The true mark of success is creating a life that outlives you - Kayode Fahm
  • 53 years old
  • Born on January 13, 1965 .
  • Passed away on June 23, 2018 in Lagos, Nigeria.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, my darling father, Kayode Fahm. He was aged 53 years old, born on January 13, 1965 and passed away on June 23, 2018. We will remember you forever dad...


A commemorative ceremony will be held in honour of Kayode's memory as detailed below:

DATE: THURSDAY 12th July, 2018

VENUE: MUSON CENTRE (AGIP HALL), 8 / 9  Marina, Onikan, Lagos, Lagos Island

TIME: Event starts 5:00 PM



My father, my biggest inspiration and my best friend. 

My heart is broken from this tragedy. 
I don’t know what I will do without you. I will miss hearing your voice every day, your funny stories and laughing over our favourite movies and plays. I will miss sharing my creative and intimate thoughts with you and being able to ask for your advice. I will miss performing for you and seeing your smile beaming back at me and you getting up to hug me before I’d even finished each song. I couldn’t have prayed for a better father. 
You always taught me the importance of creating a life that would outlive you and I’m proud to see that you accomplished that. 
You taught me so much about character and integrity, developing and being dedicated to my craft, pursuing my dreams and living a life of wellness. 
Your legacy will live on through your motivational teachings, compassionate charity work and the gift of your artistic craft that you shared. A role model to so many and my very own superhero. 
I love you daddy and I will miss you...
Your baby,


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Many thanks for sharing your stories and tributes in honour of my Dad's memory.

Posted by Ad Cole on 16th January 2019
I had the honour of knowing this man. He was inspirational, warm, and lived life to the full. He touched many lives, and we are lucky that we can see on the internet just how passionate he was about music , his family, and enjoying the gifts we are given in this life. Rest in Peace dear friend, you are very loved and remembered.
Posted by Comfort Aruosa Osemwegie on 15th January 2019
Hmm Dear Cuz.......really lost for words.... the new year is here, your birthday passed without hearing that voice. Al I can say is that it is well! Miss you so much...
Posted by Nana Ajoke Fahm on 13th January 2019
Happy Birthday my First Love. x
Posted by Dolapo Babalola Familusi on 13th January 2019
May your soul continue to rest in peace Kayode. Happy birthday to you today, as I remember you in a happy way.
Posted by Leyla Tolulope Fahm on 13th January 2019
Happy Birthday Daddy. There are no words, but that I miss you every day. xx
Posted by Paul Simpson on 12th October 2018
I am very heartbroken to hear of the death of my friend ky. For almost a decade whilst he was working in london we became very close friends. He came into my gym in london back in '89...I'm a competitive bodybuilder...and quietly watched me training intensly until one day he approached me and asked if he could join in. Normally i NEVER train with anyone, but there was something about his aura, so i welcomed him. That was the beginning of our years of friendship. In fact i went to his wedding, where i was supposed to have sang. I also sing...and i remember encouraging him to pursue his guitar training! I also shared the news of his new born daughter with him...& met his beloved mother! The other interest we both shared were comics. He was into the kung fu chronologies...i was into conan. In fact i introduced him to my comic book shop in tottenham, london. It would honour me to have contact with his family...especially his daughter... as i have some pics of us together when he accompanied me to one of my contests. But once again my very most heartfelt condolences to his family. -Paul Simpson
Posted by Soyemi Biodun on 7th September 2018
OMG, am still in shock I never knew that will be the end. we spoke on the 22nd and he was full of life. Tolulope may Almighty God comfort you and your Mum. May his gentle soul rest in peace
Posted by Ice Hugo on 21st August 2018
Kay, hai toccato il mio cuore in un modo speciale. Fa male che te ne sei andato. Possa tu riposare in pace nel Bossom del Signore
Posted by Dubem Okafor on 14th August 2018
It's really sad to see this... but I know you will always be remembered. May your soul RIP.
Posted by Marie Reine Diedhiou on 6th August 2018
Triste nouvelle je n'en reviens pas
Posted by Marie Reine Diedhiou on 5th August 2018
Cest avec un coeur triste vraiment triste que je viens d'apprendre ton retour vers le Pere , tu etais un homme tres simple humble genereux disponible je finirai jamais les adjectifs pour te qualifier ,je connais pas les causes de ta mort mais tu vas nous manquer, ton sourire tes blagues tes conseils surtout , tu as toujours accepte et aime le prochain tel quil est merci bcp mon frère et que les anges t,accueillent a bras ouverts au paradis repose en paix Steve
Posted by Tomy John on 31st July 2018
A man with a positive mind during tough challenges and who taught me that attitude and hard work alone measures the altitude. A friend who taught me that humility is not weakness and accepting and apologizing for errors done, is in fact a strength. Two weeks before his demise, Kayode talked about the next Management Retreat for our Managers. He had a vision and it was not necessary to explain to him extensively of our expectation from a retreat. A professional and a man with empathetic heart. You will be missed… Still I cannot believe that you are no more!
