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My super hero

Shared by Meghan Begay on May 12, 2016

The one man who NEVER hurt me in any way, only protected me, who always made me smile just by seeing his face. My sweet Nunnie. Always went back to the Rez with him on weekends when I was in elementary. He would check me out of school and get me mcdonalds before the ride back to ganado or Klagetoh or new lands. He would ask me about school and LAUGH at the funny stories I would tell him (to me they were serious but I was just a little girl and to him they were hilarious). He meant the world to me. I am so thankful I was with him his last days on this earth. I held his hands, I kissed his forehead. I stroked his hair. I showed him pictures of our past Easters on our land. My heart will forever be broken, I hope oneday I will see him again. He was our rock. He was my strength. Nunnie I miss you every single day! You meant sooo much to all of us :( please help me through this hard time...please be my gaurdian Angel. Until I see you again. Your Nunnie Meg<3

The Rock

Shared by G-ma Smith on May 11, 2016

From the very start of life, you did nothing but give of yourself. You gave your time, energy, scriptures you were compelled to share, your prayers, your hugs, kisses n your tender smile. With one simple smile, that's what was percieved as, The Rock. The Rock that stood strong through adversities that tried to bring you down, but you knew through all your belief and faith in Jesus Christ, he gave you strength to get through.  As your child is knew, you always kept us all in your daily prayers and thoughts. Love you and miss you, but I find peace, comfort joy in knowing we will see you again. 

Shared by Amy Woods on May 11, 2016

Our beloved daddy went home to be with the lord January 8th of 2016. Tho our hearts are broken, our tears remains to run and our minds million miles away in eternity with him daily, he is where he deserves and earned to be. His love will never be forgotten in this life time, his hard he had instil in us all to carry on. His love and teaching of god was etched into our hearts ti stay. A loving husband, dad and grandpa he was, and all that knew him knew of his kind gentle soul. Daddy was a wonderful man no doubt and until we meet up again daddy, I miss you terribly, I love you forever Amen!!

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