Posted by Patrice Duncan on July 10, 2012
WOW!!!! I can't believe it has already been one year since GOD decided to take you so that you could dwell with HIM and HIS ANGELIC family! Well, just wanted to say that you are sorely missed and although you are not here are with us spiritually. Please send a special message today to the kids, reminding them just how special they are and how much they were loved!
Posted by Marc Turner on July 15, 2011
Those of us who had the pleasure & privilege of knowing you Kearston were blessed by your gift of life. We are the ones who were in the presence of a true angel; your gentle spirit blessed us all and we are forever grateful to GOD for allowing your light to shine in our lives!
Posted by Marc Turner on July 14, 2011
The Love of My Life
So young, so fresh, so pretty, so new
The Love and Passion I felt for you.
I loved you so and our hearts said yes
A gift from God, I am so blessed

What a wonderful Mother & Wife you are
The Love of my life, my Forever shining star

Rest In Peace My Darling Wife,

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