Posted by Specky Mbula on 31st July 2018
I have been thinking about what to write. I watched my Mentor and his close friend Rosie Lore who introduced me to Kayode , give her tribute, I'm still at a loss of words of what to say. I met Kayode through Rosie. She introduced Kayode to a group of us - Acumen EA fellows in Nov 2015. I remember the first time I saw Kayode. He was seated alone playing his classic guitar very softly, you could bearly hear him. I didn't know I would get to meet him. I thought that is so cool- a guest in the hotel who really loves his guitar, he carries it with him to relax after a days work. Nice. What was struck me most was his personality. He was a gentle soul and would give you his undivided attention. During the seminar he shared about his life and his journey- He had intense passion and the transformation as he spoke about what he cared about was very fascinating. Both of us being early risers we met at breakfast to chat. On a one- on - one interaction he would speak very softly and look you straight in the eye. He would ask very deep questions that would challenge your thoughts. He made you comfortable to speak our thoughts but you would leave there feeling so challenged at the same time. I felt like he was my best friend who I suddenly discovered. He helped me think critically about many issues regarding my social enterprise. He definitely loved his daughter and spoke proudly of her. He also deeply missed his mum too who was a vital pillar in his life. He had everything to brag about but was very humble. You could not believe that he has and in my mind was still a high roller , worked in Wall Street and yet was so down to earth. He is passion for exercise, healthy living was infectious and I could not believe he help me eventually get to do split :-) by learning how to stretch. I remember as I was evaluating my experience I was bit cross - with Rosie- that we had spent such a short time with him. It was kind of selfish of me to have wanted that he spent his whole time in Nairobi with us Acumen Fellows. Kayode could not be contained in time. The time was just not enough. I'm glad that he has such a huge impact on people and recorded it in film. He made me feel special too. It may look like a small thing, but I asked him to like my Facebook page which he did. I'm still grateful that he granted me that huge favor. He also kept me up-to date with what he was doing. All the recordings he would send me a link to watch them. I'm glad that he has been immortalized by film and other people will too get to experience his charm, passion and experience. What more can one say about Kayode. You will definitely be missed. I'm grateful to God to have briefly interacted with you and I'm thankful.
Posted by Felicia Oladehinde on 26th July 2018
Tolu, the news of the sudden death of your dad, Kayode, came to me through your Aunty Belinda. I'm really sorry about the news. Please take heart. May the Lord strengthen you and may the soul of the departed rest in perfect peace in the Lord. Remain blessed. From Felicia (family friend)
Posted by Gbemisola Adebayo on 26th July 2018
He doesn't even know me, I just follow him on Instagram, how I bumped into his page I can't remember, but I was so captivated by the energy his page emitted - Love, positivity, resilience, calmness. Just by going through his posts one is motivated to live a better life. I'll miss that.
Posted by Ify Vivian O on 23rd July 2018
Keep resting, dear Kayode. It’s exactly one month today. The news of your passing had come as such a huge shock and pain. You were so full of life. I still remember so clearly the last time we spoke. It was on June 10th, 2018. You had been trying to speak to me since my last birthday and we were finally able to talk just two weeks before you passed. In the many years that I knew you, you had never forgotten my birthday, and would always call. Thank you so much for that. That meant a lot to me. I can still hear your voice on the phone. We had talked at length and you’d told me about Tolu and her awesome musical journey. After our conversation, you’d sent me a video of her first live performance, and also an audio clip of her first college hit, ‘Game Game Game’. You were so proud of Tolu! You also reminded me to watch the last video rendition of yours (Julio Florida) that you sent to me, and let you know what I thought. I am so glad that I watched and listened to all the media you sent, and got back to you as soon as I could! You were such a wonderful person, and an amazing dad! You brought inspiration, motivation, light and warmth to so many. You inspired me in many ways, and I am forever grateful for that. I’m thankful to have known you. And I thank you for being you. So disciplined. So compassionate. So humble. And with a strong sense of values. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR BEING SUCH A LOYAL FRIEND. Thank you so much for caring about me, and for all the motivation, encouragement, and for always being on my side, and cheering me on. You would say things like” I’m rooting for you”, “Well done”, “Keep at it”. Thank you so much for those kind words! You told me so many times that you have so much respect for me. Now, it even means so much more to me. You were someone I truly admired, and am honored to have had you as a friend, and in my corner. You left a great legacy in Tolu, and in your music, martial arts practice, fitness, mentoring, social and community work. You mentored so many. Your life was a blessing, and will always remain one. Thank you for sharing your life with us. I thank God for sending you our way. I still remember the first song you played for me on your guitar: ‘Tears in heaven’ by Eric Clapton. Such a moving, beautiful song, and you performed it so marvelously. Yes, “there’ll be no more tears in heaven.” I trust you are smiling now, and so full of joy, and warmth and light as you always were, here on earth. I also trust that you are re-united with your mum, whom you missed so much. You will never be forgotten, Kay. And like I told you, Tolu is going to go places with her music, and you will always live through her, and through all your work. Tolu: I pray that God continues to comfort you, and grant you peace and strength to go through the loss of your dad. Just know that he will always be with you in spirit. Sending you love and big hugs. Kayode: You touched so many lives positively. I am so grateful that our paths crossed. Thank you so very much for being you, and for being such a loyal friend! May God comfort all your loved ones. Shine on, my dear friend! Ify
Posted by Kayode Oluwasegun-Ojo on 22nd July 2018
When I read of your passing on on someones Linkedin page,I was in total shock.I had to call Oye,Ahmed our common contact friends and former colleagues. Where do I start from,we met while I was still in the banking industry ,2003/4 as a Treasurer and we became quite close. Initially it was professional(you trained all of us Treasury @MBC International bank) but progressed to a deeper level.I recall several visits my wife and I made to your house in Ikoyi.You were at my 40th birthday.We still spoke this year and I have the last text you sent to me. Its quite surreal.Whenever we spoke,we talked about Tolu,whom I have never met but I know you are so proud of.We even discussed daddy and the fact that he was aging but still keeping on.We were meant to see,but I did not get round to honouring that invite to the house. I really will miss you.I can never forget all the things you taught us during the training while I was at MBC,it helped me tremedously later in my career and actually gave me bragging rights at a course I attended in Cambridge in 2004. You were so down to earth,always willing to help.This I leveraged on when the bond market was about taking off and we asked you to speak at a function organised by then employers Associated Discount House.You did this gladly and witbout any hassle,fuss or fee! Even i left banking we kept in touch....... I could go on and on but I have to stop and console myself with the memories for which I thank God,that is all I can do now. I pray that God would comfort Tolu,Daddy and other family members and friends.Amen
Posted by Saxy Prince Rafael on 16th July 2018
Pls is there a way we can have a family union? It is not too fair being a family in so much distance @Tolufahm and others, i am Toluwani from Mummy Viola's side and i wish to meet most of my family i never met.... Ph no: 08109296119 (whatsap ) , 07089871994, 08165195649 Email: Facebook: saxy prince rafael raphael.. Pls i look forward to hearing from u my dear far away families....especially Tolulope fahm....we met at the ceremonial at muson school of music Nigeria...
