "tributes" on the site. We are very appreciative of everyone's concern and would like to testify of God's goodness to us in this difficult time. 

Pray for Cara
1. She has failed the hearing test for her left ear, probably due to water in ear.
2. Difficulty sucking when nursing... probably due to her tongue tie problem. (update: She latches on much better these days...thanks for praying!)
3. Pray that baby Cara gets enough breast milk and be able to grow and gain weight.
4. Cara's head tends to tilt to the right side due to stiff neck on her right. Pray that God heals her and that Bryan is diligent in giving her physiotherapy.

Pray for Cocoa
1. Not to cry so much and worry over minor things.
2. Faith and Trust in God.
3. Ability to control her emotions -- gets upset easily, esp upon seeing the babies' stuff in pairs and thinking that Cara's first birthday is also Kaylen's death anniversary.
4. Pray for calmness -- often throw temper at people who do things wrongly, especially when it concerns Cara.

5. Healing of her C section wound. (update: Healing well, praise God.)

Pray for Bryan
1. He is back to work, pray that he can cope with the many days of being absent from work.


Shared by B&C Low on August 22, 2010

1. Samuel n Huiling n CG members who have helped so much ESP with Kaylen's funeral, we wd be at a loss of what to do.
2. Thanks to Huiling for getting Kaylen the prettiest dress I've ever seen.
3. Thanks for the many extra hands to help Cocoa, including parents n Bryan's mum n confinement lady.
4. Cocoa just realized that she is ACTUALLY ABLE to provide sufficient milk for Cara with the help of the breastpump.
5. Thanks to friends, Abundant Life CG, and EFG for praying for us.
6. Thanks for baby Cara. Cocoa is beginning to believe that she is cute.

7. Her jaundice has disappeared!


From Cocoa :

"I thank God for Bryan and his salvation. If not for his encouragement, I would have ended my life to be with Kaylen. But God gave me Cara to care for... and she is my only child now. Whenever I miss Kaylen, Cara is my comfort. Thinking and looking at her gives me strength to move on... Friends have been sending me sms/emails and asking how's the girls doing, I guess my only reply would be, they are well, each of them in Heaven and Earth. I feel sad just by wondering how do I share news like that without breaking my friends' heart, so after putting it off for a while.... we have set up an online memorial here to remember God and Kaylen."

"Peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you.  I do not give to you as the world  gives.  Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid." (John 14:27)

Testimony of Bryan and Cocoa

Shared by B&C Low on August 22, 2010

After going through the first week caring for Cara, I begin to understand why God intended things this way. I am emotional and incompetent as a mother.

Cara is always the stronger one. She kicked me throughout the whole pregnancy while Kaylen did not. Until labor was induced on week 38, Kaylen had not given me any signs of kicking, except that her heartbeat is always beating. But 2 days before both were born, the day before August 9th, she gave me a few kicks... I was still sharing with Bryan that it was a miracle that she kicked me. We were rejoicing, not knowing that it may have been the last breath she took. Actually, there were signs from God. Many signs actually that God was trying to tell me something.... to mention 2 most recent ones are that one of the baby cots couldn't be set up because the screws had been misplaced for weeks.... so for a few weeks there was only one cot. The screws were found 2 days before I was induced for labor. No time to set up yet... When I was discharged, Bryan knew how I longed to sleep with Cara so he set up the 2nd cot for me even though he was already very exhausted on the day of my discharge.

There is another case where we were considering buying an infant car seat, because Hwee Leng only had one to lend me, but because we still intended not to drive, we decided not to get it. These are signs from God, as a mother I already had an instinct, and to be frank, I even resorted to superstitious beliefs that misplacing the cot screws was a bad sign......but I dismissed that thought. I told myself that the two of them can share a cot first. I was once angry at Bryan's mum for packing up my storeroom and putting the screws into one of the luggages, which we never thought to look through. She herself couldn't remember where she had placed them. When I calmed down, I knew that she was only trying to help.
So, basically, there are signs... Kaylen was always the weaker one. She was always 200 to 400 grams behind Cara's weight, even when they were 11 weeks old and we discovered we had twins. Bryan and I shared this before, that we believe God will only give us the best out of the worst situation. And I firmly believe that this is the best because even if Kaylen was born and pulled through, she might have more problems growing up, and I am beginning to see it now that Cara is 8 days old, I still don't have confidence to latch her well and need the confinement lady to spoon-feed her extra breast milk after every breast feeding session (I pump out the remainder of my milk because Cara is too sleepy...). Side-track abit, I was so jealous to see Cara smiling sweeetly at the confinement lady because she is happy that she can enjoy milk with no extra effort (sucking). Anyway, it could be worse for us to handle Kaylen's later life struggle if she is constantly the weaker one. 

