This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Keewan Stallings 21 years old , born on July 30, 1997 and passed away on September 24, 2018. We will remember him forever. N Our Hearts" )KEEEWANS' leave to cherish his loving memory" His* (MoM)Shantiel stallings His BROTHERs" De'Undrey Stallings,J'ACOREY, &JAVONTE' Tyree Gillispie"  His nephrew  Jaccorian ,His Cousins Kj aka. Feena They had SPECIAL Bond as Blood Brothers & His women Kentera Carrington" Tha love he had to leave behind" N he gots other special friendships also that he Had " We WANT keep  his NAME n legacy  ALIVE"  He loved money by any means so at young age his legacy " is Get to money , stay on yo stuff , work Hard , stay prayed up,  stay out way Make yo money n Enjoy Yo life' Love KEEWAN STALLINGS" IAM STILL HERE WITH U " N SPIRIT " KEEP HOPE ALIVE!❤

Posted by Germaine Warren on February 11, 2022
rip big cuz

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Posted by Germaine Warren on February 11, 2022
rip big cuz
his Life

Keewans life"

He was smart, Fun , He 100 'at all Times ' Didnt mind putn u n yo place , He spoke his Mind" His cousin Kj called Him Reverend  man keewan cause he preach to u  all time , He very outgoing " just one of kind He stayd on his BROTHERs if they was not doing right he was also Father figure for his Brother he step up this role once his DAD passed" He loved his FAMILY UNCONDITIONALLY"  HE WAS out going  if he cared Bout u  u kno it n If he Didnt care Bout u u know That to but" He was young n had A GOOD work ethic at young Age " He was so loved" Keewan Lady friend Kentera was his favorite They did everything together "n i loved the love they Had for each other at young age " He Forever lives n our Hearts , i miss u so much Me n Your Brothers n Rest of Family" Continue to watch over  your love ones n Guide us N  GOOD WAY" Forever Rest on We Loves U n Miss u to Soul of us'❤" Keewan our Guardian Angel Mama loves ya!

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Keewans Great Life"

Shared by Shantiel Stallings on February 25, 2019

keewan Graduted  May 2016 Bessemer  city High school, He n His Brothers was instantly popular  for his Fun way n His outspoken mind' His unfectoinous Smile n way  he Dress n Carried His Self made him Stand out from rest of His peers" He was  Great at everything he did , His mom Got him car at age 14"  he was  very responsible at young Age " HE LOVED HANGING WITH HIS BROTHERs playn Game r just ben  at home TALKN to them n fussing at them he Brought out tha Best n Them" He  was A Great Son ,  Brother  ,cousin, ,Friend ,whatever his role n life u knew what He Touched alot of Hearts ' Truely missed EVERyDay" We ❤ u Till we meet AGAIN"