Posted by Carolyn Fahm on 15th July 2018
Kayode Fahm is someone I wish I had met but never did. Nevertheless, his light shone far and wide, setting a standard for what it means to live wholly and fully. He was a man who left a legacy of inspiration that lives on in the words he wrote and the inspiring videos that continue to bring his light to the world. To his daughter, wider family, and friends, please accept my deepest condolences. My heart breaks for the long path that you have ahead, living in a world that no longer contains this remarkable man. He has gone to God; may God comfort those he left behind.
Posted by Maks Umeugo on 13th July 2018
Kayode, I remember the first day I met you just last year. I was being bullied by one "Madame" during a breakout session at a meeting at Moorehouse. You sat quietly sipping tea, reading a paper and just minding your business. I was surprised when you later struck up a conversation and showed me much empathy. You understood. I didn't have to explain anything. A few weeks later you invited me over and we watched "The Last Samurai" together. I'd never watched a movie with anyone who analyses so much and after the movies, you asked me so many questions and I was like "what's wrong with this guy sef?". But then, you took that movie apart and showed me the lessons to be learned, the courage of the samurai, their honour, the danger of a weak leader (the emperor), the love, acceptance and forgiving spirit of the Samurai (with regards to Tom Cruise's character). Wow! so much I'd missed because I was focussing on the action. I remember the last time we spoke, you said we should catch up before I left for Canada, but I was to busy to even type a proper response. Now how I wish I called, and we caught up. Now I shall never be able to share how it all went. Thank you for being a good person and leaving us with your knowledge and guidance as contained in your videos and various charity works. Rest in peace Kayode.
Posted by Lara Rabiu on 13th July 2018
Thank you for showing us a different way to love and live. You were selfless, humble, focused, steadfast and passionate about life, youth and finding a greater purpose. You gave your time to the things you believed in ~ thank you for the time you shared with our fellows at The Bridge Program, it remains unforgettable ~ so passionate about helping them carve their future that you took off your jacket in that session lol!. Oh, the best gift of time always came from you. You listened and always found a way to share and care~ That level of discipline and reliability smh. Rest well, friend!
Posted by Ike Chioke on 11th July 2018
Bros, I still can’t believe you are gone. You’ve always loomed larger than life, not just from your physical size, deep voice and sheer presence but also the moral compass with which you looked at the world. I met you as an investment banker and ended up knowing you as a musician, a fitness buff, a teacher, a motivational speaker and an all-round social warrior making an impact on all those who had the privilege of simply running into you. Your exit has created a painful void. However, you continue to live in our hearts and the hearts of all those your works, your voice, your music and presence has touched. May God hold you gently in his bosom until the day we all meet again to part no more.
Posted by Wale Olasehinde on 9th July 2018
Still hard to believe that you are no longer with us Kayode. I was looking forward to your next episode of life and journey videos but received the shocking news of your departure. You are a big loss to this generation but the life you lived teaches us the heart of love, compassion, selflessness, humility, and excellence. Even when you have everything going on for you in your chosen career, you felt at some point that service to humanity is a greater cause and that is what you did. You brought smiles to the faces of most disadvantaged children in our society, you stood with those with terminal illness and you motivated the youths who think all odds are against them. You will forever be missed and pray that God gives your family the grace to bear this huge loss. Tolu & Nan, please accept my condolences.