"For men are not cast off by the Lord forever. 

Though he brings grief, he will show compassion, so great is his unfailing love."

(Lamentations 3:31-32)

When both were 37 weeks old, Cara already weighed 2.7kg, but Kaylen hardly had any increase in weight, just a pathetic 100 to 200 grams and she weighed 2.1 kg at week 37. I ask the doctor if we need to induce birth now. The doctor said to wait for one more week -- I later found out that he was on his way to holiday somewhere in Bali that week... so I was very stressed and kept praying that the babies wouldn't be born while my gynae was away.  When I had my next routine check-up on week 38, there were a lot of mothers waiting in the clinic.  I had the longest wait in 38 weeks, and that day was very very unusual. They forgot to take my weight, which was never the case because they are very prompt. So i had to request for my weight to be taken, which showed no increase in weight.

When i saw my gynae, he was beaming because he had just came back from holiday, but suddenly he frowned when he detected no heartbeat for Kaylen.  I could not believe it because I thought maybe this was a dream. It had to be a dream but it was not. I did not break down immediately because I thought maybe the doctor was wrong, God won't do this to me.  Until it was confirmed that I had to be induced right away because it might affect Cara as well. So I broke down in tears and refused to believe anything. I was immediately admitted on a wheelchair and in tears, pushed to labor ward at 1 pm. Bryan comforted me that we still have Cara and that the most important thing is Cara...

(Bryan had to leave for school once I was admitted because he was assigned by the school to evaluate a student's presentation. He asked me what he should do. I know that I wanted his presence because I was very emotional, but I told him to leave for school. My mum stayed with me that time. I brought myself together and told the doctor I wanted a natural birth even though Kaylen already left us. I just wanted to feel the pain because I was in deep pain anyway, losing Kaylen. But I want to see her once she was born. What I didn't expect is that I had to go through 23 hours of labour pain with extra doses of epidural. When I first took the epidural, I was only 1 cm dilated. The next morning at 9am, I was still 6 to 7 cm dilated.  The doctor said it had taken too long and it was dangerous for Cara. So I had to resort to an emergency C-section. I was in total pain. 

Cara and Kaylen were born at 1215pm. I was asleep so I didn't get to meet Kaylen. When I awoke, I immediately wanted to see Cara. She was really sweet. She looks like Bryan. Later that night, they took Kaylen to me, she only weighs 1.5kg but she looked a lot like Cara, a smaller version, even though they were non-identical twins.  I can't help imagine that Kaylen is in heaven looking at us, with God holding her, looking exactly like Cara... Yes, I can imagine that. She is in the better hands of God... This comforted me greatly... Though I still cry everyday, it is because I miss her very much. But Cara is there to comfort me as well, one look at her... everything else doesn't matter anymore.  Which is why I am more paranoid whenever something minor happens to Cara.  I point fingers and find fault in people so that I can be angry and cry. Even Bryan had to suffer from my bad temper, I kept screaming at him in the hospital because of little things. I know I am depressed so we prayed a lot together, and cried together when we miss Kaylen. But we know and are assured that God is taking good care of her, we love Kaylen but God loves her more.

"Come let us return to the LORD. 

He has torn us to pieces but he will heal us; he has injured us but he will bind up our wounds." 

(Hosea 6:1)

I thank God for the 38 weeks that I had Kaylen inside my womb, on my left side, When I miss her, I will instinctively touch my left tummy, where she used to be for a long time... We will always remember her. Especially so when I look at another set of twins again. Then, I will tell Cara of her little twin sister residing in Heaven. If God is willing, I will give her another little brother or sister, it will be in God's timing. My mom is trying to stop me, after knowing how horrible my pregnancy was (difficulty walking as early as in the 2nd trimester, strong nausea, really bad swelling, etc). But no matter what hardship I have to go through, I know it will eventually be rewarded when you finally carry your little baby in your hands.

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD,

"plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

(Jer 29: 11)

I am weak yet I will be strong as I have faith in God. I know I can draw strength from Him anytime. And Kaylen will be watching us from above. We know one day we will be reunited in Heaven.


"The righteous cry out, and the LORD hears them;

he delivers them from all their troubles. 

The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit."

(Ps 34: 17-18)

Thank you all for praying.