Posted by Morounfolu Owolabi on 8th July 2018
Dear Kayode, you left a mark, a legacy of happiness, discipline, focus, perseverance, refining one's craft. Your words still resound..."the body must obey the mind", "do what you can physically, and let the Divine do the rest", "There's no age limit in art", "the battles in the financial markets were won before they were fought, because they were won in my mind" etc. I'm grateful for our friendship, and the great example of modesty you have been. Grateful I am, for you introducing me to classical guitar technique almost two decades ago, and for letting me record you play Cavatina. You led a remarkable life...and it's so sad to accept that you've gone so soon. It ain't fake news afterall! i keep wondering if you saw this coming??? - you made such an impact in your altruistic endeavors these last few years, your passion was infectious! I pray the Lord God Almighty to grant us all comfort at this time, and especially Leyla who you love so much,..and grant us all the grace to pay forward (to others) and emulate your sacrifices of love to all you met in your world. Good night my very dear friend Mr Fahm
Posted by Ajo Balogun on 7th July 2018
Dear Kayode you were a gentle soul, full of wise words for everyone and always had an endless, contagious smile. Thank you for the guitar lessons to both Derin & I, but most of all thank God who you’re with now, for letting you share your love with us. Tolu is you in and out - what a legacy. We are heartbroken in our family none more so than Afolabi. Many hugs
Posted by Godwin Udom on 6th July 2018
It was very shocking indeed to hear of your demise Kayode! The very first time I met Kayode was during Technofuture Nigeria team outreach founded by Segun Victor Adeniji. At Afrinvest as our Executive Director, your wealth of experience and knowledge shared was immesurable. You were indeed a loving hearted boss and readily available to listen to people. 3 weeks ago, you posted on your LinkedIn page "Always believe you can..." in one of your fitness video which I commented on and your response was "Thanks Godwin and much appreciated..glad you liked it
Posted by Nnanna Egwuonwu on 5th July 2018
You made the name 'Fahm" more cherished than the popular "Fam" You could have been anything in the whole world, but most of all, you were just the straightforward You. Nothing More, Nothing less. Kayode Fahm, Fullstop, Deal with it. The No frills, No Thrills leader. The world just lost one.
Posted by COMFORT ARUOSA-OSEMWEGIE on 5th July 2018
Hmm..... Beloved Cousin, you will be laid to rest today, I can't believe it Just 10 days exactly 10 days before you passed we spoke at length ...none of this was discussed, The tears keep rolling am trying hard to push them back, you said we will see soon you were going to be part of the project I was working on but to think that that will never happen... what can I say Egbon mi,from afar you were a father figure,a friend and a great mentor! You were simply different. A gem of inestimable value. Through this years as much as you could you provided support every time I spoke with you on the phone it was that of a father to a daughter. In fact my entire career path thus far was tailored alongside yours you were a very successful investment banker an accomplished trader you were a fountain of knowledge and expertise with depth and professionalism and you carried it with graceful simplicity. Where I do I start from, my daughter is so upset she was hoping to meet you during summer holidays, Cuz everyone is heartbroken but we all take solace in the fact that you lived well though very short the world knew you once lived here. Thank you for your advice's and admonitions thank you for your support during my wedding, when your mum passed you tried your best to be there for us in the little ways you could it means so much to me and I'm forever grateful What can I say,as a family we are blessed to have had a brother who carried greatness with simplicity and imparted those he came in contact with, always smiling with positive energy. Am happy you lived well,you enjoyed it while it lasted you gave back to society and left a legacy for us all and your very dear Jewel Leyla. Your day was well spent,you had a beautiful life its time to rest. Good night my beloved Cousin and like you always say ""Hang in there" Your Cousin Comfort Jumbo Aruosa-Osemwegie
Posted by Dolapo Babalola Familusi on 4th July 2018
The news of Kayode's death was a rude shock! No, it can't be true, how can such happen, I asked my self, tears running down my face as I drove to work. I had just watched the last video he posted in June! I met Kayode at Afrinvest and he's since been a mentor and friend. Kayode was always positive and optimistic, he would always encourage me to answer those tough questions I had in my head, to be true to myself. Even though we didn't speak often, we always seem to catch up on time apart. He touched so many lives, he left an indelible mark, he accomplished so much. You will be sorely missed Kayode, it's difficult just thinking we'd never speak or see again! May the Lord comfort your loved ones, particularly your daughter, Rest in Peace dear mentor and friend.
Posted by Declan Zapala on 4th July 2018
Distraught to hear of the tragic news... Kayode came to me for Skype guitar lessons a few years ago but I always finished our hour feeling like I was the one who had benefited most from the encounter. I don't know how he did it, or if he was even aware of it, but Kayode just had this way of making you feel like a better human being; no doubt down to his unending warmth, enthusiasm, encouragement, and humour, not to mention that infectious smile that you couldn't not reciprocate. I feel blessed to have gotten to spend what little time I did with Kayode, and the impact he had on me and everyone else lucky enough to have known him will certainly live on. I will miss Kayode deeply and I feel at a loss to think humanity won't get to enjoy a chance encounter again with such a one-of-a-kind gem of a human. Rest in Peace my friend. x
Posted by Gary Ryan on 4th July 2018
You will be greatly missed Steve. I have such great memories of our lessons together and the time we all spent in France - always full of laughter and such incredible positivity and enthusiasm.
Posted by Yemi Sadiku on 4th July 2018
Indeed a BIG surprise to hear about the passing of a gentle giant. Easy going and always open to discuss issues, work and personal. I'm sure his close family has lost a gem, if those distant and only acquainted by work can feel this loss. Rest well Kayode Fahm. May Allay grant u aljannah firdaus.
Posted by Funlola Adewale on 2nd July 2018
I was hoping it wasn’t true. I was hoping it was just fake news. I can’t quite believe it IS true. How could someone like you so vital so honest so decent be gone so early? Why? I am aghast! I met Kayode at Murtala Mohammed Airport. I was green in my new job as a legal counsel for a British Multinational. It was about 5/6am and I was rough, groggy, make-up free and embarrassed that as he talked to me I was not looking my best! But as you have all noted here, he wasn’t about the surface! He was a deeper person than that. Every once in a while in the world, God makes people who surpass others spiritually. He was one like this. He was impossibly talented, impossibly handsome, impossibly intelligent and impossibly fit! Forget triple threat this was a quadruple threat! But yet, there was a vulnerability which made him humble and incredibly human. He was so down to earth, such a true man of the people he would have made an excellent Politician for our country. Can’t quite believe Kayode is gone. God always takes the pure ones soon it seems. Kayode made a mark on me since 2002 when I met him at the airport. I’ll never forget his words of encouragement as I revealed my terror at some upcoming business meetings (the reason for my visit to Nigeria back then). It’s so funny that of late even though I now live oceans away, I had been fondly recalling Kayode and his classical guitar.... because I recently in the last 3 months took up guitar lessons. I was thinking how ironic it was when I met him and he was so adept and skilled at guitar that one had felt quite inadequate: Imperial College,banker, guitar expert, martial arts expert, and humble to boot, and now I wished to learn the guitar. I wish I could tell him: “you’ll never believe it Kayode, I’ve taken up guitar!” Ha. God knows best. This is the solace I keep to make sense of it all.... Only God knows best. We thank God for his daughter. My dear, you sound like a wonderful person, may your Father’s exceptional spirit and gift live within you and with us forever. Kayode is gone, but never forgotten.
Posted by Iyabo Masha on 1st July 2018
Kayode; What can I say? Just a few days before your demise, Hakeem and I were at dinner with Fauzi and Auntie Sade Thomas Fahm, and of course your name came up. We were all hoping to get together with you in the not too distant future. But that was not the wish of Allah. Your life was short, but it was no doubt a very eventful one. You made a difference in people's lives if these tributes are anything to go by; and your life epitomizes what being a "Fahm" is all about - individual accomplishment, commitment to the community, and of course service to God. I pray to Allah to grant Nana, Tolu, Daddy Fahm, your siblings, and all extended family members, business associates and mentees the courage to bear your loss. May Allah grant your soul Aljanah-Firdaus and forgive your sin. I very much wish you a happy reunion with our patriarch, Alhaji Ali Fahm. Best, Iyabo Fahm Masha
Posted by ST Okolo on 1st July 2018
Kayode it is hard to put in words your passing away. Our paths crossed over 10 years ago due to the friendship of Leyla (Tolu) and my daughter Chialuka. Anytime you were around you ensured that you took them out along with their other friends to watch movies and have dinner. Those were happy moments for Tolu who was so chuffed to show her father off to her friends. As I am writing this I can picture the first time you visited our home when you came to drop them off from one of their many outings as Tolu was having one of her many sleep over with Chialuka. You came in and had a lengthy conversation with Joe and I sharing your plans for Tolu and how important it was that you spent quality time with her. It was a pleasure seeing the relationship you had with Tolu flourish and the effort you put into ensuring that no matter the distance and challenges, Tolu knew that she was loved by both you and Nana. It is those special moments that Tolulope (as my son Olisa calls her) will treasure. Kayode you were a great father and your legacy will live on through Tolu.
Posted by Fola Disu on 1st July 2018
He had attended an event once where someone had pulled him up for driving what the person thought was not ‘befitting’. For those of you who remember, in the early 20’s he drove a small blue Nissan. In his reply he told the guy ‘I do not define myself by the car I drive’. When Kayode told me this story, I went silent – for in that moment I had an epiphany. Here was a guy, who had attained so much success through sheer hard work, discipline and God’s grace living in a country where even generators are called ‘I big pass my neighbour’ refusing to be anything but himself – this is a testament to who Kayode was. It is something that has influenced my thoughts and I’ve shared with my kids and others. Kayode was true to himself and the meaning of his life. A man of great passion – The arts – he went to countries playing his guitar, he spoke for years about teaching others the guitar at the Muson and beyond – and he did; And did it with passion. Passion for collecting fine art – supporting many local artists as he did so. The art in remembrance of his mother was breath taking capturing the love of a mother and child. Many pieces that you will see and be moved. Passion for charities – Kayode supported from his heart. A few months ago, he had literally begged me to try and get the details of a charity that had been setup in memory of a friend of ours who sadly died of cancer at the tender age of 38. The person wasn’t Nigerian so there was no recognition coming his way for doing so – he just wanted to support the works that could potentially help others. Passion for healthy living – when Kayode was weight lifting in the gym in VI – you could hear him in faraway Ejigbo. Running, swimming, judo, karate etc. It wasn’t for the cameras – no, it was consistent and done with the utmost discipline. What Kayode accomplished in Goldman Sachs – in those days as a black man? Sheer commitment and discipline. And one of his greatest passions, was motivating others. Always encouraging, advising, lifting others up. I am sure many would have heard him say ‘well done, I am so proud of you’. Passion for his loved ones – There were so many people he loved spread across the world. People in Africa, the Americas, Europe – all over. And Tolu, you meant the world to him. Kayode did not entertain slacking, excuses or giving up – he made you feel you could move mountains. Our very last chat left me thinking I could conquer the world. I am one of many that can attest to Kayode’s kindness – always creating time for others. You are assured a warm welcome. Always laughing and loved a good story adapting the rhyme of his voice when emphasising a point; as he pronounced ‘pele’ exactly as it is written. You always ended our chats by saying ‘we’ll catch up soon’… Ore, now I bid you good night. Unquestionable God, to you be all the glory, praises and adoration.
Posted by Kemi Adeosun on 30th June 2018
Kai...not sure where to start. I met you through my brother way back in 1990. You were a superstar in the City.. focussed and driven, yet warm and approachable. We became friends and you were always generous with your advice and time. I also met your late mum who was such an influence on you. We spent many nights @ your family home when we tried to birth the Nigerian Youth Association recreating networks for 'British Nigerians' .You were a proud Nigerian. I temember your party @ your flat in Chalk Hill where you had sorted food wine etc but inexplicably had just two records to play. "Summertime by Will Smith and Tempted to touch by Beres Hammond "....i know all the words due to the incessant replays.that day...Those who came to dance left disappointed. When i teased you about it.. you reminded me that you wanted people to a party?? But that was you Kai, doing your own thing. Not conforming to what you did not believe in focussed on being you... When i came to Nigeria you were excited for me and you followed shortly after. You were clear about what you wanted to do and equally clear about what you did not want. You loved to teach, so training was natural to you and you did it excellently. Last time i saw you was at the airport, you were keen to understand the challenges of government. That was typical of you, always interested in .others, always positive always an encourager. I know you will be missed, you impacted many. You pursued your dream of music and it gave you joy. I know from our discussions that Tolu was the love of your life. You once accosted me for over an hour for details of Grange School, which my children were attending, as you were considering it for Tolu. I found it hard to discuss a school for an hour but you were so detailed in your questions that i had no choice. I know how proud you were of her and i am sure you will live on through her. God bless you Kai..good night.
Posted by Arlene Ramaila on 30th June 2018
A renaissance men indeed. His presents was felt by many near and far. You touched so many lives in such a way that one can never forget. You are a hero to so many especially your daughter that you often spoke so fondly and proudly about whenever we spoke. Meeting you was not by chance or luck, but it was by the Grace of the all mighty who knew that some of us would benefit so greatly by your presence in our live. We shared so many intimate moments, including the way you spoke with such love and respect about your family, especially your late mom, daughter and father. Everything you did was with great precision and purpose, you never left anything to chance. I hope your family especially your daughter Tolu, find the peace of God that passes all human understanding In Knowing that you were, and are still loved by many that you crossed paths with. May the Grace and Peace of God that passes all human understanding be with your family, especially your beloved daughter at this time of mourning. My condolences to the Fahm family. You will be greatly missed Kayode Fahm. As you used to say, ‘ the body must obey the will’, and you obeyed the will of God to take you to be with the almighty, may your perfect Soul rest in Peace.
Posted by Banji Ajibade on 30th June 2018
A message cannot convey 100% feelings of the sender but something can be catch inbetween one's few lines. You would be missed greatly at the Gym, and may your soul find rest. Rest well Champ!
Posted by Linda Bembatoum on 29th June 2018
Dear Kayode, Still in shock as we only heard of your passing this morning...still trying to get my head around the fact that I won't ever see you again. At least not on this side of the pond. I'll miss running into you at Muson concerts(where we normally met) and at random places like doculand. No matter where we ran into each other it was always a joy to catch up and you always had a splendid smile for me...and mum, who was so fond of you. I can't forget the first time we met at your guitar concert at Lifehouse! You were so gifted! And I later found out you excelled at so many other things as well. How humble you were. Last time we met we spoke about seeing you perform again soon!...but it wasn't meant to be. Thank you for the memories... and for the genuine love and sincerity you shared with us and many others. Proud to have known you. Writing this feels so final but I know you are in a better place. Sleep well.
Posted by Kuria Amoyaw on 29th June 2018
Wow. I never ever thought I'd have to write a tribute to you without you here. This is truly mind boggling and I wish I could wake up and this not be true. It is very surreal and our hearts hurt and ache heavily at the loss of your light and much needed presence on this side of eternity. Oh uncle Kayode. Why you had to go I will never know until that day. Sir, I will never forget the day when I had finally had the privilege to meet you and I remember how unnerved I was by how tall you were and your strong sense of presence. All of Nanz descriptions of you were true and an understatement! Straight away I saw how Ley was a carbon copy of you! I will also never forget the great (although few) conversations we had about music and my educational background/career goals and especially regarding Ley's education and how you thanked me for giving her extra tuition during her GCSE exams. They were profoundly memorable moments that I now cherish as I saw how proud you were of Ley's achievements and boy do we know how much you loved and protected your family! Therefore, at this time I want to say thank you so much for being a shining example of a father and head to both Nanz and Ley. You served as a huge inspiration to me and though it was a long time since we last spoke or saw you, you always remained present and I was incredibly touched by that. We were so looking forward to your return but unfortunately we missed you. My family and I salute you for all you did do for Ley and Nanz and restoring our hope in good men. And though we are desperately heartbroken, we will look after Nanz and Ley. Till we meet again, remain shining as a star resting in the heart of the almighty God. Sleep well. Kuria xx
Posted by Ugoma Ebilah on 29th June 2018
Dear Kayode, I am writing this tribute (more an open letter to you) reluctantly because it means that I must accept this nightmare from which I will not be waking up from as I hoped...but write it I will. You made me happy. You made so many happy! You were my hero. You were hero to so many! You were my first friend when I moved to start life in Lagos as a “woman” in 2006 and you have always been in my life and corner as I was in yours. I was honoured to know you. And to be close to you and to have learnt from you and to have had special access to you. I owe you a great deal of thanks because my transition from finance to the arts was easier with friends like you. I was delighted and honoured that a few short years after we met, I (with my husband and the entire family at The Life House) was able to host your magnificent debut guitar concert in Lagos - you were resplendent, surrounded by paintings, serenading an enthralled audience - it was a glorious communion....I will never forget that moment. You shared it all with us. And that was you Kayode, always sharing, always giving, always refreshing! With you there were so many special moments, so many special words, smiles, looks, thumbs up, fist bumps, calming tones, warmth, compassion, encouragement, vulnerability AND strength, character, balance, consistency....Kayode, you were special. I often thought of you as some sort of super-human - part man, part angel of sorts! I want to tell you all these things over a latte. I want you to see my new studio and to share my new projects with you and hear your thoughts. I want to hear about your busy schedule. I want to help. I want to show you my growing art collection. I want to organise another guitar concert starring YOU....heck I just bought a piano Kayode and just started a residency for musicians....You have to be a part of this. I didn't get round to telling you. Sigh! I want to bump into you at the gym and show you my muscles which are coming back slowly. I want to tell you that you mattered. I want to tell you that you were greatly loved by me. I want to tell you that the world was a great place because you existed. I need you to tell me if I will ever stop crying when I think of a life in which I will never see you again. I want to see you again the gym, at The Wheatbaker, at Constant Capital, at the MUSON, at your house, at my house, at my film festival, at the arty events of Lagos and beyond.....wherever, whenever....I want to see you again. I will see you again. I will see you Kayode Fahm. And until that day comes, I will sing, and dance, and live in music, art and creative passion AND through these channels praise the Almighty God for your life! I will continue to offer thanksgiving for your life! I will be ever grateful for your life! I will never stop saying thank you Kayode - for your life and for life! Rest in Peace, Power and Purpose my dearest friend! Namaste! Ugoma Ebilah - Adegoke
Posted by Liz Idoko-Okogun on 29th June 2018
In 2013, i received a linked in message asking if i needed help careerwise, (then, i was in the finance industry) i was scared but i asked around and everybody had something positive to say about him, "Liz! The guy is big in the industry, you never know", i finally met him and i couldnt believe people like this existed, he even asked "what are you doing in finance?" in a sarcastic way like he knew i wasnt happy, he told me to explore other things like he did, didnt understand, lol. But he was true to me. And 3 years down the line i took the bold step and left finance, never been this happy. His features seemed exaggerated especially his smile but that was him, he lived by his own terms. God knows best, wish i could give him a progress report. Please be with his family and strengthen them to bear this. #RIPkayodefahm
Posted by Glen Inanga on 28th June 2018
I met Kayode once in 2006 after one of my visits to perform at MUSON along with Jennifer Micallef and Sodi Braide.  The connection was instant.  As kindred spirits we  all seemed to share very common values.  He was such an inspiring person and he was incredibly hospitable towards us inviting us to his home to speak at great length about almost everything imaginable.  His passion for developing and training the next generation of Nigerians was crystal clear.  He spoke so fondly of his daughter and mother and LOVED playing the guitar.  He was quite a philanthropist and definitely committed to leaving the world a better place than he met it.  He was incredibly humble though I could read in between the lines and recognise that I was in the company of a true Renaissance man and superstar. I am in such shock that he is no longer here as he respected the greatest gift of all - good health - and did his best to preserve this.  I take consolation in the fact that he lived life to the fullest and touched so many people's lives and no doubt his legacy will live on. I am thankful to his daughter, Tolu for creating the forum for those he touched to share any tributes that they might have.  I pray that those  special memories you all shared as a family remain a source of comfort to you at all times. He certainly lived a life that outlived him. May his soul rest in peace.
Posted by Jigbenu Akran on 28th June 2018
June 20th, I saw you reading at Wheatbaker Hotel. The voice in my head, said damn only if I was as at peace as you were. I walked over as always, but this time I said to you "Egbon I wish to be like you". You said, I was doing great based on how you saw me. There has never been a moment with you that wasn't positive, or filled with your kind words of wisdom and support. The shock of your passing is been felt across our city, and my condolence goes to your daughter and family. Will miss you so much, and pray that you are resting in eternal peace.
Posted by Oyinkan Fetuga on 28th June 2018
Kayode......Gone???!! Words fail heart aches tears won't stop flowing You were my good dear friend and greatest cheerleader! On Saturday the 16th of June, you sent me a WhatsApp message asking us to meet up for drinks. I hadn't seen you in quite a while....we were scheduled to meet for unlike me...i couldn't make it till WAITED. Over Tea at the MoreHouse Hotel, Ikoyi we spent 4 unforgettable hours talking about anything and everything! As usual, you were intense, warm, laughed a lot and Kind. You wanted to talk and you bore your heart out to me and you wanted to know all about me since our last meeting. I learnt SO much from you. You showed me WhatsApp videos of Tolu performing in several live gigs in London(certainly a chip of the old block!) I am soooo glad I showed up for you...and for Me that evening. Little did I know you were saying GOOD BYE. You were a Pure, Kind, Loving,Unconventional,Loyal, Dependable Soul...Very Arty...Very Deep.. Very Cerebral yet extremely Humble. You gave unconditionally, unrelentlessly, you gave to ALL especially the Poor. You were the world's greatest Counsellor and Coach. You were a Gift to Mankind. Subconsciously you must have known you were not here for very long because you lived a life of Extreme PURPOSE. There was an Urgency to Give back! I cannot question God. I am just so Thankful to God He brought such a special and Amazing Soul my way. Thank you Kayode for your unconditional Love and Friendship. Thank you for taking time out on Saturday the 16th of June 2018 to say Good Bye. I pray God Comforts your Amazingly talented Tolu and your entire family. Rest in Peace my Coach....Rest in Peace my Dear Friend. Oyinkansola F
Posted by Victoria Oruwari on 28th June 2018
I was deeply shocked and heartbroken when I heard about your passing. The last time I spoke to you you were fighting off the flu. For one so healthy and so strong I still can’t come to terms with the way death took you away so cruelly. You were my friend, my mentor, my confidant. You are one of those people that I always referred to as an angel on Earth. You have a way of making everyone feel special and that was one of the many things I cherished about you. You inspired me to be the best I could be in anything I endeavoured to do. You encouraged me to follow my dreams even when some of them would’ve sounded a little far off to another person and your humility is ever so present in all that you do. You are one irreplaceable person and I can only endure a life without you knowing that you are safe in God’s bosom. Your legacy lives on. Rest in peace my dear friend.
Posted by Sola Mogaji on 28th June 2018
So so sad ... Kayode may your gentle soul rest in peace.. You really inspired most of us and our lives are changed because of you...
Posted by Lola Ffl on 28th June 2018
K. Fahm ;The real quintessential gentleman of our time. To write R.I.P next to your name, at your age of 53 seemed most unlikely , but like the ironies of life , that’s what it’s come to. Who are we to ask questions , especially as the Almighty Supreme being has called you back home, to rest in his bosom. I know you’ll keep shining like the star
Posted by Tunde Pampam on 28th June 2018
Kayode, in order to start this tribute to you, I have to first give thanks to God Almighty (Allah) for creating the gem that was you. I have to comfort myself in the knowledge that it is He who created us and He is ultimately in charge of our affairs and that all the good and not so good things that happen to us are by His permission and most importantly that we must accept and submit to His will because ultimately, we shall return unto Him. This makes it easier for me to comfort myself that while I’m going to miss you and our little chats that we’ve had over the years, it was time for you to go. It is His will! He says “Be” and it is! I have vivid images of you in my minds eye that makes me smile. I still remember the very first time I met you after work in Fleet Street back when you worked for Goldman in London. You stuck out like a beacon. Young, Assured, Confident, Sartorial (especially in that fedora you had on), Successful, Big & Black! These were the adjectives and more I could have ascribed to you as you glided (seemingly) down the escalator to meet me that evening in 1994. A firm friendship and bond was formed. You were already a trailblazer at Goldman Sachs then and already planning new moves. I remember your lovely wedding to Nana and then you were off to the Middle East and created another successful career for yourself. I remember you doing these things and leaving an indelible mark doing them. Integrity and credibility were the foundation of your platform.Then in 1999 you moved to Nigeria when (seemingly to me) it wasn’t fashionable to do so. You did things your way. A couple of years later, I came back home too and that’s when we became closer. We talked about everything. Through those chats, I learnt more about your family especially your daughter Tolu. Your smile lit up the room when I asked about her and it’s such a pleasure to hear she’s got your artistic flair. She was your life but you gave even more to everyone else. Your name became a brand personified. You were the proverbial renaissance man - Financial expert, banker, motivational speaker, martial arts expert, yoga, exceptional trainer, artist (oooh that Spanish guitar - I used to tease you that I thought she came alive at night as you played her for many hours on end till you perfected your craft). I watched you perform at the Muson and Lighthouse. I swear even the way you breathed was different as you came “alive” as you played this instrument. I define “passion” as the look on your face as you played it. Thank God for technology as we can still watch your many performances. Bravo! You worked out like a champion athlete! It’s like you were telling us something bro. You treated your body as you treated people - with respect. You were a private person right down to your Islam and you practised it in the way that I loved. You visibly embodied the Deen. Honest,respectful, family oriented, kind, selfless and you gave a bit of yourself to everyone. We eventually got to work together at Afrinvest too. I understood you perfectly. Maybe a few didn’t but there is no doubt you were a professional and one to respect. After that gig, you told me you were semi retiring. Why? You wanted to be more spiritual and focus more on your art. You (in my view) are a near perfect example to humanity. I was distraught when Ayotola gave me the sad news. It was already Sunday evening and your WhatsApp said “last seen at 20:00” on Saturday and I knew deep down it was true despite me frantically calling and texting you. It’s been a haze since then but guess what - I’m already forming new bonds on account of you. You crossed over the noble way - in your sleep. Ky, needless to say, we shall miss you but we continue to pray for you as you make your journey to Aljannah Firdaos - the everlasting paradise. May Almighty Allah forgive your sins and bless your family Ameen. As I try to chase away the sorrow I feel, I remember your ever ready smile and your journey to a better place. Be rest assured that Tolu and Nana are not alone.

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